but I am just still so amazed about this relationship

 before i say anything else about all my thoughts and feelings on 210…


yes, it’s something to be talked about big time between wayhaught. yes, it’s a big ‘ol ugly secret. not technically a lie but sins of omission.. yeah yeah yeah it is what it is.

But seriously, this is something I have never witnessed be addressed in lgbt rep. It’s something I never expected to see. And it’s so personal to me.

Personal story time literally nobody asked for: I got married shortly after the repeal of DADT in Washington DC at the ripe old age of almost 20. I was young, dumb, and in the military. I was also extremely aware of the history, the battles that lead to small political victories. A lot of us were. And a lot of us did get married simply because we finally could. It was a huge deal then - not too fucking long ago.

Same thing but on a much larger scale throughout the US: after the US Supreme Court “ruled” on the federal legalization of gay marriage, a literal fuck ton of us got married just out of the sheer euphoria at the fact that we could. It was monumental for us to have this right. So, some of us (a lot of us) jumped straight (lol) for it.

Did that mean a lot of young people getting married before they were in anyway ready for marriage? yeah, big time. 

I am one of those people who is still technically married just because divorce takes time. It takes a ton of time, a decent amount of money, and a significant (excruciating) toll on a twenty-something-year-old’s heart and mind.  

So allow me, if you will, to paint you a picture. You’ve been watching the politics play out the entirety of your young adult life. You’ve got a girlfriend who you love. The battles so many generations before you have fought and died for have finally, slowly, painfully, been won. You partake in the victory not just for your life and your love, but in the name of those who have fought and died for this before you. The weight of this victory is not lost on you in the slightest. So you get married. A year (if that) later, it doesn’t work out. Like about half of all marriages, yours fails. But divorce is expensive. It’s approximately one trillion times harder to get divorced than it is to get married. So, a few years later, you’re still legally married. You’ve met the absolute love of your life, and you are still married. You still have a wife out there who you don’t talk to. You are not in each other’s lives, but you’ve got that title still.

That is my exact situation right now as I’m writing this. And I never thought I would see that issue on TV. It is a real issue in the LGBT (well let’s throw the blanket term “gay” on it as I’m talking about gay marriage in particular) community. A lot of us are in real, committed, loving relationships but we have actual spouses still. This is a real issue in so many of our lives. And idk if Emily meant to write this in because she is aware this issue effects a lot of us or not, but it’s amazing to me that I am seeing myself actually represented not just as a lesbian, but as a lesbian who rushed into a marriage.

If I went to the hospital right now at this moment in some near death situation, my actual wife would be called. My gf who I live with, have the happiest and best relationship I’ve ever been blessed with, and plan on marrying someday would most definitely be the one by my side, but my actual wife may show up. 

Now, my gf knows about my wife. She’s still my wife. I can’t call her my ex-wife yet. Not legally. I told my gf before we even started dating about my whole situation. Yeah we’re separated. Yeah, the only time we talk is about legal stuff. But the fact remains, I am a married woman.

Now, let me add something really emotional to this picture: divorce fucking sucks. When you go for a divorce, there are certain feelings that come along with it that never go away like fucking scars. You feel like a failure. You feel stupid. You feel unlovable and dirty and shameful and guilty and like you aren’t worth it. You suddenly can’t stand being around your own friends anymore because they’re married and having kids. Everything is a reminder that you failed somehow, even when you know it’s not your fault. No matter what the reason for the divorce was, you are shattered. All the love in the world from your soulmate you might find later on doesn’t totally banish those feelings. Some days, you don’t even think about it. Some days, it hits you like a sack of bricks that you weren’t worth keeping promises to. Divorce is by far the most painful experience I’ve had, and I’ve broken a lot of bones and been through my share of disowned by family, going to sleep starving shit.

So it is not crazy at all that Nicole, who fell fast and hard for a girl she did not expect in a million years to light up her life the way she did, hasn’t found the right way to bring this thing up. Wayhaught has been together how long at this point? A few months? I’m guesstimating 4 at most? I find it hard to feel any kind of mad at Nicole for not bringing this up yet. It sucks to talk about because it hurts to you, who went through the pain of a failed marriage, and you have to consider how to not hurt the other person who loves you now with the fact that you had a commitment to another person in the past. A serious, legal one. It’s a shit position to be in. It’s a nearly unwinnable situation. And it’s one that takes time to process for the other person. There is a fat chance this marriage that isn’t valid to you anymore turns off the other person because it speaks to your flaws from a time when you were young, dumb, and reckless, and promised somebody else your love. I don’t blame Nicole at all for not bringing it up yet. Maybe that’s because I know the feeling. Maybe because like, when has there been the time for such a big discussion?

Honestly, the reason I told my gf about being married when I did, the way I did, was because I was trying to keep her from liking me. When we first met, I wasn’t ready for a relationship. I had just gotten out of one literally days before we met at a concert. Then she starting hanging out at my place because my roommate was dating her friend. I knew she liked me, so I gave her all the dirt on me: I’m married, I drink, I’m a writer, I’m broke, I’m medicated, I have a bad leg, all the negative things. “I’m married” is not a good way to start a conversation. That will keep the ladies away, usually. I mean, ultimately in my life, it was good to have all the bad things in my past out in the air, and our relationship is like the funniest, best love story I’ve ever seen.

But let’s look at life in fucking Purgatory. All the times both Nicole and Waverly have been attacked, been nearly dead, maybe been actually dead, been possessed. They fight demons. Their lives aren’t normal, and they are always in danger. Bringing up a topic like legal marriage? As someone who is married and has been separated for years, there are days I don’t even think about or remember that I’m married anymore. It’s just not something that’s part of your life when you get caught up in school/work/puppy training/what have you. It’s not something on Nicole’s mind always, I can guarantee you that. And when she does think, oh maybe I should bring this up now, something insane like oh, my girlfriend’s possessed takes precedence. 

That was super long and unsolicited, but I think important. Nicole has always been an important character to me, but now exponentially more so because an issue has been addressed that does touch so many queer lives. I feel represented in a way I didn’t know I needed until I saw it tonight.

I want to say that I get why some people are mad about Nicole being married, but honestly, no. Sit down. Take a look at the community around you and real issues we deal with in our real lives. If you don’t want to see the hard part of our lives portrayed, what the hell are you talking about when you cry about wanting representation? If all you want to see women kissing and smiling, go watch porn. It’s just as realistic as this “representation” you say you want. You want positive representation, that is what we are getting in a way I feel so blessed to be witnessing. We have real characters in the media reflecting real struggles. We have a bisexual woman in a small town who is extremely apprehensive and makes rash decisions because she’s been through hell. We have a lesbian with a protector impulse which makes her prone to bad judgement calls but very good at her job, and she’s got a past that echos what so many of us lesbians living in the real world are going through. So, no, sincerely reexamine what it is you want these characters to be, because it’s not good representation. It’s fake. And it’s not doing anyone any favors. 

tl;dr: Nicole is the rep of my dreams. Learn some history. Fight me.

What you need to know about Kaisoo/ Kadi (카디):

1/ they have many intimate personal photos for them before debut which was leaked ..

