best of boo seungkwan ♡
happy birthday, precious boo!
thank you for always being able to show the best sides of seventeen. your vocal abilities and sheer enthusiasm are so admirable and seventeen wouldn’t be the same without you. you’re sweet, kind, funny, outgoing and so incredibly talented; thank you for sharing that with us. we love you so much ♡


happy birthday to our lovely baby, seungkwan #LovelyBOODay #부승관_쇵일축하_허염쩌
you have always shown your happy, funny, and positive side which is extremely hard to do. i’m really so proud of you for coming this far with your training and debut. thank you for your existence and your amazing voice, humor, kindness, perseverance, and effort. keep up the great work and we carats will always be by your side no matter how rough life gets. happy birthday bud! we love you!!

Happy Birthday to our Diva Seungkwan🎉💕


“Low Quality?! Low quality?!!!….. iM tHe BeST QuALIty!”

-Boo Seungkwan


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I like doing my scenes with you the most. Do ya? I like doing my scenes with you the most!

Happy New Year, @honeylavendertea!  🌠

happy birthday boo♡
#LovelyBOODay #부승관_쇵일축하_허염쩌