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i cant wait for someone to bare witness to sangwoo and bum’s relationship being more than just “cousins” or “college buddies”. i cant wait for someone to walk in on them being intimate.

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rose-colored girl! 🌸

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Listen I’ve said several times I don’t ship Jonsa but I do not understand at all how Jonerys is suppose to happen after literally a whole season of Jon and Sansa being hinted as a developing couple. I just don’t see why they would have Kit and Sophie play these scenes they way they do if they knew they were doing Jonerys. But again what is logic on this show. 

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what iphone rant?

in the dan wattpad interview louis answers a bunch of questions (weirdly enough wattpad doesn’t seem to have been in the room but gave him an ipad with clips of himself and other people). the first question is him asking louis to put the rumours to rest and his view on the “larry organisation”. louis is like “err wow i’ve never been asked about it directly, let people believe what they want to believe tbh.. sometimes it’s a bit..[mumbles] disrespectful like to eleanor… okay but you know if you google ‘conspiracy’ on your iphone it’S AMAZING??? what?? iphones do??! OBVIOUSLY there’s no truth to it, obviously, really obviously, ob-vious-lyy [big grin]”