busting stitches

Public Humiliation (Yuta x Reader)

Rating: M

(A/N) It’s ya girl, Ry, back at it again with that smutty goodness, now kinkier than ever! Let’s all be honest: Who here has been personally victimized by Nakamoto Yuta? Everyone? That’s what I thought. What better way to celebrate our combined demise then with some kinky Yuta smut? Enjoy my little nasties!

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You felt your face blaze with heat as the audience members burst into fits of laughter, practically busting stitches while you fought the urge to run off the set.

“Oh my, Yuta,” the television host chuckled cordially, eyes crinkling at you in sympathy as you looked down at your hands folded in your lap in shame. “It seems your translator needs to brush up on her Japanese quite a bit, don’t you think?”

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Stitches [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Hi! Will u pls do one where the reader is a nurse at alexandria and rick gets hurt and has to come see you so u can bandage him up? And shes younger and has always had a crush on him and he knows but has never acted on it. And maybe while shes helping him they start talking about personal stuff and she gets shy and blushes and hes teasing her about how he knows she likes him or something like that and it ends in super dirty smut?? I hope this makes sense lol. Thank u! 💓

Oh my gosh, this was so much fun to write. Hope I did it justice, anon! 😊

Words: 1,644

Warnings: smut, swearing, unprotected sex, dirty talk

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Dragonball Gals?

Um I know it’s not for the target audience but who’s up for a “Dragonball Guys” or “Dragonball Hunks” line?

I’ve seen enough of disfigured 18, Chi-chi, and Bulma figurines with basketball-sized breasts. When we gonna get:

- Underwear model Goku
-Sexy Saiyan soldier Bardock
- Pretty boy Trunks wearing only his long sword scabbard to cover his long sword style hehe
- Gravity room Vegeta with a stitch-busting bulge
- [censored?] Naked Broly in a healing chamber
- Dilf King Vegeta with only his cape for censorship
- Sexy nerd Gohan with a necktie. Only. And a book ;)

Never? Of course. But feel free to add your wishes :D


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Warnings: Mentions of blood and violence.

The small gym is packed to the rafters. Large men with shifty eyes and one hand firmly tucked inside their pockets, women with anxious eyes and one hand placed firmly over their hearts, meek men with bruised skin and one hand clutching a betting slip because their lives depend on it; they’re all together, they’re all waiting. And you’re sitting there among them, one hand gripping the silver chain around your neck and the other clutching the edge of your seat.

The copper tang of blood fills the air and mixes with the musk of men from fights past. You’re almost certain there’s a noxious cloud floating above the crowd from the cigarettes and the bottles scattered around the room. It’s a cesspool, filthy and disgusting, but you don’t dare move a muscle.

Members of the crowd are watching the entrances, waiting for the prize fighters to enter. The main event is all that’s left, all of the other men have bloodied their fists and earned their week’s salary. But your eyes are glued to the small blue stool in one corner of the ring.

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i need to save you, to save me

summary:  Daisy takes it upon herself to rescue May, the woman who has protected her since the beginning.

notes: whenever i’m down about my writing, the wonderful kelly, @ddagent, is always there for me. so this one is for you kelly :)

read on AO3

She’s never seen him like this; the smile gone from his face, the sparkle in his eyes missing, a sense of sadness clinging to his every movement.

It is the look of a man with a broken heart.

Daisy recognises it. It was the same look she saw in her father when he murdered the love of his life. She remembers that moment with a heavy heart; the short amount of time she had spent with her parents are incomparable however tragically their story came to an end. She had spent her whole life searching for where she truly belonged, but finding her parents had not filled the emptiness within her heart like she had believed at the time. And losing both of them, however painful, had not torn her world apart.

It’s pretty close to coming apart at the seams right now though.

She struggles to hold onto hope for this world as she watches the strongest, most resilient man she knows crumble apart from within.

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Shaw died of infection.

