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So (over!!) a hundred people are following me. I slaved away to build this little block castle of fanart and fanfiction, only to realize I had sealed myself inside it, with no way out but to destroy all I had worked so hard to—okay I’m kidding. This was just a cute, silly idea.

Since most of y’all found me through my kid!Fatal post (or at least, that one has the most notes, for now—OMG people you love my shetpost don’t you?), and because everyone seemed to like the mini blue raspberry so much, I decided to draw more of him to thank you. I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to color him as well. And y’know, it wasn’t. The castle of blocks on the other hand… whose bright idea was this anyway

I have an idea for another short comic starring kid!Fatal, so that’s a thing that might happen, but this will have to be enough for now.

*furtively sets up giant flashing neon signs leading @fatal-error-blog to this picture*

Uh I mean

Fatal belongs to @fatal-error-blog :)

And this version of him is based on the Momma CQ world by @alainaprana

To both of you, my followers, and everyone else who has liked, reblogged, and said such nice things about my work: you make me smile and sometimes have little excited freak-outs. Thank you all so much! <3

🌺 Sanguine Rose Accessory - 2K Followers Gift 🌺

I had so many ideas with that beautiful flower crown we got in the latest patch, and this was one of them. Now, I’m not that proficient in meshing so I might have made some mistakes, who knows? I will of course fix them in that case. There are 2 versions, one large and one small - the one pictured is the larger one.

I just recently reached a huge followers milestone, and I wanted to thank you all by sharing some things I’ve been working very hard on. So thank you so much, expect some more gifts in the near future!


  • New mesh
  • Custom thumbnails
  • Standalone
  • 65 Swatches
  • Hat Category
  • Unisex
  • Feminine & Masculine


  • Feel free to recolor just give credit
  • Don’t include the mesh
  • Don’t re upload
  • Don’t claim as your own


Credit: EA, palette by bepixled

My next language: German or Dutch?

I’ve been thinking about both for a while now. I’ve done some dabbling in Dutch and I’m really struggling with genders and verb conjugations. I know that genders will not be any easier in German, and I have no idea about verb conjugations but I assume that it’s similar. Dutch is also completely unpronounceable, but German has compulsory capitalisation of random words. I will be spending 5 days in Amsterdam at the end of the year vs 2 nights in Berlin just before that, so Dutch may be more useful to me in my upcoming trip - but I also know that I’m not going to get to a stage where either would be particularly useful within the time I have - especially as my focus will still be primarily on Swedish as I will be spending 3.5 weeks in Sweden and that’s kinda the reason for the whole trip.

Swedish has really spoilt me with it’s simplicity and phonetic nature, and now I’m really struggling to learn anything else.

I know that the most important thing needed to learn a language is love for that language. Out of all the languages I could learn right now, I am definitely most interested in German and Dutch. But as soon as I start I hit so many barriers and lose all my motivation.

Help and advice appreciated,

there should be a blog called “the book doctor” that’s specifically for making book recs

like people send asks like “i think i’m catching a bookworm cold” and the book doctor says “i prescribe you a warm and fuzzy tonic of Rainbow Rowel and Jenny Han books”

or “i think i’ve developed an allergy to fantasy books” and the book doctor says “try something that’s a mix of fantasy and other genres to see if that limits the allergy, like Nimona by Noelle Stevenson”

or “the bookstore is out of Sarah J. Maas, my favorite brand of boredom cure, what other brands can you recommend” and the book doctor says “Tamora Pierce and Kristen Cashore are great alternatives”

