but Cas just gives me so many feels

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I have a weakness for those moments when Cas is panicking over things he doesn't understand and he turns to Dean for guidance. Like when his "date" turned into a babysitting gig...Dean is super sweet and encouraging, calming him and helping him with clothes and pointers, and later talking him through what to do with a sick baby. Or the voicemail ("the voice says I'm almost out of minutes!"). Cas rarely shows fear, but he lets his uncertainty show when it's with Dean.

Oh my God. The scene with Cas thinking it was a date then being wrong tugged at my heartstrings in the BIGGEST way. And, it was so telling that Dean was the one that was there for him in that moment. Gah, I love this. Our sweet human!cas is bumbling and beautiful, and even if we’ve seen him shove a bullet through another angel’s eye and literally take on the forces of hell, he is the softest, purest thing in the world. And, I love the moments when Dean is so gentle with him. Like, give me more soft!cas and gentle!dean. I need it.

Tell me your favorite Destiel moment in ANY season!

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hi! first off, i love your blog! your style and creations are just so inspiring!! i completely understand if you ignore this message/say no, but i was wondering if you would be interested in taking requests? especially for houses and those sorts of things! thank you so much, lovely - keep being awesome <3

Oml thank you so much :3 Your blog has been recommended to me several times, I’m digging it ♥ and for future reference here is my faq- conveniently lot requests are the only kind of requests I take! I would do CAS requests but to be honest I don’t always enjoy doing them, and then that really stifles my motivation because I only ever make stuff if I need it. 

So yeah totally, if you want something built just spam me with photos, or give me like a general idea or something! Tell me how many bedrooms and stuf like that. I like to build from reference and without ;> Also lil tidbit: I don’t do private downloads, bc I know those feels when someone posts an amazing thing and then it’s like “private download”- always breaks my heart, so any lot request I get will be public download ;> And thank you being so nice, what a sweetpea you are ‘u’ ♥♥♥

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Top 5 Sastiel moments?? xc

Okay, Anon. This was much more of a challenge than I thought it would be. I had a whole list planned out when I started this response and then I kept thinking of more moments and it turns out I’m really super emotional about this ship??? I love all of the quiet, casual moments of interaction we get between them. These are two people who genuinely understand and get each other, in the end.
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1. “Nothing is worth losing you” - First Born (9.11)
Castiel: “Well, whatever Grace was inside you is gone now. What’s left of Gadreel is in here. We’ll just have to try the spell with what we have.”
Sam: “Damn it.”
Castiel: “Sam, I want Gadreel to pay as much as you do. But nothing is worth losing you.”

Always and forever my top Sastiel moment. This was the episode that took me from casual “This is kind of cute” onlooker to “THIS IS THE MOST ADORABLE THING” shipper. For the first time in way, way too many episodes seasons someone finally told Sam how important he was. It wasn’t someone telling Sam that they needed him or that his life was important to them. It was Castiel telling Sam, to his face, that his existence was worth everything. And, again for the first time in a long time, we see someone - Cas - understand Sam and relate to how he feels. Sam seems to get shunted to the background so often in these more recent seasons, so to see Castiel tell him how important and valued he is just for being gives me a massive case of the warm and fuzzies.
And then we get that adorable scene of Sam and Cas hugging at the end of the episode and I can forget for a little while how much I disliked this season. Also, the bonding over peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

2. The unabashed flirting in Holy Terror (9.09)
Castiel: “It is so good being together again.  You know, this is my first beer as a human.  I hope it’s okay, me joining you?”
Sam: “Why wouldn’t it be okay?”

These giant fucking nerds and their casual flirting. Cas is so pleased to be acting like a real hunter and Sam just thinks it’s the best damn thing ever and they both keep giving each other these ridiculously dopey smiles and Dean’s just being dragged along for the ride. Plus there’s that whole “Agent.” “Agent.” exchange that’s just so adorable that it makes me weak.
It’s the kind of casual interaction between Cas and Sam that I so long for all the time on this show and it’s the most adorable damn thing ever before the entire episode goes to shit.

3. Boyfriend Road Trip - Inside Man (10.17)
Castiel: “So you will answer our questions, or Sam will, um … What’s the phrase?  Blow your fricking brains out.  It’s called leverage, Metatron.”
Sam: “Learn it, live it, love it.  How do we get rid of the Mark?”

