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"Things [Will Be] Like That, Back Then"

The thing that always gets me about the idea that the violence, racism, and misogyny in Game of Thrones is expected/excusable “because that’s how things were back then” isn’t just the fact that GoT isn’t a historical novel.

If progress was a steady, linear acceleration through time, they should be way ahead of us. They should be far more enlightened in Westeros than we are in the United States or Europe. Looking at Westeros would be looking at our enlightened future, not our dismal past.

“What are you talking about? It’s medieval fantasy.”

Right, but how many years of recorded human history does this “medieval” world have again?

I don’t remember the exact figure, but I can tell you this much:

By the notion that human progress in a vaguely European setting should follow some sort of script moving from more brutal and bigoted to less, they should be well out of their “medieval period” and a couple thousand years ahead of us. There’s some give or take, depending on where you try to peg the “medieval phase” as starting. If we take the invasion of the First Men to be something like the Celts reaching the British Isles and displacing/killing the indigenous people, with the Andals then being analogous to either the Saxons or the French… culturally it seems more like the Norman invasion because the Andals seem “farther along”, but that moves the timeline up even further compared to ours.

But forgetting the Andals: Celts settled in Britain no earlier than 2000 B.C., which puts them about 2,500 years before the beginning of the Ye Olde Medieval England that Westeros is supposed to be based on according to the theory of “how things were back then”. According to the mythic history of Westeros, the First Men crossed over *checks* around 12,000 years ago. If we peg that date as about 2,000 BCE in real-world terms, then the approximate start of the medieval period in Westeros (again, according to the theory that progress is a matter of counting years) would have to be 9,500 years ago. If all medieval periods are about the same–which again, is the underpinning of the theory that “things were just like that back then”–then this period would have given way to something like a renaissance about 1,000 years later, or around 8,500 years ago.

Now, our renaissance kicked off about 500 years ago, so Westeros is about 8,000 years “more advanced” than we are.

“But wait! You said ‘mythic history’! Nobody knows when the first men really arrived.”

By crumb, you’re right. Nobody does know that. But you know what they do know? When the wall went up. It’s been continuously staffed and watched by the same organization for a mind-blowing 8,000 years. If we wanted to get all meta, we could even imagine that formal written history in Westeros might have grown out of the Night’s Watch need to keep records.

So the invasion of the First Men could have happened more recently than 12,000 years ago, but no sooner than 8,000 and the time it would take for them to get established across the continent. But even if we assume that they could have come over just in time to build the wall… okay, medieval period begins 2,500 years later. That’s 5,500 years ago. Renaissance begins 1,000 years after that, that’s 4,500 years ago.

Even by the most generous estimate available, Westeros still has 4,000 years of enlightened modern living on us European-descended humans.

Obviously the reason they aren’t 4,000 years more sophisticated and enlightened than we are is… well, it’s a fictional world whose author requires it to be “medieval” and brutal, but more to the point, progress doesn’t work this way. The only reason their society and history mirrors ours at all is that the author has dictated that they should. Seriously. The fact that they even count the turning of years the way we do is really bizarre. The idea that they would come up with the same sort of feudal agrarian culture that we did given the completely different growing seasons and completely different logistics of keeping the population fed is mind-boggling.

We can–we must–accept that these things happened, because they are part of the premise of the story. But the narrative doesn’t assert that the sociopolitical progress of their world is somehow in a parallel, delayed synchronization with progress in ours, and in fact, it very obviously isn’t.

The bottom line: Westeros is not in a medieval Europe phase of progress. It’s in a modern Westeros phase of it. Appealing to “things were like that back then” is no more meaningful an excuse than is saying “things are like that now” about a present situation.


Caffeine Quest -  a really short game I made in order to figure out rpg maker, featuring me, Loki and Nika

 + + Download + +

  1. download the file
  2. run the .exe file
  3. extract in a folder of choice (making a separate folder for the game is recommended)
  4. open the folder and run the Game.exe file (the one with a dragon icon)

It SHOULD run without any problems, but just in case you get an error when trying to play saying you need the VX Ace RTP or something the like, you can get that here (download link at the bottom). 

Other than that, feel free to play it as you like. 

