but I do want to see them together that's it

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Do you think Theo likes Malia? Or is going to like her? What do you think they would be like if they did get together?

Maleo’s relationship i see them working out together, play fighting (malia always winning, but sometimes she lets theo win), cuddling together. Theo teasing Malia and Malia growling @ him but Theo just laugh like “she’s so fucking cute”, rough sex, Malia getting all dressed up to go on a date, Theo comforting Malia by stroking her hair after a panic attack and her laying on his chest the rest of the night. Theo teaching Malia how to skateboard!!! OH MY GOD MY HEART

to be quite brutally honest, I don’t understand the majority of this fandoms’ desire to see claddie “reunite” so bad. like don’t get me wrong I loved them together, duets were beautiful and their friendship was precious. i just don’t get why everyone is so torn up over them growing apart. whether they’ve talked or not, if they want to make up they will, and if they don’t oh well that’s life. and it certainly doesn’t require a public audience and speculation from us. 

Rant part 2

sorry for all the rants, but it feels better to type this all out, and hopefully helps some other people if they read it. and if its annoying, then just ignore lol.

i think im ok in that ive accepted they are doing whats best and that they will always love each other and respect each other. but now it just hurts and is so weird to think of them living their lives without each other. like all the country award shows/times where they will be in the same room but not together anymore..ughhgu thats so weird to think about.  and like seeing their concert pics/ him on the voice, knowing they are single and no longer together. i dont think they are going to date other ppl for awhile, but omg wen they do, that’s gonna be so crazy. just cant imagine them with other ppl. or even living the single life and thinking of them hooking up with other ppl..i dont want to see them with anyone else!! especially blake with another girl. i just dont get how you can be in love with someone for 10 years/ 4 years of marriage, and then just throw it all away. ik they werent perfect, and ik i of course don’t know the whole story, but it’s just kinda strange to me that they made the move to break up. when they broke up when they were dating, they said it was the hardest time of their lives, so idk, it doesn’t add up. i guess it’s been going on for awhile and they slowly fell out of love being apart so much. 

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[2/2] hate a ship, when my otp gets hated on for similar reasons?? idk if its just my anxiety playing up but i feel really hypocritical for defending ponnie but at the same time hating pewey ... i just cant really help that pewey makes me extremely uncomfortable ?? i just think the reasons against pewey are more valid ... i talk about how i dont like it on my blog ((i never tag ship hate though !! thats just a dick move )) and someone called me a hypocrite. again, this isnt hate just a question!

Regardless of if the facts are valid or not, that is no reason to harp on someone’s ship. For me, shipping is a way to see two characters together regardless of how possible it is for them to actually be together. Shipping is harmless and for the most part all people want to do is draw or write for their ship. Pewey shippers are some of the most amazing people on the planet and they have to put up with a lot of shit from this website just because they want to see Pearl and mayor Dewey together. Look, I’m not a fan of the ship because I like pairing female characters with other female characters because I’m a lesbian and that’s what I do. BUT I would never go out of my way and say it’s wrong for them to do this. They can do whatever they want because the characters aren’t real and it’s all in good fun for them and they aren’t hurting anyone by creating these works of art. And yeah, you are being a bit hypocritical, if it makes you so uncomfortable then get Tumblr Savior for your browser and blacklist “pewey” to stop seeing those posts. But trying to validate reasons for the ship being bad is just not cool. Let people have fun. After all, for me I would love it if people would just take the hint and let me ship Older!Connie/Pearl without sending me hate about it. I just want to see two amazing characters be cute together.

TL;DR: Don’t hate on someone’s ship. Regardless of how it makes you feel. Get Tumblr Savior and blacklist things that make you uncomfortable.

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I just wanted to tell you I think you're doing an AMAZING job with the pacing. Like, a lot of stories move too fast, especially in the romance aspect, and then you see under-developped characters getting together and it just isn't as fun as with developped characters. I really appreciate that you took the time to have the characters get to know each other and letting the readers start to ship them together and just ugh your comic is so amazing and well-paced and you're not slow and THANK YOU.

