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I had the most fantastic dream ever tonight.

We were on a festival, all of us. It was a Tumblr Festival. It was like an enormous open field with several football pitches and the sun was shining and the entire Team Starkid was there. It was beautiful and it felt like we were a whole bunch of awesome best friends.

And then, when it was lunch time, you could win a golden ticket which gave you permission to spend the hour with the starkids. And I won. So I ate my lunch with the starkids and they were so nice and everything was super beautiful. tanishaamaral and busybee6363 was there too. I don’t really know why it was them, I’ve never actually spoken to any of them, they’re way too quality for my nerves to handle a conversation with. But it was.

Joey wasn’t there though, and I was a bit disappointed. So I talked with Darren and Joe Walker and Bonnie and Jaime Lyn. Darren had his big fro back, it  made me happy. When we came back outside again I finally met Joey. But he was a very tall black man with an incredibly small nose. I don’t know why, but it was Joey, no doubt.

Yeah. That was it. Cool story, bro. I should really put this under a read more, but nah. Whatever. 

Welcome to my head.

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Alyssa! Again i’ve never had the honor to talk to this wounderful lady because she is like the queen and i’m just some shity old servant ! So yeah, if you like bagels this is the blog for you! (she may also blog Darren Criss, Glee, Harry Potter and Starkid. but mostly bagels) She is lovely and amazing and beautiful, so GO GO GO FOLLOW!