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How inclined are you to write a POV of Jemma's flight post-inhuman meeting a.k.a some poor soul debriefs her about Fitz going M.I.A and/or post out-of-charts-dramatic-af reunion hug? :)))))

They have been lying in each other’s arms for almost five hours now, quietly exchanging stories in between tender kisses and touches as the base falls asleep and the sun goes down around them.

Fitz has been kissing her in places she didn’t even know could be kissed, his lips finding every curve and crevice that they can to leave their mark. It feels as if he is memorising her, creating a map out of her freckles that he can always use to find his way home.

In return, Jemma’s hands have been searching out every inch of his skin that she can touch, running her fingers up and down his sides and across the small of his back. She presses her palms flat against his chest to feel the thudding of his heart, beating out the silent promise that he would always, always come back to her.

It is this that reminds her, quite suddenly, that there is something she needs to say.

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When you’re genuinely conflicted because you want more badass female characters leading games but you really, REALLY were looking forward to seeing more of a badass with a Boston accent going on some grand adventure with a “goddamn” old man……

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oh god credence calling newt mum 😍😍😍😍

Credence is an cinnamon roll who needs to be protected at all cost and you know Newt would just take him under his wing and protect him and be a moma dragon around him

And I am pretty sure that as soon as Newt decides that he’ll be watching over Credence, the first time Credence wakes up from a nightmare, Newt would be right there hugging him and telling him that Mummy’s here, that he doesn’t need to be afraid, nothing is going to hurt him and once he’s calmed down  and about to fall back asleep, Credence would think that yes, that’s probably what it feels like to have a mum for real