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Study Love (Tim Drake x Reader)

Summary: Study session with Tim turns into something special

Pairing: Tim Drake x Reader

Warnings: None

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(Y/N). She’s a wildfire on a sunny summery day, beautiful and destructive. She’s the current in the ocean, guiding marine life home. She’s a bonsai tree, well kept and personal, an ornament to some. She’s a library book, checked out and returned; loved but given away. She’s the sunken treasure at the deepest depths of the ocean, under pressure and mysterious, wanted, but never found. She’s an ever shining star, twinkling beside the moonlight, praised and wished upon, granting solitude and newfound hope. She’s the heavy rainfall after a drought, appreciated and fast-coming, burning against the skin and forceful upon impact. (Y/N) is the light in my darkness, a graceful ray of sunshine in my dark corners. Without her, there would be no me, because without light, there’s no shadow.

And when I talk about her, she’s the highlight of my day, and she has my upmost respect and admiration, a beauty upon my violent ridden scars.

Did you see (Y/N) today?

6:37 PM


No, why?

6:39 PM

Jeez, Dick, she looked so perfect.

6:40 PM


You say that everyday, Tim.

6:41 PM

Am I supposed to apologize? I can’t help it!

6:41 PM


I know, Tim.

6:45 PM

She deserves the world!

6:47 PM


I know, Tim. You tell me every day.

6:48 PM

I started blatantly at my wall, totally mesmerized by the idea of her, and everything she is. And the way her (H/C) shined in the flickering fluorescent lights of Gotham Academy; and the way her eyes sparkled in science class, the meaning behind life intriguing her to no bounds. I studied her more than my schoolwork, and I never study.

“Heyyo, Timmy-o.” Stephanie’s voice trickled in my bedroom and I jumped at the sudden booming of her high-pitched octave, “What’re you thinkin’ about? A special someone? What’s her name?”

I shied away, my cheeks turning a soft pink as I played it dumb, “Nobody,” I responded, cut off abruptly by Steph.

“Claire? Ariana?” I much have looked dead, so she took a leap of faith, “(Y/N)? Dude! Did you see her today?” Stephanie became excited, and so did I, even though I haven’t had any coffee in the last half hour.

“She’s so beautiful, oh my god.” I sighed, exasperated, suddenly jumping up when I remembered she was coming over to study tonight, “Oh my god! She’s coming over!”

Steph raised an eyebrow, her ocean blue eyes staring at me in disbelief, “What? Do you have like some robin-sense that’s telling you that?”

“No! We made plans and I totally forgot! Get out!” When Steph didn’t move, I shoved her out, “Like, now!” She laughed and shut the door behind her and I glanced at the clock, 6:51. Nine minutes to clean. I ran my hands through my hair at the sight of case files and dirty coffee cups. I started with the obvious, collecting pictures of dead bodies because, well, they’re dead bodies and she might judge me for having… crime scenes of ruthless murders. It took forever, and honestly I was so scared she might come early, as endearing as that may sound. I released the photos into a black biometric case, and shut it, listening to the soft click of success before taking a deep breath, stacking all the cups, gathering the glassware in my shaking arms. I fumbled with the doorknob and finally threw the door open, practically stumbling through the hallway and down the stairs to see an (Y/N) in all her beauty, talking to none other than Jason Todd.

She laughed her enticing laugh, and my eyes widened to the size of saucers, and when she threw her head back in some death humor Jason probably spewed, she eyes caught mine and her face brightened at the sight, amused by my obvious appearance of distress. She excused herself from Jason and met me halfway up the stairs, “Here, let me help.”

I began to shake my head but she took half of the cups anyway, a laugh escaping her perfect pinkish-red lips, “No worries, my room has twice the amount of coffee cups.”

I pushed away my nerves and spoke with a hidden nervousness, “I wasn’t aware it was a competition.”

