but I didn't like the way it came out


I really liked the scenes with Pres. Snow and Seneca Crane in the first movie, but only a few days ago it occurred to me that this sentence can be seen as foreshadowing for MJ. Peeta symbolizes hope and hijacking is a type of fear conditioning. In the end of MJ we know that Peeta managed to recover from hijacking which means hope managed to be stronger than fear :)

Ezekiel knew that exploring the house was a bad idea – time and time again, his hunches had been proven right. He couldn’t explain it, and Cassandra was right in saying that it wasn’t scientific (which was kind of hilarious considering that they meddled with magic), but that didn’t make his hunches any less right.

But still, he stayed. He followed Baird’s orders, searched the rooms as told. His mind was practically screaming at him to leave, to run, to get the hell away from the place, and his entire body itched at the wrongness of the house, but he stayed. For them.

And how was he rewarded? By being fucking kidnapped by a goddamn house. Being confined to this room that had nothing but ominous pictures hanging on the wall. He was trapped – and if there was anything Ezekiel hated, it was the feeling of being trapped, of being robbed of his freedom.

Ezekiel Jones lived by his own set of rules, made his own choices about what he did, and having that freedom taken from him?

It was absolutely suffocating.

He would later look back and at least be thankful for the fact that he had been the first one to be taken, and that he had been alone. Losing his cool wasn’t something he did in front of an audience, and… well, it hadn’t been pretty.

He knew that Jake had been disgusted by how he had been playing video games and eating samosas, but Ezekiel took that in stride, preferring that to having Jake – or any of them, really – know what had come before that.

Ezekiel had tried to jimmy the door open, but no luck. He yelled out of the window to try to get someone’s attention, but nothing. He’d searched the room from corner to corner trying to see if there were any hidden passages or escape routes, but no dice. He even resorted to violence at one point in his frustration, trying to knock down the door, but to no avail.

He paced the room, trying to think of other ways to escape, to warn the others – he stared at the pictures, but he found himself distracted when he felt like the walls were closing in. Finally, he slid down the wall, covering his face with his hand and letting out a humorless laugh, murmuring that he could really use a pint right now.

And then he had one. Which was disorientating to say the least, but one of his biggest strengths was adapting, so… he did just that. He asked for this and that before finally settling on the video game, using it as a means to distract himself from being trapped in this room against his will, knowing he was useless to the others outside.

When they were freed from the doll house, he tried not to be too obvious about checking all the possible exits around them and busied himself with ranting about the merits of the house. But that wrongness had left, and more importantly, he was free to do as he pleased again – and he did just that, even if Cassandra did thwart him in the end.


I felt like I should take time out to shoutout one of the most important people in my life right now. My baby, @i-choose-yusuke. Been around for a couple of years now, and looking back, I think I knew that we might be together since we clicked so well right off the bat. That night you came all the way to my house to get me, on your birthday I might add, I felt special and I knew I wanted to get closer to you. On August 30th, 2015, you changed my life for the better when you decided it was time we make it official. We’ve only been a couple for 3 and a half months now, but I’m already head over heels for you, and I think you feel the same way. I love you, and I can’t wait to see you again. 💜

yesterday i was babysitting this 8 year old girl and we were watching nickelodeon and a preview for a new show all about gay kids coming out at school came on and after the commercial ended she said “oh my god ugh” and i was like “what?” and she said “that actually looked interesting but it comes on at 8 and that’s my bedtime”