2/They are hyung and dongsaeng but they Don’t go like that they don’t use formal language and call each with bare names even though Kyungsoo call Jongin “ Jonginnii ” which get heard on some videos while the video was not focusing on them ;)

3/ They admit they was going daily before debut to drink coffee (sound dates to be honest ) after training .

4/ they are roommate for years .

5/ spotted by fans : Jongin shoved his eaten lollipop into Kyungsoo mouth who take it gladly .

6/ Jongin called Kyungsoo Jagi ( honey/babe) on stage while he covering his mouth but the mic was open of one of the members next to him so its his Jagi then .

7/ fans always catch Jongin stares at Kyungsoo even if he wasn’t talking to do any activities, and always following him on stage .

8/ so some calling them the (stares couple - the whispers couple since they always whisper into each other ears and take off the mic - and the off stage couple which is my fave cause they really have all their moments off stage and off camera which I mean the official camera not the smart fancams ;) so yeah )

9/ they love watching movies together and them alone No other members invited to their movie night.

10/ they always wear each other shirts and jackets , really so much time , the only members who do this so many times that I lost count , I think its a cute thing .

11/ once Jongin was about to slap Kyungsoo ass so he kissed his hand palm before that , he also always do to tickle Kyungsoo on stage and running away .

12/ One of the members unknown friend said that that member was complaining backwards before debut that he couldn’t get to be close to Kyungsoo because he was stick to Jongin all the time .

13/ so many rumors flow around this couple before and after debut too Really and its Rumors with S .

14/ kyungsoo well wake up in the middle of the night to do something for Jongin to eat , he even buys the medicine for Jongin when he got sick and its to Jongin only !

15/ the members said Kyungsoo is the less one to talk between them but Jongin disagreed by saying : Kyungsoo is not like that you just have to know how to make him speak or a line like that T-T

16/ Kyungsoo always choose Jongin as the sexiest one among the members .

17/ kyungsoo said once that Jongin is his angel .

18/ after the blind gay rumor spread and many fans suspect in them , Jongin suddenly been spotted in a date with an idol from his company and the day after that in the small fnc they had with the band Kyungsoo and Jongin was in obvious awkward and tense situation where Kyungsoo was avoiding Jongin in that day and even the fans who don’t follow this couple said they notice the sadness between those two and the teary eyes they both had .

19/ being in samesex relationship scandal is not a good thing in Korea , if they was really caught on camera on that blind rumor then the company that they work for have a right to manipulate the truth and hiding them under a fake relationship like Jongin was in to cover them and make sure they are save even if its a heartbreaking but thats for their own good .. after several month when people start to question the scandal Jongin was in since there is nothing sound real and people start just to drop it , the couple start to interact more freely and be more normal than the days the rumor and scandal was flying above their head and they are still always stick together .

20/ yeah so now they are in a long term relationship thats started since many years back and they grow old together and will continue :)

If you have more lines to add reblog and write it cause I am sure like hell that I can’t write all the amazing facts about them ❤

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Hi miss TT! I am such big fan of your works! Everything is so well written and with the right amount of pacing! It's just amazing! If it's not too much to ask I've been feeling a bit down. A couple of days ago I ran into my EX and the girl he cheated with when we were still in a relationship. It just hurts seeing them as if my ex is boasting about his wonderful life together now. Im just wondering if you could probably make a scenario out of it with UT sans, that would be uplifting. ; o ;

(*Thank you so much! <3  I’m so glad you enjoy my writing!  
Ugh, believe me, I can relate to this.  I hope this is enjoyable!  It ended up being… somewhat vindictive. xD )

You were in the middle of shoving Sans after he made some awful pun with a shit-eating grin that never failed to make you laugh.  The two of you were on your way to grab a bite to eat for an impromptu date when your laughter suddenly died in your throat.  

He was walking toward you on the sidewalk, with that girl hanging from his arm.  Both of them looked so happy–too happy for how they should.  Didn’t he feel any guilt?  Didn’t he have any kind of remorse for the way he treated you? 

Didn’t she know that with his kind of fickle feelings, it was only a matter of time until the grass was greener somewhere else?

No, instead, they acted as if their lives were fantastic, clinging to one another and smiling as if they didn’t have a care in the world.  

You were over him, of course; if he hadn’t cheated on you, then you never would have gone out with Sans and discovered how much of a punny, fun-loving guy he was.  But it didn’t mean that the sting of rejection–of broken trust–wasn’t still there.  And their presence just rubbed salt in the old wound.  

“… friend of yours?”

Sans’s voice is light and casual, but you can tell that he’s noticed your sudden shift in demeanor.  When your attention flicks toward Sans, you see him watching the couple with his usual cheery grin–but his eyelights seem sharper, laser-focused.  

“No.  Uh… not anymore,” you respond, trying to force your smile to meet your eyes.  It doesn’t.  Sans looks to you, and in that moment, you realize that he knows without you even having to tell him.  He’s heard the story; he knows why you were hesitant to jump into a relationship, and his patience has been rewarded.

The new girlfriend notices you first.  She nudges your ex with her elbow, cutting her eyes toward you in a manner that’s not nearly as subtle as she thinks it is.  Her smile turns into clear amusement, which she fails to hide behind her hand.  Your ex catches your gaze with a look of surprise–until he notices Sans, who has now slipped his hand into yours.

Your ex bursts out laughing, and so does the woman.  It’s obvious they find the fact that you’re dating a skeleton hilarious.  

Well, Sans knows something he’d find hilarious.

With his hand in his pocket, he points his finger down… and in the next instant, your ex’s pants pool at his ankles.  It must be laundry day because he’s wearing some ill-fitted tighty-whiteys.  He shouts in surprise, which only serves to draw more attention to him, and… for the strangest reason, he can’t seem to pull his pants back up.  He struggles to move off the sidewalk, and he ends up tripping and landing with his ass up in the air.  

“heh, talk about making an ass out of yourself,” Sans comments toward the couple as he leads you past them, his grin wide.  He doesn’t let go of his blue magic until the two of you are at least a block away.  

During dinner, he decides to talk to you about it.  

“hey, kiddo.”  It’s meant affectionately, of course.  "it’s better to find out someone’s true colors sooner rather than later, ya'know?  you know that it’s his loss, right? and well, it’s definitely my gain.“  He reaches across the table and touches your hand, working his phalanges between your fingers.  

Wynonna Earp is Revolutionary

So I kinda stumbled onto this fandom around August last year while surfing on youtube, shipping (didn’t even know what that word meant) Mia and Frida from the swedish movie Kyss mig (please check it out it’s amazing). Related to these videos, I see this one that stood out saying “Every WayHaught Scene | Wynonna Earp Season 1″ by jg (whoever you are you saved my gay little heart). I kid you not, that first Waverly and Nicole scene was beyond Gay!! It literally broke the Dominique’s scale from one to pretty gay!! It had me gripped and I watched that video so many times in a row it was unbelievable. I felt like a teenager again, when I kept recording the L Word behind my parents back and telling myself I was in fact as gay as they come. Anyway, after all the views I contributed for that video, i decided to find out what the hell this Wynonna Earp show was all about (yes, I started watching because of WayHaught). 

