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humble beginnings in Avenue 🌱 

Avenue is going to be themed around the downtown area I live in, featuring brick roads, a farmer’s market, an antique store, + a cozy loft apartment. I’ll mostly be working on Avenue on my own in my free time, but I’ll play in this town in live streams on my YouTube showing you progress I’m making + having people from the chat over to play!  (●´ω`●)

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I just got a cracked free version of photoshop cc and do you know if there's a way to get topaz clean for that? Or is that only for photoshop cs6? Idk the differences between the programs and I'm wondering if I should actually pay for it or not

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Bts reaction to you wanting to ride their thigh Part 1

Request 1:  bts reaction to you wanting to ride their thigh? (ps im a sub so pls make them in charge) i love your blog btw

Request 2:  BTS Reaction to catching their gf touching herself while reading smut about them and her moaning their name loudly?

Request 3:  littlebravetoaster01 Heyaa ! I love your blog so much ♥ Do you take requests ? Could you do a reaction if the boys catch you touching yourself ? Pleeeeeeaaaase ~ ♥♥♥

A/n: I have a very strong thigh riding kink. Hiiii Also, I decided to mix those three requests since I got a good idea about it. *Part 2 will be up tomorrow. Hobi is with maknae line*

Part 1


He was so excited to come to your apartment and to spent some quality time with you. So when he opened the front door and heard the unmistakable whimpers of you being close to release, his heart sunk. You would never do this to him. You will never cheat on him,right? So, he put his ear on the door to your room only to hear the most beautiful thing come out of your mouth. “Jin..”

A moan of his name. And then he saw it. The phone in one of your hand and the other was playing with your pussy. Suddenly his heart raced again and slowly as he could Jin opened the door. “You will never cum like that my princess.” Shock went through your body. Jin was right in front of you. “Come sit on daddy’s thigh. No. Not in my lap on my thigh. Good girl. Did you miss me? Yes? I’m pleased with the answer. Move. Up and down. That’s it.”


He sure was boring. Working in the studio for hours. By now you knew every corner of the place so you decided to entertain yourself. Opening Tumblr, going straight to the Yoongi smut tag you came across a smut you haven’t read before. It was about Yoongi and a Fictional character who comes off on Yoongi’s thigh. And honestly the thought excited you. 

An idea came across your mind. Your hand went inside your panties and started teasing your own womanhood. But you couldn’t even give yourself a pleasure wihtout Yoongi at least watching. So you tried moaning his name, but even this didn’t work. He continued working as hard as before without noticing the girl on his couch pleasuring herself.

Irratated you stood up, throwing your panties somewhere across the room, moving Yoongi’s chair and sitting on his thigh. The moment you thought even that won’t work, Yoongis knee jolted creating a friction like no other. You held on his arms like his life depend on it and he smirked. “You just can’t wait even a little can you? You naughty girl. Why don’t you use your big girl moves now?”


Your hands were tied tightly with a ribbon. You didn’t dare to look at him. You knew you overstep the rules and with that comes punishment. But honestly, it wasn’t all that bad, what you have done. You were reading a smut about your man Kim Namjoon and before you even knew it, you jumped out of bed, undressed and put on “The chain” as Namjoon calls it. Your sex uniform. Which were nipple and clit clamps. Then all of a sudden before you were even able to touch yourself, Kim Namjoon kick-opened the door. His eyes showed that this night no mercy was going to be shown.

And we go to the same moment we stopped on. Namjoon gentely took your chin in between his long fingers and whispered. “Daddy thought of a special punishment today. One which will make you see stars baby, but you won’t be able to touch them. Sit on my thigh. Come on. Fast. Daddy will soon snap and you won’t see a release in the next two weeks. Get the clamps on your clit off, keep the ones on your masterpiece nipples. Good little princess. Come on. Hop on Daddies thigh. He’ll show you the best roller coaster ever.”

Requests for reactions and MTL are open.

Love, Li

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!!!!! I GOT AN IDEA!!! AHA! How will TH!Palette react if someone tries to kiss TH!Goth? >=)

“I can’t get angry just because I am jealous. I don’t wanna show that to Goth.”

Prompt: A small mountain town finds themselves welcoming a new resident and his daughter, but what effect will this have on the other residents? On you? Welcome to Crawford.
Word Count: 939
Warnings: None
Author’s Note: Remember Everwood? That’s kind of where I got the idea for this, but now from the adults point of view and with younger kids. This is a slow burn too so prepare for a long read.

Special shout out to @wonders-of-the-enterprise for the AMAZING header for this series!!


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Tickle Me Iwa ♡

A/N: Haikyuu!! (iwaoi) -  24. “I’m sorry, are we 12 now?” - Hey I wrote a fic again. And I’ve got ideas ready for almost all prompts that are left aaah. Yay for Iwaoi fluff and some bonus lers! ;) Iwa is lee’ing like ****.

