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umm sooo remember last year when i lost my absolute mind over the chivas regal ‘win the right way’ ads done by chiwetel and oscar? turns out oscar also did a spanish language one. anyway bye 

[★] SEVENTEEN’s Speed Quiz answers from Sound K Radio:


Radio Host: Vernon, morning or night? 

Vernon: Uhm morning… no wait night night night hahaha. 

Radio Host: Okay Seungkwan, salty or sweet?

Seungkwan: [cute english voice] Salty ~ [members laugh] 

Radio Host: Woozi, winter or summer? 

Woozi: Winter! 

Radio Host: Mingyu! Cat or Do- 

Mingyu: [interrupts host] DOG! Dog dog dog… haha! Sorry sorry haha ~

Radio Host: Okay so DK, date someone who’s older or younger? 

DK: [in weird tone of voice] Older ~ [members laugh] 

Radio Host: Okay so Hoshi… Uhm, apple or banana?  

Hoshi: Uhm… [cute english voice] Apple? ~ [members laugh]

Radio Host: Coups! Uhm… Oh! Asking questions or answering questions? 

S.Coups: Answering questions. 

Radio Host: Okay so Dino, laughing or making other people laugh?

Dino: Making someone laugh.

Radio Host: Okay Jun, oh… haha dressing up or dressing down? 

Jun: [embarrassed] Dressing Up, Dressing Up!  [members laugh]

Radio Host: Okay then Wonwoo, scary movies or a comedy?

Wonwoo: Oh scary movies ~  

Radio Host: Okay next The8. Korean food or Foreign food?

The8: Foreign Food ~ [Radio Host: Ahhh so Chinese food ~ ] 

Radio Host: Annnddd we have Soccer or Basketball? 

Joshua: [answers the question since he was next in line] Uhm, Soccer ~ 

Radio Host: Junghan, same as DK’s, date someone who’s older or younger?

Junghan: Uhm… [unsure tone of voice] Older… [members laugh]

Happy birthday Ken!!

they grow up so fast ; u;

11yo Illinois Boy Arrested for Playing With Toy Gun

An 11-year-old African-American boy in Illinois was arrested by police while playing with a toy gun in the street with his friends. Police said they made the arrest after receiving a call from a driver, who complained the toy gun had been pointed at him. 

I was fake shooting with my brother and others,” Fulton said. “I never did threaten anybody, not at all.”

Right, we all know that playing with toys is now a crime.
Do you remember that calm time when we were kids and we used to do it all the time and we were in safety and no one ever looked twice?! Don’t play that shit about the neighborhood or the parents, that’s incredibly weak. The only people at fault here are the police for being so fucking incompetent.


Drinking game: how overexposed do my selfies need to be to convince myself that I am a redhead


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I’ve never posted photos of myself on tumblr before, mostly because it takes me five years to take a decent photo and I’m shy… D:

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Dear Taylor,
It’s currently 3AM, and I find myself writing to you. You’re the person who I go to when I need comfort or advice, and right now I need both. It’s just hitting me that I’m a senior in high school. I’m 17. Where did my childhood go? I need to know where I’m going to college. I need to know what I want to do. I’m getting asked so many questions and I don’t have answers to them. I’m listening to never grow up and bawling my eyes out because I know that you understand how I’m feeling. You’re the only person I feel 100% comfortable talking to because I know you’re always here to listen when I need you. I’m just so scared of the future. I’m scared of messing up, I’m scared of making the wrong choices, I’m scared that I’m not as smart as everyone says I am, I’m scared I won’t get into college and I’m scared that I won’t figure out what to do. I don’t feel smart or confident, I just feel lost and under so much pressure. I don’t know what to do, I’m feeling so many different things. Sometimes it just gets really overwhelming. I don’t even know why I’m writing this, I just feel like you’re the only person I can talk to. Thanks for being the person who listens, Taylor. Thank you for always being there for me.

{so this is a continuation of this meme with nobodyisbatman jsyk}

Your muse walks in on mine in the bathtub. My muse is covered in wounds. Send me “Bandages” for my muses reaction to yours pulling them out of the tub and beginning to bandage their wounds.

Everything hurts. His mom warned him that it was a mistake, that lacrosse was a mistake, but it’s something he wants so bad, that he’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Even if it means getting the shit kicked out of him by the upper classmen because he’s arunt. He’s a pathetic, asthmatic loser who’s going to ruin everything they’ve worked for. Still, he keeps coming back, keeps trying.

It’s a little bit worse than usual today. It hurts to even move and he’s so lost in that that he doesn’t even realize he’s no longer alone until there are gentle hands pulling him from under the spray of the shower in the locker room.

Scott lifts his gaze, meets Danny’s. “Don’t– don’t tell Stiles, okay?”

Danny just looks at Scott for a while before he responds. The other boy nearly oozes exhaustion and Danny has to take a moment to fight back his own yawn that hits him through some form of visual osmosis, if that’s even a thing. It’s during times like this that Danny realizes just how easy he might have it. He’s a gay minority with a ‘douchebag’ best friend and yet Scott—kind, lovable Scoot McCute—is the one who’s getting beat up.

“I wouldn’t dream of telling Stiles, don’t worry. This isn’t his fight to fight.” Danny finally replies after he shuts off the shower, his voice barely above a whisper. “I’m going to have to tell Coach, though—I’m not going to use any names or anything, but I’ll be real passive aggressive.”

His head perks up when he gets an idea. “I’ll be right back.” He holds his hand out as he backs up. “I’m going to get the first-aid kit out of Coach’s office—he always leaves his office unlocked anyway—because there’s gotta be something in there to help you feel better. I’ll, uh… I’ll get you a towel, too.” And with that, he’s off.