I confess, the first episode felt a bit crazy fun and all over the place, although we all know pilots never make the shows justice. but there was something else…there was this irreverent, free spirited girl who had been ostracised from that town (and that guys, is almost relatable to anyone, either your lgbtq or just the weird kid in class who gets bullied for no reason), but somehow had come back for her family. And she doesn’t give a shit what people think of her!!! 

The second episode came and I saw the amazing development of that sisterly bond (believe me, that’s everything to you when you have a twin sister) and wynonna kicking ass like the underdog she is (how often do we see that on tv?). But guys, this show gets on its feet from episode 6 onwards, when Waverly matures due to a skull (I miss Mattie more than Eliza, there I said it). It’s not because she gets rid of Champ (although that helps a lot), it’s because she knows who she is and what she deserves. How many people at the age of 21 can say that about themselves??? 

As if this realisation isn’t it enough, on the next episode she delivers the speech of a lifetime “Yes, Okay! Stephanie, you’re right, it’s all true! I am a freak! Wynonna’s a freak! Doc’s a freak! But I’m a freak who knows that the most lethal place to stab someone bigger than you is through the ear. Yes, I’m the freak who knows witches can’t cross lines of salt, which is pretty handy right now. And I’m the freak who, six months ago, would have been to polite to mention that that big ole diamond on your finger, not only is it cubic zirconium, but it is ugly as shit!”. F**k Yeah Waverly, embrace the geekiness in you, be proud to be in your skin!!! This show is so full of memorable empowering quotes it is unbelievable!! WE is also full of love in whatever shape or form it comes. Sure there are ups and downs, but the characters are all in it together, willing to take the next bullet for whichever one of them. There’s no better proof of friendship and loyalty than that, and to see it through faulty and imperfect characters is groundbreaking. Because no one is perfect in real life, but damn it we all have our beauty somehow!!

 I binge watched the first season in a day. The filming and the colours and the plot just got better and better and I couldn’t get over the charming and engaging relationship between Waverly and Nicole (talking about a true representation of lesbian relationships, am I right?). TREATED LIKE A NORMAL RELATIONSHIP!!! 

Then I wanted more, I started watching everything WE related. The cast and cons, the fellowship from the cast with the fans…it was beautiful. After that, I found Archive of our own and got dragged into this fanfic world where all this amazing writers just compiled stories after stories about this show (I’m still lost in that world, you are extremely talented people and I couldn’t do it, so thank you very much for sharing your work). 

I then recovered my long lost tumblr page, and just started geeking over WE and seeing numerous things in common with so many people, and how everyone just cares for this show so much. Also, live tweeting is the best feeling on a Friday night, the #WynonnaEarp feels like that group of friends you can talk to about anything.

In conclusion, I just wanna reinforce what other people have said before and how much this show has tremendous meaning to everyone and talks to such a variety of people. Whatever your difference is and whatever it is that makes you unique, don’t be afraid to show it and be it. Thank you Emily, Kat, Dom, Tim, Melanie, Earpers.

Growing Up Duggar: Chapter 5

PART 3 HERE WE GO!!  We’re still talking about guys and I am losing the will to live

  • bloody hell - apparently it’s natural to want to start searching for a soul mate at 12… I think they are confusing this feeling with just general sexual attraction?
  • this whole thing just feels so serious, I feel like they all the fun out of getting to fall in love as a teen - Jessa suggests that we approach looking for a husband with a business-type mindset
  • Jill compares the beginning of her and Derick’s relationship to throwing up, a.k.a the most amazing and hilarious thing I have ever read!!! Foreshadowing to Dericks hilarious choking running thing?? I just don’t even know where to begin or end with this bit
  • They pretty much have checklists for what they want in a potential husband - whatever happened to just meeting someone and liking them? Chemistry? Nah mate, just make sure they like Jesus.
  • Here’s a nice little quote for you: “what all of us Duggar girls hope for is a husband like our dad” p150.  Excuse me?? Have you guys met your dad? He’s an arsehole.  I mean if you’re setting your expectations low, go ahead, you’ve nailed it with this one.
  • Jim Bob makes his sons save up and buy their own cars, but he buys the girls cars as an ‘extra sign of love’ for his daughters… did someone say favouritism?  This is wild, I’d be fuming if I was a Duggar boy!
  • Jill’s first impression of Derick was ‘neat’ - who could have predicted that??
  • Broomball is not a sport.  I would just like to put that out there.
  • The girls recall a ‘hilarious’ story, in which Jim Bob was so keen to practice chivalry that he would always open the door of the car for Michelle so she could get out the car.  Once his phone rang as he got out the car, so he answered the call.  And Michelle just sat there and honked the horn until he came and let her out the car.  OH MY GOD GIVE MY STRENGTH. 
  • Jill and Derick say that during in engagement you absolutely must not sled on the same sled together because as we all know, sledding is the most intense kind of foreplay
  • The first thing Jessa noticed about Ben was his “cool-looking, kinda anchor shaped goatee”… you genuinely could not make this shit up

GUYS WE DID IT.  We made it to the end of the chapter about boys.  Pat yourselves on the back, and pour yourself a large glass of wine.  We deserve it.  Bloody hell.  How is this book a real thing?

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hi saro, I was wondering if you had any overwatch fic recs? thanks, and if not, thanks anyway! c:

well HELLO ANON i have a few bc i’ve slowly started getting into them/into ships so here is all I have offhand.


literally fucking everything by PunkHazard im not kidding they are legit amazing. Extra boost to Heliotropic tho for being basically perfect? it’s The Best. great slow burn/subtle build, amaZING interactions with other characters and gr9 at having the relationship not being the Only Driving Force. it’s so good.


i am still extremely new so all i can offer is Target Panic which is prime ‘i didnt know about this scenario but now that i do i would die for the meme concept’ and its just. mccree confesses to hanzo. hanzo assumes he doesn’t mean it. its so fucking good im shoving it in my face for the seventh time as we speak. the author’s other works are great too


Give Up the Ghost is good for the emotional kick of ‘texting a dead person your feelings’ and just does an amAZING JOB with tension and characters and just. oof. a gr8 scenario, i love it. 

also good is Gallipoli which takes a long time to have a payoff and isn’t quite my specific brand of scenario BUT deals with with some of reapers supernatural abilities in Neat Fucking Ways and it flirts with some of my kinks so it gets a nod here. 

it’s a short list but! i’m a slow reader and excruciatingly picky about fanfic/shipping dynamics so! that’s all i have ATM.

So, I just happened to notice my follower count whilt I was going to my posts and saw it had reached 100 followers. I’ve not even had this blog two weeks yet! ( 1 week, 5 days to be precise ) Honestly? I’m shocked that so many of you love this grumpy rptillian tol of mine already; I was so worried about my portrayal of him when I made him — still very much am in all honesty. Thank you for loving him as much as I do!

                                              The Government’s Peers:

@sclvethecase // @unsuprviised: Rowan, you are incredibly awesome and I just love both your Sherlock and Eurus so much. I love that they mess with Myc; your portrayals are amazing and your concepts on their relationships with Mycroft are absolutely on point! I love interacting with you and talking about nonsense on skype, and I always will!