David I don’t think killed Shaw on purpose, before the end of Prometheus Shaw had a botched abortion and a pretty painful one at that and with all the physical activity she had to do afterwards one probably busted her stitches but also probably cause an infection eventually from either improper care and or the black goo. It was a slow infection, and was why she looked so sick in one of the promos and why she had to put david back together, despite​ finally putting him back together it was too late for her, he tried saving her but in the end despite putting her in cryo sleep she eventually died before arriving on the engineers planet. David saddened by this, and that’s why he’s crying while killing them, he and they killed Shaw, the only person, even out of need, who was nice to them. But maybe I’m wrong, what do y'all think?

To The Moon And Back (Lewis Redman x Reader)

Request: Lewis imagine where you rush to the hospital after the boys called you because Lewis busted his face again x

A/N: I actually really enjoyed writing this one :D

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(Y/n) sat on a beanbag in the corner of the room checking the Sidemen Official social media accounts as Freya moved in and out of the room getting shop orders in line. It had been a quiet day. The boys went out at 7 that morning to go out and record.

(Y/n)’s phone interrupted the tranquility. “Hey, Tobi.”

“(Y/n), are you doing anything important right now?’

“No… Wh-what happened?” (Y/n) asked cautiously. Freya looked up from a receipt slowly.


“Is he okay?” (Y/n) blurted suddenly. Freya moved closer to (y/n) silently, making sure everything was okay.

“Um… He’s in surgery right now.”

“What happened?” (Y/n)’s heart was beating in her throat.

“We were doing a one vs. one tossup thing and his face got smashed against the back of Cal’s head. His lip got busted and needs stitches and they’re looking at his nose because of where he was hit.”

“Okay. Okay. Is there anything I need to bring?” (Y/n) asked trying to stay calm.

“Not that I can think of. Just- just be here as soon as you can. He wanted to see you as soon as it happened.” Tobi said, causing (y/n)’s breath to hitch in her throat.


(Y/n) walked through the large hospital waiting room with a defined purpose. Cal looked up from his phone at the sound of footsteps. “(Y/n), I’m so sorry. Literally. I didn’t mean to hurt him.” He said the moment he recognized her.

“You’re fine. Don’t worry about it. Things happen. Are you alright?” (Y/n) asked pressing on the center of her hand nervously as Cal lead the way to Lewis’s room.

“I’m fine. Just have a little headache.”
“No concussion or anything?”


“Alright. I’m glad you’re okay.” (Y/n) said as Cal knocked on Lewis’s door. She could hear laughing as soon as she opened the door and sighed with relief. The boys greeted her calmly. Before (y/n) went to see Lewis, she went up to talk to Tobi, “Thank you, Tobi.”

“No problem.” He said smiling as she turned to face her boyfriend. Lewis looked so helpless lying in the hospital bed. There were two lines of little black stitches on his lower lip, a bruise was forming from the middle of the bridge of his nose to his right eye.

“Hey honey…” (Y/n) said sitting in the chair next to the bed. She reached out and held his hand gently.

“Hey. I got a couple stitches. I don’t know how much the bill is though.”

“We’ll worry about the bill later. We’ll figure something out. How are you doing?”

“Tired. I wanna go home and sleep.” Lewis said looking at (y/n) like she was the only thing in the world that mattered. To them, there was no one else in the room, but the others were watching their conversation in complete silence and slight awe. They got along so well and just seemed so calm about what was happening.

“What do you want for dinner?” (Y/n) asked. Lewis was silent, “You guys?” She said turning to the others with raised eyebrows and an open ended question. “Do you just want to walk around downtown and we eat whatever we eat? Are you up for that?” She asked turning back to Lewis.

“Sounds good.” He said before the other guys began to chime in.

“Alright. We’ll do that then.” (Y/n) said turning back to face Lewis. She brushed a strand of hair back into its place.

“What is it?” Lewis asked in response to seeing an amused smile appeared on her face.

“Nothing.” A small laugh escaped, “It’s just that you have got to stop getting hit in the face. I mean go for the arm sometime.” The boys felt a sense of relief in the fact that (y/n) could laugh in this situation and they joined in, “I’m joking! But you know what I mean.”

“I know.” Lewis said laughing.


(Y/n) leaned her head on Lewis’s shoulder as they lay in bed, watching a Netflix movie silently. “I’m glad you’re okay.” She said kissing Lewis on the cheek as the credits began to roll.