Annotations for My Little Pony Annual 2014
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Yes! Considering the response I’ve gotten to my annotations of previous issues, I figured I should do a set for this year’s annual issue, which is my longest project to date, and has plenty to talk about. Join me below the cut for some behind-the-scenes info about the MLP 2014 Annual, starring the Power ponies, as drawn by the brilliantly talented Ben Bates!

(Spoilers, obviously.)

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Jill Ellis

So, I decided to search Jill Ellis on Twitter. That was a huge mistake. People are talking about how Krieger should be getting the starts and in the same tweet saying Jill Ellis is dumb or I hate Jill Ellis. Did people not read Kriegers post about cyber bullying and how enough is enough? She’s not just asking for it to stop for herself, she’s wanting it to stop completely. If Jill Ellis was a bad coach the US would not have won the World Cup, they would not be one of the favorites to win the Olympics, and they would not have gone undefeated the entire year. And she has stated that the purpose of all these friendlies going into the Olympics is to giver her a chance to try new things and figure out her different options since the roster is so small for the Olympics. She’s a damn good coach who understands the game and her players strengths and weaknesses. I trust Jill Ellis and whichever players end up going to Rio.

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Reclaim the Chair!

So some people have been posting pictures of themselves in their wheelchairs as a response to Kylie Jenner’s photoshoot, and I figured I’d throw mine out there as well. 

Yes my friends are nerds, I apologize. 

The thing to remember about wheelchairs is that they’re not limiting. They’re freeing. And I’m sure this has been beaten to death on this site, but I think it bears repeating. The attitude surrounding wheelchairs kept me from getting one for much longer than I should’ve, and here’s the thing: the minute I had one, my whole world opened up. (Or, you know, the minute I borrowed one because damn they’re expensive). We do not magically get better if we don’t “cave and get a wheelchair.” We still suffer, we are still limited, just without the aid of a device that could help us live our lives. So to those of you abled folks, please keep in mind that we are not ashamed of our wheelchairs. We don’t feel trapped in them, though we may feel trapped in our bodies. 

And to my fellow disabled darlings, don’t wait. Get a cane, get a walker, get a wheelchair, whatever you need. Your life is worth it. Your freedom is worth it. The people around you will work it out eventually. Don’t worry about them, and remember we’re all here for you. 

anonymous asked:

i struggle with figuring out WHY i should grind and work hard and strive for excellence in the rat race or whatever. i have been working hard all throughout high school, i'm the valedictorian of my class, and i feel just as empty and unfulfilled as i would have had i slacked off for the past 4 years. what even is the point if all of life is just this struggle, this fight to get ahead? i can't stop thinking about the fact that in the end we all just die and our achievements are made meaningless

I mean this in the nicest possible way, but holy shit this is the most high school thing I have ever read in my life.

Look, all of this ennui and lack of direction you’re suffering? Don’t worry too much about it. You’re laying the groundwork for the wide world of choices you’re preparing yourself to have. I’ve talked a lot here in the last few days about how tough it can be, but very little about why it’s worth it. 

Right now, you are living with your parents and they are paying for your housing and clothing and food and entertainment. At some point in your life, you are going to need to pay your own cell phone bill so that you can keep refreshing tumblr. At some point, you are going to want to go on vacation somewhere amazing, and the only way you will be able to get there is with your own money. The nonsense you’re enduring right now? It’s all the life equivalent of getting a foot through the door. Your good grades and hard work are going to set you up to get into a good school, and the practice you’re getting working hard for your good grades is going to set you up for your professional life, where you have to learn job skills along the way so that you can succeed – which I define as the luxury of having choices in your life. Success is being able to say “no,” or being able to say “yes,” because you want to, not because you have to.  

We all work so we can live. I grind through it so that this July I can get on a flight to London and hang out with Lazlet and go to Cornwall and go to a WITCH MUSEUM. THEY HAVE A MUSEUM OF WITCHCRAFT DID YOU KNOW THAT? And also so that in November I can take another plane and go to Stockholm and then kick around Barcelona and go down to Italy. 