Jason looked at me as I said this and furrowed his eyebrows, amused by my sad attempts at keeping some type of conversation going, “You’re an idiot.” Jason muttered under his breath, to where (Y/N) wouldn’t hear. I was grateful he didn’t say it as loud as he internally wanted too, as my whole being would shatter.

The demon however, didn’t have as much courtesy, “She’s been here for three minutes and you’re already making her carry stuff around for you, Drake? Pathetic.”

(Y/N) didn’t have any of this and I was frozen in my tracks as she spoke, “You’re the demonic brat? Cute. I expected you to be more… dark and scary.”

“Maybe I’ll be more dark and scary when I come to kill you in your sleep.” No chill. The demon is going to ruin this for me!

(Y/N) smirked, throwing both Damian and I off guard, “I’ll see you tonight then. I hope you kill me in some crazy extravagant way, and then I’ll make a super catchy headline. Teenage Girl Fed To Domestic Dogs After Getting Decapitated With a Spork. Catchy, right?” She found her way into the kitchen, leaving Damian fuming over her acceptance of his empty threats.

She’s amazing. Fearless. Crazy and infectious.

“Hey, Timmers!” She called and I ran after her, catching up to her in the large open kitchen, “How is your day going?”

“Uh…” I trailed, awkwardly trying to voice my thoughts, “Good, I guess?”

She started laughing, piling the dishes into the sink and grabbing the rest out of my trembling hands, “I know your day was extremely amazing, as I was there to cheer you up.” She whispered the last part, a smirk ever present on her lips.

I was awestruck by her words, as always, and I laughed gently, “Yeah, uh, yep.”

She rolled her eyes and walked over to me in an exaggerating effort, wrapping her arms around my neck and holding her body close to mine, “You’re such a dork.”

I sheepishly looked down upon her shoulders, not finding the strength to look in her gorgeous eyes. Nobody has ever made me feel the way she makes me feel, and it’s scary and joyous all at the same time.

“It’s good to see you.” She paused for a moment, and pulled away, a distant smile leaving a burning memory in my mind, “So, biology.”

I was dejected about our break of contact, and my voice reflected it clearly as we found our way to my semi-clean bedroom, “AP Biology.” I repeated, pulling out my textbook, flipping to chapter 29. She was silent, her concentration attended to the college text pages, her heart and mind accepting the information like a second language, and her eyes trailed over the lines, becoming more excited with every word she read.

She really was something else.

She’s like a river, flowing towards a big world full of opportunity. She’s like the highest mountain, hard to climb but admired. She’s a scientist, full of questions, and curious about the makings of the universe. She’s the northern lights, beautiful and seen by few, honored by all. She’s a solar eclipse, only seen once in a lifetime. But most importantly, she’s a girl. She’s a girl who holds my heart in her hands, carefully tending to it’s every need, just by flashing her pearly white smile. She’s a girl who’s strong, and independent, and intelligent, and beautiful, and wonderful, and nice, and gracious, and grateful, and inspirational, and she’s beautiful. She’s a beautiful work of art that was carved by the gods themselves, her persona radiating amongst all with unbeknownst power and influence.

She’s always been there for me, and for that alone she’s patient and accepting, loving and honorable. I’m not the best kid in Gotham, probably the most closed off. And she’s here anyway, claiming her title as the greatest friend I could ever ask for. And I’m head over heels, bending and twisting to her every need, making sure she’s safe and okay, and healthy and as wonderful as always.

“Tim?” (Y/N) spoke up, her voice sheepish and gentle, lacking the determination I’ve accustomed to listening to. I was already looking a her when she caught my attention and I felt the blood rush to me cheeks. Embarrassing, “I didn’t come here to study. It’s kind of awkward, really. It’s just that I,” She paused, searching for the right words, and my heart was racing beyond measure, “I think I love you. And I know tha-” her words faded out and my heart leapt out of my chest. Oh. My. God. This. Is. Really. Happening. Right. Now. I’m. Going. To. Lose. My. Shit. Oh my god, “And I can’t help but feel so attracted to you, and I don’t think I can handle being just friends anymore because I honestly just want to kiss you whenever I see you and I love being close to you and I can’t help myself when you just hold me in your arms. And you’re so kind, and you make me feel safe. I don’t feel safe with anyone but you, and I don’t know why, but I’m drawn to you like pen and paper. Just like A and B, I think we belong together, and if it’s just me then that’s okay. You deserve the world and I just need to tell you that I think you’re really hot and my heart catches on fire with everything you do and say, even if it’s just simple eye contact.”

