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I want you to know that I had a semi-nightmare involving a lot of half-naked Angie and Yandere Saihara after seeing that post. I'm. So confused. Why did I have that dream. Why was Angie half-naked. Why did Saihara have teeth as sharp as a freaking alligator. These are the questions I will never have answers to.

the answer is that i… may have made an au on the words “half-naked angie” and “teeth as sharp as a freaking alligator”…

congrats, i guess we might have a cult au on our hands??? HaHA,,,,

also, saihara with sharp teeth..!! in my elusive, super serious style. he actually looks rlly good–



fics that i’ll hopefully write someday :  brienne/sansa, rapunzel au

“Brienne, I trust you will be the person who finally brings my daughter back home.”


“What was my mother like ?”

“She loved as easily as she abandoned.”

Hi friends!

So basically, I’m probably gonna be…very..like..not here for the next little bit. Essentially, if I want to do my Advent Calendar, I need to pretty much attempt to work on art as much as possible in my free time. You can still message me and thingies, I’m just gonna be avoiding being online as much as I can, at least until I get a good two weeks or so of drawings queued up! (Basically, I need to draw 26 drawings for every day for Christmas in December, plus for Boxing Day on the 26th. I have a total of…like..four right now lmao. Three actually since one of them isn’t finished…) I’d like to colour some of the drawings as well, so I pretty much need to work my ass off. So yes. I mean obviously I’m still gonna be online I probably just won’t post all that much ‘tis all!

Anyway, that being said, still taking suggestions and the like over at @calicoscolouredpencils !

I know this has been said countless times before, but i will NEVER stop finding it hilariously fucked up that Disney allowed all of this on Gravity Falls:

  • Taxidermied animal heads chanting “ANCIENT SINS, ANCIENT SINS” with blood coming out of their eyes and mouths
  • Several risque political jokes
  • A man marrying a woodpecker and trying to sustain an actual relationship with it
  • Mentions of swearing and profanity (and somehow got away with ALMOST saying “son of a bitch” in a context that the kids watching it would understand)
  • Mentioning suicide, as in, they explicitly used the word “suicide”. How the fuck???
  • A LOT of overly detailed body horror that could give anyone nightmares

But a spin-the-bottle reference? A quick scene of 2 old women in love? A character NOT putting on the seatbelt in a car??? All of that got censored.

i know we all have our own lives. we spiral in our own orbits. i’m telling myself the reason you never text is because you’re busy. i ask you how things are going, the conversation is stilted. remember when we were madly in love. when you would text me with every stupid joke you thought of. 

“how you been?” i ask. three days later i get, “fine.” 

i am trying to tell myself: at least you’re alive.