but Cas just gives me so many feels

Okay but you know what I really want?

I want Dean to grab Cas look him in the eyes and say “I need you.”

And I want Cas to answer “But I’m useless…”

And I want Dean to say this in return: “Cas, look at me. I don’t need your healing mojo or your wings. I don’t need you to fix my problems or help me save the world. I need you. I need you to be okay, to stay with us. I don’t need you to be “useful,” you are not a tool. You are my family and I need you.”

And then Cas finally get’s it. That every time Dean said that he needed him he didn’t mean that he needed his help, he meant that he needed him.

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the best season of spn was s8

Rose: Season 8 is my favorite season indeed aah but omg I also love season 4 and 7 so much, and other seasons too ugh :’) But I might agree.

Me: omfg just for all the purgatory and destiel angst it deserves the title ;u; but yeah, 4 was also one of my favorites. I really love 6 (maybe cus we were just watching it lmao) and 7 cus crazy!Cas gives me too many feels. AGH I’m horrible at picking

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After sex

Hello everyone I’d like to thank you all who read and liked my last imagine I could never expect so many notes on my first one :o it made me really happy so here’s another one, enjoy!!

Castiel does know how to make you feel in heaven. The only problem is that he never gets tired - not after human acts like what you’ve just done. He covers you in kisses and sometimes sugests to do it again but you just can’t, you give too much of yourself to love and pleasure him. So does he, but always taking care to not hurt his “fragile” and beautiful Y/N.
Of course you hate when someone calls you fragile, but when it’s with Cas it leads to a pillow fight.
This night specially, Cas didn’t say anything, only pulled you really close, kissed your nose and stroked your back in silence for a while.
You looked deeply into his big blue eyes and he opened a smile when felt that you were a bit nervous.
“Cas?” You said after some time.
“Yes, love” He replied stroking your naked body.
“You said… I’m the only human who can see your wings” You started.
“That’s true.” He said a little uncomfortable.
“Then why you don’t let them…out? Do they annoy you?”
“No” He laughed. “I’m used to them it’s been millions of years.”
You laughed too then looked at his naked chest running your fingers through it.
“Why you ask?” He insisted.
“I don’t know I just…” You blushed a little and continued focusing on his chest. “I think they are the most beautiful thing and sometimes wish I could see them more times not only by accident.”
He thought about it for a while. Castiel was not comfortable with you seeing his wings, when he was with you he wanted to be as human as possible, but he also would do anything for you so suddenly you heard a smooth noise and when you looked up there was a pair of big black majestic wings and you couldn’t get your eyes off it because they were so wonderful, but you felt Cas looking at you with a worried expression.
“Y/N doesn’t that scare you?”
“Not at all! I love them” You smiled so much at your angel. “I cannot dislike anything about you, I love you by who you are Cas…I’m so happy I can see the real you.”
Castiel opened a huge smile and wrapped his wings around you. That was definitely an angel hug and it felt like the best thing ever… they were softly rubbing your back, giving you shivers but at the same time you felt so cozy and you could say you felt at home.
“Wait a minute…” You said when your mind got back in place after all those feelings. “Why would that scare me? I’m a hunter I’ve seen some really weird things”
“Because” He joked. “You’re all girly and fragile and…”
“ENOUGH!” You said getting your pillow ready.
“Drop your soft weapon down and no one gets hurt! Well I don’t know how a pillow can hurt someone but I saw that on a movie and…” Castiel says confusing himself about human traditions again, but before he can finish you hit him in the head.
“Y/N!” Said Cas as he grabbed your wrists and pushed you in bed so you fell and he laid above you.
“I should have mentioned that using angel abilities is prohibited…” You said smiling then when you look behind him you see the wings moving and God that turns you on… You realized you were staring at his wings open mouthed for a while and blushed. Of course he noticed. You search for his eyes but they didn’t meet yours. At the same time you were drooling for his wings he was for your body…
“Alright let’s forget this fight.” You say with a cheeky smile.
He looks at you the same way knowing the plans you have in mind.
“I want a round 2 but this time you keep the wings…”

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Seriously, if you write poetry on tumblr give yourself some massive credit for that cause everyone on here is so talented??? and it take guts to put yourself out there so congrats cause I think your work is inCREDIBLE??? the amount of talent on this website is overwhelmingly awesome so if you’re feeling a bit unsure of yourself take this as a reminder that you are awesome purely for even writing it, let alone posting it, cause you are! 

Ahhh I just love! poetry! so much! 

So one of my roommates is watching through Supernatural for the first time and he knows that I ship destiel from tumblr and talking to me but didn’t quite understand /why/ because he had never seen the show. He’s binged through seasons 1, 2, and 3, and about a week or so ago he started watching season 4 and I was curious what he was going to think about it, especially since he has the biggest crush on Jensen.
A few days ago he came to me super surprised. He had only ever heard Misha talk before and hearing Cas talk was obviously quite a shock for him.
Today he came parading into my room having just finished “On The Head of A Pin” and lamenting about how many feels Cas was giving him and Destiel and “I would give anything not to have you do this” and I felt so bad for dissolving into giggles about how much more is coming and how doomed he is.