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Smallzys Surgery will be playing Money at 7pm AEST (Australian time) tomorrow (Thursday), and potentially Shazam Top 20 as well, although they deleted their tweet about it. You can listen to Smallzys Surgery here and the Shazam Top 20 here. Both links should work worldwide.

That’s 5am on the east cost of the USA and 2am in California, 10am in England, 11am in most of Europe, and that’s about all the timezone math I can do off the top of my head but you can use this timezone converter (use Sydney at 7pm as your starting time), or wait for it to be on tumblr!

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sit next to each other in orchestra AU, exr

e/R | violinists au, dysfunctional flirting

“Sit up straight,” hisses Enjolras.

Grantaire’s eyebrows rise so high they disappear under his mop of hair. “Really? Are we five?”

“I don’t know how you can play like that,” mutters Enjolras. The conductor is busy doing something with the cellos that involves bow work that really should have been done when they were sectioned off but hey, that’s cellos for you. Grantaire is slouched so low in his chair that he’s basically lying down on it with his butt hanging off the seat, not that Enjolras is noticing his butt or where it is.

Grantaire somehow manages to raise his head enough to wedge his violin in between his chin and the flat of his chest. When he talks, the violin wobbles up and down. “Don’t you ever practice in bed?”

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Homestuck Aesthetics: Rose Lalonde

[john egbert] [jade harley] [dave strider]

[karkat vantas] [aradia megido] [tavros nitram] [sollux captor] [nepeta leijon] [kanaya maryam] [terezi pyrope] [vriska serket] [equius zahhak] [gamzee makara] [eridan ampora] [feferi peixes]

[jane crocker]

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Kabby + 41 🙏🏼

Go back to sleep

Out of all the things that worry him, somehow it’s Abby’s sleep patterns that consistently rise to the top of his mind.

The motivation behind it has changed, of course - shifted into something more intimate, something in equal parts self-serving as it is self-sacrificing. Easier, too, now that they share a bed and a space and a life. He no longer has to find her in the infirmary at the crack of dawn and wonder at how much sleep she’s had. He doesn’t have to guess at whether she’s tossed and turned all night.

Instead, he wakes alongside her in the early morning, persuading her to stay in bed with a brush of his fingers or a swipe of his lips across the pulsepoint at her neck. Rolls over in the middle of the night and wraps her tightly in his arms when she cries out against some nightmare enemy; or else, runs his fingers through her hair and whispers soothing words in her ear when she wakes up shaking and fearful.

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Madeleine sighs, glancing around the baby boutique with tired, wary eyes. She knows that with just six weeks to go before her due date she desperately needs to start furnishing the nursery, but as her belly grows larger her enthusiasm about becoming a mother only seems to grow weaker and weaker.

“May I help you?” The smooth voice of a sales clerk interrupts Madeleine’s musings, causing the blonde to jump in surprise.

“I- I need some stuff. Some baby stuff. For a nursery. I- I’m having a baby,” Maddie stammers, blushing under the woman’s sharp, critical gaze.

“Yes, I can see that,” the clerk retorts. “What kind of ‘stuff’ are you looking for exactly?”

“I don’t know. Bottles and a crib, I guess?”

“A first time mom,” the woman tuts. “How sweet. Why don’t we start with the biggies then, a bassinet and changing table. Let me just go grab a catalog from the back, and we can sit down and go over your options. Will your husband be joining us today?”

“Oh, uh, no,” Maddie shakes her head. “He had to, um, work,” she lies, wishing not for the first time that Kit would show more interest helping her prepare for this child. She didn’t even ask him to come along today, knowing that he’d just roll his eyes and tell her that men have no place in a baby shop, same as always.

“Fine, fine. Why don’t you go poke around the store for a minute while I fetch that catalog then, hm? Be right back!” the clerk sings in a notably brighter tone.

With a dejected nod, Madeleine waddles over to a shelf full of teething rings, wondering if this day could get any worse. She used to enjoy shopping, but any more it just means standing on her swollen, aching feet for hours while strangers constantly approach her to talk about babies and invade her personal space.

But then she hears a familiar voice.

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A small, locally owned business, Wolf Creek Realty occupies the first floor of the white clapboard building. In addition to brokering house sales, they also handle short term vacation home rentals in and around Serendipity during the summer tourist season.