@mollv // @belstaff: Mondy! You are one of my best friends on here and have been since I found you over on my Sherlock back in January! I love you so much! You always know how to cause pain to my heart but I love it along with the whacky ideas we come up with. I still keep my promise and spam you with Ben daily and together with Trashia, we make up the three musketeers ( well, our own version ) in the form of the three Sherlocks. You always make me giggle somehow and we need ALL the threads on here with both Molly and Sherlock! BRODA 4 LYF!!

@toldabetterstory // @rcsamund // @londonmuses: TRASHIA!! My twin!! My fellow trash kingdom ruler!! My dear, you are divine and I love you in so many ways! We forever talk random crap anf spam our discord and skype groups with Benedict ( though no one ever complains ). I also love the relationships all of our muses have with each other and the sass that comes from our Sherlock;s always cracks me up! I promise to meet you off the plane when you come with my Trashia sign whilst dressed like a government official!

@hunterofapurpose // @notfcrhire // @musicalpersonas: SAMMI! We first began interacting when I made a chatzy room, and we’ve been friends ever since. You’re a crazy woman and when you discovered snapchat filters… well.. haha! I love all of your muses and interacting with them and I also love our random OOC chats!

@adler-thewoman: SOOOPHIEEEE!!! You are my fellow brit; My partner-in-crime; My Best Friend! We’ve been in this fandom for what seems and feels like a lifetime now, that we may as well call ourselves “The Elders” ( LOL! ). You’re the Irene to my Sherlock and you are amazing in your portrayal. I would be lost without both you and Irene! I can’t wait to finally show you good ol’ Lincolnshire! haha!

                                   The Government’s Associates:

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Breakups pt 2 - Shawn Mended

A/N: as requested, here is part two! I hope you enjoy❤️  part uno

 "@(Y/T/N): You only heard his point of view. You never asked mine"

It didn’t even take twitter two minutes to blow up your phone. Your mentions were going crazy but you didn’t dare to open them. It were most probably Shawn’s fans who were replying to your tweet or spreading it with the world.

But that statement didn’t feel like it was enough. You wanted to make that people understood and knew how you felt so you went to write a little note on your phone: 

I know that I have been MIA for a really long time, and I wasn’t going to address this at first, because it is a private matter, but I feel like some people (and especially the media) are leaving me no choice, so here goes nothing…

First of all Shawn and I were and still am at a good place. I wanted to put this out there first because people don’t seem to know that about us. Secondly I would like to say that our breakup was in fact on mutual feelings. When Shawn and I decided to end our relationship, we were both worn out and needed time to ourselves… it was hardly even a relationship anymore by that time. Shawn was traveling all the time, I am in college now. He barely has time to see his family with his busy schedule. And to be honest with you guys, I just felt like I was holding him back…. He deserves the world, he’s the most amazing person to have around, always so positive. And he has you guys. The most amazing fans that anyone could ask for! So I’m asking you to understand our situation, and to respect our decision because at the end of the day, we are just like you.  And I can’t tell you enough how proud I am of Shawn for coming this far… man just thinking back to where that idiot started makes me tear up. He’s still so down to earth and I value that about him. I still love Shawn very much and ending our relationship was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done but who knows what might come in the future… :)

On that note, I love you all and I hope you can understand… xx

You hit send and just like that your words were out in public. It felt good to finally have those words from your chest and you hoped that now, with your words out there, the rumors would finally die down to a minimum.


Lee: Chris Meloni was just recently on “[Inside] the Actors’ Studio,” and they talk about Oz, obviously, and he starts talking about the relationship between Keller and Beecher and their feelings for each other. And I was sitting there watching on my computer the other day, just like 3 days ago. And, all of a sudden, as he’s just talking about our relationship, I started to cry, like you would cry if you were like hanging out with somebody you were in a relationship with years ago, and you were talking about, you know, how fucked up the relationship was, but how much you still loved them and stuff. It was the weirdest fucking thing. I was sitting there like, I am crying? It was really trippy. And I think it’s a testament to how much that relationship… how it… I don’t know, that show… and Tom’s writing was so amazing, and those characters were so real. And I called Chris right after I saw it. He didn’t answer, so I left a message: “Dude, this is so weird, but sort of cool.”

Interviewer: Was it like that Adele song “Hello”? That message?

Lee: Yeah! [Laughs and starts singing] Hello…

– Lee Tergesen on dysfunctionalpodcast.com, May 6, 2016


Tom x Tara for finchmackee

Dear Tom,

I’ll tell you what I remember, seeing as you asked. That after we made love that night in my parents’ house, you asked me to get out of bed, naked. Remember how I felt? I mean we had just had sex, so that’s as intimate as I thought it got, but it’s funny that I don’t remember that part as much as you making me stand in front of you with nothing on and we were freezing cold and I felt so exposed, like I felt you could see inside the guts of me. And remember, I cried? And you were like, Shh, shh, don’t. You’re beautiful, and I can’t believe I’m writing this now, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget your voice when you said that. I think I loved you at that moment. 

But then Joe happened, and you didn’t ring or anything. You didn’t let me see you exposed from all your pain. You hid and you left me there, starkers, and for so long, for so, so long, I felt raw. Don’t ever ask anyone to do that again, Tom. Don’t ever ask them to bare their soul and then leave it. It’s fucking cruel and no matter how much pain you were in, you had no right. Because sometimes it makes me want to shudder, because sometimes I still think I’m there in my bedroom standing naked, except it’s like the whole world can see me, and they’re laughing like sometimes I remember people laughing at me behind my back in high school. And it makes me just want to cry with shame.


Dear Tara,

If you think I’ve forgotten anything about that night, you, most gorgeous girl, are laboring under great misapprehension. I remember everything. I remember your petticoat.. slip… whatever the hell it’s called, and how you let me take it off. You made me close my eyes and that was even more of a turn on.

You’ve always seen through me and that’s freaked me out. You saw the stuff I didn’t show other people. The part of me that sometimes can be a bully, because I come from a family of it. Learned behavior because I think my dad was taught by Bill and Bill was taught by his father and sometimes I feel it inside me as well, except we’re not actually comfortable with it, but it’s there and it frightens all of us. And that night you saw the fear. You made it go away for just one minute and then Joe happened and I couldn’t speak anymore and the numbness-please, God don’t ever let me feel that numbness again. I think I was scared that you wouldn’t be able to make the numbness go away and if my mum and dad and Anabel couldn’t, and then you couldn’t, I didn’t know whether I could handle that.

I know I stuffed up and I know your peacekeeper probably treated you like gold and I’ve treated you like crap but I want you to know that I remember the conversations we had in Year Twelve, when you told me you wanted to do a cultural studies degree because you believed in trade, not aid, and you believe that the only way was to ask the questions and listen to the needs of the people and I remember thinking that exact moment, I want to change the world with her. And I remember feeling that again in Georgie’s attic. That’s a powerful gift you have there Ms. Finke. To make the laziest guy around want to change the world with you. So next time you remember standing in your bedroom naked, know that it is the most amazing view from any angle, especially the one where we get to see inside.

