but I didn't like the way it came out


allusions to alec being gay in season 1

+ the moment alec came out 

  • Gamegrumps Voltron thing-
  • Lance: oh I know it. I've play regular zelda 1000 times. A- and you kn-
  • Keith: that's impossible.
  • Lance: .... it's DEFINITELY not. *chuckles* um... not all the way through counting as ONE time- uh...
  • Keith: a 1000 times?
  • Lance: yeah-! Y-
  • Keith: that's a ridiculous amount of times.
  • Lance: I was SEVEN when that game came out-!
  • Keith: a THOUSAND TIMES?!
  • Lance: you didn't think I had the fucking free time?! My god my life was DOG SHIT when I was 7.
  • Keith: a THOUSAND. That's a lot of times!
  • Lance: it is. It's every day for like- four years.
  • Keith: i don't think you- really understand...
  • Lance: oh I do~
  • Keith: so how long would you play this game for when you play it like... 30 minutes at least?
  • Lance: yeah.
  • Keith: 30 minutes times a thousand!
  • Lance: yeah.
  • Keith: that's 30 thousand minutes!
  • Lance: yeah.
  • Keith: do you know how much time that is?!
  • Lance: yeah it's a lot a time dude.
  • Lance: you don't think so?
  • Keith: NO!!!
  • Lance: wow. ... you get angry about the weirdest shit.
  • Keith: *bursts out laughing*
  • Lance: *chuckles*
Our Father

Hey friends, I said I wasn’t posting for a while but was reminded that I had this idea for some time and really needed to write it. I saw a moodboard post a while ago and the idea never left me. With that I give you 1,228 words of Fraxus. This can be found on FFN and AO3.

If you’re curious, I was listening to few things while writing this including (1) monks chanting, (2) Lacrimosa, (3) the mansion music from the first Resident Evil, (4) the police station main hall music from Resident Evil 2, and (5) the witch’s theme from Left 4 Dead while I wrote this (kind of a mixed bag but it helped with my concentration haha)!

This one is called “Our Father”.

The remnants of the original structure of Cardia Basilica had been lost to the elements nearly three decades prior. What was left of the crumbling eighteenth-century baroque building, had been incorporated into the new two-story structure. It sat nestled between the main road and a backstreet in the densely populated second arrondissement, quietly adjudicating the populace that roamed the filthy and narrow streets.

The last evening mass had ended two hours prior, leaving the redolence of burnt incense. The lights remained dim, leaving the candles at the end of each pew to illuminate the main aisle.

Laxus stood before the alter and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, careful to keep the lit match in his hand from lighting his loose robes. He held an old, thick prayer book open in his other hand, its pages worn from use and stained from the smoke of previous masses, and quietly read from it, chanting the prayers. Steadying his hand, he lit the offering candle and muttered the blessing.

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..okay but what was the point of getting jian yi kidnapped AGAIN if nothing came out of it………………..

this is officially the second time in several months that a man has casually told that i’d make an excellent wife