This episode was such a gift. An entire episode focused almost entirely on Sam and Cas road tripping their way through a heavenly crime spree of angelic kidnapping. It’s the stuff AU dreams are made of to be honest. Sure, their ultimate goal is to find a way to help Dean, but. Castiel listens intently to Sam’s research. Cas tries to show off and impress Sam by busting down the door to the psychic’s house. SEANCE HAND HOLDING. Working together to scare the everloving shit out of Metatron because they are intimidating, dorky, adorable, ruthless boyfriends who just happily road trip cross country with each other.

4. Cas choosing Sam over everything in The Song Remains the Same (5.13)
Castiel: “The answer’s still no. Because Sam is my friend.”
Anna: “You’ve changed.”
Castiel: “Maybe too late, but I have. Anna, we’ve been through much together, but you come near Sam Winchester and I’ll kill you.”

Oh, you know, just the moment where Castiel chooses Sam over the entire damn world. Anna offers up an opportunity to prevent the apocalypse and stop Lucifer - and Cas tells her they’ll find another way. Like, Anna - one of Castiel’s friends and superiors - literally proposes a solution where Sam’s death alone could save the entire world, and Cas says no to her. Because Sam is his friend. He chooses to go against Anna and heaven and the entire world for Sam Winchester.
Honestly, what makes this moment so remarkable to me is that it’s the first time I really saw a clear indication of how much Sam meant to Cas. Before, it felt like all of their interactions were through a Dean lens of sorts where everything about them revolved around Dean’s role in their lives and preventing the apocalypse and then we get to this episode and… Gah. Cas chooses Sam’s life over saving the world.

5. Netflix and Cas just casually hanging in Sam’s bed for weeks (11.04)
Sam: “Your job is to relax. Read a book, watch some Netflix.”
Castiel: “What’s a Netflix?”
Sam: “Go to my room, turn on the TV. You’ll figure it out.”

This entire little storyline brings me so much delight. Sam - Sam who has never really felt comfortable in a home his entire life - offers up his room to Cas while he recovers. He just gives Cas permission to go into his room and hang there as long as he wants to. And boy does Cas hang there for a long damn time. Long enough that he gets through a handful of significant series on Netflix. And, no big deal, just casually lays himself down in Sam’s bed to do his TV-watching. However long two episodes is in Supernatural time he hangs in there. I get really emotional to think about Sam letting Cas into this safe space of his and allowing him to stay there. In his bed. On his Netflix account.
What does Cas do when Sam goes to bed? Is there cuddling? Does anyone else totally melt at the idea of Sam having that quiet, reassuring company beside him at night?

Runner ups include… Sam plotting out his ship name with Cas like a student doodling portmanteaus in the margins of their notebooks in 10.05. (Like why is this not a top 6 because I love this moment so much???) Sam praying to Cas after everything in 7.01. Cas going on his own to rescue Sam from The Cage before season 6.

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please cheer up

Okay but you know what I really want?

I want Dean to grab Cas look him in the eyes and say “I need you.”

And I want Cas to answer “But I’m useless…”

And I want Dean to say this in return: “Cas, look at me. I don’t need your healing mojo or your wings. I don’t need you to fix my problems or help me save the world. I need you. I need you to be okay, to stay with us. I don’t need you to be “useful,” you are not a tool. You are my family and I need you.”

And then Cas finally get’s it. That every time Dean said that he needed him he didn’t mean that he needed his help, he meant that he needed him.

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Ok but I could SERIOUSLY talk for HOURS about Cas learning to do human things. Because it's always been my headcanon that he didn't learn this stuff from the boys but from Bobby during S5. GIVE ME ALL THE BOBBY AND CAS FEELS!!!!!