Love always,


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I take back my earlier statement of Saru and Michael reflecting Bones' and Spock's relationship; it's defo Culber and Stamets who got that honour <3

My buddy I feel you, but get this: both

Honestly I’m so hype that we get two spones-esque relationships, it’s like they figured out what’s wonderful about trek, all the moral discussions and quandaries and I feel like we’re still gonna get that from Saru and Michael. Cos they’re on good terms now but they fought on the Shenzhou when they were on good terms. 

Also, I adore that Stamets and Culber fight on shift, it’s wonderful and so spones, I am so taken in. They’re wonderful and I’m so hype to have a spones familiar relationship in canon it’s just amazing. 

They Don’t Know About Us - A Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 2)

Part 1

“New Couple Alert?? For the past few months, it’s been speculated that Y/N and Harry Styles are the new hot couple at the moment, however, the two constantly would claim to be just friends. Last night the two were seen out for a late dinner together, holding hands, and sharing some intimate close ups throughout the night. Perhaps all those months of being just friends, the two have decided to give being more than friends a try.” 

You wake up when you feel the sun coming through the window. You turn around to face Harry, who was still sleeping. You lean over giving him a little kiss on the nose, causing him to scrunch his nose. You giggle quietly, waiting a little bit before kissing his nose again. He groans and brings his hand up to scratch it. You put your hand over your mouth as you let out another giggle. 

You wait a bit longer before leaning over to give him another kiss, when he scares you by opening his eyes and hovering over you. 

“Ah! What are you doing?” You giggle. 

“Me? What are you doing?” He laughs. “I’m just trying to sleep and you’re trying to feel me up!” He says innocently. 

“I was not trying to feel you up.” You laughs. “I was simply kissing your nose.” You point out. 

“You started there, If I wouldn’t have woke up, you would have moved down to my ass.” He smirks. 

“Oh my god, you wish!” You laugh. 

He smirks. “Actually…” He says running his hands down your sides. “I wouldn’t mind having a little love making time before breakfast.” He smirks. 

You giggle wrapping your arms around his neck, leaning up to kiss him. He smiles into your lips as he wraps his arms around you. He runs his hands up your shirt before pulling it over your head. He smirks kissing down your neck and onto your chest. 

After paying special attention to your chest, he kisses down your stomach and onto your legs. He smirks against your skin as he leaves trails of kisses. It doesn’t take long before a gasp leaves your lips and your hands find their way to his hair. 

You can feel him smirking as he tries to hold down your hips and sounds come from your lips. However, as you started getting closer, his phone starts ringing. 

“Just ignore it.” He mumbles. “Not important.”

You try to ignore it the best you can, but it just keeps ringing. 

“Just answer it.” You gasp out. 

“Fucking..” He mumbles getting off the bed and reaching for his phone. “It’s Niall…” He groans. “I’ll call him later.” He says silencing his phone. 

He gets back on the bed, wrapping his arms around you. “Sorry, love.” He says holding you close. “Remind me to kill Niall later.” He smirks. 

“Aww, don’t do that.” You giggle. 

“He killed the mood, so I’m gonna kill him.” He smirks. 

“He didn’t kill the mood..” You smirk pushing him back against the bed. “Trust me…” You whisper leaning down to kiss him as you straddle him. 


A little bit later, you two emerge from the bedroom after you shower and work on cooking up a bit of brunch. You were working on some french toast, while Harry was looking on his phone. 

“So, our little date last night, is everywhere.” He says showing you the pictures with an article. 

“Well, I mean we both knew that this would happen.” You say. “How do you feel about it?” 

“I don’t know.” He sighs. “I had an amazing time last night and it was nice to be able to hold your hand and hold you close, without thinking about it.” He says. 

“Why do I feel like there’s a but coming?” You ask. 

“Because there is.” He sighs. “I had a great time and love that we can be ourselves wherever we are, but I still don’t want everything to be out in the open and I’m just afraid that this is going to become that.” 

“It won’t, I promise.” you smile wrapping your arms around him. “We’re not going to start doing tell alls about our sex life or our relationship.” You giggle. 

“True..” He nods looking down at you. “I just a little nervous about it.” 

“So am I.” You say. “But as long as we’re together, we’re good.” 

“We’re better than good. We’re amazing.” He smiles. 

You smile leaning up to kiss him quickly. “Why don’t you go set the table outside and I’ll bring the food.” 

He nods dropping his arms from you and carrying everything out on the back porch. You put all the food on a few plates before carrying them out to where Harry’s sitting. 

“So, what should we do today?” He asks. “We both have an off day.” 

“Hm. I was thinking maybe we could just go on a bit of a hike and maybe have a picnic for lunch, later.” You say. 

“That sounds like a great idea.” He smiles. “Very romantic.” 

“We haven’t really had a big romantic activity in a while.” You smile. “It will be nice.” 

He nods leaning over to kiss you before you two finish your brunch. 


You two get changed into some more suitable clothing for going on a hike, pack up a nice little lunch for later, and then head out. There were some trails near the house, so you two just walked from from there to the trails. 

“It’s such a beautiful day.” You smile. 

“It is.” He says. “I love it here.” 

“So, my magazine cover reveal party type thing, is next week.” You say. “Are you going to be able to make it?” 

“Of course. I wouldn’t miss it.” He smiles. “I would never miss something important to you, unless I absolutely couldn’t come.” 

“I know, but I also know that you’ve been working in the studio and then you have promo for your film coming out soon.” you say. 

“That doesn’t mean I’m just going to put you on the back burner, Y/N.” He says.  “Are you worried about that?” 

“Yes, and no.” You sigh. “It’s just while you were working on the film, it was easy for us to see one another because you pretty much stayed in one area for a few weeks and you would have days that you weren’t filming. And now you’re working in the studio, which means we’re in the same city, but what happens once I’m  on tour and I’m going to be traveling constantly, and you won’t be able to come.” 

“Y/N, you’re not going on tour until another month and half. We’ll figure something out by then.” He says. 

You sigh nodding. Harry sighs stopping and making you look at him. “I know that for most of our relationship, we’ve been together and only a part for maybe a week or so at a time. It’s going to be hard being away from you, but I love you and I’m not going to let something like a long-distance relationship effect what we have. I trust you and I know you trust me.” He says. 

“Of course I do.” you nod. 

“Then we have nothing to worry about.” He smiles. 

“I love you.” You smile. 

“And I love you.” He smiles wrapping his arm around your shoulder. “Now, let’s make it up this massive hill.” He laughs. 

You giggle wrapping your arm around him as you two walk up the hill. 

About an hour and a half later, you two make it up the hill and are blown away by the view. 

“This is amazing.” You smile. “This is the first time I’ve been up here.” 

“Really? I think I’ve made it this far one other time.” He says. 

“Let’s take a picture of us.” You smirk. 

He laughs getting his camera out. He takes a few pictures of the view and surrounding areas before turning the camera on the two of you. He smirks giving you a kiss on the cheek causing you to laugh when he takes the picture. 