Yes, having to have a stiff upper lip sucks sometime but you can either contemplate the nihilism of hope or go eat some cake and visit a witch museum. I vote witch museum.

Blanche: I’m going to go out into the world and find as many different Pokemon as I can, I will seek to evolve them all!

Candela: I’m going to get strong with my Pokemon! We’re going to fight everyone, so that we can understand each other better!

Spark: I like long walks in the park and playing catch with my Growlithe. Here, look at this Dratini! It just hatched and now I’m trying to figure out how I should make it happiest.

When I see death and destruction, I don’t gravitate towards it. I don’t try to study and try to figure out exactly what’s going on so I can pick a side and have a viewpoint. I just get sad that there’s more of this bullshit in the world. I don’t feel like I’m going to fix it with my opinion.

You know, my number one thing about war, my number one thing – take out the context of the civilization they live in, take out the culture they live in and the language that they speak – these people don’t know each other. Why are they fighting to the death? They don’t even know each other. You’re launching missiles at people you’ve never met and they’re shooting back to you… It’s crazy! The fact that we still do it in 2014! I don’t give a fuck whose side you should be on or what it represents – it represents the fact that we’re still retarded. It represents the fact that we still can’t figure out how to overcome our differences without shooting missiles at each other or dropping bombs or setting up IEDs or shooting people at checkpoints or whatever it is, whatever method that they choose to show that, in someway we’re barbarians. That’s what it is. We’re barbarians with way better weapons. It’s fucking crazy.

I understand that sometimes there are acts of aggression and you need to protect people from people more barbaric than us… But, it makes me sad. That’s the only way I know to describe my feelings with anything that happens with war in the news… anytime violence breaks out, like with this Gaza/Palestine thing, I just get depressed at my core. I can’t read about it… I’m not going to pick a side. I’m not. My side is the human side. I’m on the human race side and the human race is not benefiting from this kind of shit.

I don’t know what it would take to cause Palestine and Israel to be cool with each other. I don’t understand it. I don’t know how you can hate each other for so long. How you could have so many different points of view. How you get a guy like Dennis Prager who says, “Palestine will not be happy unless Israel is dead. There is no negotiating…” Oh come on. They’re fucking people! They’re people! I don’t know how they’re communicating. I don’t know if they understand each other’s language. I don’t know how much of this is just deep-seated ancient shit that these people have just carried with them forever but my position on it is I’m not taking any sides. My position is the whole thing is completely fucked. The whole thing is fucked. It’s fucked that people still do this.

—  Joe Rogan (JRE #525)

Imagine you and Calum going on a double date with Ashton and Bryana. Talking about anything and everything. Asking Bryana how she constantly looks so flawless and Calum whispering in your ear telling you that you’re the most beautiful girl in the world to him wrapping his arm around the back of your chair and kissing your forehead. You and Bryana discussing how Ashton and Calum have no idea what they’re doing when it comes to decorating an apartment, nowhere near ready to move in. “Babe your color schemes are all off. Plus you two haven’t even bought the essentials.” Ashton and Calum eventually deciding that they’d throw in the towel and let their girls help them figure out what all they need for their new LA apartment they’d be moving into in the new year. From then on I can just imagine becoming the best of friends with Bryana. I feel like it would be so easy to get along with her, finding similarities in the most random things. Ugh Calum you should have taken me to Australia and Bali. All my dreams could’ve come true.


Imagine: Misha finding out you’re in love with him after Jensen gets drunk and reads your diary he found out loud.

Warnings: Nothing really, fluff?

Pairing: Jared x Jensen x Misha x Reader, Single! Misha x Reader

Word Count: 3180 (I’m so sorry)

A/N: Figured for Misha’s birthday I should write an imagine for him. So Happy Birthday to one of the greatest people on this planet who deserves all the love in the world. <3 (Just take note I do not think Jensen would be a jerk drunk it’s just an imagine, thank you.)


It was a late night on the Supernatural set and you guys finished filming earlier so decided to go to your house for drinks since you lived the closest. You’ve been best friends with Jared, Jensen and Misha for years ever since you started working on Supernatural but you felt more than a friendship with Misha. Ever since the first day you met him on set he was a shy and awkward, adorable guy but he still knew how to put a smile on your face and make you blush even just by saying hello and shaking your hand.

