Valentines weekend went like this…
1.volunteered at the couples race “Du it Together”. It was cold. I was out at my location alone. Hopefully next year there will be someone I can participate with. I had lunch with friends. Did some shopping for Nike. And photographed a high school senior. Busy Saturday.
2. Today, I slept in. Had breakfast in bed. And went on a bike ride. For Valentines I gifted myself a new bike kit. Happy Valentines to me!
3. It broke off. Right in middle of the ride I felt liquid then loud noises and then my chain dropped. Ugghh.
4. Made me laugh. Goodwill, I get you.
5. We have had incredible sunsets lately. This week is slated to be beautiful. I want to be outside!!!

I survived this day. Interestingly, when I was married it was a very low key day. I spent the day outside with friends. I wore my new outfit. You know… It was a good day.