but I got new contacts

Open~Fem!Dean Winchester

Voodoo. Fucking voodoo. The lore was all over the place, there were about eight million variants of the damn religion, and New Orleans had them all.  Vodon, vodou, vudu, hoodoo, fucking Louisiana tourist trash, made-up hippy bullshit, and, under it all, someone definitely messing with things better left alone.  There was weird, untraditional veve all over three murder scenes now, and Dean was getting really tired of white chicks in dreadlocks waving chickens at her. No one was talking, no one who knew shit about the real deal, anyway, and Bobby had come up dry. “I ain’t got no contacts in New Orleans,” he’d grumped at her over the phone. 

      Dean slammed back her shot of Jack and lifted her finger at the bartender for another. She’d waited twenty long years for John to start trusting her on solo hunts, and up till a year ago he’d only let her handle standard salt-n-burns, despite the fact that she’d been going point since Sam had –

     Her next shot arrived and she sent it to follow the previous one. None of that. Just because she didn’t like to work alone didn’t mean she couldn’t. She just needed to let off some steam, come back at things tomorrow with a fresh perspective. A flick of her head tossed her hair back behind her shoulder and she let her gaze wander.
     There, at the end of the bar. Bit older, warm eyes. He was watching her, had been for twenty minutes now. Nice hands, long, strong fingers. Nice shoulders.
     Dean turned her body slightly toward him and smiled. “Hi,” she said. “I’m Dean.”


I got new contacts and some make up advice. This is attempt number one for improve, no reference whatsoever carmilla make up.  

Even if I don’t get this right at least I look good.

People mistake me for being Egyptian or some Indian in the east. That’s not the case. 

demon-crow666 trevorcard-belmont immortal-prince-dracul rosebleue((and others))

Next up is my eyebrows and a nice haircut. My hair was being curly today and I didn’t mind. What do you guys think?!

In need of a bit of $$$

So i finally got back into contact with my new snake’s breeder, and it’s gonna cost me around $80 to freight him up, which is the approximate cost of driving down there anyways. SO what i can do for you is ART. Tips and donations are also super super appreciated (Helps me feed them too) since work isn’t giving me shifts for the next forseeable 2 weeks. (My paypal is serenityruin@gmail.com)


I can offer you Sketches for $20 fullbody, $15 wait up or $10 bust (+$5 for simple shading, +10 for complex)

I can also give you LINEARTED IMAGES. That’s right folks, LINEARTED. These babies go for $25 Full body and $20 Waist up, $15 headshots with +$5 for simple shading, +$10 for complex shading (Soft or cell, please let me know)

I can draw pretty much whatever your heart desires, and if i don’t frequently draw something, i’ll give you a rough sketch to give you an idea what it’ll look like.

Signal boosts are super appreciated !

anyone who has my number: I got a new phone and none of my contacts… I’ll get everyone’s numbers later!

My eyes are hurting pretty bad. I got a new trial pair of contacts and I can keep them in for 30 consecutive days. Including while I’m sleeping. Well, I slept in them for one night. Yesterday they were bothering me so I took them out before bed and ever since, my eyes are sore. It’s not like a burning pain. They’re just sore. Any contact wearers experience this?