and man was this time a doozy

if this isn't love, then what is?
  • stefan salvatore:
  • she's the love of my life, i'd go back to her in a heart beat.
  • if it were my choice, i'd want to be with you forever
  • if it meant i got to be with her, have children, grow old with her.. if it meant we'd die together, be buried together then yes. i would take the cure
  • i would never hurt you, you're safe with me
  • when you and i were together every single atom in my body told me that it was the right thing. that we were the perfect fit.
  • actually i don't pretend to be anything when i'm with her. that's the whole point. i just get to be myself.
  • but you know, the life that we had, it was amazing too. and it wasn't a spell or a prophecy, it was real. we fell in love on our own.
  • you know, this is a future memory. it's where your boyfriend whispered to you that he loved you. i love you.
  • how do i not remember you? i mean you're smart, you're pretty, you're funny. obviously you're the strongest woman in the world.
  • every time that i tell myself that i'm moving on, there's this part of me that just can't seem to shake her.
  • i was a better person when i was with her. i didn't think i'd ever feel that way again. until elena.
  • i love you. i will always love you.
  • i love you so much.
  • i'm simply not able to resist her.
  • elena is warm and she's kind and she's selfless and it's real. when i'm around her i completely forget what i am.
  • elena gilbert:
  • i love him damon. no matter what i feel for you i never unfell for him.
  • no! you don't get to make that decision for me. if you walk away, it's for you because i know what i want. stefan i love you.
  • for once i don't regret the day before it begins. because i know i'll see him again.
  • but i love stefan, it's always going to be stefan.
  • it's you and me stefan, always.
  • i thought i couldn't be with you stefan but i can. you don't have to push me away. i can do this.
  • but i love you stefan. I love you stefan, you.
  • i cant lose the way i feel about you.
  • i dont want us to be apart anymore, ever.
  • stefan, my wrist. here. take my wrist. you need more blood. i trust you.
  • i cant lose the way i feel about you.
  • i love him damon. he came into my life when i needed someone and i fell for him instantly.
  • i kind off felt like i didn't know how to live anymore but then being with stefan... somehow i figured it out
  • i love you so much
  • i picked you because i love you. and no matter what happens that's the best choice i ever made.
  • look, he would never give up on me so i'm not gonna give up on him.
  • i love you stefan. hold on to that. never let that go.
  • other tvd characters:
  • katherine: you'd never look at me the way you look at elena, would you?
  • klaus: now this is fascinating i've never seen this before. the only thing stronger than your craving for blood is your love for this one girl.
  • klaus: and that's why you're her better option. i personally think she's wasting her time with damon.
  • rebekah: i envy that. you and elena. i envy the love you have.
  • klaus: well crazy or not that kind of love never dies.
  • caroline: i'm sorry but stefan is your epic love. and i'm not going down without a fight.
  • rose: stefan is different. his love is pure, he'll always be good for him.
  • klaus: personally i don't see a fairytale ending for you. all i see is stefan and elena.
  • klaus: must be hard trying to live up to stefan. he stopped himself when i compelled him to feed on elena. that's love.
  • lexi: when it's real you cant walk away.
  • caroline: you and her - epic. her and damon? ew
  • gloria: there's this girl with a necklace. you love her. you'd do anything for her.
  • damon: you're still wearing this necklace. isn't that a reminder of your unbreakable bond with stefan?

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Not saying he would, but what if he just acts the same as he has been and how he was when Another Man came out? He didn't say anything, didn't thank people for their support, didn't talk about the content of the magazine, there was just very very little conveyed outside of the actual magazine. I want to hear every thought he had while putting this album together but I just worry that's never going to happen anymore.

This is about to slightly miss the point but I’m always utterly floored about how people act like he HAS to thank fans… What, are you his 80 year old grandmother??? It just rubs me the wrong way when people essentially demand gratitude on their terms.

Which…the few times Harry has taken to social media recently it’s almost always been to thank fans?? Like he actually does that quite a lot?? I’ve never doubted that he loves and appreciates us?? He’s not obligated to do so the same way that other people do, and if that’s a deal breaker for you then…let it be one.

Anyway. Harry does not have to conduct his public life/how he talks about his work to the approval of some of his fans. It’s OK if you disagree with that. If it gets in the way of you enjoying his work maybe you don’t have to be as dedicated a fan as you were in the past. That would be more productive for everyone involved, if people knew when to step back from celebrities they’ve outgrown or who have changed their styles (and that goes for ALL the boys). Like, if all you’re going to do day in and day out is bemoan what a celebrity ISNT doing to please you, I think it is very much worth reevaluating why you’re spending so much energy on something that’s come to upset you.

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I once had a customer reach over the counter to grab a coupon he wanted to use on his completed transaction (they were meant for the next purchase). He didn't like me pointing that out, so he spoke to the mngr who told him the same thing & because he was extremely rude (and also claimed "the customer is always right", wtf are you right about here?!) my mngr refused to honor the coupon. He came back 10 mins later to return the product & boasted about buying it elsewhere. Bfd, dude. 🙄

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. BECAUSE I DON’T WANT ASS PRINTS ON MY DOOR!


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I was with my horse in the arena the other day, after riding and one of the cats comes in and runs up my leg onto my shoulder. And horsey comes over and starts nuzzling the cat because he really likes cats for some reason, and everything's cool. Next thing I know there's kind of a stressed meow, and my horse has lifted this cat by the skin of her flank. She was fine, mostly ruffled and slobbered on, didn't even run from the horse when he came back over. But why did my horse pick up the cat?

I honestly don’t know. It could have been investigatory behavior, since horses only have their mouths to check things out with, but there’s no real way to know. If the cat lives in the area, they could have an entire history of interactions that would culminate in the cat getting picked up and there’s no way to know. I’m glad the kitty is okay! 

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Yeah, when the first trailers came out I thought this movie would be Ash traveling alone with no companions. I thought that would have been a better way to do it if they didn't want Misty/Brock, because it would have been an interesting take showing Ash traveling by himself, rather than just with random new characters out of nowhere.

Yeah. That, or if they wanted new characters, do something completely different. But something like this?

