but Cas just gives me so many feels

please cheer up

Okay but you know what I really want?

I want Dean to grab Cas look him in the eyes and say “I need you.”

And I want Cas to answer “But I’m useless…”

And I want Dean to say this in return: “Cas, look at me. I don’t need your healing mojo or your wings. I don’t need you to fix my problems or help me save the world. I need you. I need you to be okay, to stay with us. I don’t need you to be “useful,” you are not a tool. You are my family and I need you.”

And then Cas finally get’s it. That every time Dean said that he needed him he didn’t mean that he needed his help, he meant that he needed him.

  • Natasha
  • Henry Jackman
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier (OST)

Romanogers Appreciation Month - Fanmix

Well, this isn’t a fanmix, but it is music-related. I wanted to talk about Natasha’s theme from CA:TWS because it gives me so many Romanogers feels. 

Parts of the other pieces belong to her, of course, but the one song that’s just hers isn’t badass action Natasha or levity/teasing Natasha, it’s a slow piece for a serious character moment. It’s what plays during the “I owe you” scene. And the film doesn’t reduce Natasha to her relationship with Steve and I’m not trying to do that either but *her* song is the one from that scene and just their relationship is so important and jifjdkljfkdl.

It could have been a theme for them fighting together as teammates or just her kicking ass but no it’s this really quiet but moving music from this scene about their friendship and trusting each other and jkflajklfjdslkj.

And as for the music itself, it’s so perfect. Because it’s sort of confused and discouraged, which suits what’s going on in their thoughts, but then it’s also so beautiful and it’s like it’s trying to dig deeper at something that’s there. Idk it just reminds me of their relationship. Like there’s something there and they’re sort of reaching around in the dark for it, and then when they touch it and begin to feel what it is they’re not sure if it’s something they should have.

Seriously, if you write poetry on tumblr give yourself some massive credit for that cause everyone on here is so talented??? and it take guts to put yourself out there so congrats cause I think your work is inCREDIBLE??? the amount of talent on this website is overwhelmingly awesome so if you’re feeling a bit unsure of yourself take this as a reminder that you are awesome purely for even writing it, let alone posting it, cause you are! 

Ahhh I just love! poetry! so much!