but I could super-condense it and make it short

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Hey there! I was wondering you could post something regarding lengthening word count. When I write, I don't include enough words to have my scenes vivid and memorable. Could you help me out with that?

Not all scenes need to be long, but you can always focus on sensory details. Touch, taste, smell, sound. These all work to make a scene more vivid and ground them to the reader. It’s a good way to work in description without word dumping what a character is solely seeing too. 

But the length of a scene isn’t what make things it vivid - to take a prompt for example, they are super short. They’re like a condensed shot of a scene. It’s about what happens in a scene, and the emotions it evokes. 

However, other ways to lengthen word count: character’s thoughts. How are they reacting to what’s happening? To another character’s words or proximity? How are they themselves feeling? You can devote to their response, whether physically - hitching breath, pounding heart, ducking behind walls or whatever it is that they’re doing - or in their mental thoughts. I would take care to break this up though between action and dialogue, sprinkling it in to avoid long mental monologues. 

Generally, if you’re over 500 words with thought and not dialogue/action/anchor to setting, you may wish to consider adding one. 

But if it helps, think of it as if you were describing a movie. You need to set the scene, and give hints to what characters are doing and where they are. The things you would automatically see on screen that don’t translate on a page, all the non-verbal communication. I love dialogue, but non-verbal communication is an extremely powerful tool when writing.

I hope this helps. 

But yeah - when in doubt, go back to the five senses!

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Hey! I'm brand new to Tumblr, and was wondering if you could reccommend some good marauders/hp accounts. Your interpretations of the marauders makes me happy, btw ^_^

Thank you*sniffs* Really warms my heart. Anyway, there are a lot so don’t just depend on my list.

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Okay, believe it or not, this is like super condensed. Like I forgot a LOT of important people on here, I wanted to keep it short (shut up). I know this is like just marauders but these are super cool blogs.