Happy Birthday to BIGBANG’s sweet vocal DONG YOUNGBAE aka TAEYANG! Your undying passion, love and sincerity is so evident in the way you dance and sing on stage, and it inspires me every single day. Thank you for always believing in yourself and never giving up. You’ve really MADE it. I’m forever proud of your achievements and here’s for years to come with amazing music from you :)



Happy birthday, Park Chanyeol,

Thank you for always working hard and for making me so so so so happy in the past 3 years, for always working hard to be the best for your fans, for always smiling through hard times and showing a strong image for us so we don’t worry about you.

To Chanyeol, who never fails to make me smile, happy birthday, my lovely giant. Please always be happy.

i wish you all the best and i will keep loving and supporting you for the next 3, 5, 10, 100 years.

My heart is here. And what does it matter where I live if my heart is in the right place?

CS AU: Jane Austen’s Emma Crossover 

(Happy birthday, @captainhand!)

Emma stood there, frozen and stunned. She had not heard him correctly, surely.

This could only be some sort of sinister dream her traitorous subconscious had produced to deepen her torment– the torment of being torn between two worlds, her family and her future.

For she had not allowed herself to entertain the thought that he would give up his world for hers, it was too much to comprehend. To hope for.

Was it not?

Yet, she knew this man. Her friend. Her Killian. She knew that he never gave her anything but his honesty. Which meant he really would give up the only home he’d ever known to be with her, to secure her happiness.

And it was everything.

things i want louis to get for his birthday

  • a cute lil pair of glasses
  • this sweater and this sweater and maybe this sweater too
  • a baby
  • someone to constantly give him hugs 
  • a tropical vacation 
  • a letter a day that explains in detail why he’s so wonderful
  • a cameo in the second avengers movie
  • anything and everything he’s ever wanted