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captain-cass-andor’s 900+ follow forever list!

I still can’t believe that there are over 940 of you in only three weeks, but I am so thrilled and honored to be here and be allowed to write as one of the best characters in this beautiful film. I was going to wait til 1k to do the follow forever, but I thought I may as well get started on it now and mention you lovely folks who also write, and urge anyone reading this to follow them and give them all the rebel love.

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Thank you all very much! Cassian and I are both so honored. 

A few words for anyone caring to read mun’s opinion about life, the world, and Star Wars: Spread love. Have fun. Be kind. Always keep learning. Smile. Never give up. Know what you want in life. Be strong. Fight for what you believe. 

Keep rebelling! May the Force be with us all!

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OMG I'm so happy for your 900 followers!!😍 Could you do an imagine where its y/n's and Eric's first time having sex and y/n is a bit scared and its all passionate and stuff? Love you so much❤️❤️

thANK YOU !!!  lov u omg!!

you’d gone over to your boyfriend, Eric’s house for the night since his parents were out of town. You’d stay over many times before and stuff usually got quite heated, but you’d never gone all the way before. 

Half way through a movie Eric’s hand started to glide up the soft skin on your thighs and his arm lazily placed around your shoulder reached down to grip at your hip. His mouth dropped to your neck as he placed gentle tickling kisses along your throat. 

you sighed in content, your own hands slipping into Eric’s hair as you turned towards him, locking your lips together. Before long his hands were under your shirt and gripping your thighs and your were running up and down his back.

He pulled your top over your head and you did the same for him, his hands gripping at the waistband of your pants pulling them slowly down your legs before they were thrown onto the floor. His gentle kisses became more heated as he bit and sucked at the skin of your thighs. 

You pulled his head up to kiss you as he dipped two of his fingers beneath your panties and began to tease you, a moan tumbling from your lips. 

“Eric…I… I want to…”

“Are you sure?” he asked, slowing down to watch you carefully

“I want you”

“y/n are you sure you want it?” he asked softly kissing your jaw

“please?” he slowly pulled down your panties and removed the rest of his clothing, grabbing a condom and positioning himself. 

He could see the slight worry in your eyes and he caressed your cheek with his hand looking straight into your eyes. 

“i love you” he smiled, causing you to relax more. He slowly entered you, your body adjusting to the feeling of him inside you. He moved out and then back in again slowly causing a moan to bubble from your mouth. Eric started to quicken the pace, his forehead coming down to rest on yours, his lips messily kissing yours and your neck and shoulders. 

Moaning out his name you could feel yourself getting close, your hands tugging gently on Eric’s hair. 

“wrap your legs round me y/n” eric mumbled against your skin and you complied, instantly moaning out a sudden “fuck Eric” as he deepened inside of you. Before long you were both reaching your highs and he laid breathless on top of you, kissing you slowly and passioniately. 

“I love you Eric” you smiled, nudging his nose with your own.

“I love you baby” he chuckled, planting a kiss on your forehead. 

this is bad kinda idkkkk enjoy !!

900 Follower Milestone!!


It really feels great to be able to know Im helping that many people and that I’m interesting enough to follow! :D Thank you guys again, so so grateful for each and everyone of you!

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OMG (am I late?? ;-;) CONGRATS FOR YOUR +900 FOLLOWERS! Man, I hope it comes more to you to get 1000 :3 ah, AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! (yeah, probably I'm late ;w;)

A JOYFUL NEW YEAR TO YOU ASWELL (new year was only yesterday, not that late XD well, not sure if yesterday timezones and stuff :\)!! And thank you! don’t know if I’ll get to 1000, its a possibility, but i gotta get my act together first.

So I looked at my followers count and-


So guess whats coming now?

For questions, dont hesitate to shoot me a message or ask!

Submissions will be closed once I hit 1050 followers!

Reblogs are very much appreciated!

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