From the days when I made bustle gowns almost as much as corsets! Not exactly an accurate reproduction of Mina Murray’s gown from Dracula, but I enjoyed it. Many yards of red silk taffeta that’s still the most money I’ve ever spent on fabric for a project for myself. I’ve done this dress a couple of times, though my own take on it. Someday, if I’m ever this size again, I’ll finish applying the “leaves” on the bodice (which is closed with period accurate hand bound eyelets, thankyouverymuch). I wish I’d had access to more photos when I made this, though I think at the time I was aware it was quite asymmetrical (which was very much in vogue in the 1880s). I just didn’t enjoy asymmetry back then as I do now! I made the little veiled chapeau and lace mitts too.

Photo by Alisha MacDonald, one of my very favourites of the photos she took this day. I’m feeling really drawn to historical reproductions at the moment, so we’ll see where that takes me!