Thank you! Pacing is extremely tricky to pull off when we update in such small chunks and it’s meant to work better when the whole comic (or a chapter) is read in one go. Glad to hear it’s working, though! And since characters and their relationships are the heart of this entire comic, it’s extremely important that the characters grow and build their relationships much like they would in real life, and that growth is realistic and natural and the relationships work. To us it’s obvious that in our comic the upcoming romantic relationship(s) won’t spring out of nowhere and we shouldn’t really be lauded for something that should be a given in this kind of story we’re attempting to tell. (We’ll accept all the praise if it’s warranted though and we’re really pulling this thing off well, haha.)
But stuff like that varies from couple to couple, just like in real life. Some people do jump eagerly into new relationships. That will happen in our comic too. Will the relationship be well-developed? Not necessarily. Is it meant to be? Not necessarily.

It sucks bc no matter how much I try not to care about you at all, I end up doing so anyway. It sucks that I have to pretend that it didnt hurt at all to see you together and yet , the name that you tell people is mine, whenever they ask who you want. Damn they even said you loved me so I should give you a chance, give it a shot. Its unfair, isnt it? I know I dont like you back but you telling them you like me ( or even love[?] me) gives them the right to think that im being unfair by not giving you a chance to even try. Thats not true. I gave you all the chances you needed, you couldve took it all and yet you took those times to talk, hold hands, be alone with, laugh, with the girl you used to like. The girl everyone used to like. I dont blame her. You did all of those instead, which part wasnt fair there? Maybe you really really really just want the chase. Maybe unrequited feelings just really have a certain pleasure to feel. Maybe you dont want me at all. Maybe you just used me as a front. Maybe it didnt matter at all.
And it hurted because I felt like the girl that people went to, only when its convenient. I felt like the choice again. I dont wanna be the “sometimes”. Im not gonna be your sometimes.

Sometimes I like her smile. Sometimes I come to her for advice.
Sometimes she’s funny.
Sometimes I like her hair.
Sometimes she’s really fun to be with.
Sometimes I like her.
Sometimes I miss her.
Sometimes I love her.

I dont wanna be anybody’s sometimes.

If I have to beg to be placed first then I’d rather not at all.

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(Art anon!) It's a shame you and the other artists in the fe fandom didnt work out. It wouldve been cool to see what you and them could manage together, imho. A lot of them collaborate with each other and i was hoping to see what you could accomplish with each other. Sad to see this always happen to you with other people, like it's a curse or something

{It is. It really is a shame too I only collaborated with one fe artist and thats pretty much it. The rest well they unfollowed and don’t want nothing to do with me. But I can’t say all of them as there are some who still speak to me and Ithank them so much.

i just hope in the future I can find some artists in the Nintendo fandom and collab wit th them and make a great friendship.


Hello hi it has been a while

Every time I want to write something down I either forget or discard it pffftft. Anywhoooo things have been…good. My mind has been super clear and I haven’t felt that metaphorical rain cloud over my mind. I’ve been busy with my internship, painting the sunroom, and videogames.
I do miss my friends though. Most won’t be coming back because they graduated..but I’m planning to visit a few of them soon. Cici is in Columbia. Mich is somewhere north. Cici and Allison are the only ones I’ve visited so far.

I’ve been getting info together about grad schools to see which one I want to try. CoMo’s Mizzou has the masters program I want buuut its hella expensive. And I would have to take the GRE and I don’t feel ready yet. And thats okay. I have one more semester to go and I graduate in the winter. THEN I can figure it out. One of my professors suggested that I could take a bit of time off until the next GRE and gain experience and money for school…and I think I want to do that but…I don’t want to procrastinate. Ugh. Whatevsssss. I’ll figure it out.

I’ve been oddly at peace. It’s nice. Like I haven’t been SAD. Parts of me are pissed at times but I get over it. I can’t do anything to change the past so I just shrug and move on. I hate when people ask how I’m still doing about the break up. Like it was months ago, I’m doing better than I was. I’m much happier and healthier. I’m FUNCTIONING better now than when I was in a relationship. Its kinda funny…though I have always been independent. Like I got my mojo back lol. I think I’d be ready to date again now, but my education comes first (it always will). I’m also not bitter. How could I be bitter after experiencing something so wonderful and pure even if it did fail in the end? I also don’t hate him. I’ve told him so but I’m not so sure he believes me. He has changed as well. And I’m not sure if I like who hes become. He is not the same man I fell in love with…maybe that’s why it stings in a way…and why it was easier to let go. I’m happy again. Life is strange indeed.

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How do you politely tell someone you don't like them

I guess just let them off gently about it. Try and compliment what traits about them you do like, but then, just lay it out that like… you don’t see yourselves being together in that way, or that you guys won’t work out, or you just don’t like them in that way. Promise you can still be friends, if thats what you want, and hope that it works out