Once you’re little mini photoshoot was finished, Harry lays out a blanket he packed and brings out the food. You smile sitting close to him as you snack on some strawberries. 

“I love having days like this.” You whisper. 

“Like what, baby?” He asks. .

“Us spending time like this. Where we don’t really have to do much of anything. I mean some couples have to always go on fancy dates or something like that, but we can just be with each other and it’s enough.” You smile. 

“I’ve never had that with anyone before.” He says. “It always felt sort of awkward.” 

“Do you think it will always be like this for us?” You whisper. 

“I do.” He smiles. “There’s just something about us that goes well together. I felt it that very first night we met. At first, I thought it was just a sexual attraction, but the more that we spent time together and I got to know you, I knew it was much more than that.” 

“Would you say it was love at first sight?” You giggle. 

“Technically no, but I would say that there wasn’t definitely something more than like that I felt that night.” He smiles.  

“You know, I was thinking about maybe, if you wanted it and it could work out with your schedule if we could go on a little getaway together. Even if it’s just for a few days, I just want to spend some time together with you before both of our work picks up again.” you say. 

“That would be perfect.” He smiles. “And I can make it work. I have to admit that I’ve been thinking of wanting to take you away and have you all to myself.” He laughs. 

“Where would we go?” You giggle.

“Somewhere tropical.” He smirks. “So, I can see you in a hot ass bikini everyday or we could go skinny dipping in the ocean together.” 

You roll your eyes. “And definitely somewhere we can have our privacy.” 

“What about Turks and Caicos?” He asks. “I’ve heard it’s beautiful there and we can make sure we have all the privacy we need.” 

“Hmm. Sounds great. We can leave?” You giggle. 

He laughs. “Soon. I can’t wait.” He smiles. “This will be our first little getaway together since we’ve been a couple.” 

“It’s going to be so nice to be able to get away from everything for a bit.” You say. 

He smiles. “Yeah, it is.” 

You smile back at him, giving him a good little kiss as you two start eating your lunch. The day was going great, however, you didn’t realize that some people that were nearby where taking pictures with their phones of you and Harry together. You also didn’t realize they would be plastered everyone on the internet before you could get even finish your lunch. 

Part 3

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Can you do a boom sonamy prompt? Like sonic realizing he likes amy? And she is kinda like "whaaaats goin on?" just a collection of sonic acting adorable and embarassed around her is good for me :)

Aw, that could be fun XD It’d be difficult with Modern Sonic… but with Boom Sonic? We’ve been told he’s a lot more comfortable around her, so maybe… dodging such affections could happen on a more cuter scale? (Modern Sonic would avoid her if he felt something and wait for the feeling to go away before seeing her again.) so yeah! :D This could be fun!

External image

(single greatest sonic boom sonamy art of all time)

Sonic, after spending loads of time around Amy, has began to start carrying some affection for her, and more than just friends! Unaware of his these new developments, however, he denies that anything is different or weird between the two of them.

He starts stuttering or acting weird, and simply plays it off as though he was just sweaty that day. As more and more incidences started to be noticed, Sonic began to worry and went to Doc about it.

“So… you’ve had sweaty palms, strange stutters, fire in your cheeks?”

“There’s more than that!” Sonic exclaims, looking worried about his health. “The other day I saw a flower, I turned away for a moment, looked back, and it was her face! WINKING at me! Winking, Doc!” he got on his knees and held her arms. “What’s wrong with me??? I get jittery, like… there’s something in my stomach!” he grabbed his waist. “And another thing! I can’t think straight around her.” he suddenly gasped, getting up. “Oh no… I’m… I’m..”

Doc leaned forward, hoping he had figured it out himself.

“I’m allergic to Amy.” He narrowed his eyes, completely convinced that was it.

“No!!” Doc jumped her small little frame up and whacked her clipboard down on his head.

“Ow! Wh-what-what?! You’re the Doctor, I’m just guessing here!”

“You’re in love, Sonic! And this is natural for a boy your age. Especially with a girl that you’re always around. I’m sure your fine. It’s all apart of growing up.”

“G-growing up..?” he looked afraid, “Wait, … in love?! With AMY!?!?!? W-w-wait you realize we’re talking about Amy ROSE, right?”

“….Yes, Sonic… I know.” Doc looked at him like he was being ridiculous. “Just… try and not spook her, alright deary? Heaven knows you’ll just mess this up for yourself. Good luck, kid!” She rolled her eyes and then walked away, giving him a thumbs up as she went.

”..I…I…” the camera zoomed in on Sonic’s horrified eyes. “I’m in love with Amy Rose?”

The screen turns back.

A montage starts of Sonic trying to desperately avoid Amy, but he ends up just putting himself into more awkward meetings with her. Like, for instance, he tries to hug the wall and avoid her seeing him going into the hub, but he gets startled by Knuckles greeting him and walking by, not really paying attention to his behavior as he stumbles and knocks a vase with flowers down. He grabs the flowers and the vase, but the hand with the flowers is toward Amy, as she turns around and happily squees, accepting the flowers.

Another time, he’s in the middle of battle and ends up taking out an enemy for her on accident, having rammed into it and watching it fall to reveal her. He freezes up, as she happily runs over, “Wow! Nice kill, Sonic!” she kisses his cheek and continues to fight.

This is usually a normal thing for her to do, flirt a little, but nothing really comes out of it…

Until now…

Sonic’s whole face flushes as he gets a spike of energy, and his feet vibrate as he suddenly takes down all the robots with super sonic speed, causing a few Sonic Booms as he suddenly stops cold turkey in the middle of the battlefield, gasping.

The robots all fall down as the team looks shocked, and laughs. “Sonic! What have we said about leaving some of the fun for us?” Tails teases.

Sonic is now banging his head on the table in front of him at the hub.

“Hi Sonic.”

“Hi Amy-AAAHH.” he stops, realizing whose come in and raises his head with a loud gasp of air being sucked into him, before closing his mouth and covering it with his hand.

“Hmm?” Amy notices the weird behavior, but usually didn’t say anything… until now. “What’s the matter with-?”

He turns around, letting out the air and glaring at her. “You’re pretty! That’s what wrong!”

“…Excuse me?” she blushes, holding the two books in her hands tighter to her.

“If you weren’t so…so… I don’t know! A girl! Then none of this would be happening!” he flailed his arms around as she looked at him, utterly confused.

“I’m sorry, did I miss something here?”

“Yeah! You’ve been missing it all WEEK!” he hollered out, before stepping up to her. “Look, I don’t know what you’ve done to me, but I’m gonna… I’m … IIIIII…” he had leaned forward, holding a finger up to her and glaring, before slowly realizing how close they were and leaning back, his eyes shrinking.

“…W-what?” Amy’s eyes glittered a bit in the light…

“…” he glared at her, blushing.

“….are you… blushing?”

“STAY OUT OF MY WAY! I WON’T GROW UP! I REFUSE TO LET CHEMICALS AFFECT MY LIFE. I AM FREE. I AM THE WIND!” he starts throwing a tantum, as Tails walks in.

“Woah, what’s wrong with him!?”

