but 2 drawings in 1 day ayyy

11 facts about me

Ayyy thank you @realmessfc for tagging me so here are 11 random facts about the stupid me 💁

1) I LOVE read books I mean I can finish a book in like a day which has 300+ pages I read really fast 😉

2) I studied french for 6 years but still I can’t understand a shit what the French say but I can read and write french

3) I used to draw so much and at a time I wanted to become an artist but I realized it ain’t possible

4) I don’t really listen to music I mean if someone recommends it to me then I will but otherwise I rarely listen to any type of music

5) I have a brother who is ten years younger to me ie I’m 16 and he is 6

6) when I was a kid I wanted to become a dance teacher (I was so dumb?!)

7) I’m really shy won’t talk to you if I don’t like you

8) I love to make people happy or smile

9) not boasting but I have an amazing humor 😂🤷

10) I was such a girl when I was a kid . I used to play with dolls and all and my dresses were all pink but then…

11) when I wasn’t into football I used to go to my guy friend’s place and we used to bet on which team would win (he was obv into football)

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