Come on. You come into my first episode. Disrespect my original trio like that

fight-fight-revolution  asked:

About your langst scenerio: what if instead he didn't want to crawl to find someone because of his pride and embarrassment and like, Keith obviously trains constantly so Keith came in the morning and found Lance asleep on the floor cause he was just exhausted and knocked out and then stuff ensues :3c

holyshit dude I’m DYING this is so perfect??? 

Like especially if you consider like Keith seeing him on the ground and calling out to him like Lance what are you doing in here? get out of the way so I can train and then when Lance doesn’t answer Keith realizes something is wrong and approaches to see him spread out sweating pale coMPLETELY unconcious and his ankel swelled bruised and fucked up

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Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Your newest chapter is so good I got anxiety just reading it the first time. I've read it like four times now and I don't know how I'm supposed to wait two whole weeks for the next (and final! Oh no!) chapter. D: D: D: Just wondering though, how does Yakov feel after the truth came out? He was super accusatory and it didn't seem like he was at all sorry for what happened to Yuuri. Oh, poor Yuuri. I need some kittens and fluff to get over this. D:

Yakov was very sorry when he realised he was wrong and unintentionally dealt a huge blow to Viktor’s career (and by extent his own but he’s more concerned about Viktor since Viktor tried to stop him) and caused something awful to happen to Yuuri as well as being horrible to him in a way that, while he thought he was justified at the time, was a really terrible thing to do. It wasn’t his fault that the information went public but he was still partially to blame.

I’ve been seeing a lot of Yakov hate in the comments and a lot of that seems to be based in the fact that Viktor apologized not him which is probably my fault for not clarifying well enough. Yakov does issue a public apology later and this will be mentioned in the next chapter. The reason Viktor does it in the hastily called press conference is because while Yakov actually made the accusations he’s Viktor’s coach and the sensationalist media don’t care one bit about the coaches, Viktor is the famous one so it’s his name that the scandal get’s attached to. So Viktor is the one that needs to issue the first apology and  do damage control and then Yakov can do official statements and apologies later, which he does.  

(talking to Imshael)

Imshael: I can give you virgins.

Maedwyn: I already have one in company and he is a bit of a nuisance.

Mordred: You talking ‘bout me or Baldy?

(Solas Greatly Disapproves)

Imshael: Fine, I can offer to…take the virgin away!

Maedwyn: No, no. I am all right. He can stay.

Cassandra: Are we truly having a discussion with a demon?

Imshael: SPIRIT! Of Choice. And…how do you feel about riches? Ancient secrets? Runes?

Mordred: RUNES!!!

Solas: With your greed and shortsightedness, one does wonder how you managed to make it this far along without losing your body to some Wrath Demon’s harebrained scheme.

Mordred: Oh no the virgin’s bitter now.

Cassandra: This is getting inane. Maedwyn, let us finish this.

Maedwyn: Solas, what is your counsel?

Solas: Spirits and demons are often two faces of the same aspect. This one seems quite set to at the very least convince us he is indeed a spirit of Choice. That lets the decision rest with you. I trust you will make a wise one, unlike some.

Snip Snip. (Chocobros)

This one’s about the boys having little kids who really hate getting haircuts. Sorry that the s/o’s involvement is very minimal, it just sort of unfolded that way.

His little one is fidgety. Very fidgety. Looking clearly unhappy and trying to get out of the barber’s chair. Wanting to settle down his child; he thinks of what would make a good bribe, and starts negotiating. Promising anything that could make a child’s heart race. His little one seemed to consider it, but the second the scissors came, all was forgotten. Tears, screaming, panicking; and most of it wasn’t Noctis. Expecting this and not ready to give up, both Noctis and the barber try to distract the little one with toys, or a story. And while it works, it only lasts till the little one sees scissors again. Which unfortunately, ended really badly. Noctis is too embarrassed by that point and just heads back. He figures he’ll have someone come over to take care of this, asking the little one who he should call. A small hand reaches out to his phone, and takes it. He looks at his child and waits, coming close to crying himself when he hears “Daddy you do it!” with an innocent smile. 

He picks up the scissors, and taps into hope he didn’t know he had. “It just needs to be shorter.” He’d repeat to himself. Moving around, cutting some hair here, then some there. Using a brush to settle it down. When he was done, he wished he would have given the barber another shot. He inflicted the worst haircut he’d ever seen on his own child. Cleaning up as fast as he can, he sits the little one down. “Listen, you look so nice! How about, we tell everyone you cut it yourself okay?” There’s a nod and a handshake. And when his s/o comes home and sees the choppy, inconsistent hair, they look to Noctis, who could only say, “I guess I should’ve kept an eye on the scissors, haha.”
They weren’t impressed.

