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Imao you say bonenzo is toxic but you ship bamon? i mean you probably don't watch the show like most bamon shippers, but until enzo almost kills bonnie, literally kills her family, verbally abuses her, chokes her and deliberately triggers her ptsd (all things damon has done in cases you forgot! :)) bonenzo will NEVER be toxic. also don't call yourself a bonnie bennett stan if you support the racist, misogynist, ABUSIVE relationship that is bamon.

Dude, please settle down and let me ship what I want. But let me go through this anon of yours a state the facts, because as someone who watches the show and is a reasonable shipper, I should do that.

1. Damon almost kills Bonnie? Now this show is a fucking mess with these characters so bare with me on this. If you are talking about all the way back in season 1 when Damon bit Bonnie, let me remind you that Damon attacked Emily, he was pissed at Emily. That does not excuse the fact that he bit Bonnie but he sure as hell wasn’t trying to hurt/go after Bon herself.

2. Literally kills her family? If you are talking about when Damon turned Bonnie’s ‘mother’ into a vampire well let me just remind you that he had the choice between turning Bonnie or her mother. Either turn a 17 year old innocent girl into an immortal being and have her probably end up not transitioning anyway oooor hurt her feelings by turning her mother into a vampire who is 100% going to deal with it better.

If you are talking about Grams, you could blame that on Damon.. but Bonnie doesn’t, so why should you?

3. Verbally abuses her? Where? What show are you watching? If you take teasing and bickering as verbal abuse then please get your facts straight!

4. Chokes her? Now the only situation I can recall about him ‘choking her’ is when he returned from his endless cycle of hell and still believed to be in so called ‘hell’. The only way in the past that he awoke from that scene in his hell was by killing everyone. Damon thought that he had to do that again. Please re watch that scene and see the heartbreak in Damon’s eyes when he is hurting Bonnie. Also let me remind you that he saved Bonnie from that and was literally crying at the thought of her being dead. 

5. Deliberately triggers her ptsd? I think you are talking about when he brought Kai to see her and yeah that was a dick move and I can’t excuse that. That was fucking terrible of him to do. But he didn’t do that because he wanted to hurt her, he just did it because Damon is a selfish asshole.

6. “Don’t call yourself a Bonnie Bennett stan if you support the racist, misogynist, ABUSIVE relationship that is bamon.” WOW. That sentence made me laugh. Lets debunk what you said there because it was a lot!!

Racist:  a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.
Misogynist:  a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.
Abusive:  extremely offensive and insulting.

Are Bonnie and Damon any of the above? Nope!
Thanks for reevaluating everything I already know about my otp :)

Looking back, looking forward

As season six approaches, I wanted to take some time today to reflect on this space, what it means to me, and how I see it evolving in the future. I also want to offer gratitude to anyone who has ever read, sent in an ask, commented on a post, or offered advice. This blog would certainly not be what it is today without you. Thank you.

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That's so cool to hear!! Who are these artists you're talking about btw?

Rap Monster has already done a collab with Warren G. Wale has also expressed his interest in doing a collab with rapmon (which we might actually get). DJ Bonnics (wiz’ dj) also showed some interest in bts, but not necessarily as a collab. There have been other artists too, who’ve said they really liked bts. And also want to collab. 

I don’t remember all the names, I just know there is quite an interest in bts by western music artists. 

hey so i was tagged by @no-thankx to do this, thanks so much for tagging me!!

Rules: tag 9 people you want to get to know better.

1. How old are you? 16

2. What’s your current job? i work for a family friend letting her dog out a couple times a day while shes at work. I’m also still in school

3. What are you talented at? procrastinating haha but i dunno I’m a decent writer i guess?

4. What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)? i don’t really have any goals besides just being happy tbh

5. What’s your aesthetic? monochrome along with nature colors and blues. i don’t really know tbh aha 

6. Do you collect anything? i used to collect rocks but i don’t really anymore 

7. What’s a topic you always talk about? whatever tv show/book/movie/anything that is consuming my life at any given moment 

8. What’s a pet peeve of yours? closed minded people and people who are just super ignorant and irritating 

9. Good advice to give? happiness isn’t something you find or get from anyone else, its always inside you, you just have to summon it

10. What are three songs you’d recommend? ilysb (stripped) by many (the stripped version is 100% better than the original), nothin on my mind by astronomyy, and 247 by david correy

Im gonna tag some of my new mutuals @whattarush @smittenphilip @softesak @philukas @philkasserole @waldenbeck @unholysmoke @anidaia @hoebarnes and anyone else who wants to do this!!!