you know? a book doctor

Hetalia characters and the robot baby assignment
  • <p><b>America:</b> tried his best but still somehow ended up submitting it without an arm, duck tape in various places and a full diaper<p/><b>England:</b> Lost the baby on the first day and spent the rest of the week trying to find it.<p/><b>France:</b> Loved it as if it was his own child. Just showered it with love and care and even took care of England's baby after finding it abandoned in the middle of the hallway.<p/><b>Russia:</b> broke it on the first day.<p/><b>China:</b> did the project the year before but had set up a babysitting service for those currently doing the project and earned up to $500.<p/><b>Canada:</b> wasn't even given a baby; he was spared the pain.<p/><b>N.Italy:</b> dedicated himself fully to taking care of his baby and managed to fail like 5 classes in the progress.<p/><b>Germany:</b> the only one who wrote down the teachers instruction on how to take care of the babies and managed to take care of it with ease.<p/><b>Japan:</b> just threw it in the closet and took care of it the day it was supposed to be submitted.<p/><b>Prussia:</b> tore it's head off after it didn't stop crying.<p/><b>Austria:</b> put it in his backpack and had the baby "pee" all over his books.<p/><b>Hungary:</b> Gave up halfway and gave it to china.<p/><b>Spain:</b> pretended it was a real child and spent the whole week buying it toys and clothes, taking it out to places, and playing baby games with it.<p/><b>S.Italy :</b> cried more than the baby.<p/><b>Poland:</b> painted it's nails and gave it a makeover.<p/><b>Lithuania:</b> didn't sleep for four days from the baby's crying.<p/><b>Latvia:</b> neglected taking care of his baby because Russia ordered him to fix his own.<p/><b>Estonia:</b> tried to hack it's systems so it couldn't cry but the baby shut down so the teacher found out and gave him an F.<p/></p>
Okay, but what if Bianca had lived?

I don’t know, I just have all these feelings and I wanted to write it so here’s a Bianca Lives AU

  • Bianca goes into the giant Talos robot but just before it crashes she feels something pulling her, then she’s falling…
  • there’s a rush of darkness and her stomach flips before she lands on her knees in a dimly lit room
  • she looks around, confused but strangely unafraid- there’s an odd sense of familiarity- a subtle feeling of being at home
  • looking around she finds herself in a room with a throne made of bones, and who’s sitting in the throne but her father Hades himself? He stands, telling her not to be afraid. He tells her who he is and where she is.
  • For a moment Bianca is terrified, because it’s Hades, and she’s in the Underworld and she doesn’t want to die or leave Nico, she doesn’t want to be dead (not to mention it’s headcanoned that  like Thalia, Hazel, Leo, and eventually Percy and Nico, she was afraid of her element- death- which would give her another motivation to joining the Hunters and extra fear now as she’s before Hades)
  • But as Hades explains that she’s not dead and that he has shadowed travelled her to the Underworld to protect her, just as Zeus turned Thalia into a tree as she was dying. He claims her as his child, and tells her that she’s going to stay in the Underworld for a while in order to protect her from Zeus, and he doesn’t care what his little brother says about it because-
  • “If he gets his daughter back because he intervened then there is no way in Tartarus I am letting you die right now. Not after he tried to kill you already once.” (also because it’s canon Hades was a bit of a jerk and liked Bianca better- if Zeus and Poseidon broke the oath and still get their kids, there is no way Hades is just going to sit by and let his children, both of whom were born outside of the oath, die so easily- not to mention the prophecy never used the words ‘dead, death, or die’ only “One will be lost in the land without rain” and she is lost… the others have no idea where she is)

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I smashed the everliving shit out of my hands with my rifle today and almost killed a drum major in the process 👍

  • Yoosung:I wanna take MC out to somewhere expensive for celebrating our first anniversary!! Has anyone got any ideas?!
  • 707:Oh I know!
  • Yoosung:Yeah? What place is it? A resort? A hotel? A restaurant-
  • 707:The gas station!

ladyshivs  asked:

for the character ask: Vegeta and Darth Maul


First impression: I honestly can’t remember my first impression of Vegeta. Truly, I can’t. It was too many years ago, I was a child.

Impression now: I love him so much. *weeps because of character development* Just let him defeat one major enemy. Please. Just one.

Favorite moment: 

I’m not crying, you’re crying. Okay, I’m crying. I cry every time. 

