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So I really don’t know how this happened so quickly because I’ve only been umma-jr for a very short time, but it’s time for my first follow forever to celebrate 1k+ followers! ^^ I’m so incredibly happy and thankful for all the love that I received. All of my followers are amazing and I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! <3 Everyone has been wonderful and sweet to me, and I couldn’t be more thankful T^T <3

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Thank you so much everyone *cries*

So much love,

wow, okay, so i don’t even know where to begin here – but first & foremost ( prepare yourself for a lot of mushy stuff because i am a huge sap ), thank you. all of you. i’ve had an absolute blast writing with you guys for the few months that i’ve been here, & it’s just… been an awesome experience. i’ve had the privilege to interact with some truly incredible writers, i’ve met great people, & i’ve made amazing friends. i haven’t even been that active lately because of school, but you’re all still here & that’s just?? super crazy tbh.

harry is, by far, the most wonderful character that i’ve ever roleplayed, & i thank you all so much for allowing me the chance to write him. he’s very dear to my heart, so to have so many of you following me & wanting to write with me & actually enjoying my portrayal of him – it means a lot. it really does. i may not write or talk with all of you ( i would if i could ! ), but the sentiment still remains that you’re all so very wonderful. & before i end this, let me say it one more time – thank you. ♥

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May 28th, 2014 was the day that this blog was created. It’s officially been a year! I can’t believe it. You all are the absolute best! Thanks for accompanying me on this journey so far. I’m grateful for the past year and all of the years to come!

To celebrate, I decided to do a relatively small follow forever. I know that I always feel honored whenever I’m in someone’s follow forever, so I decided to honor some of you! Here are some of the blogs that I’ve noticed particularly and been drawn to in the last year.

#-c | -intheround, 82958, adoringjackson, alcapxne, annie-is-not-okay-ok, aproudmoonwalker, baderahaven, badlydangerous, badstreetwalker, behindthe-mask, beyondtheplanetsandthestars, blood58, bluemoonwalker, captaineosgirl, captaineostyle, cherrycherryshamone, cutemjj

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x-z | xmichaeljacksonx, you-arethere, you-rockmyworld, you-will-always-bein-my-heart, youarenotalone-and-staystrong

Honorable Mentions:

admiringmichael - Hi, haha! Well, you’re always in my newsfeed, which I really appreciate. I can see that you take a strong liking in my blog. I love your blog as well! It’s always so neat and crisp and just looks so good! Never stop doing what you do. <3

bad-era-obsession - Oh, how do I even start? Lillian, your blog is just…ugh. It’s so amazing. I have to check your blog at least once a day or else I’ll get anxiety. You’re basically my largest tumblr inspiration. Plus, you’re an absolutely amazing artist and you’re hilarious! Your tags are very relatable, may I say. I just wanted to thank you for being you and having an amazing blog for me to look forward to every day. I’ll love you and your blog endlessly! <3

heretochangetheworld - Laura, I know we haven’t been able to talk much lately, but I just wanted to let you know how kind you are. You’re just such a sweet and genuine person. Your nice actions on tumblr always make me smile. Never ever stop being the kind and sweet person that you are. <3

iconicmichael - Steph…oh gosh, how to start? Your blog was the first one I fell in love with. I admired you so much that it was almost ridiculous! I remember being scared to ask you for a gifset of “You Rock My World”, and when I finally did it, you made it and did an amazing job. Plus, you were extremely kind to me. Now we’ve gotten closer and I’m so happy that we have. I love you lots! <3

lolassh - I know you in real life and you suck. Just kidding I LOVE YOU ASHLEY! Thanks for being an amazing friend. <3

loveless-ocean - Goodness, Char, I could write an entire book right now. Your support and love for me has been endless and I’m so grateful for that. After four years of knowing you, I’m absolutely sure that you’d do anything for me. You’re the one that picked me back up when I was ready to give up. Thank you for everything, you know how much I love and appreciate you, so I’ll try to keep this brief, haha. <3

mademoisellexdaymoonxstarnight - Nancy, you’re such a kind person. I look forward to talking to you each day. You always hear me out when I’m going through a difficult time and I’m glad that I can return the favor for you. Thank you for always being there when I need you and for being an extremely amazing friend! <3

michaeljacksonfamily - This will be pretty brief, but I just wanted to let you know how amazing your blog is to me. Your pictures are so amazing and I love looking through all of them. Whenever I see them I’m just so amazed. Keep up the hard work, you’re doing amazing! <3

michaeljacksonsdick - Paige…where do I start? We started talking not too long ago, but you’re already one of my closet tumblr friends. You’re soooooo funny, I can barely stand it! From your tags to your posts, you’re just hilarious. I love your blog to death and I’m glad that we started talking. I hope we get to talk more and know each other even better.  I love you lots! <3

michaelslaysall - Tanieya, you’re also hilarious! You always crack me up. Your blog is flawless, too. You were one of the first people I ever talked to on tumblr, and I’m glad that I did. You’re such a kind person and you’re easy to get along with! Thanks for helping to make this first year on tumblr so amazing. I love you! <3

mjkingofmyheartshamone - I really enjoy talking to you! You’re so very kind and always listen to what I have to say. Continue to be the extremely sweet person that you are, no matter what. Remember, if you ever need me, I’m right here. I love you. <3

mjslays - Girl, you are another one of the kindest blogs I’ve encountered on here! Whenever I post things - whether it’s Michael related or personal - you’re always the first to leave a reply and like it. That never goes unnoticed. Plus, your blog is absolutely amazing and stunning. Keep up your hard work, it’s paying off! I love and appreciate you endlessly. <3