Bobby taking Cas under his wing (heh) by teaching him human things, I love this so much! We’ve just not seen enough of Bobby and Cas being grumpy together:P

Bobby teaching Cas how to drive a car, how to cook, taking him on grocery runs like you said, SO MANY INSTANCES WE HAVE NOT SEEN because I definitely accept this as canon now!:D

Because clearly Cas is one of Bobby’s boys

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i have this headcanon that ryan's doing a heist (maybe before fake ah crew) and everythings fine and yeah there is a few ppl in the bank no biggie, but then out of the corner of his eye he sees a little kid that looks so much like his son(and ryan) he just fucking stop and looks at this kid and he looks back and him and kids not scared at all and it just fucking shakes ryan to the core and thats the first time he's ever ran away from a fight bc if that kid got hurt he doesnt know what he'd do

Children are Ryan’s weakness. he has to help children. He makes sure there’s no kids wherever they’re gonna heist. Gavin doesn’t get it really but the others totally understand. If they see a kid in the building they want to heist in they hold off until the kid leaves or call it off entirely or hit somewhere else. They often end up improvising anyway so it doesn’t make much of a difference.

Ryan doesn’t do another job for weeks after that encounter. Later on when hes with the Crew he volunteers with Lindsay to do charity work and does a lot on his own, visiting kids in the hospital dressed up as superheros and donating tons of money to children’s charities. 

Ryan reading to little kids and he’s nervous at first, he’s so dangerous but no one there knows he’s the dangerous and terrifying Vagabond because of his mask and face paint and he knows so many stories that he tells the kids and they’re so enamored by him and “tell us the story about king Arthur again, Mister Haywood! Jenny wasn’t here last time to hear it!” He ends up foregoing the book half the time and telling them watered down and glittered history stories, less violence and more fantasy. He’s always so jumpy the first few minutes meeting parents but once he’s with the children he just becomes a whole new person, animated and excited and smiling and weaving fantastic stories of magic and knights and centurions and Roman deities with his words. He doesn’t flub up his words like he so often does talking to the parents, and they watch and listen from the door, just as entranced as their children. 

SPN 9x22: STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN (Canon or not canon… that’s the question).

Just when some Destiel shippers thought that all faith for season 9 was lost, this episode happened. Andrew Dabb has become my second favorite writer of this season (along with Robbie Thompson) because his episodes have been exquisite. He gave us 9x10: Road Trip, an episode where he made it quite obvious that Castiel cares about Dean very much (he rushed to Dean, was understanding even after he learned about what happened with Kevin, Sam and Gadreel, and tried to comfort Dean despite everything). However, the audience (maybe) still was not crystal clear about the extent of Cas’ love for Dean. Now the question is… do people still have doubts? Impossible! Not even Dean has doubts anymore!

Do you guys still remember the song playing at the Laundromat in the season premiere in the scene where Cas is taking his clothes off? I still remember it very well (maybe because my native language is Spanish). I’ll just leave this here to help you a bit:

“Tell me if you love me, if you adore me, as I think you do. Tell me there are no secrets, there are no mysteries when I call your name. How many sweet words, beautiful words through your eyes. That just looking at them, so bright, drives me crazy. If you give me your love, I give you, my darling, all my dreams; I give you my darling, all I love [the] most; I give you, my dear, all that I feel.”

In this episode, Cas made it clear that he wants to destroy Metatron, that his biggest mission is to get his people back home. That’s his purpose, his dream. Now what’s the thing he loves the most? Heaven? His family? His people? (As he called them once or twice). Everything that Cas might love the most is precisely what he gave up. And he did it FOR ONE MAN. FOR ONE GUY. “If you give me your love, I give you, my darling, all my dreams; I give you my darling, all I love [the] most…”

When I wrote my meta about that song, some people said it would be about the love that Cas was going to experience with the woman that was supposed to be his love interest. Nothing of the sort happened. And this episode (9x22) told us what we already knew but some people still didn’t quite get: Castiel loves his brothers and sisters, he loves humanity even more, he loves Sam Winchester very much (“nothing is worth losing you”), but Castiel’s weakness is not only that he has “too much heart” (as Samandriel said)… his weakness is THAT HE’S IN LOVE… with humanity? You didn’t get that one right, Metatron, did you? But it doesn’t matter that he doesn’t get it because the audience does (unless they are in eternal denial).

Let’s not forget that when Hannah demanded Castiel punish Dean, she told him not to lose their trust over ONE MAN. And once the boys were in the bunker, Dean acknowledged that Cas “gave up an entire army for ONE GUY”. I think Andrew Dabb couldn’t emphasize more what he really meant when he had Metatron say “HE’S IN LOVE”. Choosing Dean is not going to benefit humanity. Choosing Dean meant that Cas lost the army that was his only chance to bring Metatron down. Choosing Dean was not for the greater good and it most certainly was not for the love of humanity. We all know it. The angels know it. Sam knows it. Even Dean with all his self-hatred knows it. DOES THE AUDIENCE FINALLY KNOW IT, TOO?

