busybee headband

Race Day Necessities!

1. Capri leggings. I wear both UA and Nike. I’ve found leggings to a much, much better job protecting from chaffing.

2. Dri-fit top (or any other sweat-wicking fabric). Depending on the weather, tank, T-shirt, or long sleeve.  I no longer wear cotton shirts for running.

3. Smartwool socks. I love my smartwools, I have about 4 pair and wear them for all longer runs.  Yes, these little things are mighty expensive, but I think well worth it.  If you can’t justify spending that much on socks, ask for them as a gift.

4. Spi Belt.  I purchased this little things over the summer to carry my house keys when I go for a run.  It’s great to throw your Shot Blocks in as well.  Just don’t put too much in (like an iPhone) because then it moves a lot.  Once you’ve found the perfect place on your hips, it pretty much stays put.

5. Body Glide. This was a new purchase for me that I made at the expo the day before the race.  I’ve had friends swear by this and thought I’d give it a shot.  It seems that my body can chafe in places I didn’t think possible and all those that are possible, especially during a marathon.  I put this stuff in all my usual and unusual chaffing areas and I had ABSOLUTELY NO chaffing.  It was awesome, highly recommend!

6. Garmin.  Of course, I don’t leave home without this guy!  One of the best Christmas gifts my dad ever gave me!

7. Sunglasses.  Although I didn’t need them this race, I love my Nike sunglasses.  I stay put and are super durable!  Another great gift from dad!

8. Headband/hat.  Because of my short hair, I always have to wear something to keep my do under control (or at least try).  I’ve bragged about this cute headband before, so I’ll do it again.  I work this Busybee headband during my marathon and it didn’t shift a millimeter!

9. Bib.  One of the most important items!  I try to attach it to my shirt the night before, just in case!  One year I left my bib in the car and had to borrow a random stranger’s cell phone to call my BF to drive it to me.  Save yourself the headache and just pin it the night before.