“I’m glad too.” Lewis said pulling her closer. (Y/n) nuzzled her forehead into his chest. “It’s times like that where I genuinely worry about losing you. I mean I do most of the time but that’s when I feel the most vulnerable I-I guess…”

“Why are you worried about losing me? You know I love you more than anything.”

“I know. I just get scared that I’ll do something wrong and it’ll make you so mad that you leave and I never see you again. Or I’ll die.”

“Honey, I’ll always love you. There’s no way that I could ever do better than you if you’re worried about that. You’re my one and only and I love you to-”

“To the moon and back.” Lewis finished, wrapping his arms around her lovingly.

(Thank you anon numbah two! Muggy, Toaster, and most of the characters in the Sink are my fave robot babies)

Arcade- He’s fascinated by the complexity of their AI, in particular Muggy. Their level of self awareness wasn’t something often found in artificial intelligence, but he finds it odd, even a little sad, that they gave the little Securitron a hellish neurosis. He’s perhaps the most understanding of Muggy’s mindset, and makes sure to kneel and pat them on the back whenever they have one of their “lowkey want to die” moments.

He has far less sympathy for Toaster, and blissfully turns a blind eye whenever he sees someone trying to dismantle, shoot, or sell them off. There was always the possibility of their personality making it into the body of a bigger robot, and the psychotic little idiot wouldn’t be so funny then. Not only that, but Arcade kept confusing them with the actual toaster and ending up with burnt hunks of bread near every morning.

Boone- He avoids the kitchen area entirely after the introduction of the new roommates. Muggy often begs him to take his rifle and blow their tiny robotic brains out. (“You don’t even have to do it! Just leave me in the room with it for a little bit! For the love of mugs, why won’t anybody let me die?!” )

Cass- She discovers a new sport in finding creative ways to torment them. She pretends to suddenly be a devout follower of Toaster, and when they instruct her to go out and do their bidding, she leaves them outside on the Strip with a sign that says “Free Toaster, Mint Condition”. They get returned after a day by a less than pleased buyer.

She teases Muggy by never leaving a dirty dish around the Lucky 38, thus stealing the joy they take in cleaning them, and also takes the ones Muggy has already collected and leaving them in a trail to the elevator. Once they’re inside, she uses the hotel maintenance terminal to keep it going perpetually up and down, and traps them inside for the better part of the day. She uses the time they’re stuck to hide his dishes all over again. She only stops after Muggy rats on her to Six.

Raul- He joins in on Cass’ plan, his more notable devious acts being the time he fiddled with Toaster’s voice module so they speak with a high pitched, girlish voice, and the other time it was considerably sped up, chipmunk voice, and at one point he even triggers their Spanish mode. He and Cass nearly bust stitches when he gets more than one mode going at once, and Toaster is lobbing pitched shifted Spanish curses at them.

He actually feels somewhat bad for neurotic one, so he leaves Muggy to their own devices. He also makes sure to leave any of his dirty mugs on the floor so he doesn’t walk in on Muggy hysterically sobbing, trying to reach a cup on a shelf. Again.

Veronica- At first, she can’t stop laughing, breaking into giggles at almost every word either of them says. The novelty of both of them wears thin for her after a day or two. Breakfast becomes a chore; between finding where Muggy is hoarding all of the mugs in the Lucky 38, and Toaster’s tendency to burn toast to a blackened crisp, they both make life substantially more difficult. She begs Boone more than once to assassinate at least one of them, she doesn’t care which.

Lily- She carries Toaster around like a baby after Six introduces them and Muggy (against both of their wills) as “the great-grandchildren”, and simply rocks them like a fussy infant when they go on one of their tangents. It doesn’t help much but the others certainly get a laugh out of Lily hushing, rocking, and even burping a small, pissed off toaster.

Muggy is far more susceptible to the coddling, and Lily is the only one that will hold them while they cry and have their never ending mug centric existential crisis.

Rex- While at first leery of the two, Toaster somehow talks Rex into putting them on his back, and proclaims the robotic dog to be their hellhound, their trusty steed that will carry them into battle to slaughter their enemies and raze what’s left of the world, that their reign will make the bombs seem like pale terrors compared to them. Rex takes one step towards world domination and the toaster falls off almost immediately. Rex leaves without them. Toaster screams their rage well into the night.