Does this mean that Destiel is canon? Well, I guess that depends on what you understand as canon. If you want a kiss, a huge love declaration, and something very official, then it’s not. But if you really expect that, then maybe it will never be canon! On the other hand, if your expectations are realistic, you know that we’re getting closer to the acknowledgement we want. My way to see canon is that suddenly the audience (that means casual viewers, not haters) sees what we have been able to see for a very long time: That Dean and Castiel share a more profound bond, which is definitely not brotherly. The day the audience starts to consider the possibility that Castiel and Dean may or may not be IN LOVE (as in a romantic relationship), that’s the day when Destiel will be canon (whether there’s a kiss or not). Are we there yet? Maybe not 100%, but WE’VE NEVER BEEN CLOSER!

Some people say that even if Cas is truly in love with Dean, that doesn’t mean Dean is in love with Cas. However, I’ve got to say this: Remember the song that opened this season? “WHO DO YOU LOVE?” That song is Dean’s and only Dean’s. I’ve talked about this before, so I’m just going to quote:

“We’re heading to a moment when Dean will lose control due to the MoC, and who is going to be the one to open a window for him? In Cain’s case, only Colette, a person he loved, could stop his dark side. In Dean’s case, only a person he loves will be able to stop his dark side? The question is WHO DO YOU LOVE, DEAN WINCHESTER, WHO THE HELL DO YOU LOVE?”

At the end of Stairway to Heaven, we can even see a kind of dark!Dean talking to Sam about a dictatorship, but when he goes talk to Cas, he’s the Dean we all love and miss. How’s it possible that he can’t be mean to Cas? How’s it possible that Cas is the one that can bring cute little smiles out of Dean in his darkest moments? Maybe the answer to the “who do you love” question has been there all along but some people need something bigger to reach such an epiphany. Are we going to see that “something bigger” in the season finale? “DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES?” Maybe we do, but we can’t be sure. Of course we cannot expect something good from the season finale because this is the part of the story where everything turns uglier, messier and scarier than it already is. However, even if we don’t get the “something bigger” now, we know that it’s still on the table. SOMEONE HAS BEEN LISTENING. And that just reminded me of this conversation from 9x03:

Castiel: What if you were to find out that no one is listening? That God had pretty much left, that Heaven had gone out of business? What would you do?

Woman (at church): But that’s not possible.

Castiel: I think it’s completely possible.

Woman: You’re missing the point. It’s not possible because I have my faith.

Castiel: But when I tell you the truth-

Woman: Your truth, not mine. Your lack of faith doesn’t cancel what I believe. That’s not how it works. You know… I think you might feel better if you tried it my way.Someone is listening.

I have my faith. I will go down with this ship no matter what. I trust the writers and I think they’re listening. I don’t expect Dean to come out as bi, I don’t expect Dean and Cas to kiss or do the do, but I do believe the writers have finally made up their mind.The love Dean and Cas have for each other is romantic; they are in love. Now we just have to buckle up and wait for the worse to happen because… we’re watching Supernatural. Tears are guaranteed! 

Castiel’s Confession

Written for Dean and Castiel’s anniversary and Castiel’s birthday, this is a season 12 based ficlet around Castiel’s feelings for Dean which he is no longer able to hide.

Also on AO3 here

Castiel has his bag packed already. He is tired and the constant weight around his heart has become too much to bear. He did his job. His purpose is complete for the most part. The Winchesters are back safely in the bunker and now they have their mother with them. They have no further use for Castiel.

He catalogues his small duffle of belongings one last time before standing straighter and hauling it over his shoulder. It is better this way. This way he can focus purely on the pursuit of Lucifer, clean up his final mess, and not burden the Winchesters with his presence any longer.

If he leaves now, he hopes that eventually these feelings will go away. That the constant ache of his longing will subside and any fleeting hope he once had has long left his thoughts. Angels are not supposed to have hopes or dreams anyway. He wasn’t built for this kind of human desire. He despises it. Like an itch under his skin that he can never satisfy, no matter how often he may wish for it.