moonwalkeruntilmydeath - Jane, you were one of my first real tumblr friends. You reached out to me and talked to me all the time. Although we haven’t had the opportunity to talk much lately, I’ll always be grateful for the talks we’ve had in the past. You’re extremely kind and sweet and just an all-around great person. Always continue to be the amazing person that you are. I love you! <3

smoothbutnotacriminal - Oh, Nat, my dear Nat…where to even begin? I honestly don’t even know what to say. I’m soooo blessed to have you as a close friend in my life. You’ve always been there for me when I needed you and you’ve always been one of my number one supporters. I’m more than happy to return the favor of helping you. I can’t express all of my feelings through words, and if I tried, it’d probably be the longest book in history. You’re just such an amazing and kind person, plus your blog is the best. I love you endlessly, thanks for being such an amazing friend! <3

Wow, that was long, haha! Anyways, just thank you everyone for everything you’ve done for me and my blog in the past year, whether it’s been a single like or a follow. You all mean the world to me and you’ve helped to brighten my days extremely. Thanks for making this first year so great and memorable!

With much love,


I am loving high carb low fat. I’m eating more and feeling better than ever before. However, a lesson learnt in my adventure so far: low fat doesn’t mean NO FAT. Yes, I still eat peanut butter. This morning I ate almost half a jar of it (mindless spoonfuls from the jar waiting for these pancakes to finish being made, and then more on my pancakes) and now I feel sick and a bit sorry for myself. Until I remembered… Sometimes you just eat more fats than normal and it’s okay!!! It’s okay to eat, whatever it is. And my body is going to take care of itself. And it’s all fine. And it was delicious. And just because I’m HCLF doesn’t mean I can’t eat half a jar of peanut butter sometimes. Balance is key, moderation is key but restriction is not part of the game. End mini morning relevant rant/ just hoping that this is what someone needs to hear right now and that I can help in some way.


Y/N: Guys! GUYS! Stop it! Come on, you’re acting like children.

Cas: I doubt a child would know how to use a gun or demon knife, Y/n…

Y/n: no, Cas I just–

Crowley: She meant your acting just like the immature baby in a trench coat that you are.

Sam: She meant you too

Cas: Don’t forget about yourself, pretty boy.

Y/n: *head falling in hands* Oh my gosh….

yea I know I just had one but this is really cute and I want something to do on study breaks during the weekend:)

Send me:  [bg color] + [character name] + [item or mood ex:flowers,sad,love,tattoos] and I’ll make you an icon. I’m gonna do at minimum of 5 icons during the weekend :)

Any characters I’m familiar with, no OC’s unless we’re mutuals, and please credit me if you end up using it  <3

“Good evening, Daniel”  Harry smiles at him and Eggsy swears his son’s face matches his own, mouth hanging open and eyes wide in surprise.  “Since your father is absolutely – is bad at introductions, it appears we shall have to handle this ourselves.”  He holds out his left hand, palm up and open, and Daniel eyes him suspiciously for a moment.  “Harry Hart.”

While Eggsy holds his breath, Daniel slowly reaches for Harry’s index finger, pulls it to his mouth, and proceeds to gnaw on him.

“Oh my god.”  Eggsy only has a split second to be mortified before the sound of Harry’s laughter has him doing an emotional about face and he shuts his mouth, watching the two on the floor with rapt attention and a flutter in his stomach.

“Pleasure is all mine, I assure you.”  Around Harry’s knuckle, Daniel grins and makes an excited noise to which Harry responds with an even brighter smile.  “My, there are a lot of teeth coming in there.  No wonder your father looks like he hasn’t slept in days.”

I ordered a pack of high quality poly bags for my cels. I forgot all about them until they arrived just now. My afternoon has become rebagging all of my cels (one per layer where I can, separate bags for douga or production sheets, all very nice). Organization, always good for losing myself, with the added benefit of letting me enjoy my cel collection. I’ll take it.

I’ve been bouncing games a lot, but one that’s doing well for me at the moment is Chroma Squad. It’s a new release that we Kickstarted a couple years ago, a tactical RPG where you create a sentai team and guide them through starting their own studio, shooting episodes, etc. I’m positive I don’t need to tell you the basis for my five-person team. I’m not up for really selling the game at the moment (though I will say that I’m enjoying it pretty well, despite the poor selection of female hero options), so someone remind me to talk about them more later. I will say, however, that it appears the current storyline has my character in the Leader position letting the fame go to her head and demanding more focus and screentime. So guess who my leader is and how perfect all that is playing out right now.


Okay I wasn’t gunna fucking post this on here, but I literally feel like I need to. I just need to. I keep thinking about it ,and I’ve listened to it a few times and I really think people just need to hear this.

Basically this is just me telling you all my experiences with online bullying and abuse, I kept a lot of it pretty vague and left out a lot of the things. Anyways, I hope someone finds this helpful or in the very least insightful.

If you don’t like hearing curse words, don’t listen.


Shiromuras I’ve commissioned, bc…. nerd duo otp…..


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2. whowink
3. ah-bao (this one’s old!)
4. pryce14

Okay so I am really shocked there are so many of you already? I’m so glad that you all seem interested in my flirt little button of a muse I just—— I love you all so SO much just thank you for following<3

Below is a very small bias list of those of you I’ve enjoyed rping with/love to see on my dash/admire from afar/JUST LOVE IN GENERAL:

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