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I based the Jade Turtle design off of @tides-miraculous and i know i probably got some stuff wrong but??? i think it worked out and i hope you enjoy?? thank you for the request @sherlockian-demigod-potterhead !


Librarian and Guardian, and… (1/?)

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Arthur has so much control, if I was him, dealing with these damn humans who keep poisoning my kingdom and killing my subjects, and some douche potato guy came up to me smelling like aftershave and trash, than insulted me with a fucking fish joke, the entire continent would be under the sea. I SWEAR TO GOD

we know batman inside out and he still sometimes manages to come across as the most controlling, annoying, too type A mary sue on the block but can you imagine how arthur must be viewing this guy he hasn’t met before? this rich ass dude who’s apparently a big deal in gotham, who decides to sniff him out because he feels entitled to creating some sort of justice league and wants him to join. and instead of saying PLEASE, he makes a fish joke? he makes a damn fish joke. he didn’t even try to make a pun. he could’ve gone with literally anything else that shows even the smallest hint of trying to play it cool, passive-aggressive, non-chalant, too experienced to be phased by guys who breathe underwater. but no? nooooo. “i hear you can talk to fish”. what the fuck. what the fuck. you’re the world’s greatest detective. what hte fuck


OH MY GOD ok so dearsheroozle was sick and requested a Sweaty Engineering!Asami and Flustered!Korra drawing and I as usual made this way harder and more complicated than it needed to be and didn’t plan it out very well at all and had to just sort of make it work and anyway here it is 


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A very belated Astigmagmatism in #80 for anon!

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Something that I can’t get over is that they had a huge fight. Like they were both yelling, their faces were red, veins were popping out of necks and they both started with the hand gesturing. It was an all out fight. But it was a healthy one.

 At no point did either of them go for a low blow. Neither of them hit on an insecurity or tried to intentionally strike a nerve. Robert refused to let Aaron walk out and avoid the argument. He even physically stopped Aaron from leaving but it never got violent. It was just a couple having a fight. 

It was intense and they were both really angry but it never crossed a line the way they probably would have when their relationship was in a different place. 

You know what’s interesting about the ‘star-crossed’ kind of relationship that Kaiba and Atem have going on? 

That trope wise, it’s wrong.

Think about any story about reincarnated friends or lovers (you can go platonic or non-platonic, it works the same) and god knows there are a lot of them out there. You can fit Priest Set and Atem into those moulds - fine. But then it gets messed up.

Because in all of those stories, you get reincarnated and find each other - recreating old friendships/love all over again. 

But that doesn’t happen here.

If we were to follow that pattern, the clear relationship should be between Kaiba and Yugi. But it isn’t. Yugi almost gets pushed to the side - the puzzle, stating his sacrifice is for the pharaoh rather than leaving it ambiguous, the ending. 

It’s always about Kaiba and Atem.

Atem, who puts so much weight in fate and destiny seems to forget that he was never really supposed to be here. it almost makes me wonder - do we know that Atem even thought that Yugi was his reincarnation? It’s been a while. I know you’d think the hair and eyes give it away, but is it ever made explicit that that’s what he thinks - in the same way he does Set and Kaiba? Does he realise that by his own logic about reincarnation, this should not be him, the role should be Yugi’s, not his, and not shared? And what if Atem had never been there - would Kaiba now have the ‘correct-according-to-trope’ relationship with Yugi, or does his concept of destined relationships now fall apart completely?

St. Patrick’s Day in a university town is always surreal. My friend and I saw cops breaking up three different house parties at 11am while we were driving to a grad faculty event.

So I think it’s fair to say that Exodus has definitely been one of the better episodes of season 2. I wanted to get that out right away because overall, I really liked that episode and it felt very reminiscent of season 1.

Which leads us to the ending scene in Kara’s apartment with Kara and m*n el. There was a lot that I take issue with. Because every ending scene with those two, for the last several episodes, always erases what we’ve learned. The messages of those scenes completely go against what the audience learned that episode and they’re also the reasons I never play the last five minutes when I rewatch. Not that season 2 has many episodes I’d ever want to watch again.