“AHHH!!!” he picks up a chair and throws it. “I WAS MEANT TO BE A HERO, NOT A SLAVE TO DARN… FEELINGS!" 

"I…I think he’s in love with me.” Amy concluded, gaping at that realization.

“…AHAHAHHAHA!” Tails starting laughing, hitting his knee, before looking back at her. “Oh, you’re serious.”

“CHAINED. GROUNDED TO THE EARTH.” Sonic fell to his knees, and continued to hit his head on the smaller table in the living room now. “What is my LIFE..!?”

“…Y-you know… Love’s not all THAT bad?” Tails tried to help, as Sonic growled and glared at him, turning his head slightly to him. “Ehh… nevermind. Go on with your pouting and hopeless shouting.”

Sonic nodded, and threw back his head, clutching it with his hands, “DOOMED!!! DOOOOMMEDDD!!!”

Amy walked over, very calmly standing behind him, and summoning her hammer.


“OW! Hey!” He turned around and looked dead center on her hammer’s back, and quickly scooted up more on the table. “He-he-hey now..!”

“Quit acting like a CHILD! Ever thought I might actually LIKE the idea of you crushing on me?” she looked really upset. “Geez, I’m so sorry that the world is ending just because you thought I was pretty!” she was about to cry, but held it in. “You’re… you’re really terrible sometimes… you know that? Is loving me really that horrible..?” she lowered her hammer, as Sonic felt something sting in his heart.

“Wait… n-no, no, no, no, you see, I’M THE ONE that’s suppose to feel horrible right now, not you!” he got up, doing a terrible job at comforting her as he reached for her, but pulled back and withdrew from that, looking awkward and nervously down and around the room. “L-look,.. I think… I might like..” he shook his head. “No, let me do this right. Amy-” he turned to her very seriously, as she sorrowfully looked up at him.

“…I like you.” he stated, and took a deep breath, feeling how scared he really was at admitting it out loud. “But I’m no where NEAR ready for a relationship right now! I mean, I’m still just a kid, especially at heart so um…” he looked away, a little more humbled it seemed now and lightly pressed his pointer fingers together, embarrassed.

“…I get it. It’s okay.” Amy smiled, seeing how it really was.

“Ah, it is?” Sonic looked back at her, amazed she understood him.

“Yeah. I can wait, and besides! You’re no where NEAR where I am when it comes to loving someone. So don’t worry about it. Just live your life, and be nice to me, okay?” she winked and patted his back reassuringly as she walked by him.

He took a sigh of relief, before twitching at something she said. “Wait.. no where near… Hey! Hold on! W-who do you love?!!? I’m ten times cooler than him, right..? A-Amy? Amy?” he spun around, noticing she had disappeared, and growing flighty with worry and panic. “AMMMY!!!” he dashed out, whining for her, and worried she may be in love with someone else! Someone cooler than him! Someone-

“Oh wait. It was me.” he stopped in mid-air running, realizing this and then sitting on air for a second, legs crossed and putting his hand up to his chin in thought, narrowing his eyes, before looking down. “Oh no…” he realized he had stopped over water…. 

he looked up at the camera and twitched an awkward smile out, before falling into the shallow end of the lake near there hub. “AHHH!!”

You could say he was…

drowning in love!



Feelings of love? Drowning? Water humor?

No..? No pun lovers out there?


(Totally not canon by the way, but I tried my best to keep him in character. Same with the rest, as always xD)


So today was a day. I was having a really shitty day and it got worse when someone from plan parenthood came in. He usually comes in to our guidances to talk about sex and relationships. Today he came to talk about college life and sex. Now this man had some issues in the past with asexuality and queer relationships. He is very heteronormative and in the past has said that sex is they key to a healthy relationship.

Now I’m sitting and we are talking about important topics such sexual assault and rape culture…but then he talks about how in college people explore sexuality and everyone is trying out sex. And me and my other ace friend kinda are like yikes. One of my friends speaks up and says well not everyone, but then this man who teaches over hundreds of high schoolers about sex and relationships is like “oh yes asexuality, some people make the decision to not have sex. But what do you think are they in the majority or small minority” and is like “the very small minority”. And continues to talk about sex as this normal thing all people due and how it is a fun and important part of the college experience.

To me it felt like a stab in the chest. I felt like my sexuality was dismissed and my experience completely belittled. I was shocked that someone from plan parenthood would say these thing because planned parenthood is amazing (I still believe that and in no way am I blaming the origination, im just pointing out that this is someone who goes to high schools around a major city to talk about sex education and relationships to teens) So many emotions slammed me at once: a mixture or sadness, shock, anger, confusion, hurt…like all these nagging thoughts that live in the back of my mind telling me I’m broken and wrong and will never find an accepting partner flooded my mind.

Simply it fucking sucked

I felt my face go hot and it took so much in me to stay strong, I ended up crying for about an hour because I felt awful. I worried about the harm he is doing expressing these opinions as an educator. Validating many acephobs. Honestly he sounded like my acephobic mom and it sucked because he did it in a space I usually consider safe.

Now why am I typing this out? There is nothing wrong with sex education and positive sex education is very important. But what’s harmful about this person is that they are teaching a very heteronormative sex education, which is harmful for all queer youth. Also it’s a prime example of the importance of education around asexuality and getting more visibility!
Asexuality is not a choice. It’s a part of who we as aces are. Sex is not mandatory for a happy life or college experience. There is nothing wrong with never having sex.
And we need this education because I can only thing of the damage he is doing to aces such as myself saying this but also all the young aces who are discovering their sexuality.

I and other aces shouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable or invalidated due to misconceptions or straight ignorance. It’s harmful and contributes to the misperceptions and acephobia that we experience today.

This really sucked and I’m still not okay but I want to share this because this is unfortunately an experience many aces have and will continue to have if this isn’t stopped.

I hope you are all having a better day and know you are all wonderfully ace!


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Ps talk more to me about this new Apollo series bc TBH I need to conspire and discuss this

Okay so we know nothing but the basics, which is that Apollo is going to be forced to live as a mortal teenager going to Camp Half-Blood but IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES:

- The whole “fall of the sun, the final verse” prophecy from BoO is actually going to be relevant

- We got confirmation that Percy and Annabeth are staying at CHB for the summer before they leave for college so they’ll be there, and Nico confirmed that he’s staying at camp too so we’ll see plenty of him (and Will and they’ll most likely have plenty of interaction ayyyy)

- We also know that Hazel, Frank and Reyna took Rachel back to CJ with them to work on the prophecies of the sibylline books but there’s no way that whole “no demigod will ever heal your heart” thing about Reyna was a throwaway line that’s definitely going to be a thing that’s addressed plus Apollo might have to go on quests with his own prophecies which will probably be really cool??? Idk that may not happen but it would be totally amazing if it did

- UM LEO IS STILL ALIVE THATS A THING and he might be coming back????

- Just the fact that an OLYMPIAN GOD got turned MORTAL by his own DAD talk about daddy issues am I right folks? The relationships between the gods is probably going to be explored more which I’m super excited about

- Speaking of the gods Artemis will probably be visiting her brother and bringing the hunters along with her hello again Thalia

Basically this is all speculation but there are so many good things that can come out of this series and I cannot wait for it!