Summary: Seijou and Karasuno are on a training camp. On the second day Iwaizumi finds himself ending up as a random tickle target, for both teams, and he has no clue what is going on. His boyfriend Oikawa seems as if he does, and besides, what is wrong with a day full of laughter anyway?

Word Count: 2902

“Hurghh…” Iwaizumi groaned as he stepped into the changing rooms. Tired. It was only the second day of their training camp with Karasuno, but damn. These guys were energetic, hyperactive, loud, exhausting…

“Iwa-Iwa-Iwa-chaaan!” Yes, that. Karasuno with their hyperactive first year duo, crazy second years and silly third years was like Oikawa multiplied, which he thought - despite loving the guy dearly - wasn’t necessarily a good thing. 

As he was greeted by his boyfriend who jumped on him from behind, Iwaizumi closed his eyes and shook his head. 

“Get off,” he ordered, and Oikawa did so, hopping back onto the ground and jumping around him.

“Don’t mind what they said last night okay? They’ll find out you’re fun too! I’m sure of it.” Around and around he jump-danced, and he patted his back roughly but playfully. 

Iwaizumi shrugged without any care. During their first night drinking all together, there had been some comments that were dropped here and there about Seijou’s ace’s serious nature. 

It’s not that he especially stood out. They had Kyoutani, Kunimi… Even Karasuno had their very own Tsukishima Kei, the very definition of ‘no fun’ or so he thought. Not everyone had to be all smiles and giggles, but he kind of noticed that others either looked up to him or feared him. And they had been expressive about that, last night. Oh well, no time to worry about that. It was time for another practice match.

“Everyone here yet?” Iwaizumi asked as he walked after Oikawa onto the court. Oikawa immediately darted away to bully Kageyama who was preparing the court for their matches along with the other first years. 

“Iwaizumi-san!” he heard someone call out behind him. Turning around, he saw a sudden flash of orange colors before he was pounced on, and he lost his balance. 

HUh?” he forced out, but it came out squeakier than he had wanted it to be because Nishinoya Yuu of all people was now firmly squeezing his sides for whatever unknown reason, and Iwaizumi knew just one thing: it tickled. like. hell.

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Would you be OK with anyone cosplaying your Queen Camilla design if all credit was given to you ect? Also what do you imagine the lower half of her design looks like? <3

oh my goodness how long has this been in my askbox???? It got buried under a lot of other asks. I hope you’re still interested anon, cause I am completely OK with people cosplaying as her! ;v;

I drew this up reaaaaally quickly but I hope I got the general idea across; she dresses a lot like her father. Uh, just ask if you need a more specific picture - if you’re still around haha… ;o;

Here it is, my idea for Kitsune Marinette! I probably went a bit overboard.

I couldn’t pick which costume design I liked better, but then I got the idea that her suit changed as she got older, so the one on the left is 15 year old Mari and the right is 19 year old Mari.

I added some information on my headcanons for the kitsune miraculous, how it works, and briefly touched upon how Marinette found it. I didn’t write down all of my ideas so if anyone’s got a question about this AU, feel free to ask!


It was Mother’s Day in my part of the world on Sunday, even though It is usually May for most of the world. :)

I actually wanted to post this Sunday, but didn’t finish it on time. I got this plot bunny before my idea for @moms-made-fullmetal-2017, so even though I could have waited til then, I wanted to still do something for Mother’s Day (at least in Ireland and UK).

This is part of my Without Her, or Family Portrait AU. Beth is Roy and Riza’s child, and Roy has to raise her alone after Riza died. This fic is pure fluff, I promise.

Belly full, Roy sprawled out on his favourite armchair in his aunt’s parlour. Chris was in the armchair opposite with Beth on her lap. The little girl seemed a little restless and she slipped down from Chris’ lap.

Roy straightened up in the chair. “Are you okay, sweetheart?”

“Want play!” Beth walked to the toy chest in the corner.

Chris shook her head and looked over at her nephew. “She knows what she wants.”

Beth plonked down on her bottom beside the chest. The chest was always brought out ahead of their visits. It was filled with books, toys and teddies. Chris loved to dote on little Beth.

“Dinner was delicious, Chris,” Roy said.

“I noticed.” She arched an eyebrow. “You ate enough of it.”

“Take some pity on me. My cooking skills are not comparable to yours. I have to take advantage when your turn to make Sunday roast.”

“It’s your turn to cook for the three of us next time.” She waggled her finger. “Don’t think you can con me Roy Mustang! I know all your tricks.”

“You offend me,” Roy replied.

Roy watched his daughter playing out of the corner of his eye. Her head was in the toy chest and her arm knocked some toys out onto the floor.

