but Cas just gives me so many feels

the-angel-in-a-trenchcoat  asked:

Hello. What is your opinion about Casifer? Just curious ^-^

WELL *turns on power point and takes out notes from my jacket*

I am thinking you are taking about Casifer as a character(Lucifer in Castiel’s body, not Casifer as a ship Castiel x Lucifer)

While Castiel was possessed by Lucifer, I felt really bad for him. Poor baby has gone through soooo much, and now this. He felt worthless and thought ‘no one needs me, might as well just give my body to Lucy’. 

Lucifer in Cas body was super hot though. Like, do I even have to say anything?

So, like, I feel really blessed. This inspired so many fics for me. But, I am glad my baby is back <3

And if you are talking about Casifer as in Castiel x Lucifer, then I don’t have an opinion on that :D I didn’t really see anything happening between them that can nudge towards them having chemistry. But it’s chill if you ship it c: