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Nnoitra stares at the male before his lips curve. "I dunno, Gin-sama," he purrs leaning closer to him, "Ya think ya can handle Tesla let alone me in the mix?" {{Nnoi no don't do it}}

Gin stared at the other in slight confusion. “Well… Firs’ off, what’s wit’ the ‘sama’ all o’ a sudden? Ya never bothered wit’ it 'fore…” He crossed his arms over his chest. “Second, I can keep up wit’ ya both jus’ fine. An’ if ya get ta be too much, I trust Tesla ta keep ya in line 'till I manage ta calm down.” He reached out and poked the other’s chest.

It’s just a fast drawing of a character, that I really like 0^0
Mygosh, he’s just sooooo cute <3
Also, I really love his headcanon about storytelling and I even want to draw something about it, but…. hhhh :т
I don’t have enought time to do it ;w;

Goth belong @nekophy

If someone was uncertain of whether Dadan and co. knew Sabo was alive rest assured they do.

Dogra is wearing Sabo’s hat.

The fact no one is wearing Ace’s hat makes me think so even more..
And besides they probably knew it already since, unlike Luffy they do read the newspaper and keep track of world affairs and being the Revolutionary Army’s Cheif of Staff is quite the big deal.

More Revelations

Can we talk about how most canon flushed relationships contain one Prospit dreamer and one Derse dreamer? It’s a fairly consistant trend. I mean, the really popular canon ships have it…

Rosemary- Rose (Derse) and Kanaya (Prospit)

Davekat- Dave (Derse) and Karkat (Prospit)

Dirkjake- Dirk (Derse) and Jake (Prospit)

As well as most other flushed relationships…

Meulin (Derse) and Kurloz (Prospit)

Meenah (Derse) and (Vriska) (Prospit)

Horuss (Derse) and Rufioh (Prospit)

Roxy (Derse) and John (Prospit)

That’s just to name a few. I dunno if anyone has pointed this out before, but I found it kind of interesting.

What really pisses me off is that becoming the Champion wasn’t Alain’s dream. Like, Ash deserved to finally fulfill his lifelong goal. Alain literally competed in the league cuz he wanted to fight Ash. I dunno. I’m happy for him, but it just would have meant so much more to Ash to have that trophy.

this just keeps happening, send help plz, fate of SDM hangs in balance

Yeah, I hear that strangely often… or, perhaps Patrick Stump looks like me

Maybe whenever he tours in NC, everyone tells him “Hey, you look a ton like Colin, just with fewer cameras!”

Um… maybe?

Really? lemme google him…

Ah! Yeah, I see some resemblance… plus, he has an adorable dog, and a gal with cool hair, so I’m totally down with being compared to him.

Yup, like I’ve said before, I guess I do. Dunno about the sexy part, but, y’know….


Sorry, can’t… it’s in my contract.

Awwww yeeeaaah. You heard it here first, ladies and gents – the best way to get romantic attention is Scooby-Doo-based humor.

Oh, hey, and butts like me, too! Cool!

Genetics? Witchcraft, maybe?

D’waa, thanks… really, though, I can’t help it–

I don’t know! It just happens, I–

Thanks, but I can’t sustain this much positive attention, I–

*mind melts from overdose of positive attention*


“C’mon, Y/N! Let’s blow this popsicle stand!” Harry slurred, hobbling out of the dentist as he threw the ice pack to the ground with a triumphant cackle. “Let’s go before they catch us!” 

“Harry- Harry, you need to hold the ice pack to your cheek! They took out your wisdom teeth, are you crazy?!” You couldn’t help but laugh lightly at the sight of Harry wobbling around like a newborn baby deer as you picked the ice pack up off the floor, chasing after your loopy boyfriend. 

“Y/N, I gotta tell yeh somethin’, love.” Harry puffed out, humming happily as you wrapped an arm around him to keep him stable. 

“What’s up?” You breathed out, giggling when he gave you a sloppy kiss on the cheek. There was a moment of silence before he spoke up once again.

“I dunno, I forgot.” He shrugged casually, running away from your grip. “I wanna get some juice now! Let’s get some- woah!” All of a sudden, Harry tripped over his own feet, tumbling to the ground with a grunt.

“Harry, are you okay?!” You gasped, quickly helping him up off the floor as he rubbed at his sore hip. “We’re going home before you get hit by a car or something.” You muttered, wrapping your arm around his waist tightly to ensure he wouldn’t collapse to the ground once again.

“Walk me to the car, slave! We gotta get out o’ here before they come at me with a drill again..” Harry babbled, rubbing at his eyes before leaning against you, one of his hands sliding down to cup your bum. (Unfortunately, you had one hand holding the car keys and the other was holding onto Harry - So you really couldn’t do anything about it.) “Your bum looks great in these jeans, babe. Have I ever told yeh tha’?” 

“Harry, get your hands off my ass.” 

“Can yeh blame a man for appreciating fine art?” Harry asked, squinting his eyes when he tried to reach for the car door but kept missing. “This car is broken. We need a new one - I told you t’ get a Range Rover jus’ like me, but no-”

“Get in the car, you dolt.” 


gif isn’t mine!

PS #27 - Labor/Delivery (Calum)

Everything was ready. The midwife had stopped by a few days earlier to make sure everything was at your home so when you did go into labor, she would just have to come over and everything would already be there for her.

It was about 1 in the morning when you were woken up by a small pain in your lower stomach. It went away after a few seconds, but you really didn’t think much of it. You adjusted your head back into the pillow and tried to get back to sleep. About 20 minutes later, another pain started up.

You rolled onto your back and rubbed your eyes, placing a hand on your lower stomach. Calum was still up and going through his phone so when he felt you move, he looked over at you.

“You okay?” he asked quietly, but you didn’t really know how to answer.

“I dunno…” you said quietly, trying to sit up for a moment before Calum helped you, propping you up against your pillows. “I think I’m having contractions, but I don’t know…” you spoke up calmly, chewing your lip softly.

“Really?” Calum’s eyes widened slightly as he adjusted himself in bed.

“I don’t know yet,” you chuckled softly, yawning out softly and rubbing your eyes.

“Did you want to call the midwife?” he asked softly and you nodded your head. He reached over to grab your phone for you, handing it to you.

You found the midwife’s number and hit the call button, holding it up to your ear. When she answered, you apologized for the early hour call, but she assured you that she was more than used to it. She told you to time the next one and that she would be on her way. You had no idea how long things would take, but having her here would put you at ease.

“She told me to time the next one, can you get the timer on your phone babe?” you asked softly and he nodded his head, getting his phone timer all ready. Again, about 20 minutes later, it started up and you took a deep breath.

Calum let you grab onto his hand, waiting for you to give him the signal that it was done. As soon as it was, he hit the start button for the timer, and the two of you waited until the next one came on, confirming that right now, they were about twenty minutes apart.

“How do they feel?” Calum asked curiously, giving you his pillow so you had that extra support.

“Right now, they’re just like menstrual cramps,” you smiled softly, running your hand over your stomach gently.

“Okay good…” he said softly. “Do you need anything?”

“Do you mind getting me some water?” you asked him and he stood up off the bed, pressing his lips against your cheek.

“Absolutely, call me if you need anything at all okay?” he made sure you knew that before he left the bedroom.

You adjusted the pillows behind your back and took a deep breath, closing your eyes for a moment. You couldn’t believe that the time was finally here. For 9 months, this was the moment you had been thinking of, how it would go down, how everything would happen, and now you would be able to find out, and within the next 24 hours hopefully your baby would be here. You heard the doorbell ring, followed by footsteps and the sound of the door opened.

Calum and the midwife walked into the bedroom, your husband bringing over your water. You greeted the midwife and smiled at your husband, taking a sip of the cold water.

“How far are they apart?” she asked.

“Twenty minutes right now,” you explained and she nodded her head.

“That’s still quite a bit of time between them,” she explained. “I want to check and see how dilated you are love, so if you don’t mind just slipping off your bottoms?”

You nodded your head and pushed your sweatpants down under the covers, as well as your underwear, leaving you in a larger t-shirt that covered you down to your mid-thigh, despite your baby bump.

The midwife came over and pulled the covers back slightly, slipping on her plastic gloves and helping you spread your legs. You closed your eyes and let yourself relax as she checked. The bed dipped beside you and Calum grabbed your hand gently, pulling it to his lips. You looked over at him briefly until the midwife pulled away.

“Only a centimetre right now, we still have a ways to go,” she grinned and tucked you back under the covers. “You water hasn’t broken yet, right?”

“No, not yet,” you shook your head.

“When it does, things will start progressing a lot quicker,” she explained, and you nodded your head. “For now it’s just a waiting game to see what will happen next. Some labors progress quicker than others, and it’s usually normal for the first labor can last anywhere between 3 to 14 hours and we’re prepared for anything,” she chuckled, patting your knee and pulling her gloves off to discard them.

“Great,” you chuckled, pressing your hands against your stomach and adjusting your head on the pillows, yawning out deeply.

Taking a deep breath, another contraction came on, a little sooner this time. Calum was quick to time it and bit his lip softly, looking down at his phone.

“That was only 17 minutes that time…” he commented, looking at the midwife.

“Well that’s good!” the midwife said happily, looking at both of you. “Something that helps sometimes is having a warm shower. It’s best if you r husband goes with you so if a contraction does hit, you can lean against him for support,” she said softly. “If you sway slowly, just that small amount of movement can help things progress.”

Looking over at Calum, he grazed his thumb over your knuckles, nodding his head. “Do you want to do that love?” he asked and you nodded your head softly.

“If you don’t mind?”

“I’ll be right out here if you need anything okay?” she said softly and with her help, you stood up out of bed, waiting for Calum to walk around and help you into the bathroom.

He sat you on the toilet and started the water up, sticking his hand under the water to test the water temperature. Once it was warm enough, he pulled off his clothes except for his boxers and stood you up, pulling the shirt up over your head. He helped you into the shower and stood in front of you, letting the water hit your back while he stood out of the main stream. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders. He rested his hands on your upper back and the two of you started to sway gently. Resting your head against his chest, you let your eyes close, blowing out a soft breath.

Calum lightly traced his fingers up and down your back, pressing his cheek against yours, holding you close to him. You two stood in the shower for a while until the next one came on. You stopped the soothing movements and scrunched your face up, groaning out quietly. He pressed his fingers into your back.

“Deep breaths,” he murmured out softly.

You inhaled deeply, keeping your eyes closed and breathing through it with him.

“That one was a bit stronger…” you chuckled softly, pulling away from him. “Can we go back on the bed? I don’t wanna stand anymore.”

“Yeah love,” he said softly, reaching an arm behind you to turn the water off.

You both got out and got dressed again before heading back to the bed. The midwife had a special sheet spread out on half of the bed so when things really got going, you could move over there. Calum sat down on the uncovered side of the bed and guided you between his legs. You used him as your personal pillow, leaning back against his chest.

“How are things going (Y/N)?” the midwife asked you.

“They’re a little closer and stronger,” you said softly, resting your hands on the top of the bump that wouldn’t be there for much longer.

“I’m going to check you again okay?” he told you and you nodded, bending and spreading your legs for her again. “Three centimetres, you’re slowly progressing there love,” she chuckled, pulling back.

“Good…” you hummed out softly, shifting your hips slightly.

“We’re getting there love, just a little longer…” Calum whispered next to your ear.


“Ow…” you whined out, a really strong contraction lingering around for a few seconds.

“In and out (Y/N),” he midwife urged, pushing your legs open. “You’re at 9 centimeters love, your water’s broken so it won’t be long now,” she said calmly, adjusting the clean sheet under you and pulling on her rubber gloves.

Your face contorted with pain and your forehead was covered in a thin layer of sweat. Calum held onto your hand tightly, kneeling next to the bed.

“We’re almost there babe, almost there,” he said softly, rubbing your hand gently.

“I wanna push…” you whined out.

“Not yet (Y/N), almost, but not yet,” the midwife explained quickly, reaching down between your legs and running her finger along the stretched skin to check.

It was as if as soon as one contraction came, another one was starting. You looked over at Calum and swallowed thickly, before whimpering out at the intense cramping.

“Alright love, you’re at ten,” she said excitedly. “Calum, can you hold her leg back? (Y/N), whenever you’re ready, I want you to gentle bear down okay?” she said softly and you nodded your head.

Calum grabbed under your thigh and helped you pull your leg back slightly. You took a deep breath and pushed down, putting all of your energy into having this baby. You gasped out when you finally let go of that one.

“Good job (Y/N)!” the midwife encouraged, watching everything that was going on. “Alright, again okay? Just like that last one.”

You nodded your head and took another deep inhale, pushing again, feeling an overwhelming amount of pressure between your legs and falling back into the pillow. You shook your head slightly and looked down at the midwife.

“I need to switch positions…” you breathed out and she nodded her head softly.

“Do you want to get into a squat?” she asked, laying a sheet next to the bed.

You nodded your head quickly and with Calum’s help, you got off of the bed. As soon as you were next to the bed, you dropped into a squat and put your weight against the bed. Calum’s hand pressed against your back as he kept knelt beside you, murmuring words of encouragement. You bore down and groaned out deeply, feeling the baby moving a lot smoother now that gravity was on your side.

“There you go!” the midwife said happily, using her fingers to help ease the baby’s head into position. “The baby’s head is right there (Y/N), take a deep breath and push down again okay?”

“You’re doing so well baby,” Calum said softly grabbing we cool cloth and wiping the sweat from your face.

“Oh…” you groaned out deeply, gritting your teeth.

You could feel everything, a burning sensation spreading between your legs.

“God, it hurts…” you whimpered out softly, leaning your head down against the bed.

“Take a breath love, take a small break, it’s okay,” she said softly as Calum massaged your lower back gently.

You put your knees down on the ground and swallowed thickly, turning your head to look over at Calum. He pushed some of the hair out of your face and slid his arm around your waist, kissing your temple.

“You’re doing so well sweetheart, you’re doing so well,” he said softly.

“It hurts Calum…” you said quietly.

“I bet love, but only for a little longer… then our little girl will be here…” he whispered out. “You can keep going love, you got this… I know you do…”

“Okay…” you said softly, lifting your head back up and taking a deep breath.

Scrunching up your face and you pushed down deeply, holding onto it for as long as you could. The unbearable pressure grew more and more as you pushed, taking small breaths in between before pushing again, wanting this to be done.

“You’re almost there (Y/N), the head’s almost out,” you heard the midwife say. You whined out and let out a verbal gasp when you felt something slip out.

You took a shaky breath and looked down to see the baby’s head, letting out a relieved laugh, looking over at your husband who already had tears in his eyes. You turned over quickly, sitting on your bum and pulling your legs up, looking at the midwife.

“I need you to stop pushing for a minute okay?” she said softly, slowly turning the baby’s head.

You worked with your deep breathing tactics, holding onto Calum’s hand in a death grip. You unconsciously continued to push down slightly, doing what you felt you needed to.

“Alright (Y/N), give me a couple big pushes, just to get the shoulders out, then your little girl will be here!” the midwife said happily, holding the baby’s head. You reached down to feel the little head, nodding your head before quickly bearing down again, feeling a burning stretch.

A few more seconds and all the pain seemed to just dissipate. You let out a relieved gasp and looked down quickly, seeing your little girl in the midwife’s hands. Your breath hitched in your throat as excited, happy and relieved laughs came from you, tears welling up in your eyes.

As the midwife suctioned the baby’s nose and mouth clean, you were all met with a healthy, strong cry from her, her little body picked lifted up. The midwife quickly scooped your new baby onto your chest, letting you get your hands supportively on her body before letting go. You held on tightly and carefully. Crying out softly. Calum stayed incredibly close, looking down at his daughter. He didn’t fight the tears that were spilling out, the three of you sharing this new moment together.

“Calum? Do you want to cut the cord?” the midwife asked, clamping the umbilical cord and holding up the special scissors. Calum quickly wiped his face and nodded his head happily, shifting on his knees so he could take them and snip where the midwife told him to.

You watched for a brief moment before turning back to your baby, kissing her warm forehead as she curled against your chest. You sniffled softly and felt her little tuft of hair on the top of her head.

“Calum…” you whispered out, letting him slip his arm around your shoulders.

The midwife was preoccupied with getting the placenta out while you three had your first family moment. He pressed his lips against your temple firmly, looking down at his little girl. The midwife handed you a towel to wrap around your baby. You did so quickly so she wouldn’t get cold.

“She’s so perfect Calum…” you sniffled softly, rubbing her small back gently.

“She is, she’s so perfect…” he whispered, shaking his head slightly just in awe of the whole thing.

“I’m going to take her and weigh her okay?” the midwife said softly, letting you take your time with handing the baby over.

You nodded your head softly and carefully handed the newborn over to the midwife, watching her every move. Calum sat with you, holding you closely in his arms.

“Thank you…” he whispered, rubbing your back gently, repeatedly kissing your temple.

“I know what I want to name her,” you said tiredly, leaning yourself up against him and pressing your knees together.

“What baby?”

“Liliana…” you murmured out softly, licking your lips.

“It’s perfect…” he agreed, nodding his head softly.

You smiled softly and opened your eyes again when the midwife brought your little girl back, all wrapped up in a soft blanket and all cleaned up. Her cries had quieted down and her little eyes were closed. You took her into your arms carefully and held her close. This moment, the one you had been waiting for for so long was even more astonishing than you could ever imagine. Everything truly was perfect.


OH SHIT!…and here is the end of the event :3

Thanks for hanging around for this little delve into SIN. :D and what do you know, something important came out of it. Bet you all weren’t expecting that, eh?!?!? :3c

G is now open for questions again (but I dunno if I will be able to get to any before work. We will see :3!) Feel free to send some in

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Mmm, I dunno if you watch dangan ronpa but if you're doing requests could you maybe draw izayoi sonosuke,,, curled into a ball? If that's okay

heeey! I follow dangan ronpa! but i havent got the time to catch the new series yet!, i think izayoi is a new character isn’t it? he doesn’t seem familiar to me ( as i only have played the games)

also how’s the new anime going? to tell you the truth i kinda hesitate to watch it ( regarding to my disappointment for DR1 anime ) but i think they wont be releasing DR3 game so it’d be the only way isn’t it :”) , i hope lerche does better now….

W Episode 7

Hmm, mixed feelings about episode 7. It felt off-pace, which is kind of expected since YJ “took over” the story, but I don’t know…it was fluffy, but just didn’t quite sit right with me. It also felt slow compared to other episodes. I will admit that the threat at the end was p creepy, tho.

Anyhoo, here are my predictions:

  • Our previous-female lead will disappear unless she becomes the lead again (which we’ve seen the start of and is hinted at in the preview)
  • That was def KC’s body in the “real” Han River
  • The dad is still up to something…the “vacation” seems too convenient
  • YJ will have to kill off a character in the comic to “fix” things
  • Another character will make it into the “real world”


  • Why make a male character when your inspiration was a badass female athlete???
  • Still no verbal apology for shooting her dad and no hesitation from YJ to romantically pursue KC?