About Me Meme

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Relationship status: Celibate and not by choice

Favorite Color: Blue

Pets: None at the moment.  But if you want me to sob ask me to talk about my dog. 

Last song I listened to: Burn from Hamilton Mixtape

Favorite TV show: Parks and Recreation, honestly it’s the only consistent fave right now. 

First Fandom: 24

Hobbies: Writing, wasting time on the internet, spiralling. Oh, and yoga. 

Books that I’m currently reading: 11-22-63 by Stephen King

Favorite Book: That is an impossible question no doubt. 

Worst thing you’ve have ever eaten/tasted: Eeeek. I have no idea. I’m not the most adventurous eater, but I don’t know what would’ve been the worst. I do hate cantaloupe (edit: And eggplant)

Favorite place: Probably my couch when I’ve done everything I need to do for the day and can just be lazy. Also, walking around a big, buzzing city but keeping to myself and just taking it all in. 

tagging: @c00kie28 @ashishorny @nutriyumaddict @merger-she-wrote @benwyattforcongress

i was tagged by @wvldenshea :) thank you for tagging me!!

Rules: tag 9 people you want to get to know better.

1. How old are you? 


2. What’s your current job? 

i don’t have a job right now since i try to prioritize school!

3. What are you talented at?

i’m not the best at these but i really love to do makeup and draw/paint

4. What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)? 

i really want to be successful and happy with my life when i’m older. i also want to get into a good college

5. What’s your aesthetic?

whites and greys with bright pops of color

6. Do you collect anything? 

i guess i could say that i collect magazines? i have dozens just laying around 

7. What’s a topic you always talk about?

i normally talk about tv shows or music, and i also tend to talk about the future quite often

8. What’s a pet peeve of yours?

when people rudely interrupt a conversation, or when people smack their gum

9. Good advice to give? 

don’t give a damn about what everyone else does and do whatever makes you happy!!

10. What are three songs you’d recommend? 

- glory by bastille

- crystallized by young the giant

- mother earth by banks

i tag all my new mutuals @imsabastianstan @lamelagoons @issyyaki @isaksvcltersen @harryeven @valtersns @deanismysavior @niallsvinyls @girlslovefeminists and anyone else who wants to do it! :) 

when i was like 14, i once wore contact lenses instead of glasses to school bc i had just learned how to put them on and i wanted to show them to my friends right, and this one guy goes and tells me “i thought girls were supposed to become beautiful when they stopped wearing glasses. something obviously went wrong with you” and that was??? so incredibly rude i wanted to cry but i just stood there not knowing what to say bc i honestly thought we were friends

but the girl sitting in front of him (who was also his crush, mind u) hears him and turns around with the most disgusted expression on her face, and calls him out on it like “omg i cant believe you said that have you even seen yourself in a mirror you have no right to tell her shit” and then she turns to me and says “dont listen to him, you look gorgeous with or without glasses” and she probably already forgot about that but i always remember it whenever i feel self-conscious about myself

so the moral of the story is: if u see someone being a jerk to someone else, dont laugh along and call them out on it. stick together and bring all the fuckboys down


Hey guys!

So our UK tour is about to start in Glasgow and we’re incredibly excited as I’m sure you all are too, but there’s something really important to us that we want to talk about!

Please do not take any photos or videos of the show!

This is for a few reasons:

1) We are professionally recording the tour - You don’t have to worry about capturing what happens for the people who couldn’t come see it in person, because we are recording it all ourselves in a super awesome way and we will make it available to the internet in the future!

2) We want you to enjoy it - We don’t want people watching the show through their cameras the whole time, we want you to experience it with your eyes and really be there in the moment with us! Also it’s a proper sat down theatrical show, not like a concert or a convention so loads of flashes and notification bleeps would be annoying for people sat next to you.

3) No spoilers! - We’ve planned some epic surprises for the show and we want everyone to experience it for themselves, not just read about what happens online. As we’ve created something really amazing for this tour we probably want to take the same show around the world, so everyone should get a chance to see it for the first time with no spoilers for maximum enjoyment!

Also (kind of important this one) most of the venues strictly don’t allow any video or photos and they’ll have staff looking out for people during the show, so please don’t risk it as we don’t want anyone kicked out!

We hope you guys understand and agree with us. Please show/tell everyone you know coming to our tour about this so we can save the surprise! ^_^

We absolutely can’t wait to start this after working on it for so long, so get ready everyone! It’s going to be amazing. And not on fire (sorry). And don’t worry people around the world and on the internet, we’ve got you covered.