“Oops!” Beth’s hands went to her mouth.

“Beth, be careful!”

Beth was already putting the toys back into the chest. “Okay Daddy.”

Roy’s heart swelled with pride.

He glanced at his aunt. “Beth loves coming here too.”

“It’s mutual,” Chris replied. “You know if I’m honest, it might have something to do with the toy chest though.”

Roy raised an eyebrow. “Remember when I said that you should stop buying her toys?”

“Pfft.” She waved a hand at him. “My house, my rules.”

“You’re getting soft, you know.”

“Don’t tell anyone.” The corners of her mouth turned upward.

“Now, Beth what are you doing, honey?”

“House.” Beth stuck out her tongue in concentration as she placed the blocks on top of one another.

Chris bent down to join Beth, who was playing with wooden blocks on the floor. “Can I play with you?”

Beth nodded and handed Chris some bricks.

Roy sat up in the chair. “Are you sure you will be able to get up?”

“Cheeky!” Chris threw a cushion at him. “I liked you better when you were praising me.”

Roy just about avoided the cushion.

He sat back in the chair and watched his aunt and daughter play together. It was a relief to have a second pair of eyes. Beth was getting into everything. She was a very curious child; she wanted to know what everything was. She had also had developed a penchant for climbing on furniture which was a terrifying development. His kid was too smart for her own good.

Beth abandoned the blocks and started rummaging in the chest again. She pulled out some books and sat on the floor again.

“I wish I knew you at the age,” Chris said wistfully. “You must have been a handful.”

“Hey! Why would you say that?”

“Given the number of times you’ve voluntarily walked into danger…” She started counting on her fingers. “Enlisting, treason, homunculi - I could go on.”

Roy rolled his eyes. “I was in control … most of the time.”

“Think that if it helps you sleep better at night.” She patted Beth on the head. “Your daddy is a fool, and you’re going to terrify him someday. I see that dangerous Mustang glint in your eyes.”

Beth looked up from the book in her hands and nodded. “Silly Daddy!”

Chris threw her head back and laughed.

“Don’t listen to her, sweetheart,” Roy said.

“Allow an old lady her moment of revenge.” Chris kissed Beth on the forehead. She looked over at Roy, a smirk on her face. “I’ll say this though. If your little girl ever enlists in the military, you’ll have to get in line behind me to shake sense into her.”

Roy shivered at the thought. Neither he nor Riza ever wanted that for their child. They had vowed they would never let their child make the same mistakes they had. Chris must have noticed Roy’s eyes glaze over, because she had turned her attention back to Beth.

“I blame your Grandpa for stealing your daddy away,” Chris was saying to Beth.

“I think I turned out alright in the end.” Roy leaned forward in the chair. “Isn’t that right, Beth?”

“Book!” She waved the book in the air.”

Roy held out his arms and she headed straight for him. “Do you want a story from Daddy?” He scooped her up into his arms.

She snuggled into his chest, and he smiled. He loved the way she was so affectionate with him. He dreaded the day she inevitably no longer craved cuddles with her Dad.

“Hmm - what’s this?” He looked at the title of the book and smiled. It was one of Beth’s favourites from Chris’ treasure trove. He started to read, “My visit to Grandma.”

Beth tugged at his sleeve and pointed at Chris. “Gan!”

Roy’s eyes widened, and he looked over at Chris, who had frozen.

“Did you hear that?” Roy spoke slowly. “I think she just tried to call you Grandma!”

Out of the mouth of babes.

“Gan,” Beth repeated pulled on his arm again. “Ganma.”

Roy gazed down at his little girl. “Yes - that’s your Grandma.”

He glanced at his aunt again, who had averted her face.

“Chris? You don’t mind, do you? I mean-”

“It’s okay Roy-boy.” Chris turned back to face him. “It’s just I never expected to be called such a thing.” She wiped at her eyes. “Oh Beth, you little darling.”

“It makes sense, at least for me,” Roy said quietly. “After all, you’ve been a mother to me for the most of my life.”

Roy watched open-mouthed as his usually stoic aunt started to cry.

Oh no - I didn’t mean to make her cry.

He stood up, shifting Beth to his hip. She giggled at the sudden movement, although she clung to him tightly all the same.

Chris waved him away. “I’m fine, I’m fine.”

Roy ignored her protests, and hugged her with free arm.

“It will be a while before she can say Grandma,” he whispered in her ear.

“The little darling can call me whatever she wants.”

“You’ve definitely gone soft, Grandma.”

Roy swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat. He reminded himself that he should tell his aunt more often how much she meant to him.


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Imagine Andy and Nate going to the beach and hanging out there (I'm at the beach so that's how I got the idea) ✨