This just looks like a business AU where:
Rap Monster and Jin are the head of the family’s business empire.
Jungkook is the prodigal son who will inherit everything.
Suga is the Evil Son who thinks he deserves their family’s empire being older than Jungkook.
Jimin is Suga’s minion but also wants the empire for himself.
V and J Hope are the chaebol sons who only want to play and don’t care about family politics.


ESCAPE they shall from their hardships. 

From obstacles to leap over to new achievements to look forward to. Awards to losses, but grateful they have been to us all this time. Despite misunderstandings, despite hurtful moments and despite our doubt, such a feeling of sincerity do they feel towards us, ARMYS, no matter what.

CONTINUE they shall for a better journey.


Finally, the chart is ready for launch, with all localized names and as accurate of information as I could put in it! Even threw in another chart to let you know what parts of the monsters to hit for your desired effects!

It’s taken a lot of carts, sweat, and tears to bring all this to you, but I’m glad to do it. The Wycademy’s about to get a lot of new researchers, and being able to help them find their footing would make this hunter proud!

Now get out there and hunt some monsters!


Photoset of just some of the hand-drawn business cards I’ve made to put in my packages.  I ran out of business cards one day and drew some instead, and loved it so much I didn’t stop.
I won’t let my urge to doodle die, and these help me get some little ideas out when I don’t have the time to draw anything detailed.

when someone says RapMon is ugly

when someone says Jin is useless

when someone says Yoongi is lazy

when someone only likes Jimin for his body

when someone says Hobi shouldn’t be in BTS

when someone thinks being 4D is all Taehyung has to offer

when someone says Jungkook is overrated