If you haven’t seen yet, here’s how you can get involved with the show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EAY3V4f_jA

And we have the final (very very) few UK tickets left here if you still want to come: http://www.danandphilbook.com Thanks!

- Phil and Dan

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I saw your comment about a crossbow being "difficult and fickle". Obviously you have no clue. I've used crossbows since I was 12, anyone, male or female, with practice can cock and load a crossbow in less than a minute. Also it's very acurate and more reliable than a firearm. I teach crossbow use and she's right, a crossbow makes a good home defense weapon, especially for those who can't own a firearm. You might want learn facts on something before making a comment showing your ignorance.

What are you talking about.

@ all the Pearl hate (spoilers)

So i’m already seeing Pearl hate in like every Steven Universe tag, and i feel like this perfectly represents tumblr’s obnoxious habit of jumping to rash conclusions. 

First of all, yes. What Pearl said/did to Greg in this episode was wrong. And the episode at no point acts like she was right. But believe it or not, characters can have flaws. Characters can do bad things. And these characters can still be good people - that’s what makes Steven Universe so great in the first place. These characters are dynamic. They’re very realistic. And what Pearl did is something real people do all the time - they act upon their jealousy. I’m sure almost everyone has felt like Pearl did at some point in their life, and wanted to do something about it, too.

Also, people seem to forget that Pearl and Greg seem to get along rather well in the present day of the show?????

Obviously something changed. I think we should be getting excited over the idea of learning how their relationship developed rather than deciding Pearl is the devil for having jealousy issues at some point in the past.

Tips for working with foam!

So for cosplay, one thing commonly used to make armor, weapons, etc. is foam sheets like these ones (usually find these at the hardware store)

or thin craft foam like these (easy to find at almost any craft store)

now i realize we talk about these a lot and that it’s pretty common knowledge to cosplayers around the world that this stuff is great but hey i figured i’d show you exactly what i’m talking about

ANYWAY here are some easy tricks that it took us a while to figure out when using foam for cosplay crafting


(this one here is a regular craft one but you can also buy the ones that are more industrial power tools)

these are great for working with foam for a few reasons. first, they gently melt the top layer of the foam to make it less absorbent and less textured (it melts all the little teeny bubbles in the foam, making it smooth). this is important for if you want to paint your foam and/or make it look metallic. second, it also works great for bending foam and having it keep its shape. if you run your heat gun over it for a bit and then hold it in a specific shape until it cools down it will hold the new shape but still be malleable (this works especially well with regular thin craft foam; the thicker you go the more times you have to repeat the process to get it to stick.


we’ve found it SUPER useful to use our bench grinder

and a handheld dremmel tool with a sanding tip like this

these are a great way to smooth edges and shape foam. box cutters and x-acto knives tend to leave a really rough edge so to clean that up you hit it with either of these to smooth it out and shape it (**or round edges**). the dremmel also was great for helping weather things by grinding and denting it.


this stuff works great to give your foam a smooth, hard surface. it makes the foam less squishy and gives it that authentic metallic texture. AND its a great way to prime pieces for the real paint (especially if you’re using colored foam).

edit: also this plasti dip stuff helps a lot to keep your pieces more resilient. this way when your wearing/using them, and you knock into something, it wont dent as easily.

And the great thing is all of these (excluding the bench grinder and besides a dremmel works just as well it’s just smaller) can be found at a local craft or hardware store no problem so enjoy your beautiful creations :)

you don't have to say ‘i love you’ to say ‘i love you’

instead, you could say….

  • there’s nothing to be ashamed of
  • it was really nice getting to know you. you seem…sympathetic
  • take what you need
  • you okay?
  • i think you’ve exerted yourself enough for one day
  • to us
  • i wanted to see you again
  • you’ve unlocked something in me
  • i-i wish i could- i just- i don’t know…
  • i understand
  • [you’re] quite magical
  • do what’s in your heart
  • may i? free of charge
  • if anything were to happen to you…
  • i thought i’d see how you were doing
  • i meant to thank you for your advice
  • i get it. you’re part of a “don’t ask, don’t tell” culture. i’m fine with it
  • so you get it?
  • you’ll be lonely all your life and so will she. neither of you deserve it. and i don’t either
  • i don’t know what to do with these… you keep them for me
  • what about love? even shadowhunters fall in love
  • you’re confusing me
  • confusion is part of it, that’s how you find out if something’s there
  • emotions are never black and white; they’re more like symptoms. you lose your breath every time they enter a room, your heart beats faster when they walk by, your skin tingles when you stand close enough to feel their breath
  • i know you feel what i feel
  • even if i did feel something for you…
  • [i thought “if i just follow the rules, everything’s gonna be fine”. and then you came along and pushed me off that path]
  • i’ll leave if [you] ask me to
  • i can’t breathe
  • you never cease to amaze me
  • i have to hand it to you, you certainly know how to make a statement
  • love? what? no… it’s-it’s eh… sort of a different- it’s not…
  • we still haven’t gone on our first date yet
  • you wanna… i don’t know, get a drink sometime?
  • i plan to get to know [you]
  • you watch the people you care about age and die
  • when things get crazy, don’t push me away

