but AMOS IS SO CUTE!!!!!

WinWin Dating a Mexican Girl

•OMG YAS THE CUTE ONE TE AMO GANAR GANAR •So he’s like kind of shy person •I mean he’s more comfortable speaking Chinese, so learning a few Spanish words just for you, it’s like REALLY IMPORTANT, pls love him •he was like a puppy meeting your family but then se convirtió en un pedorro later •your mom thinks he’s a really good boy, the type of yerno that every mama wants •Los acompaña a comprar cosas al súper, can you imagine him asking in Spanish about some carne molida? •yes, I do •ALSO ACOMPAÑA A TU ABUELA AL MERCADO, UGHHHHH CUTE •Tu papa pensaba que era just a “pretty boy” buuut his macho voice lo convenció • ugh I love his voice • your family asking to do some traditional dance, bc our people are really curious about new cultures •and you’re dating him, so tienes que mostrar y presumir a tu bebé!!! Es talentoso. • he would enjoy having a party with you, I mean, that Mexican party at house and later drinking outside the house just chilling with some music • taradea cualquier canción que te guste •Le dicen el mudo •BIG FAN OF QUESADILLAS • I CAN SEE HIM EATING A LOT OF QUESADILLAS •Even your abuelita se vio forzada a sacarlo de la cocina😹 •But secretly love him bc lo alimentará siempre •your brother/sister adore him •He’s the type of guy que lavaría el baño just bc tried to impress your mama🤷🏽‍♀️ •Tacos de pibil are lifeee for you two •oh! When you two are kissing he wants to “touch” you, but 😹omg, he’s so shy about it, ended telling you that having a girlfriend with GOOD proportions it’s hard to resist • you understand and you put his hand in your boob… and se puso como tomate, no sabía que hacer. •Ven el maratón de canal 5, Chuky one • enjoy watching some albums photos with your family •en especial el que decía “Y/N PRIMERA POPO” •calling you Bebe, you’re his Bebe, calling each other bebe jiji •he wants you to learn Chinese, it’s his goal in life, you’re like everything for him •Surprise him one time speaking some Chinese poem, so cute •about this relationship, it’s hard for the language but the support and love that your familia gave him it’s a really big step •wait for the Chinese fam, it’s going to be goooood.

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NCT 127 + Doyoung + Johnny + Kun reaction when they’re sad and  their girlfriend cheers them up // Quando eles estão tristes e a namorada deles o anima.

Taeyong: You always know how to make me feel better, don’t you? // Você sempre sabe como me fazer sentir melhor, não sabe?

Jaehyun: You’re an angel you know that?? // Você é um anjo você sabia disso?

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Doyoung: I’m better i swear, look! // Eu estou melhor eu juro, olha!

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Taeil: I know everything will be fine because i have you! // Eu sei que tudo vai ficar bem por que eu tenho você!

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Johnny: Cheer up should be my work, not yours! // Animar deveria ser o meu trabalho, não seu!

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Yuta: You are so sweet! // Você é tão doce!

Winwin: Thank you! // Obrigado!

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Kun: I love you! // Eu te amo!

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Mark: You are so cute, what would I do without you! // Você é tão fofa, o que eu faria sem você!

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Haechan: Aigooo let’s make fun of the hyungs to end this sorrow! // Aigooo vamos tirar sarro dos hyungs para acabar com essa tristeza!