bustin balls

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Im praying some of these anons that have come on & given "scoops" arent just bustin our balls cuz thatd be fucked up.

that would be pretty fucked up but I know who one is, I think there are at least 3 people doing this.

thanks anon

The Neighbor (Bucky x Reader)

Originally posted by luznavarro

Fandom: Marvel

Character: Bucky Barnes

Persona: Female

Word Count: 13,670

Warnings: lots of cussing, mentions of sex, very long, violence

Bucky Barnes was a real swell guy. You knew a lot of girls said that, but you meant it… or at least you meant it in a different way than they meant it. Any girl with half her wits knew he was a ladies man, a different girl dangling on his arm every other week. There were repeats of course… and those who wished to be repeats, but you fell into neither of those categories. You ain’t no wide eyed floosy and Mr. Barnes couldn’t get his hands on you if he tried. And boy did he try.

Every morning he’d great you on his balcony in his undershirt, a cocky look on his face, and his suspenders hanging off his shoulders. He’d joke and flirt and you roll your eyes. Neither of you would mention the banging on your wall or the cries of ‘oh baby, just like that. Oh Bucky!’ that you heard every night. Steve would though, usually after he chased away whoever Bucky’s most recent conquest was.

But no that’s why you thought Bucky was swell: Steve. Every morning he was early to rise; he had three or four jobs he was off to every day at least. He’d never tell you, but Steve did, most of the money he earned went right to Steve’s health and his sisters’ education. Steve couldn’t work the same way that he did, but you helped them by when you could… in your own tricky way.

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for the anons dropping inside info, thank you. I have to admit though its hard to believe all of it b/c I dont know if those anons are just bustin our balls or are really giving inside info. I'm hopeful theyre being honest. Its just difficult trusting anything thats said b/c KP isnt saying anything. Her side is constantly talking & i cant imagine KP & CH not knowing this or being happy w/ it. So many games w/ the media, its hard to believe anything you know? :(

NYC said there is agreement, that’s what we need to believe, keep on top of MM with any articles, leaks, report them here.

thanks anon, turn that frown upside down

What’s up pinche putos? It’s ya main bitch Gaetano here to say that I’ve reached another follower milestone (I know, I never stop winning). And apart from gloating, I would also like to thank all the little people who made this possible. Like first of all me. And second me. And third me…….. I’m sorry but like if you wanted credit for this blog it wasnt gon happen. I’m the only huevon out here bustin his balls making dumbass shit posts (like the ones you see here, here and here) and somewhat acceptable but very mediocre edits as well (I’m not gonna promo myself here. You can just check out my /tagged/edit). You can also check out my beautiful face at /tagged/me… but be careful to shield your eyes because my beauty might blind you :) Anyway, where was I? …. Idk here are some people I’m gonna follow forever or something like that….


Ummm that’s it…….. OK in all seriousness here are all my mutuals whom I love dearly. Without yall, I wouldve deleted a long time ago so I’m holding yall accountable for my imprisosnment on this hell site. OK on a serious note (AGIAN), I really want to thank yall for putting up with my annoying ass, liking and reblogging my posts, interacting with me at any point, and even reading this obnoxious excuse of a follow forever. Anyway, here’s to yall. Hopefully there’ll be many more to come.

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