I want to wish everyone who has upcoming exams all the best ✨ I know it’s a very stressful time but it’s also the time for us to harvest what we’ve sown. I hope all the effort we’ve made throughout the years will show and that we’re one step closer to our goals 🐝 Remember that I love you and I will be here if you ever want someone to talk to, about the good stuff and the bad! Please take care of yourselves 🌹


“One of the great things is that the relationship that Sherlock and Watson have, it’s such a strong bond that I can only imagine that the relationship that you and Martin have off-screen it has to be just as similar, is that right?” Ben talks about Martin and how much they love doing the show ♥ x

Gravity Falls -Theme - ‘Trust No One’ Vs ‘Trust Me’

I might have missed posts about this but I wanted to talk about the ‘Trust No One’ message in Journal 3. When Dipper finds the Journal, this is the first piece of advice he gets from it and from episode 1 the audience is shown that the journal is wrong. The mindset only isolates Dipper and makes him paranoid. The Last Mabelcorn is solid proof of it. The show flat out shows you that trusting no one will only cause—well the apocalypse ahaha. However, what I really want to mention is how relatable the ‘Trust No One’ phrase is and how it relates to Stanford’s character and the ongoing theme of trust. Having your trust broken hurts and I love how gradual and believable Stanford’s breakdown of trusting people was. It wasn’t just about Bill and the portal. It was also about life in general and how unfair it can be, regardless of how right or wrong his views were at the time. 

The  Author wrote one of the most quoted Gravity Falls lines and he might have  justified himself by both small and big events in his life (from what was shown in the cartoon). From Ford’s perspective, he could have thought:

I ‘Trust No One’

…because it’s part of the family business.

I ‘Trust No One’

…because being different makes me a target for people who will never accept me.

I ‘Trust No One’

…because one mistake, cost me my best friend…and brother.

I ‘Trust No One’

…because some people are hard to impress.

I ‘Trust No One’

…because I don’t need anybody’s help.

I ‘Trust No One’

…because I thought he was my friend.

I ‘Trust No One’

…because I’ve been alone for a long time.

I ‘Trust No One’

…because—While I’ve been gone; who else is left to trust?

What I love even more was how the other characters (this post will focus on Mabel, Dipper, Stan and Fiddleford) showed how they destroyed the ‘’Trust No One’ theme and turned it into a “Trust Me” theme; not just by words but by action. They showed exactly why they deserved to be trusted.

All Ford had to do was reach out to them. (I promise the second part is less depressing and more happy..many more pictures under the cut.I couldn’t resist.)

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Chris Sanders “One of the other things I like about this sequence is how much it shows off Astrid and her acting. She’s a character I don’t think we talk enough about, and I think she came out so… just so beautifully, you know. She’s a strong character, a smart character. Of all the kids, of all the teenagers, we decided that she would be the most capable and the most serious about what she’s doing. I think the other ones are not quite as serious about this whole thing, but she’s deadly serious.”

“We even had a little back-story that we wrote a long time ago that explained most of the kids’ position, but she had this seriousness from being a little girl. All she wanted to do was this whole dragon fighting thing.”

Dean Deblois “She’s also the toughest nut to crack because the cast of teenagers are meant to mirror the older generation, in that, they’re doing everything that is expected of them and they’re going to carry on this belief that dragons need to be slaughtered. And the battle continues, and she’s at the forefront of all that. She believes it wholeheartedly.”

“So the fact that she becomes the first to turn when taken up on Toothless and shown a different side of dragons is indicative of… that change is possible.”


TOP: Forever21 SKIRT: Garage SHOES: Target HAT: Forever21 JEWELRY: Rocksbox

Pretty much everybody has been talking about it, but if you haven’t heard of Rocksbox get your head of the sand and check it out! Renting designer jewelry for nearly half the retail price? Amazing. Unlimited access, and when you want some new pieces just ship the old ones back! Rocksbox also provides an awesome stylists to help pick out pieces based on your preferred styles and choices! I’m happy to say Kathy N. did a bang up job for me.