Regardless, it doesn’t matter anymore. Not when he is finally certain that his feelings are not returned.


The word rings through Castiel’s memories once again, like it has a thousand times these past few weeks since that car journey that turned out to be so pointless.

You are our brother Cas.

There it is again, the pain that word causes his heart is far greater than the pain of the stab wound that Dean left him when he first laid eyes on Castiel’s human vessel. In the 8 years that have passed since that moment Castiel has experienced many agonising pains, though none, is as great as the pain caused by that word.

Dean meant nothing but kindness by it of course, and how could Dean have possibly known just how much it would hurt Castiel to say it. He should be grateful, flattered that Dean considers him a brother. To put him on the level of Sam in Dean’s mind is an honour and Castiel is proud that Dean holds him in such high regard.

But it is not enough. Never enough. Brother is not what he wants from Dean. Brother means family, and respect, and sacrifice and yes, even love. But not in that way. Never in that way.

And that is why it hurts so much. That is why Castiel must leave. Because how can he possibly stay knowing that his desires, his feelings are unreturned? Knowing that if Dean were to find out how he felt he would turn away in horror, in repulsion. To think that his brother could feel THAT way for him?

The thought makes Castiel nauseous. And so he must leave.

He makes his way out of the room that Dean had set up for him, creeps down the hall passed the other bedrooms and out into the library. So far he has not heard anyone around so he hopes his exit will remain clear, but it is not to be.

“Cas?” Dean’s voice carries from the far corner where he is sitting half buried by a huge volume of some ancient text on the Occult. Cas freezes and sighs before turning to face him.

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what do you think of aro!Dean? I'm aro and... I get upset when people hate thinking of Dean as aro. it's like they think it makes him so much worse of a person. and that he shouldn't have a relationship with Cas. it makes me so upset like does that mean i'll never have a meaningful relationship with someone? like no i don't feel romantic attraction but i still like intimacy, i can feel love, i just... idk sorry for this message... sorry

well hi there, tesoro! come on in, sit down, let me put the kettle on for you. (though I’m not sure it’ll suit me.)

hmm, yeah, I’ve been seeing the aro!Dean argument going around here and there recently, too. I’m really sorry you’ve been upset by it :c that sucks. 

ok, now let’s see.

personally, I have no problem whatsoever with an aromantic interpretation of Dean. I think it’s a valid queer interpretation of a character’s story - and aside from proof in the canon, dammit, Supernatural is a show for our entertainment. we can interpret it however we want - like Misha said, use it as a canvas on which to paint the stories that mean the most to us. if aromantic!Dean is your jam, that’s valid. as valid as homoromantic!Dean or heteroromantic!Dean or biromantic!Dean or panromantic!Dean… it’s all subtext, it’s all open to debate. if you like it, roll with it, friend. more power.

as for aro!Dean in the context of destiel - I personally see the aromantic headcanon as presenting a slightly different relationship between Dean and Cas, but by no means a worse or a more shallow one. I headcanon Castiel as being on the asexual spectrum, but I still don’t view that as a barrier to them forming a real connection, even in tandem with an aro!Dean headcanon. do I think it would be a conventional relationship? no, of course not. but when has destiel ever been conventional? aromantic people can enter into monogamous relationships for many reasons - for security, for stability; to feel part of something enduring; to experience physical and emotional intimacy with a person they love deeply and intensely, even if that love doesn’t give them butterflies in their tummy. I look at those reasons and I see things that Dean would want, in my mind - in my headcanon. so yeah! destiel and aro!Dean/ace!Cas works A-OK with me. I don’t think Dean would just be in it for the sex and I don’t think Cas would just be in it for the romance.

I hope that answers your question, friend? please don’t feel down about what people are saying regarding aromantic issues. there’s still a lot of debate and uncertainty. I think it’s hugely important we remember that aromantic people aren’t weird, or cut off from meaningful relationships - that they aren’t defined by what they don’t feel, but what they do - and that every individual experience of aromanticism is unique, yet still valid. one aromantic person’s preferences and behaviours will not match another’s, it’s far more complex than that. so long as we remember that, I think we can agree that headcanoning Dean as aro is harmless, positive, and interesting to explore!

and as for you personally, sunbeam, don’t doubt your ability to make real connections. this world is big and crazy and messy and there are so many different types of people and different types of relationships that have value. you will find what you’re looking for. <3

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heyyyy you are my favourite blog too. dont be disheartened. :) since i'm already here im gonna ask you something. what is your favourite destiel moment?