Idea for a story: Pshh, I already wrote it. Okay, actually, I would like a story set after the Cell Games, during that 7 year break before the beginning of the Buu Saga. I’d like to see how Vegeta gradually grows closer to Bulma and their child, their developing love and familial relationship. Oh god, Tell Me readers, if you’re reading this, please don’t expect me to write it. Because I don’t want to. I can’t

Unpopular opinion: I don’t actually find him that physically attractive. He has moments, there are things about him, or things he does that I find sexy. But weird things sexually arouse me, it doesn’t always have to be the person or his appearance.
Favorite relationship: His relationship with his wife, obviously.

Favorite headcanon:
I strongly believe he was a virgin until Bulma and nobody can convince me otherwise. Again, I even wrote a whole fic about it.


First impression: Oooh cool design! Wait…REALLY cool design…oh no….he’s sexy. HOLY SHIT DOUBLE ENDED LIGHTSABER, I’M SO TURNED ON.

Impression now: See above, but also add: He’s so old now, why is he still so attractive? I’m glad that he finally saw a dentist. Please let him somehow continue to evade death.

Favorite moment:

*violently orgasms*

Idea for a story: I’ve got nothing.

Unpopular opinion: I don’t find his voice that sexy. Any of his voices. (Why are both of my unpopular opinions about my lack of sexual attraction toward something?)

Favorite relationship: Savage! Brotherrrsssss!

Favorite headcanon:
He files down his horns. I’m just kidding, I’ve got nothing.

Boy have I got plans for FLOABT

Ok so I finally figured out what direction this fic is going and I need you guys to do two polls if you’d be so kind as to take a few seconds out of your day to do this please and thank you

The first one is “snowdin” or “waterfall”

The second is just “11” or “12”

Don’t ask me to explain either of them, cuz I won’t :P They’ll make sense when the chapters come out (or actually probably have to explain the numbers but the point is it’ll all make sense in due time) 

Thanks guys :3

juniper sat beneath a tree, a large, old book lying across her lap. she was supposed to be doing her reading for her sociology course, but ever since the other wonderlandians had come to auradon, the young caterpillar had gotten curiouser and curiouser about what really did make the hatter and the hare so mad. so, she had decided to do a bit of research.

“mercury…” she murmured to herself, flipping a page in the aforementioned book. “mercury. that may explain the hatter’s madness, but…what about the march hare? well, i do suppose the two spend quite a bit of time together, but…” she sighed, tapping her cheek with her pencil as she sighed. “the maddest of hatters and the march hare…have perhaps gone so mad due to mercury in the air,” she recited slowly. “…and if this is so, then they cannot be saved…for mercury takes your mind, day by day….” she let out a long, melancholy sigh, resting her head against her hand. “there must be a cure — if that even is the cause of it.”

the boyz got matching shirts, based on this post because these truly are their alignments 

sorcererinslytherin  asked:

Its getting colder where I live and I oddly just got the idea of FAHC having to deal with cold. Like, what if they had to leave Los Santos for a job or freakish weather fronts came through and made it cold for a few days? I weirdly see Michael, Ryan, and Ray as the boys that can't take the cold at all, Gavin's oddly okay with it, Jeremy is bred for the cold, and Jack and Geoff just find it amusing. Thoughts? <3 I just see big badass Ryan whining on the couch because he's too cold to shoot well.

Michael refuses to make a big deal out of the fact that he doesn’t like the cold. He’s a hardened criminal god damn it, he’s not going to fall apart just because the sky starts throwing shitty frozen water at them, no siree. He’s from Jersey, he’s made of sterner stuff. Sterner stuff that just happens to enjoy beanies and gloves and layers of jumpers underneath his leather jacket. Whose temper jumps from zero to a hundred when a job leaves them wet and shivering, and has been known on more than one occasion to chase down and bludgeon to death any asshole who deliberately swerves their car to hit a puddle and sprays them with water. Michael is still the most likely one to start a snowball fight, if only to ruin Gavin’s day or try to shake off Jeremy’s happiness about the whole ordeal. 