2x11 Martian Chronicles: In the episode, Kara has valid points for not wanting to be with him and she lists them. They’re not compatible, she doesn’t want to date someone like him, etc. And everything she says is true. And at the end of the episode, we have a great Danvers sisters scene where Kara reveals her very real fears about Alex slipping away from her (something we see consistently throughout the episode) and that being the reason she wanted to go all out for Earth birthday (to remind Alex how much fun they have together). Kara’s fear of losing Alex is Kara’s plot the entire episode! And the fucking writers, two seconds after her confession, have Alex try to turn it around and say that the real reason Kara was so focused on her birthday was because she was trying to not focus for her feelings on mon ew? Does that actually make any sense? Because Kara’s sudden confusion about how she really feels does not. In canon, Kara knows what she feels. She knew she liked James and Adam. She knew she did not like Winn in a romantic sense. So having Kara say she’s confused, she doesn’t want to face her feelings for man pain and then being upset when he’s going on a date with someone else? It falls flat and I don’t buy it for a second.

2x12 Luthors: I love this episode. There is no denying at this point that I’m probably in love with Lena Luthor. For many reasons. And yet again, I’m never going to watch those last five minutes because it is just so wildly out of place. Just as every scene with Kara talking to/about m*nel in this episode. The entire episode is Kara defending Lena. Kara trusting Lena. Kara literally fighting for Lena. They are great scenes and it brought back a little bit of that self-assured Kara we love. So having all those scenes of Kara viciously protecting Lena the whole episode and the writers then choosing that same episode to end with Kara saying she does like m*nel and wants to be with him? It’s not only extreme emotional whiplash, it’s completely laughable and honestly this was the worst episode for the writers to have put that scene because after seeing the intensity Kara defended Lena with, Kara saying she wants to be with someone who isn’t the person she spent all episode fighting for is just ridiculous. Frankly, I’m still convinced the writers just had little snippets of karamew dialogue they wanted to use at some point, opened up any episode script, and just cut and paste scenes into random locations because that’s how forced and out of place it was.

2x13 and 2x14: I can group these nauseating episodes because it’s the same thing over and over again isn’t it? Kara asks Mr. Misogyny to do something, he completely disrespects her wishes and does what he wants instead, and the ending scene? Aw, all is forgiven and everything is okay and look at how cute they are?????? *vomits*. They don’t talk about the very real problems in their relationship, the fact that he has no respect for her and what she wants but who cares because his horrifying behavior is still rewarded by getting the girl every time! #relationshipgoals am I right? No.

2x09 and 2x10 could probably have their own discussion too but this is already too long and the more I think about him, the bigger my headache seems to get… I’m sure it’s a coincidence, though.

Which, finally, brings us to 2x15 Exodus.

Again, loved this episode. We’re finally getting back to an actual plot with Cadmus and even got to see more about the Alien Registration. We got a fantastic Danvers sisters scene, amazing Alex and J’onn scenes, some real cute Sanvers, reporter Kara was back, they remembered James existed, m*new was in the background where he fucking belongs (even though he should be off the show completely), Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher were in the same episode though sadly didn’t interact (as were Teri Hatcher and Brenda Strong), and Lena Luthor(!!!<3) was back and holy shit, am I still flailing over those supercorp scenes! So yeah this episode was awesome.

And then came the end scene in Kara’s apartment with Kara and m*nel. Are you sensing a pattern here?

First of all, I wanted it to be Alex at the door. It should have been Alex because those two almost lost each other again in a way that is incredibly similar to Kara almost dying in space after pushing Fort Rozz away from Earth and Alex going into space to bring her back. So yes, it should have been Alex. But I knew it wouldn’t be, not while m*nel is on the show.

The first line I have issue with is “Supergirl is what I can do. Kara Danvers is who I am.” And before you say anything, yes I know it’s an easter egg. I know it’s a famous quote from The New Adventures of Superman and when you have both Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher in an episode, how can you not have a quote from that show? And for Superman, it’s a great quote. It absolutely works for him because he has two sides that are so different.