I’m wearing the Wanderlust+Co Rose gold ring and the Loren Hope Sarra Cuff! Add a tan leather crossbody bag and I think my semi-hippie look is finished.

I can’t wait to show you guys the necklace they sent me as well as the other pieces I’ll get to show off for the next 2 months! 

Oh, and I can’t forget this, but the best part is I get to do you guys a solid. Use the code randibutlerxoxo which gets you 1 month of free Rocksbox to try out!! 


lets talk about the “we are a good team” scene!

now, i know this moment in the show has already been talked about and analyzed a lot already, but i just want to point some things out that i really like about this scene and talk about some character speculation. 

More under the cut

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161112 BTS 3rd MUSTER Day 1 - Jimin Ment

Taehyungie had a really difficult time, but he still got through it. So everyone, I hope you can support him even more. 

Ah, Taehyung is making it hard for me to talk. 

Everyone, it’s been a long time right? You all cried~ You miss us right? We really really really miss you guys too. 

We came to see you through this fanmeeting today. I was so nervous about the fanmeeting since ARMYs all looked forward to it. There are also a lot of songs performed here for the first time, so I was nervous. 

And above all, we really wanted to show you guys the performance of“2! 3!” from this album. I listen to “2! 3!” a lot. If you hear “2! 3!”, you’d be moved to tears. It contains everything we wanted to say to you guys, so it’s really touching. 

What I want to say to you today is… 

I’m not crying~ 

Instead of smiling to show that I’m okay, I’m smiling because I feel really happy. I hope everyone would be full of such things too. I hope you’ll all be happy.

Thank you for coming all the way here, I love you.

Boycott the look-alike Miraculous Ladybug idea

 Usually things like this don’t bother me, but please listen to how wrong this is. 

So recently I’ve been seeing this advertisement:

If you do see this, please take note that what they are doing is wrong because it is not just a look alike contest, it also talks about getting a live action movie/series and casting it completely wrong.

They complete ignore the ethnic diversity that is in the show and whoever wrote this article does not understand their own ignorance and disregard for other cultures.

If you don’t believe me just read what they have to say about Alya and Nino:

They don’t look similar to the characters and not only that, they chose the look alikes because they are popular and only need to alter one aspect of themselves like red tip-dye and and red hat. According to Hawkdaddy Alya’s last name is Césaire, which implies she is of Haitian or Martinique descent, and considering they are an ethnic group that doesn’t get much representation in media, it is important. Haitians and people from Martinique have a vast and rich culture that isn’t really explored in media and its important to show diversity to allow kids to be less ignorant and more understanding of different cultures.

But personally, the most offensive thing of all was Marinette’s lookalike:

Did you see that? They ignored Marinette’s mixed background of Chinese and French in favor of a girl who just has blue eyes and can put a little hair dye or a wig ands fix that right up. 

Saying that just making her hair black will make her fit the category of a Chinese-French girl infuriates me so much. Why? Because you can’t fit an actress or actor into a role because they can sing/look good. If you have a character that represents a mixed culture, you should cast someone that properly represents them to display a sense of understanding of different cultures coming together and working along side one another. Not just settle for famous actors popular in today’s time. Its a good thing that we have Marinette, Alya, and Nino in the show so that way kids who have similar backgrounds can look up to them. Growing up, I wondered why I barely got to see any Asians, specifically people of my culture not be shown in media. Many Asians feel like they are stereotyped in today’s social media and have no representation in movies/television shows, and its not right to ignore them in favor of someone famous. We have to let diversified cultures into our life because we should treat them as a culture, not a costume. Especially with something as important as casting.

Would it be okay to cast a non-Chinese actor to play as the live action character of Jake Long from American Dragon: Jake Long? Would it be okay to cast people with no Latino background to play as Maya or Miguel? Or is it okay to give a blonde woman dreads or curly hair and a tan to say she can act as an African American woman? No. 

Now take into consideration that cosplaying someone of a different culture is fine and you are allowed to have fun with whoever you want to be, but please don’t think it is ok to ignore ethnicities in favor of what is popular.

Please, if we ever get the chance to have a live action movie or series of Miraculous Ladybug, don’t ignore the ethnic backgrounds of characters. I’m not saying Alya, Nino, or Marinette represent their cultures as a whole, but I am saying that we need to allow diversity in casting and on social media so we don’t end up as ignorant as the person who wrote this article.