but AMOS IS SO CUTE!!!!!

livelikeluna asked:

For the ask thing: top 3 animals/pets

Hmmm, well if this is for ToG related my top three pets in that would be 1) Abraxos, 2) Fleetfoot and 3) The gorgeous horses in Assassins Blade.

But if this is about my own pets than;
1) Pumpkin (my orange fluffy grumpy cat who follows me around the house when I’m home and sleep by my head i lovE HER)
2) Finnigan, my dog. But he is tied for second with number 3. (he is a red healer mixed with a Australian shepherd, so cute)
3) Amos, families cat (white and orange and so sassy)

Thanks for asking! Ask me top three questions here!


2/3💕🎶 🇧🇷🇵🇭

My voice sounds creepy but I need to share this, he’s so cute ahhh 😩😭☺️😂 Amo Você!! 💕

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★★★★★ af <3

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v(=∩_∩=)フ why so cute? 
 Creo que ya sabes que también amo tu blog bc me demoré un día en responder  

Te adoro, Alex *se la roba* 


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