Oh my god.

“And I think that you should know that my favorite color used to be green because well, nature, and then I met you and now all I see is blue. I can’t, ugh, oh my this is embarrassing, I’m talking so much. In case you started ignoring me, I’ll give you a summary: I love you, and I think you’re cute.”

I shut my biology textbook, and I was never really reading it anyway, “That was so cute.”

“You’re so cute! Oh my god, Tim! Stop!” (Y/N) s can you just stop my rambling because I really can’t stop, please make it stop-“

“Holy shit, we’re having a moment right now.” I noted, my eyes wide and ecstatic.

“We’re always having a moment, Timothy!” She whisper-yelled, running her hands through her hair, “I don’t know why I’m freaking out so badly right now but help. Help. Me. Calm. Down.”

Acting on impulse, I inched forward and my lips met hers, moving in perfect harmony, the electricity beaming like wildfire between us. This is perfect. Everything is absolutely perfect.


The Pact, part 2/? | part 1

as wordy as can be

Okay guys

I may be REACHINGGG here… like way far out on a very small limb…..

But just hear me out

So at the Super Saturday Night concert, taylor came out with her usual straight hair with bangs. Normal 1989 era type things.

Halfway through, her bangs started curling a little. Nothing major, usual stuff.

As the night went on, her hair became more and more curly.

We all know taylor has access to the products necessary to keep her hair straight if she wanted to.

By the end of the show, her hair was totally wavy/curly… very…. dare I say….. reputation era……

We all know each era is always marked with a change in hairstyle….

So… just listen… what if…. Super Saturday Night was symbolic for the end of the 1989 era, welcoming the reputation era… but in SECRET. Via… Taylor’s hair.

SSN was the last time taylor was heard from/seen before she fell off the face of the earth for over four months.

A goodbye to 1989. A hello to reputation. But in complete secret. Hair secrets.



scarscarchurro  asked:

Richard for the meme

Richard Sanchez C-594

2-4 songs that are probably on their iPod

We Used To Vacation - Cold War Kids, Happy - Mother MotherIt’s Coming Down - CakeLove Will Fuck You Up - Buck65

the one place they sometimes end up falling asleep — where they’re not supposed to

He’s been known to sleep on the job occasionally, especially during Beth’s infant & toddler years. Those early years of parenthood were rough on him.

the game they’d destroy everyone else at

Roy: A Life Well Lived. Little known fact, he does actually know a thing or two about having fun! He’s an intergalactic reigning champion, with a record high score that very few Ricks have achieved. (Ricardo has no idea Richard even knows how to walk in the door of a Blips and Chitz, let alone that he plays Roy)

the emoticon they’d use most often

He doesn’t do emoticons. But if he did it would probably be 😐because it most accurately represents his face 24/7

what they act like when they haven’t had enough sleep

Grumpier than normal, which is an impressive feat honestly

their preferred hot beverage on really cold nights. or mornings. or whenever.

Coffee, black with gin

how they like to comfort/care for themselves when they’re in a slump

A quiet night in with his daughter and a bottle of wine watching old movies together. Or just petting his cat till they both fall asleep in his reclining chair.

what they wanted to be when they grew up

Dr R. Sanchez

their favorite kind of weather

A mild rainy day. The sort where other Ricks spend the day inside playing games with their grandkids instead of dying and causing more work for him.

thoughts on their singing voice (decent? terrible? soprano? alto?)

He does not sing. Ever.

how/what they like to draw or doodle

Good at anatomical diagrams and drafting blueprints but not much of a creative doodler