6 years later and that crazy adorable man still gives you butterflies and makes you blush like a school girl and to be honest you noticed sometimes he’d be a little red too. You never got the guts to ask him out but you were hopping one day he’d ask you out but the day hasn’t come and you were starting it never would.

Even some days he’d get jealous while you talked to some random guys on set, sometimes even when you get to close with Jared or Jensen. He wants to be the only guy you fall for, he wants to be the only guy who gets to feel your kisses, your cuddles and feel your love for the rest of his life. But he didn’t know if you felt the same. He could never get the courage to ask you terrified of rejection so now he’s just on a road of waiting, hopping one day you’d bring it up and ask him to be yours.

“Alrighty I got beer, whiskey, and shots of some random stuff I got at the bar. Who wants what?” You asked, walking the boys into the kitchen Misha behind you of course. “I’ll just have a beer, been a long day and got another one coming tomorrow.” Misha said giving you a small smile and running his fingers across yours while reaching for the bottle and shooting you a wink after, leaving you confused.

“I’ll have just a few shots, thanks y/n.” Jared commented, giving you a smile while taking a few shots to the living room. “I’ll have whiskey, I’ll be the tough one.” Jensen joked, taking a bottle of whiskey and walking into the living room leaving you and Misha to yourselves in the kitchen with awkward silence. “Uh, thanks for coming.” You smiled shyly while he smiled shyly back. “Of course, thanks for inviting me. I know I’m turning into an elder-“ you cut him off “Oh shut up, you’re just as young as Jared, Jensen and I are.” You gave him a nudge and he smiled even more then walked into the living room while you followed behind.


“Alrighty y/n, since this is your home why don’t you choose the movie” Jared said while taking a shot and sitting on the chair next to the couch while Jensen sat in the other which meant you got to sit on the couch with Misha all by yourself. “We can watch something scary. I got The Conjuring not to long ago and haven’t watched it yet cause really didn’t want to watch it alone if that sounds good to you guys?” you asked, bending over to get the movie and you could feel Misha’s eyes on you which you kinda liked.

“Sounds good to me, and if ya need someone to protect you I’m right here.” Jensen winked and joked, making Misha jealous. He felt his heart sunk into his chest and sat down on the couch smiling at the idea that you’ll be right next to him so if you get scared he can protect you. “You’re an idiot.” You joked and smiled, making him smile too while he took a sip of his whiskey.

It got to the scariest scene and you cuddled up into Misha, making him tense up but then relaxed when he realized you meant to do it. He wrapped his arm around you and pulled you into him more while you laid your head on his chest and gripped your hand onto his shirt. Jared smiled to himself, knowing Misha has had the dorkiest crush on you for years and was happy to see him finally happy with you. Jensen was drunk out of his mind and probably didn’t even notice anything.

The movie went off, Jared was eating ice cream while Jensen was sitting and trying to behave until he left to go to the bathroom but came back with your diary in his hand, making your heart stop cause all you ever wrote about in there was Misha. “Look what IIIIII found!!!!!” Jensen slurred and smiled, catching everyones attention. Misha and Jared looked at you with confusion but once they noticed the fear in your eyes they knew what it was, your diary.

“Jensen, put that down now.” You demanded. But he was to drunk to realize what he was doing was wrong, and of course he was to strong also so you couldn’t fight him off. “Give me the damn book Jensen please.” You begged, starting to feel your voice break from trying to hold back the tears and fear. “Jensen man come on give her the book.” Jared said calmly, trying to take the book from his hands but he pushed him away taking him to shock. “Jensen, please give y/n the book and sit down, you’re drunk.” Misha said calmly also, but nothing worked.

“August 1st 2015, today was a good day on set, I love Jared and Jensen like my brothers and of course I love Misha but it’s a different kind of –“ you cut him off by jumping on him to make him stop. “Jensen knock it the fuck off man! That’s my privacy and you’re invading it!” you yelled, trying to pull the book out of his hands but he kept reading. “love, I want to feel his kisses, his hugs, and I want to feel his hands allll over my body. I want them over my breasts, and damn that mouth.. all over my stomach down to my-“ that’s when you punched him so hard he fell backwards and dropped the book, giving you a chance to grab it and run away.