Thank you, honey 😘💗

Well, there’re so many beautiful Destiel moments that to pick only one is nearly impossible, but one of my favorites is when Dean and Sam visit Cas at the hospital on 7x21. I don’t know if you remember that sweet sweet look Cas and Dean exchanged when they saw each other. It was just so soft and longing and said more about their feelings than words could say. I swear their eyes sparkled and I could feel the deep affection between them.

CAS: Hello, Dean

After God knows how long………

CAS: Sam

That few seconds scene always gives me all the feels.

My thoughts on SPN episode 11x23:
(this is long #sorrynotsorry)

  • CAS IS BAAAAAAAAACK *throws confetti*
  • I really need everyone to be way more happy about Cas being back. I know the sun is exploding but come on priorities. 
  • Ahhhh yes here is the new girl that will be a recurring character next season. Soooo… who is she gonna be a love interest for? Let’s place bets now. 
  • God x Rowena - I ship it lol
  • Glad Dean told Cas he is important. Glad he told Cas he is a BFF. Glad he called Cas a brother…
  • NOT glad they spent 5 seconds resolving the entirety of Cas’ tumultuous season long storyline
  • LOL the angels are like nah we’re out AWESOME
  • Oh look. ANOTHER person breaks into the bunker with zero issue. Because apparently it is protected from NOTHING nowadays. 
  • Crowley x Billie - I ship it!
  • Are we really supposed to believe that CAS, out of everyone in that group, would be the one to suggest Dean as the bait for Amara? Really? Really?
  • (Okay so I have many issues with this episode by that whole saying good bye by Mary’s grave scene is not one of them *my heart*)
  • I’m also digging this Amara/Dean conversation. It’s like the most legit her character has been all season. And the most legit Dean has been all season.
  • Also are Cas and God gonna like have a conversation. I feel like that should’ve happened by now…
  • Soooo Dean is still a bomb. Just sayin’. (ah, thanks Chuck for solving that!)
  • What does Dean need most Amara??? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?????
  • Guys, I am guessing that was a tranq gun. It’s gonna be okay. 

In conclusion: I legit cannot believe they got rid of Cas. Again. My bitter!Cas girl status just got bumped up 1000%. 

Supernatural writers -

I just have one question. Just one.

Would it be EASIER to write the show if you made Destiel canon?

I don’t mean easier in terms of the fans, or the network, or the general audience, or the actors, or the homophobes.

I mean narratively. I mean as authors telling a story. If you had that option, would the plot come more readily? Would the dialogue flow more easily? Would significant scenes just come to you, full formed? Would it all pan out so poignantly, with barely any effort?

Watching the last few seasons of the show, it has felt like you are struggling. Like you are retreading old ground because there isn’t a firm direction, a narrative heart driving the thing. It is missing a fundamental inertial force. Would making Dean/Cas canon give it that? That is my one question to you, and its a question.

Part of the reason I ship it is because, once you go there, so many narrative possibilities seem to open up: scenes, and plot-lines and dialogue that feel interesting, exciting, new, compelling, fun, heartbreaking, poignant, breath-taking. And so easy. From a purely narrative/writing standpoint, Destiel seems, to me, like a font of riches.

So I just want to know - if you forgot all the fans, and the network and the NOISE - if you just sat there, with nothing at stake but a blank piece of paper, and these characters to fill it, does Destiel make the paper easier or harder to fill? Does it feel forced, or does it feel like your hands can’t keep up with your brain because you are suddenly drowning in exciting possibilities? How does the idea feel to you as writers, when nothing is at stake? That is the question.

Every writer knows that feeling, when they’ve stumbled onto something good, and it just makes the story FLOW. Would a choice like this make the story flow for you? That’s what I want to know. If no, then don’t write it. But if yes - and I honestly suspect the answer IS yes - then that fact should trump all other concerns.

