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hollowedcleric  asked:

Victorian AU

Send an AU for 5 + headcanons || Accepting! 

(( let’s see how much difference I can make to BB AU XD ))

1.) Marylin is from wealthier, middle class family. Of course, the family didn’t have as much to spend as the upper classes - but they had no problem with living what so ever. Her grandmother, a dowager, is the wealthiest of her near family, but sharp about money. Marylin lived portion of her life accompanying the old woman.

2.) She begun her studies little late, eventually gaining access to studies in university - which wasn’t easy. Her grandma withheld funds for wishing her granddaughter to marry and secure her life - thus leading her to seek stipends with the help of her former teacher.

3.) She doesn’t care as much about her looks A plain dress, simple hairdo and no make up. She doesn’t bother with corsets, bustles or skirt cages - Those sound better in novels than in real life!

4.) She loves idea of wealthy upper class life ( reading books about it ) - but in fact, she is really shy in social events - bit of embarrassed her upbringing isn’t as great as many others have. Been invited to the events via her new ties, she has often found herself awkward - rather avoiding company and enjoying her time near the table.

5.)  She loves battledore and shuttlecock, if there is anything seemingly sports she’d do - it’s that.