You went into the bathroom and slammed the door then locked it. You heard Misha running after you but you didn’t stop cause you were to embarrassed to face him. You were pissed at Jensen even though it wasn’t his fault cause he’s drunk but you were still pissed that he didn’t have one bit of sense in him to stop.

You leaned your back against the door and cried into your hands and kicked a trash can that was infront of you over in anger. You punched a hole in the wall and ripped your shower curtains off then punched the mirror, cutting up your hand. You were yelling and crying so loud you didn’t even hear Misha yelling for you on the other side of the door till after you fell back on the ground and sobbed into your lap.

“Sweetheart please, it’s me.” He said quietly with a broken voice. “Please let me in..”  you hesitated for a few minutes but then decided to let him in, maybe he felt the same but you doubted it. You slowly opened the door and quickly sat back on the floor and whipped your tears away with your sleeves till you felt two hands grip onto your wrists and pull them down and looked up and saw beautiful blue eyes looking into yours, making you feel warm inside. He kissed your tear stains on your cheeks which made you blush red as a tomato while he did too and gave him a small, sad smile.

“Jensen’s a dick when he’s drunk, I’m sorry he did that to you.” He looked at you with sadness, still holding onto your wrists and sitting infront of you never taking his eyes off yours. “It’s not your fault, it’s not his either cause he’s just shitfaced drunk but I don’t know it still hurt cause now I’m embarrassed and terrified cause I know you don’t feel the same which is fine cause who could love a girl like m-“ he cut you off. “Before you spill out all that bullshit, lets rinse your hands off in the sink and put a bandage over them. You forgot you cut up your hands really bad till he mentioned it and decided he was right so you stood up and washed your hands while he helped. He gently helped you wash the blood off your hands and gently wrapped the bandages over them hearing you wince in pain. “S-sorry, I’m done. Let’s go in your room.” He said quietly, taking your hand and walking you to your room.


He sat on the edge of your bed while you stood up and paced around the room nervously, knowing everything was about to come out and you were terrified for his response. “So what I was saying earlier. Yes, what I wrote in that diary was true. Yes I dream about feeling your kisses and hugs all day every day and I dream about you loving me but then my heart breaks when I wake up cause It isn’t real and I know it will never be. But it’s fine, cause nobody could ever love a girl like me especially a perfect man like you so..” by now your voice was breaking and you didn’t even realize you were in tears until you felt one hit your hand and you looked at Misha and he had the most heart breaking look on his face. He looked sad, like everything you just said killed him.

“Come here.” He said softly, hearing his voice break just by saying those two words. He stood up and wrapped his arms tightly around you. You buried your head in his chest and cried onto him while you heard a few sniffles of his own come from him. You looked up at him with confusion, wondering why he was crying too.

“Why are you crying?” “Do you know how heart breaking it is to hear the women you love talk so awful about herself? When she’s perfect in every way in your eyes? I love you, y/n. I should’ve told you so long ago but I was to scared to cause a perfect girl like you could never love a man like me, an elder man.” He joked, giving you a soft smile while you gave him one back and chuckled a little bit. “Ever since that day you walked on set with that big smile on your face I’ve loved you. God you like caught my heart right there and I’m sorry that I’m making this as Dean would say a “chick flic moment” but god I held all this in for way to long. I love you y/n. I love you, I love you, I love you. And god it feels so good to say that out loud, especially to you. Hell I think it makes me love you more, please love me too..” right after he said those last few words you put your hands on his cheeks and kissed him so hard he fell over and sat on the bed, placing his hands on your cheeks too and kissing just as hard back. You bit his lip softly and heard him moan under his breath which made you and him both smile.

