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100. Do you live or do you just exist?

- lmfao thats a deep question oh god, well, I think that I’m living, but there’s a certain time in my life where I just existed ya feel? Like when I was in highschool, my life fell apart, there were so many things happening, I felt so empty, so distant, I was like a walking shell just trying to get through the day.

BUT now I’m quite satisfied with my life, even if theres some bumps here and there, it’s nothing compared to what I’ve gone through in my highschool days. I have something to look forward to everyday now, compared to before. :D


people get old enough in time,
let’s just live in the moment.
let’s just pretend the world is fine, oh, fine. 

how did we know when we met we would feel this?
how did we know it would be so beautiful?
how did we know it would get so serious?
oh, my junebug, junebug.