but I got new contacts


It has been quite the journey last year, while moving to a new home / studio I got in contact with a lady offering to sell a lithographic press online. While my lack of sufficient funds at the time was not considered a problem by the lovely lady selling it. I still feel incredibly thankful and lucky for the opportunity and trust given to me (a total stranger at the time). The press was paid for in full by making smaller payments over the course of about a year so Yaaay! quite a big dream come true! :D

Man 😊
The last few days have been so perfect
•I got new contacts
•I picked out a pair of glasses and they’re super adorable
•I started my new job, which I really like
•I got a raise at my old job
•I don’t have to worry about my college application any more because no matter how unlikely it is that I’ll get in its out of my hands so I shouldn’t worry about it
•it’s been absolutely beyond beautiful outside lately and I get to sit next to an open window for five hours and get paid for it
•I’ve been eating really healthy lately and getting exercise just accidentally and I’ve been feeling really good about it
•I’ve gotten to spend a bunch of time with my brothers
•I’ve been spending a bunch of time outside
•My director nominated me for an award at school to recognize my outstanding work in the theatre program which honestly makes me feel so good and validated
•I was actually social yesterday and got lost in the town I grew up in which was cool and weird
•I’ve just generally been feeling really good and happy
•More time outside
•I just got my first paycheck since last September
•I’m going to a movie with a friend tonight and I don’t have to worry about overdrawing my bank account
•And more time outside

I’m just in a really good place and I’m very content this has been the best weekend

First lemme say, sorry for all the selfies hahaha this is what happens when I don’t play rs all day… Second, I don’t really know about contacts lmfaooo. Like I’ve got a new pair of glasses coming in this week, I really only have the contacts for the pool/beach kinda thing, but god damn let me tell you how nice it is to wear sunglasses again…


So this is the imbecile who I hooked up with in December who took off his condom without my knowledge consent then acted like he’d done nothing wrong afterwards.
I originally blocked his number and he contacted me online. Then I got a new phone and he called me weeks later. I told him to lose my number and assumed it was a butt dial. Now today he called me again and comes at me with some bullshit?

Excuse me you Neanderthal get the hell out of here.
I hate men like this. Hate. Hate. Loathe. Double hate.

*i of course have definitely experienced plenty of abuse and assault in my past, but to make my case stronger he doesn’t need to know that.

Every time I see a verizon commercial, it makes me want to throw a brick at my tv.