After a few minutes of making out what should’ve happened so long ago you two had to catch a breath even though if you two could you would’ve kissed for hours, hell all night. “Damn, that was fantastic.” Misha said with the biggest smile on his face, his cheeks rose red and his eyes looked like they were full of life. “If you didn’t get the hint, I love you too.” You smiled, kissing him again. You were on his lap by now and had your arms wrapped around his neck while he had his hands on your hips, making you feel safe and sound in his arms. You brought him in for a tight hug and he of course hugged just as tight back. He squeezed you tight and dug his face into your neck, feeling him smile against it. “I think this was the happiest night of my life.” He mumbled into your neck. “Same here, speaking of night it’s like 4 am we should go to bed let’s go say goodnight to Jared and get Jensen a bucket to puke in and water.” He laughed and nodded in agreement, picking you up and pushing you against the wall and kissing you hard again, making you kiss back and run your fingers in his hair. “What was that for?” you smiled, making him smile too while he stared at your lips and licked his own. “Couldn’t resist.”


You walked into the living room to find Jared watching Family Guy while Jensen was asleep and drooling on his shoulder, making you and Misha chuckle catching Jareds attention. “Hey! Is everything alright between you two, and y/n your hands! Are you ok?” he whispered, trying not to wake Jensen up. “Yeah everything’s great with us, like the best they’ve ever been. And for my hands just cut them up is all but I’m fine really, I’m.. perfect. Best I’ve been in years.” You smiled at Misha while he smiled back then smiled at Jared seeing him smile too. He looked really happy, not counting that he’s dead tired from working nonstop.

“Good, I’m happy for you guys it’s been so long.” “Yeah you’re telling us” Misha laughed, making you and Jared laugh too while Jensen snored softly. “Well it’s 3:45 so why don’t we all go to bed, got a long day tomorrow, I’ll sleep in the chair while Jensen takes the couch, and lover boy can sleep with you but you two kids behave.” Jared winked, making you and Misha laugh. “I’m 41 aren’t I suppose to be the one telling you that?” “Meh, you’re still young.”

You left to go get Jared and Jensen some blankets and pillows and a bucket leaving Misha and Jared to talk. You came back and gave Jared everything then left with a goodnight and with Mishas hand in yours. You went into your bed room and he took off his pants which made you really confused. “What do you think you’re doing?” “I don’t like sleeping in Jeans and I have no pj pants here so..” you giggled and shook your head “it’s fine you dork.” He smiled and laid on your bed and wrapped up in your blankets and smiled. “What’s the smile for?” “Your bed smells like you which makes me happy.” God this man could say the simpilest things and give you a million butterflies.

You changed into a baggy black ac/dc shirt you have and just didn’t put pants on which made Misha drool over you even more. He looked at you and it looked like his eye color turned a darker blue and were full of lust but he knew you two had to be official and be dating for a little while before anything like that would happen. You sat in the bed and pulled the blankets over you, turned on Adult Swim and cuddled into him. He looked at you with passion in his eyes and cupped your face in his palm. “God you’re so beautiful.” You smiled and gave him a quick peck on the lips and laid back down into his arms. He ran his fingertips over your shoulders and leaned his head on yours making you smile even more.

You were close to being asleep until his sleepy voice caught you off guard and caught your attention. “Are you still awake?” “K-inda, why what’s wrong?” you said sleepily, running your thumb over his hand. “Nothing I just have a question.” His heart started to pound, worrying you’ deny his question but he had to ask. “Will you be mine?” your heart stopped at his question, like this was all just a dream and life was going to well for you but you weren’t going to let anything bring you down at this point. He must’ve token your silence for a no cause you felt him tense up and move his hand. “S-sorry, I just really and I just I thought-“ you cut him off by pressing your lips on his. “Of course” He smiled and placed his hand back on yours and cuddled into you while you cuddled into him and drifted off to sleep. “Goodnight, girlfriend.” He smiled, hearing himself say that warmed his heart especially knowing he was talking about you. “Goodnight, boyfriend.”


The next morning you woke up in panic mode when you realized Misha wasn’t in bed with you. Was it a dream, was it just the drinks getting the best of you and making you see stuff that wasn’t real? Your thoughts cut off when you heard his soft sleepy voice come in with breakfast in his arms. “Good morning sweetheart, figured you’d have a little headache from the drinks last night so I made you pancakes and have some Advil for you to take after with water.” You placed the things next to you and reached up and gave him a huge tight hug with a kiss after. “I love you so much, thank you.” “I love you so much too.”