Muggy teaches Rex to fetch coffee cups. Their friendship is far more beneficial than Toaster’s.

ED-E- Toaster tries to preach about how ED-E has the freedom to take over the world if he would only get someone with arms to mount a death laser on his eyebot body, and Muggy won’t stop asking him for lifts to reach the top shelves. He’s never been more ashamed of his own kind.

1. Envy or lust, envy or lust?
Look at a picture and want to combust
and when the wound is halfway healed,
look again, and the stitches will bust.

2. Envy or lust, envy or lust?
The mere idea provokes disgust -
so why are you trying to wrap your mind
around things that are better unsussed?

3. Envy or lust, envy or lust?
How foolish, allowing your armour to rust
and your heart to show between your ribs
as you shakily try to adjust.

4. Envy or lust, envy or lust?
A lot becomes clear in the context of trust
and growing with those you love the most;
Lust or envy - why not both?

—  Feelings I don’t want to talk about
Marriage of the Century

“Ouch oh mm hey!” August grabbed at the fan before she could hit him again. “ ahh stop I can’t go busting these stitches loose.” He sat across from her in the carriage and sighed heavily. He was still really pale and sore. “You want a reason? I’m the only person other than your fiancé who doesn’t dislike you.”

He looked to the floor of the carriage. “I proposed to Kasha. I wanted to be the one to tell you that and to tell you I’m glad you seem to be happy.” He tugged at his shirt collar cursing at the realization of his busted stitches.

“Already almost died a few times. What’s so bad about another brush with death.” He relaxed against the cushion back of the carriage seat. “I want our feud to end. I never hated you or meant you any ill will. Seems I scorned you unintentionally and yet you still despise me In your happiness…..”

August rubbed his chin. “You still do not understand at all do you?”

Welcome Home - Daddy’s Little Lovebug

@leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid said: Dean and Jojo drabble from the night they bring her home from the hospital. Please?

Daddy’s Little Lovebug Masterlist

Welcome Home

“I can walk, Daddy.” JoJo said as Dean walked her down the bunker stairs. It had been 2 days since her appendectomy and Dean refused to let her lift a finger for herself.

“I know you can.” Dean said. “But I wanna carry you. All that medicine in you could make you fall down.”

“Welcome home, shorty!” Sam ran up and grabbed her from Dean, squishing her as gently as he could against him. “I missed having you around here. It’s too quiet.” She giggled and latched on to Sam, burying her head in his neck.

“Careful with her!” Dean snapped. “You’re gonna bust her stitches.”

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Hunters vs Hunters

Title: Hunters vs Hunters

Pairing: Dean x Female!Reader

Warning: Swearing, Blood

Word Count: 1595

Requested: No

Summary: Reader, a big shot hunter with a her own hunting group, and Dean do not get along. Not only does she solve every case before the Winchesters even arrive to the crime scene, she also has a personal bone to pick the Dean from their teenage years. When the reader’s crew cannot solve a world threatening case, the crew suggests that alerting the Winchesters might be a good idea. But, reader will have nothing to do with them.  

Part: 1/8

Next Parts: Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight


Reader - Reader

Dean Winchester - Jensen Ackles

Sam Winchester - Jared Padalecki

Vince Stones - Dylan O’Brien

Lex Garder - Shay Mitchell

Harten Horns - Crystal Reed

Josh Phillips - Alfred Enoch

A/N: I have no idea how many parts this is going to be, but I’m hoping for six. The cast list above, except for the obvious, is only a rough guideline of what I think the Reader’s crew would look like. You can change them to your own crew or best friends, or even your favourite celebrities. Also, I’m taking request, so send me some prompts you’d like to see.

Originally posted by out-in-the open


Dean, groggy and still half asleep, rolled out of bed with his head pounding. Remembering the many bottles of beer and shots of whisky from the night before, only made the aching around his temples worst. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes as much as he can, he stumbled down the hall and into the kitchen. Sitting behind his black laptop, looking wide awake and ready to face another day, was Sam.