Gavin is tolerant of the cold in that he is well and truely used to it, has dozens of jackets from fancy tailored affairs for work to grungy well-loved hoodies for hanging around the penthouse, but he doesn’t like it. Spends hours bemoaning the fact that he came to America to get away from this weather, fantasising loudly and at great length about stealing a jet and chasing down the sun, ditching all their obligations to sit on a beach somewhere. He’ll screech and complain when Michael inevitably shoves him into a snowbank but Gavin’s still endlessly fascinated by snowflakes, and constantly looking for more outlandish ways they could use snow to kill someone.

If Ray were an animal he would hibernate through winter. As a human Ray still tries to hibernate through winter, with varying levels of success. When it gets really cold his usual reluctance to socialise in the great outdoors becomes flat-out refusal to leave the house for anything less than a job. Ray would rather pay someone a grand to walk 500 meters down the road to the store than venture into the snow himself.

Jeremy loves winter, just like Jeremy loves summer. Loves the crisp air and the hot food, the nice clothes and the way people stop to look at the first snowflakes of the season in wonder. Jeremy likes the reckless way his tires slide around on the road, the bright red of blood against fresh snow and the way threatening to freeze someone in the iced-over lake reminds him of home. God Jeremy loves winter. 

Geoff has lined suits and layered undershirts, has heaters and fireplaces and electric blankets for days. Geoff has got this. He’s also got no sympathy for the misery of his crew and takes great delight in sending them out into the cold despite the way they moan and complain. Geoff has seen more than enough snow in his life to class it as a messy irritation rather than a whimsical delight, pretty from a distance but awful to deal with, and is thus far more inclined to delegate jobs when it lets him stay out of it. 

Jack has also seen more than enough snow to last a lifetime but she doesn’t care, that shit is magical and nothing will convince her otherwise. Jack doesn’t particularly feel the cold, is happy enough with an appropriate jacket and a mug full of cocoa, and that just makes watching the ridiculous collapse of the rest of her crew all the more amusing. Jack’s only real issue with bad weather is the rare but unavoidable snowstorms that blot out the sky and keep her grounded, grumpy and bored and completely unsympathetic towards the pathetic mound of blankets sniffling on the couch. 

Ryan knows he should like the cold. In some ways he does; it is so much easier to tolerate his usual jacket/gloves/mask combo when he isn’t also facing heatstroke, but when he’s off the clock, just Ryan instead of the Vagabond, he is not happy. Wears oversized jumpers (which, how, Ryan is oversized, how has he found jackets for someone even broader than him?) and lurid woollen socks, dragging blankets around with him like a child. When the heating was busted the most they saw of Ryan was a pair of murderous eyes peaking out from between layers upon layers of clothing, and when Geoff gets the fireplace going he will physically remove anyone who tries to steal his spot pressed up against it. 

emyly001  asked:

Sorry, for bothering you but I have this crazy idea. Jesse McCree and Erron Black switching boyfriends for a week. I know. Crazy idea.

No, you’re not bothering me at all, hun. :)

*Slams fist on table* YES. I can imagine EB and McCree complaining about Jin and Hanzo (who always complain about them as well), so they decide to see whose boyfriend is the worst/least hectic to deal with. Jin’s pretty miffed at first about the swap, but hey, McCree’s pretty charming, and the little harmless pick-up lines that the cowboy has up his sleeves are nice to hear, and soon they’re getting on like a house on fire.

Meanwhile, Erron and Hanzo just sit and stew in total jealousy when they hear that their men are having a good time with each other, and then they get on each other’s nerves because Hanzo doesn’t appreciate Erron calling McCree “a dirtbag cowboy wannabee and outrageous flirt who can’t keep his paws to himself”, and sure as heck Erron ain’t happy about Hanzo labeling Jin as “a pathetic excuse for an archer and an easily persuadable harlot.”

Like, I’m ready for this to be a soap opera. I wanna see EB and Hanzo getting incredibly jealous because of how close Jin and McCree are getting. And I’d laugh if Hanzo and Erron pretend to be in love just so that they can get their boyfriends back. Gimme!

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