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8-27 Sunahama Updates

A New Frontier

Fukami: How dare you do that to my master…

I received ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES to examine for people overseas to see images. *
Yes, yeees…? In retaliation…that’s right! It’s former-delinquent sushi.

Repent with death (and sperm)**~



Fumika: For what reason did you lie?

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Im a tiny blog so this doesn’t matter anyways but, as an ace supporter, I feel the need to speak out on the solarsentience thing

It’s never, EVER okay to out someone to their parents without their continuous, explicit permission. It’s NEVER okay to harass ANYONE, especially a minor. What that individual did was horrible and wrong and I’m deeply sorry it happened. My heart goes out to those hurt by what happened.

That being said, I still think aces and aros belong in the lgbt community. And I want the community to be safe. I want us to educate those who think it’s okay to follow in the footsteps of solarsentience and to make it safe for every lgbt+ person to be with us. I never wanna see this happen again.


♡ jimin from future hearts ♡ I hope these translate well on other devices/monitors, these are my first digital drawings & fan art so I’m sorry they aren’t super great (+ i did these on my kindle w/ an art app lmao) I also hope it’s okay I changed the tattoos from your edits, they were a pain & i re-did them like 14-15 times??? I kind of got the hang of them in the second drawing, yet they still look like crap. ;-; I’ll do much better on Jungkook, i promise. But I hope you like these anyways & thank you for your amazing writing! 💕


Without You, I wouldn't survive this hiatus. Thank You All!

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Tbh tho

The show is obviously leaning towards the amedot ship. Come on I know there’s those that believe lapidot could be real but out of all the evidence I’ve seen its just not gonna happen. I had to say it because the lapidot ship is a cute thought but amedot is so gonna come out on top. DID YOU FORGET PERI THINKS AMEDOT IS THE BEST CRYSTAL GEM?? I mean come on ….

The Killers Are: Post eps 5/6

The attacker hasn’t killed anyone since Great Gozu. Izayoi died via forbidden actions inadvertently triggered by Ando and Munakata, who is not the remnant of despair, killed everyone else. Reasoning under the read more.

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it’s just so validating when you tell a story of shitty things that have happened, where you’ve told yourself “get over it”, “you’re overreacting”, “it wasn’t such a big deal”. and to have the other person react in shock, disbelief almost, and say that it was awful. you had every right to be upset. nobody else had thought that it was such a big deal. but it was and your feelings are valid.

When someone does something wrong, don’t forget all the things they did right.
—  Unknown

[[ Aaaand here’s the other one….. @prxvailingdarkness I blame you! Know that song you put on earlier? Well I started listening to it, and before I knew it this guy came out to play…. It’s cursed  *^*  Wasn’t even planning on drawing….

Also, look away from how horrible it is, I didn’t even use an eraser (cuz I’m to lazy to reach out and get it) x3 So anyways, here’s a wicked Yami for you all, brought to you by Halestorm - Love Bites ]]

right so, i am on episode 12 of my second lucifer binge viewing in a week, and it’s the one where they’re investigating the murder of the girl by the satanists, and lucifer just discovered that chloe makes him vulnerable, and he’s walking five feet behind her/trying to avoid getting too physically close

and she’s already annoyed that she’s been calling him for three weeks and he hasn’t answered, and now she literally asks “what are you doing back there” and is furtherly confused and unsettled when he’s not right by her side (because i have been watching the earlier eps and laughing at how their natural and default position is tucked right up against each other)

chloe, honey, have i got a lady named emma swan for you to talk to, in re: pretending you don’t want that handsome british asshole right where he is and feeling upset when your walls/defenses actually make him back off, and then being like “WAIT NO DON’T LEAVE I NEED YOU THERE”

because she is acting exactly like emma did in 3x18 when killian had been kiss-cursed and backed off (i.e. immediately started opening up and trying to bring him back). and i need help.