but I am just still so amazed about this relationship

All the offense but how far up a fictional character’s ass do you have to be that you can’t even recognize valid and canonically supported similarities without being a bitch about it?

All the offense but why do Cl/xa’s have such a hard time with the idea of “I don’t like this opinion and it doesn’t mesh with mine but I’m not going to comment on it because everyone is entitled to their own opinions”?

All the offense but do ya’ll not know that New xkit is a wonderful and amazing thing that prevents you from seeing anything you don’t want to see, including specific users and ships?

All the offense but I am fucking tired of not being able to actually analyze a show and it’s characters and their various relationships because people who said they were leaving the fandom on March 3rd, 2016 are still hanging around just so they can continue to be bitter, ugly assholes about stuff that doesn’t even concern them.

All the offense but why are you even following me and reblogging things from me if you are a Cl/xa blog that doesn’t appreciate criticism or even just basic canonically supported facts about your ship/fave characters?

All the offense but why in God’s name do you think anyone would ever have sympathy for you/care about your cause/support your cause when you spend 95% of your time being complete and total dicks to literally everybody who doesn’t ship your fucking ship?

All the offense but can ya’ll stop posting basic ass bullshit like “the blarkes are reaching” and acting like it’s a “drag” when like 90% of ya’ll wouldn’t know what a good drag was if it smacked you in the face? 

I am so fucking tired of all of the negativity in this fandom. 

On the bright side I have decided to live a negativity free tumblr life so I just blocked like 30 people, which is awesome. 

Lee: Chris Meloni was just recently on “[Inside] the Actors’ Studio,” and they talk about Oz, obviously, and he starts talking about the relationship between Keller and Beecher and their feelings for each other. And I was sitting there watching on my computer the other day, just like 3 days ago. And, all of a sudden, as he’s just talking about our relationship, I started to cry, like you would cry if you were like hanging out with somebody you were in a relationship with years ago, and you were talking about, you know, how fucked up the relationship was, but how much you still loved them and stuff. It was the weirdest fucking thing. I was sitting there like, I am crying? It was really trippy. And I think it’s a testament to how much that relationship… how it… I don’t know, that show… and Tom’s writing was so amazing, and those characters were so real. And I called Chris right after I saw it. He didn’t answer, so I left a message: “Dude, this is so weird, but sort of cool.”

Interviewer: Was it like that Adele song “Hello”? That message?

Lee: Yeah! [Laughs and starts singing] Hello…

– Lee Tergesen on dysfunctionalpodcast.com, May 6, 2016


Four months ago today, this super amazing man decided that he no longer wanted to just be my best friend.
After I gave him a present I made for him for his birthday, he told me
“You didn’t have to get me anything for my birthday, all I really want is to call you my girlfriend.”
I know that four months is nothing, but in a world where some relationships only last weeks, I’m pretty happy about it. I fell in love with him the very first moment I saw him, and I am still just amazed by him so much every day, even at my worst he still loves me and takes care of me.
I am certain he is the one person I will never stop being madly in love with. He is more perfect than anything I ever dreamed.

Unpopular Opinion...

I’m just gonna say it, even though I’ll probably get crucified but I think it was a huge mistake not having Felicity and Ray breakup last night. The breakup and Olicity sex in the same episode. That just doesn’t sit right with me. Yes, she is in love with Oliver and it would never be a rebound bang but still. Plus, you know Thea just died it doesn’t seem like an excellent time to be consummating your love. Don’t get me wrong I am totally down with Olicity loving but I’m not so sure about the timing. Fresh breakup, fresh corpse I’ll try to reserve judgement until I see the episode but I personally hope it doesn’t do a disservice to their amazing relationship. I think their first time should be special and definitely not tainted by horrible circumstances.