It does not work for Supergirl. Because while Supergirl is what she can do, she’s not Kara Danvers. Not really. She is Kara Zor-El, a Kryptonian through and through. Kara Danvers is the persona she took on at 13 years old to make sure no one found out who/what she really was. Both Supergirl and Kara Danvers’ secret identity is Kara Zor-El. So her saying “Kara Danvers is who I am”? It’s false and out of character and the writers should have chosen a better quote but their laziness is not really a surprise anymore.

And now the line that got a lot of people heated: “Maybe being Supergirl and having you is enough” is just ludicrous. And good God, the writers truly outdid themselves here because not only does this sentence completely erase what they just established 10 seconds ago (I agree with Supergirl being what she can do but not who she is) but it goes against everything we’ve learned about Kara since the pilot. The whole first season, she’s trying to balance being Kara Danvers and Supergirl. She doesn’t just want to be Kara Danvers anymore and she doesn’t only want to be Supergirl. She wants both. And it’s difficult and we see her struggle throughout the season with those sides of her life but she keeps on going because to her, it’s so worth it. She gets to help people no matter which identity she’s under and that’s all she’s wanted. So no, her settling for being Supergirl just when she was really starting to make a difference as a reporter is not enough. It’ll never be enough.

And of course, the “having you” part. The only, ONLY person the writers could have ever justified Kara saying this line to (even though it goes against everything we know about Kara) is Alex. Because Alex is her rock, the only reason she ever started to feel like Earth could also be home. The reason she flew into space and nearly blew out her powers trying to stop that spaceship because she would not lose her sister. And before you say anything, even if she had said this line to Lena, I would have obviously been giddy for a few seconds before wincing because it doesn’t matter who Kara says it to when it’s not true. And to do it in this episode? An episode where it was proven once again that Kara and Alex are the heart of the show only for them to have the audacity to downplay Alex’s importance to Kara and have her say that she’ll be okay so long as she has man hell? How dumb do the writers think their audience is?

But the writers are making a habit of belittling all of Kara’s actions in an episode in order to make it all about man hell again. 2x11, 2x12, and 2x15 are some of their stronger episodes this season. But they’re also the ones where the writers are trying to make man hell seem way more important than he actually is in those last scenes. And the writers are so spectacularly failing at that since there is no way such a badly written character can ever be considered important in those great episodes because he’s just not. And they’re choosing to showcase it in episodes where it would be the most obvious. The only thing the writers are doing is weakening a good episode by turning around and making it about monew again.

I truly don’t understand what has happened this season. I don’t understand how the writers are sending one message throughout an episode only to have Kara act like a completely different person around man hell in every ending scene just so they can cancel out that message. I don’t understand why they’re still bothering to call the show Supergirl when they’ve destroyed her character.

TL;DR Do you think Amazon will give me a partial refund on my season pass if I just return the end scenes of every episode or should I just cancel my season pass because every scene worth watching is on youtube?

Pledis: We’ve decided, Minghao, that your hair’s gonna be red!

Pledis: No wait, scratch that. It’s gonna be dark pink!

Pledis: Actually, no, your hair’ll be bluey silver!

Pledis: Nah, nah, blondeish silver works better.

Pledis: Although, come to think of it, we’ve kinda been missing your brown hair…


oh fuck i just remembered this victuuri dream i had last night

basically yuuri was a famous robber that called himself “EROS” and no one knew who he was

and victor is a super rich, super famous reporter that could cover any topic and still be interesting and surprising

and yuuri also works as victor’s (butler? assistant? secretary? i don’t remember) and they’re not really that close


then yuuri finds out victor actually really likes this “EROS” guy and suddenly victor gets a letter from EROS accepting a private interview and…

…stuff happens

ahhhh i’d totally write a fic for this but i can’t fuckin write

the injustice of remus lupin’s life is stark and reverberates through my whole soul whenever i think of him. he suffered so fucking much. he didn’t deserve any of it. he deserves to turn 57 years old today, to keep working as a professor at hogwarts teaching defense against the dark arts, to be a father to his son, to be a husband, to enjoy every second of the life he could have lived. and i think somewhere out there, that’s exactly what he’s doing. it’s just so tragic that he never gets that in the universe that joanne rowling created.