busy grocery stores

So for some background. I work at a rather busy grocery store (competitor of walmart) that bags groceries and the cart of the customer. we give lovely customer service. Since it’s close to Thanksgiving it was extremely busy (11-11 today). Theres this man who comes in every friday and buys around 3 or so large carts of items and uses coupons. He always has correct coupons, is very nice, and donates most of his items. Very kind guy! Since it was so busy I was his cashier today :)

So while ringing him out we went on the election topic. Him and I were both against trump but we werent saying anything too rude. just the overall “this is scary but i hope im wrong at the end of these 4 years and it turns out he did good”. The customer at the line beside us agrees. this is where shit gets real

Apparently while my customer and I were talking a man in the other line started to get in his own discussion with the man who agreed with us. and apparenrly the man who agreed with us said ‘f you’ to him (although I, and others, didnt hear it). The random other customer starts screaming repeatedly, “YOU CANT SAY F YOU IN FRONT OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN!” and is getting very aggresive with his cashier and even my manager all the while continuing to scream this scaring customers. My customer with the coupons tells him to calm down and then police get called since he is making such a huge scene.
The police get there and hes telling them the other guy started it and my customer threatened to kick him out of the store.
The police couldn’t really do anything but it was crazy!

God forbid there be casual discussions about the election..
(We take it that the man was for trump while the 3 of us were against trump)

Jasper was out buying groceries for the week, it was always how his Sundays went. He hadn’t picked up any dog walking jobs this week, and he wasn’t prepared to leave the house for anything that wasn’t a necessity–but he couldn’t eat cheese and crackers for much longer. 

Wandering round he stopped the person beside him. “Hey, do you know where the cat food has moved to?”

the best moments are in our quiet together. when we are driving somewhere at night, our hands intertwined, thoughtful and quiet after seeing a movie. when we are tangled up in bed together in the morning just looking at each other, sharing lazy kisses. when we are sitting on the couch together watching a show, every now and then just glancing at each other and smiling. when we are standing together in line at a busy grocery store, leaning our heads on one another while we wait.

Person A of your OTP works at a busy grocery store, Person B is a customer trying to get through on a busy day. When Person A gestures to another customer they accidentally hold the hand of Person B. Bonus: Person A apologises frantically but is still holding Person B’s hand.
OT3 Bonus: Person C is either a friend of Person A’s who works at the counter or a friend of Person B’s who won’t let the awkward moment leave their memory.

I am the customer in this one! I love that special bond that retail workers share with each other. I had just got through with a long shift at a busy grocery store when I decided to walk to the local McDonald’s. I’m dirt broke, so I asked if cups of water are free. The cashier smiles, hands me a cup and says “Get waterever you want.” So not only was he super kind, but he amused me with a corny pun.

OK HELLO I thought maybe I should introduce myself a bit so here we go!

•my name is Erin (although you can call me whatever you like…cheeto seems to be common)
•I’m 17 and I live in Canada
•I love cats…like LOVE. I used to sleep with my cat in my crib…those were the days
•I have been a fan of Taylor for as long as I can remember and my first show was during the fearless tour (direct your attention to the bottom right corner)
•I love Chester See.
•I’m terrified of public speaking but I will bust a move in the aisle of a busy grocery store without any hesitation

Anywho, that’s just a bit about me..nothing too interesting. Welp, catch ya later!