“Morning,” he chirped with a smile.

“Mmhm,” Dean groaned tiredly, waving him off. He walked straight towards the coffee machine, pouring himself a cup. After a few sips, he made his way towards Sam, sitting across from him.

“Rough night?” Sam asked, his voice laced with mockery.  

Dean shot him a hard glare before taking a long gulp of coffee. “What’d you got?” he muttered, rubbing his left eye again.

With a quick tilt of his head, Sam answered, “A man in Tulsa, Oklahoma was found in the middle of a hiking trail with his heart ripped out.”

“Werewolf,” Dean suggested, standing up and wrapping his grey bathrobe around his torso. “Quick, let’s go check it out.”

Sam shut his laptop, and stood up, trailing behind his brother. “Look that report was posted yesterday. They-”

Dean swiftly turned around to face him. “What did I say about mentioning them?” he barked, now more awake than ever.

“I didn’t say their name. All I’m saying is that it could be dealt with by now.” Sam reasoned, knowing about his brother’s hatred for the hunting group.

Dean gave him a hard look, his brows furrowed together. “Or they could’ve died.” he smirked hopefully at the thought. The nameless, well nameless to him, hunting group always beat him and his brother to most cases. The ones they got were sometimes seen as pure luck. The idea of their death was always something Dean looked forward to hearing.

“I highly doubt the most spoken about hunters were found dead, and we weren’t notified.” Sam replied, hoping Dean would see how irrational his decision is.

“We’re leaving now!” the older brother finally snapped. It was inevitable for Dean to yell when it came to conversations about- well, you know who.

Sam sighed in defeat, slightly slumping his shoulders. “Fine, but you’ll probably wanna shower first.”

Dean’s face, previously filled with anger, fell to a blank slate. “Seriously?” he mumbled consciously. Unwrapping his bathrobe, and lifting it to smell his armpits, Dean coughed. “Yeah, a shower’s a good idea,” he wheezed, turning around to head to the bathroom.


Claws sharp and eyes glowing burning embers, you were cornered with a hand around your neck. Your eyes flickered to the silver loaded gun a few paces from you. After tracking a werewolf to it’s nest in the deep, low caves of the neighboring mountains, you and your team found a whole pack.

Everyone was on someone. Lex was fighting two with a silver combat knife in each hand. She sliced, and slashed the two werewolves. A few feet away, Vince was shooting at any wolves that ran his way. One creeped behind him, and jumped on his back. He elbowed it repeatedly, but it didn’t do much. He decided to change weapons, and used the back of his shotgun to knock the creature off before shooting a silver bullet into it’s heart. Behind him, well away, was Harten holding a long silver sword. She swiftly swiped the blade across the monsters’ chests to weaken them before stabbing them through the heart. And near the exit, preventing the critter’s escape, was Josh. He gripped two heavy pistols, shooting silver into the twisted hearts of the werewolves.

In a few words, you were left alone to find a way out. You grabbed at the sharp nailed hand, in attempt to loosen its grip. When it wouldn’t budge, you reverted to hard punches in the face. After several punches, and a few scratches around your neck and abdomen, the monster staggered back. With its tight hold removed, you dropped to your knees, and dove towards the gun. A quick pull of the trigger later, and the wolf went down.

You let out a breath you didn’t realize you were holding. Looking around, you found the whole pack lifeless, sprawled on the ground. You locked eyes with your team. “Good work,” you breathed, slowly willing yourself off the floor.

“Shit, (Y/N).” Lex, the closest one to you, said walking towards you. “How do you always manage to get yourself fucked up?”

“It’s a talent really,” you weakly joked with a small smile. A mixture of rolled eyes, and sarcastic agreements followed.

“Come on, let’s get out of here. All this killing really works up your appetite.” Vince said, moving towards the exit. Josh turned around, and led the group out.

Lex held out her hand to help you, but you waved it off, muttering something about being fine. With Harten and Lex cautiously following you, you stumbled your way out of the dark caves. “Shot gun!” you called to the boys in front of you.

Josh turned to give you a toothy grin. “Not if I get there first.” he called, and sprinted towards the navy blue ‘67 Chevy.