After you finished eating you went into the living room to find Jensen awake on the couch with a rag on his head and bucket in his arms while Jared was sitting next to him and rubbing his back while he threw everything from last night up. After he finished and noticed you were in the room he gave you a heartbroken, guilty look. “Oh y/n, I’m so so sorry..I.. I was shitfaced drunk and I wasn’t myself you know if that was my right state of mind I wouldn’t of done that, I’m so sorry please forgive me I love ya like a sis.” You wrapped your arms around his neck and brought him in for a tight hug, feeling him give one back.

“You are definitely forgiven, if it wasn’t for you Misha and I would still be hiding our love for each other and wouldn’t be together so really, thank you.” And he was happy, you all were happy. One big happy family.


My favorite thing about Thailand is Buddhism.

I’m not gonna go into a long discussion on how Buddhism is a way of life instead of a religion. I’m just gonna say, without pretending to be an expert on Buddhism, that it seems to me like Buddhists get it, you know? They have it figured out.

Some religions create evil followers who burn abortion clinics and blow buildings up because their holy books allow for it. Somewhere in those ancient documents of theirs there’s a story or two about how homosexuals, women who wear clothes that show their ankles, and people who follow a different religion should be murdered or whatever.

Sure, you can always say, “Those verses shouldn’t be taken literally”, but my point is those verses are there all the same. And some religious people do take them so damn seriously that they’re willing to torture and kill because of them. Hence all the hate and terrorism in our world.

Buddhists, though, got none of that shit. They believe in the Eightfold Path:

  • To know the truth
  • To intend to resist evil
  • To not say anything to hurt others
  • To respect life, property, and morality
  • To work at a job that does not injure others
  • To try to free one’s mind from evil
  • To be in control of one’s feelings and thoughts
  • To practice appropriate forms of concentration

I think their beliefs can be summarized simply as “kindness and common sense”. Of course one’s beliefs and one’s behavior aren’t always aligned. But when your basic principles in life are this good, you’re less likely than others to participate in a mass shooting.

That’s why even though I’m an atheist, I liked having my photos taken in their temples and with their statues. I like Buddhists. They’re awesome. ^_^

hey guys

Hi there! So I’m a new studyblr (just started today) and I figured I’d introduce myself! My name is Alessandra, I live in the US and am a sophomore in high school. I decided to make a studyblr because, well I’ve been really getting into stationary and looking at studyblr posts just really motivate me for school and such. The classes I’m currently taking are French II, World History, Accel. Analytic Geometry, Adv. Orchestra, World Literature, Chemistry, Drama, and Dance (I attend a performing arts high school). 

So yeah I plan on starting 100 days of productivity tomorrow, which should be fun:) Some of my fave studyblrs I’ve followed so far are @academla  @elkstudies @365text @studyign @study-ings @studyplants and @gryhffindors, but I’d love it if other studyblrs could reblog or like this so I can check out and maybe follow their blogs!!

I drew that last comic with a brush pen. When I drew digitally, this is what I’m always trying to emulate, so I figured I should get its real-world counterpart and try it out. The result looks more or less like my digital drawings, but with a bit less control, a bit less smooth. I like it better than microns, though. With practice, I should be better at this. Or not. I can always just stick to digital for my professional stuff and doodle with the pens. I like the feeling of working on paper, though. It’s more satisfying than digital. I miss it.

I have… headcanons. Some of them are relevant to what I’ve been writing, so I figured I should share them? Some things might actually make more sense that way. Also, here, have a cute picture to go along with this, because why not. Click it for larger version!

Because, let’s face it, what good is there to having a huge, mega powerful legendary pokemon if you can’t scratch and tickle its belly? Yes, that’s what she’s doing; she just can’t do it unless she climbs on top; Groudon’s pretty large!

So yeah here, have my headcanons. 

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I want a video game that takes place in the future, and one day you wake up in a factory, surrounded by robots, and it’s just a game about you trying to figure out who you are in a strange dystopian future. People you encounter always treat you differently, and look down on you, yet fear you, treat you like you should be perfect. In the end, you get caught up in a scheme against the corrupt government of this world, and in an act of self sacrifice get caught in an explosion, and while passing out, your life fading away, you see a mirror, and you see yourself, and realise that you were a robot the whole time.