I know you don’t have the luxury of pretending the fans and the general audience and the ratings and the network are irrelevant in all this. But they should not be your guiding force, they should be the thing you work around, once you’ve found that narrative linchpin that takes you somewhere special. Writing for TV is an art and a business, and you have to care about both, I get that. But don’t completely sacrifice the first in the name of the second. Treat it as art first, and a commodity second, and write your first draft as if nothing is at stake but a blank piece of paper. The rest is details you can deal with later on.

So one of my roommates is watching through Supernatural for the first time and he knows that I ship destiel from tumblr and talking to me but didn’t quite understand /why/ because he had never seen the show. He’s binged through seasons 1, 2, and 3, and about a week or so ago he started watching season 4 and I was curious what he was going to think about it, especially since he has the biggest crush on Jensen.
A few days ago he came to me super surprised. He had only ever heard Misha talk before and hearing Cas talk was obviously quite a shock for him.
Today he came parading into my room having just finished “On The Head of A Pin” and lamenting about how many feels Cas was giving him and Destiel and “I would give anything not to have you do this” and I felt so bad for dissolving into giggles about how much more is coming and how doomed he is.


A moment between Cas and Dean 

Warning: spoilers for eps 11x22 and 11x23

His room feels smaller than usual tonight, but he figures it’s because of the hugeness of what is about to take place tomorrow. Once and for all he’ll be playing his part in all this, taking the Darkness down on his own. A bomb - he will be the nuke that ends her… and probably him as well.

But it could be worse. They could have actually succeeded last night in locking her up again, giving his little brother the curse that Dean had to live with for two years. He’s glad it failed, even though her retaliation to such an idea was weakening Chuck to the point of near death.

She killed Lucifer, giving Cas back to him, and for that, he’s thankful. Since their return to the bunker, things between the group have been strained. Chuck feels like shit, and rightly so. Sam is anxious about tomorrow, still trying to find an alternative to possibly having to watch his brother die. Crowley, well, he doesn’t care either way, along with Rowena. They both just want a world to live in.

He can’t figure out what Cas feels about all of this. He’s barely even made eye contact with him, let alone had a real conversation, other than his usual checking in on him: “Are you okay, Dean?”, “Yes, Cas, I’m fine.”

Dean sits on the edge of the bed, staring at the blank walls, thinking of a million reasons to back out of this, and each time, cursing himself for even almost entertaining that thought. It has to be him, though. And it’s not because he knows what a piece of shit person he’s become, but because he started all this. He has to clean up his own mess, and hopefully fix what he so carelessly broke.

The world isn’t going to suffer anymore because of his rash decisions.


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Have you ever made Mama Tran charms? If not, will you? Can you? I need Mama Tran

OOOO i might might tran family charms! or maybe make a kevin & linda pair charm where ghost kevin hangs off of her. that would be freakin’ adorable!! :O

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still can’t believe that really happened

i hope they kept it though, like on set, because i want them to give it out at an auction or something

i heard they drew dicks in it

i want to see

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how many more episodes with Misha we have left? will he be in all that are remaining?

actually not sure! if anyone knows, feel free to respond at the bottom of this post, i’m curious as well!

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So I had a revelation the other day. When Cas went to hell to get Dean he didn't actually "grasp" his actual shoulder, because Dean's body was on earth. Instead Cas grasped Dean's very soul and back then he didn't have a vessel yet so basically Cas' grace (his soul at the time) grabbed Dean's soul. Like their souls literally touched. So my head cannon is that Dean's handprint was a mark left on Dean's very soul by Cas' grace. (part 1)

So what if like Dean literally has a piece of Cas’ grace attached to his very soul and that manifested itself as the handprint. If that was the case then the reason for the handprint disappearing could be explained as Cas accidentally using some of that grace when he healed Dean in Swan Song due the fact that he just died and came back so he was a little weak. But Dean still has some of the grace, not enough to see the handprint but… (part 2)

But enough to be able to kind of like feel each other. And this is why they can tell when something is wrong with the other one with just one touch, ‘cause their souls are like literally connected. And it’s also the reason why Cas only touches Dean’s left shoulder, because he is drawn to the small piece of his grace that’s attached to Dean’s soul. It could also explain the title card for season 10, Dean’s soul as the black smoke and Cas’ grace attached to it. It gives me so many feels!! (part 3)


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