TMNT / Ghostbusters #1

Summary: Immortals of course can’t be good guys, so one throws another into an inter-dimensional portal to live eternally in limbo. Hundreds of years later in NYC a mutant turtle, a biologist, and a mechanic figure out teleportation. They try giving their old man a heart attack with a surprise teleport home, but senior fly swatter accidentally sends them to another dimension instead. In another NYC, some ghost hunters fight a mini-boss and get paid big. Their ghost-dar picks up a final boss, which happens to be the immortal limbo-master himself. The GeeBees bust down the door bacon-and-eggs style and meet the Juvenile Anthropomorphic Kung-Fu Martians.

Impression: I’ve been keeping up with IDW, but this hardly pertains to them so I figured I would review any off-shoots whenever I feel like it. This is a pretty awesome crossover imo. A lot of comics and movies are based in NYC, so I’m always imagining random team-ups like this. Anyway, I think the tie-in with inter-dimensional travel and immortals was well clever. Donnie still is a bigot for not accepting the existence ghosts. Also, this really makes me miss Harold Ramis. I can’t wait to see how each member of the turtles and Ghostbusters react to each other. And I really want them to develop proton weapons so the turtles could literally kick a ghost’s ass.

Cheesy Outro: What happens when non-ghosts are hit by a proton stream? Will lawyers and legislature be the true antagonist? And if Chi-You speaks Chinese, does that mean Kitsune and Kraang do too? Find out on the next IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle / Ghostbusters!


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