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Today´s outfit

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This was one of those days where I wished to escape into a fairytale world, riding the back of a gigantic black dragon into the misty mountains cold (and all that jazz). Ahem.. I guess that what I’m trying to say is that I’m grateful for some vacation right now. Like, really grateful-> I should be at a spa or something. Anyways, I’m getting some much needed rest with my family and celebrating the coming of spring <3 . Lately, I’ve been somewhat overworked.. Things have just been piling up and I’m still trying to figure out how to get to the bottom of my never ending “to do-list”. This is a challenge beyond me right now, but… I am a fighter, and I shall conquer it all! (*throws fists in the air*)

Happy springtime, everyone!

– Sól

Springtime – Outfit Today´s outfit This was one of those days where I wished to escape into a fairytale world, riding the back of a gigantic black dragon into the misty mountains cold (and all that jazz).
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Actual conversation between my roommate and I: 

Her: It is a universal constant that glitter, when applied to a person’s clothing or to the floor, will multiply. We have no idea how it happens, but it does. Imagine Ford trying to figure it out! He would never be able to explain it fully and it would drive him nuts.

Me: But Mabel would be able to explain it.

Her: No, she wouldn’t be able to explain it necessarily, she would just fully accept it as truth and spread her belief to the world.

Me: Mabel: You don’t have to be able to explain it for it to be true. It just is. Now EMBRACE THE WAYS OF GLITTER! ACCEPT IT! *throws entire bag of glitter over Ford* Ford: *surprised owl face* Well I guess this is my life now. Mabel: *nodding* As it should be.

Me: The unstoppable and unexplainable propagation of glitter is sustained purely on Mabel’s belief that it is indeed true. It is a constant across all of time and space, across any dimension or universe. So long as there is a Mabel that believes, it shall be so.

Advice: Putting Concepts Together to Make a Story

Anonymous asked: Hello! New follower, and even new(er) writer. I have a lot of concept ideas, but I feel a bit overwhelmed at putting them together into one functional story. Do you have any suggestions on things I can do to lessen that? I was trying to look up questionnaire type things to answer to see if it helped too, but I can’t find any.

You might try a story chart or story map just to get the basic concepts organized while you try to figure everything else out. Then, you’ll want to figure out your story’s purpose and set about developing a basic plot. Once you do some character development and world building, you should be all set to dive into your first draft. :)

I made a promise to myself, that I wouldn’t buy any star wars merchandise until I could find and buy an action figure of A) Rey, B) Leia, (not in slave costume) C) Padme, or D)Mon Mothma in a store. So - maybe in twenty years.

Hand to God, what I want most out of this world right now is some decent female character star wars merch. A fancy TPM Amidala and Handmaidens doll set. A figurine series of Leia in any of her costumes besides the slave one. A wanted poster for Mon Mothma. Leia and the ewok village playsets. Rey and her speeder in ridiculous amounts of detail. A pair of soft plush Luke ‘n Leia dolls. A 'women of star wars’ planner set, with quotes, facts, and art scattered throughout the pages. Halloween costumes. Senator Padme with Senate box.

Just give me shiny, detailed female star wars merch, and I will give you all my money. This should be a simple thing to arrange! But it’s not.

Maybe it’s because it’s 12:47 AM but I think I figured out a way to get J.K. Rowling’s attention to ask her about students with disabilities who elect to not be cured.

John Green!

He’s a great guy. He and J.K. Rowling have tweeted each other before. But most importantly…he has characters with disabilities! And I’m willing to bet that Hazel Grace would NOT just want to be cured. So out of everyone, he would probably understand where we’re coming from.

fishingboatproceeds if you’re reading this, it would mean the world to me (a person with a disability) and my followers with disabilities if you could tweet J.K. Rowling on our behalf and ask her why she chose to say that our disabilities would be cured. Because we feel that we should be able to go to Hogwarts as ourselves, disabilities and all.

And now tumblr…make John Green find this thing!

I’ll tag Hank as well, because it can’t hurt: