but I don't care

I would also like to apologize to Eliza Taylor because the 100 writers don’t give a shit about what she wants, nor do they take her concerns to heart. 

During SDCC, she pleaded with Jason, and there’s video proof of her saying “No! Please don’t make me take my clothes off though.“ Guess what happened in this episode.

She also said at Oz Con that she thinks “Clarke needs to keep it in her pants.” And then…. 

So to Eliza Jane, I’m sorry. You deserve better. 

Me: *talking about shadowhunters*
Friend: I think your obsession is a bit unhealthy
Me: yeah… anyways, shadowhunters

Right to Left ples.

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Reblog this if you had to learn cursive writing as a child

If you were ever told or were made to learn cursive writing when you were in grade school.
I wanna see how many of you suffered like I did.