He just picks up and cradles his kid the second, he feels like there was going to be a fuss. Saying sweet, encouraging things. Trying to make the haircut sound like an adventure. And while he wants to keep his kids happy at all times, this is one time he hoped his kid would just stay still long enough to get this done. While he’s talking, he gestures for the barber to take a crack at doing this sneakily. It goes well enough, quite a bit managed to get trimmed. But then, the whining and wriggling about started, and he was forced to let down the hyper fuzzball. Who went on to run straight for the door, not wanting to stay another minute. Prompto apologised and gave a small tip for the trouble, making an effort not to focus on how exasperated he felt.

At home, he decides he might as well cut the hair. Looking up tutorials, reading whatever he can find. Just anything that would help him make sense of how to give children haircuts. He takes a deep breath, and trims a little. Then consults whatever guide he’s looking at. This goes on for a bit, and he feels pretty skeptical about how it’ll turn out. Paying attention to the length on each side, hoping it looks at least decent when dry. But to his surprise, it actually looks somewhat nice. When his s/o sees, they praise him a bunch, that is until they feel the back of their child’s head and notice a nice patch that’s a lot shorter than the rest. He can’t believe that slipped his mind.

Having a thousand things to do, is hard enough on it’s own. But when you need to look after a child, it’s that much harder. He’s normally very patient. And he’s also a very doting parent. However, all of that only goes so far when his child is throwing a fit and his phone has gone off multiple times. The barber kept trying to employ all sorts of strategies to pull of the haircut slowly but surely. Yet, there was too much to do and not enough time, so with complete and utter resignation, he decided it’s better not to keep at something that isn’t going to get any results. Spending a great deal of time alternating between calming down his child and returning phone calls, he finally got a few moments of peace.

Asking his child to take a seat and sit still, he raced to get the job done. Too irritated by that point to care about anything other than having this out of the way. He could sense a small crying fit was going to come on, and just put the scissors down and did a little deep breathing to calm himself down, while his child flailed about for a little while. His apathy was beyond words, so he just went back to it. Rushing through with nothing but sheer willpower and the adrenaline rush of exhaustion. He takes a look when he’s done, quite pleased with the result. His s/o later messages him, saying that they absolutely love the job he did, and think that he should be in charge of haircuts from now on. There was a lot of internal screaming.

He waits, and he waits, and he waits. He doesn’t see his little munchkin calming down any time soon. It had already eaten up so much time, he just zoned out. Wanting to figure out, what it was about haircuts that drove children into hysterics. He stuck on, only because he had faith his patience would be rewarded. Just when it started to get quieter, and he felt hopeful, the barber got his attention. Looking thoroughly agitated, but apologising. Because his child was too unruly to keep at it. Trying not to panic, he messaged his s/o. Asking what’s best. They were sick and tired of this haircut getting delayed, and in the spur of the moment told him to do it himself so long as it’s done.

He was tempted to go back to the barber and try again. But looking at how much more peaceful the little munchkin looked with him, he was willing to try it. His s/o meanwhile realised that a delayed haircut is probably better than the mess Gladio might leave behind. Rushing to their house, hoping to stop him. He however, wasn’t feeling very confident. He tried cutting a sheet of paper just to test whether he could cut in a straight line. Disappointed, he looked to the empty bowl nearby with a heavy heart. He had no choice. He placed it on the little munchkin’s head. Prepared himself and started cutting. When his s/o finally made it back. They were torn between helping their child feel good about the new hair or, chewing him out for giving their child a bowl cut, of all things.

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What the last anon was trying to say was, in less words, that 'compulsory heterosexuality' is a term used by biphobes and TERFs to erase bisexuality. I think perhaps they were just letting you know so that you didn't unknowingly offend someone in the future. ^^

Just gathering things from what people have remarked about the ask, I feel like the wording wasn’t the best, and maybe telling a lesbian who just came to terms with her sexuality that she might be bi when she had already tried out that label wasn’t the best thing to do. I feel like it was just poor wording, the message kind of rubbed me the wrong way but thanks for explaining it a bit more!! Hopefully I don’t sound rude or anything oh my gosh I’m really anxious now

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I have to share! I came out to my mom and my sister. My mom said like, yeah okay I love you either way. My sister said she had kind of figured I wasn't... well... what people thought only she didn't know what exactly. She is now my biggest ally. She corrects anyone who slip up on pronouns and she wants to help me find a handsome outfit for my cousins upcoming wedding and said she'll fight anyone who says I should wear a dress.

That’s amazing! I’m very proud of you!