Guys, I feel the need to make sure everyone knows that I really, really love Hummelberry, ok? Their relationship is so fucking important, it had such an amazing journey, from the fakeover, to duets, to working on their dream, to living a new life, to grief, to teaching together, to her helping him make his family.

They had been so shitty to each other, and so supportive of each other. It’s had so very many ups and downs. I am still sort of amazed that it became probably the most prominent friendship on the whole show, from where it started.

It’s just so beautiful.

Pokeshipping Week 2016 - Day 2: If Tracey Never Joined

Ahh yes, the theme that caused all the trouble to begin with. Well, @hollylu-ships-it and I found an exploit. If we have to take Tracey out, no stopping us from putting someone else in. Which is what you’ll find out now. Here’s the accompanying artwork from Holly!

And this time I’ll have it under a “read more” line so folks won’t be bombarded by text lol. Enjoy!

Life Through the Lens

A picture’s worth a thousand words, and I’ve taken tons of them over the course of my career. I’ve already been heralded as the world’s greatest Pokémon photographer, but there’s something that I haven’t been able to do while in Kanto, and that’s get some pictures of some real tropical Pokémon.

Thankfully, I have some great friends in Ash and Misty. When I heard they were heading to the Orange Archipelago, I just knew I had to tag along. It took me a while to track them down, but when I did I was surprised to see that Brock wasn’t with them.

It’s a little weird not having Brock around, I never realized how much Ash and Misty argue with each other when Brock isn’t there to act as a mediator. I’ve been doing my best, but it isn’t easy…and at the same time, it’s been an amazing opportunity for me.

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Four months ago today, this super amazing man decided that he no longer wanted to just be my best friend.
After I gave him a present I made for him for his birthday, he told me
“You didn’t have to get me anything for my birthday, all I really want is to call you my girlfriend.”
I know that four months is nothing, but in a world where some relationships only last weeks, I’m pretty happy about it. I fell in love with him the very first moment I saw him, and I am still just amazed by him so much every day, even at my worst he still loves me and takes care of me.
I am certain he is the one person I will never stop being madly in love with. He is more perfect than anything I ever dreamed.

I don't care.

Hey guys. Thanks for the likes and follows. I want to say that I can’t upload everyday because of school work. However, I will upload on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. If can upload any other days I will. Anyways on with the story. Enjoy!

It’s been 2 years since Riley and Lucas chose each other. They had been very happy ever since. Obviously people had their opinions and comments. Riley tried to not let it get to her. Lucas also helped by reassuring her that she is the one for him and that he 100% made the right choice. But everyone has a breaking point. Riley’s breaking point was today.
Riley and her friends were sitting together in the cafeteria. She was next to her boyfriend holding his hand under the table. He was whispering things in her ear to make her laugh. Her laughter stopped when Missy Bradford walked over.
“Hey Lucas.” She said in a flirty voice while she drapped her arm on his shoulder.
“Um hi Missy.” He said uncomfortably trying to shrug her off.
“So I am having a party this weekend. I just wanted to know if you wanted to come.” She said.
“Uh no thanks Missy. I’ve got plans.” He said as he smiled at Riley which Missy noticed.
“Oh come on. Come to the party. You can even bring your friends and your girlfriend Maya.” She said knowing who he was dating. Everyone looked towards Riley.
“Missy you know that my girlfriend is Riley.” He said while squeezing Riley’s hand. Riley couldn’t take it anymore.
“You know what i’m done!” Riley exclaimed while standing up and walking over to Missy.
“What? Can’t handle the truth?” Missy said.
“You know what the truth is. Me and Lucas are boyfriend and girlfriend. We have been for the past 2 years and me and Lucas love each other. Alright! So get that into your head!!” Riley screamed. Everyone looks at her stunned.
“Well to everyone else Maya and Lucas act more like a couple.” She said.
“I don’t care about everyone else. All I care about is what me and Lucas do. We are us. We do what we do and I am sick of everyones little comments about something that is none of their business.” Riley said.
“Well maybe everyone wouldn’t make little comments if you and Lucas acted like a real couple.” Missy countered.
“What makes anyone a ‘real couple’ Missy? Shoving our tongues down each others throats 24/7?” Riley said.
Missy just stood there.
“You want me and Lucas to act like a ‘real couple’? You got it.” Riley said.
She walked over to Lucas, sat in his lap and kissed him passionately. They kept kissing until Missy walked away. Riley pulled away and Lucas was in a daze from the unexpected but amazing kiss.
“Wow…” Lucas said speechless.
“Yeah. I’m sorry for jumping on you like that. I just wanted to show her what it would be like if we acted like a ‘real couple’. I am pretty sure she hated it.” Riley said as she giggled still in Lucas’s lap.
“I am so proud of you princess. You stood up for us. You didn’t let what other people say about us affect how we are with each other. I’m glad because I love us a lot.” He said.
“I love us too.” She said.
“That kiss was amazing though.” Lucas said.
“Well just because we don’t do PDA it doesn’t mean we can’t do it in private.” Riley said with her eyebrows lifted.
“We are studying alone tonight right?” He asked suggestively.
“Yeah we are studying tonight Lucas. But after we could maybe try to explore our physical relationship more.” She said.
“I would love to. I will see you tonight.” He said as he pecked her lips and went to class. The only thing on his mind was Riley.

Please Take Time To Read This

Okay, so I really didn’t want this day to come so soon, but it has. My group chat (SQUAAAA) and I were discussing this a couple days back and it’s been playing on my mind.

I was originally going to post this on the 18th, but I can’t contain it.

I’ve decided that I’m quitting everything. I’m gonna stop being active on this Tumblr, I’m giving up on Wattpad/Quotev and I’ll be using my Twitter a lot less.

I absolutely adore Justin, and I will until the day I die (most likely, I’m obssessed), but I’m getting to the age where it’s getting kind of silly. (No disrespect to anybody older than me who’s continuing these accounts, you do you).

I started these accounts for fun, and now they feel like a chore, like I have to have something posted - it sucks the fun out of it. Also, It’s getting to a crucial point in my life where I have to put my mind and creative focus on other things, if I don’t stop now, when will I? I don’t want to be 20 and still thinking of different ways to make Justin Bieber fall in love with me, or what our banter is going to be for the day… I just don’t want to be doing it.

Justin is getting older, and so am I. He’s finding relationships, and so am I. I don’t like the thought of writing smut about a 26 year old, you know? The longer I leave it, the harder it will be to let go of all of this, I’ve made amazing friends through these accounts, and I’ll never lose contact with them (if that’s okay with them lol).

I’ve been doing fanfiction since 2012 (lol, saddo), and this Tumblr since September last year, I think my time is over. I’ve spent long enough creating hundreds of scenarios about a guy I’ll never meet, a guy that’ll know me as nothing other than “fan number 933929282828”, a guy who means the world to me but it isn’t reciprocated.

I have 15 things queued, and after that, I’m done.

Thank you for an incredible ride, the support I get from followers is absolute madness, and to think, I’m just another teenage girl fantasising over the same heartthrob as you!

I love you all a million,