You smugly smirk back, mustering up all the energy you could to outrun the dark skinned idiot.

Let’s just say, a couple of buffing bullets were shot, and, soon, you were resting comfortably in the passenger seat ignoring the grumbling complaints your friend voiced.


The two brothers, despite the Sheriff’s comment on the previous FBI agents investigation, followed a trail to dark mountain caves.

“This is pointless,” Sam interjected for the hundredth time. “They already dealt with it.”

Dean lead his brother into the cave. “They could’ve missed something.” he repeated before turning on a flashlight, and heading further in.

“Yeah, because that happened so many times before.” Sam replied sarcastically, flicking on his own light.

They waved their lights around, surveying the area. With an angry huff, Dean shed light on the multiple dead bodies lying around. “See, they didn’t burn, and bury them.” he snickered proudly. “If our smart asses hadn’t come along, they would’ve outed us.”

Sam rolled his eyes. “Wow, you really got them.” he mocked, earning a cold stare from Dean.

“Go back, and get the shovels while I round up the bodies.” Dean ordered, already dragging the limp beings to a dark corner of the cave.


Three days later

You woke up, still very stiff from your wounds. You winced from the pain around your gut. Clutching the scars, you sat yourself up in your bed. After rubbing the sleep out of your eyes, you slowly got yourself up, and made your way to the kitchen.

The kitchen was pretty basic. It was a small room lined with counter tops, a sink, and an oven. It stretched from the doorway entrance, around the corner, and stopped by the white fridge. Little off centered, to the left, was a circular dining table big enough to seat six people. You entered, the cold, dusty blue and grey tiled floors biting your bare feet.

“What have you found anything on Rowena?” you asked, pouring yourself a cup of coffee.

Around the dining table, Harten and Josh sat across from each other, both staring at their laptops. Harten spared you a quick glance before gluing her eyes back on the bright screen. “You shouldn’t be up yet.” she warned. “You could bust open your stitches.”  

“You mean your grade A level sewing?” you questioned, voice hinting towards sarcasm. “Yeah, I think those opened a while ago.”

Harten raised a challenging eyebrow at you, before rolling her eyes. “Sorry for caring,” she replied with the same tone.

“She’s still hiding.” Josh answered. “Every since that stunt she pulled with the flying tables and chairs at the restaurant, she’s been MIA.”

You shook your head. “I’ll grab my laptop, and search with you.” you said setting down your cup on the counter. “Where are Vince and Lex?” you asked, remembering the absence of two of your teammates.

“They went for a supply run. We’re running low on silver, iron, and salt.” Harten responded, typing away.

“And milk.” Josh added mimicking Harten’s actions.

As if on cue, Vince and Lex -both looking rather flushed- walked in, holding two bags of groceries and weapons. “Any luck?” Vince asked, slightly out of breath.

“No, still looking.” you said as you helped them unload the supplies.

An awkward silence fell over the group, and you watched them exchange glances. “What?” you questioned, narrowing your eyes. They continued to look between each other, none of them daring to say a word. “Alright, one of you speak up, or so help me god, I’ll-”

“Look, we know you hate them, but maybe-” Harten started.

“No!” you snapped. “We already went over this.”

Vince huffed. “Yeah, but it’s been months, and who knows what Rowena has cooked up?”

“I don’t care!” you shouted, making them all lean back. “We are not asking them for help. They’re slow, stupid, and fucking, not to mention, assholes. I don’t care if our lives depended on it. We are not talking to them.” you finished, breathing heavily.

The anger bled out of your eyes and ears, as you stared each member down. They looked between each other defended, and agreed to never mentioning them again. You nodded curtly, approving their words, and turned around to retrieve your laptop from your room.

“Looks like we’re going with Plan B.” Lex muttered.

poor dizzy had to go to the vet. some stitches busted open. vet removed the stitches early and gave my mom antibacterial wipes to help keep the wounds clean. still acting like herself! i have a vet appt for her on thursday for a checkup. so thankful that my mom took care of it. she doesn’t approve of me spending so much money on rats, and she is too afraid of them to touch them, but she knows they’re important to me.

i begin my long trek home in 24 hours! i miss all my animals.