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so i saw sing the other day and it was so good and pure ?! the characters are relatable and all so lovable ,, i’d really recommend seeing it ! (i cried way too many times)

anywAY i had these human design things stuck in my head after watching

If Ruby meets Cloud.

Ruby : Is that just a blade?

Cloud : Yeah?

Ruby : Does it do any transformation?

Cloud : No, but you can sync magic into the it.

Ruby : Can I carry it?

Cloud : But it’s heavy?

Ruby : I’ll carry it to my grave! -Determined!-

Trespasser Spoiler (Our headcanon)

Solas Positive: Solas gets asked for her hand in marriage.

Some datamined stuff from the patch were released. If you’ve seen them, there could be a beach party wedding. Fandom is currently very tense about the recent spoilers so we wanted to be considerate.

By Rabbitdraw

Day review
  • Met my love and some of her family
  • Gave her candy
  • Hugged and kissed her (applies throughout)
  • walked around the mall
  • Bought her some things
  • Got aggressively pushed into a Books-a-million membership
  • Laughed about it
  • Used a photo booth and got the most ridiculous frame by default because we took to long to pick.
  • Got coffee
  • Hugged and kissed her
  • Went to Discovery Place
  • Tried the nail bed, pulley chairs, confetti vents, rigged tug of war, air ball launcher, etc
  • Went through the Genghis Khan exhibit.
  • Walked around the city
  • got burgers
  • Went to Dave&Busters
  • Got my ass handed to me in Rockem Sockem Robots
  • Went to my uncles and played pinball games

Over all: Perfect day!


Escape; pt.4

Reader x Jungkook // (???)!AU // 3824 words

Summary: Everyone has a number over their heads that says how useful they are to society from 0-100. You have a number ‘4’. You leave the city for some peace but you meet your cocky neighbor who seems to get on your nerves.

Genre: Fluff?

Y/L/N refers to your last name/family name

A/N: Who cares about Y/N and Jungkook because the real question is does Buster make it?

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 5  // Part 6


You let your free hand grasp Jungkook’s tightly and move to interlace your fingers with his. You just needed this right now, his hand in yours or you might just breakdown in his car. Buster, please buddy you can’t leave me like this.

You fidget in your seat as you wait for the results of Buster’s surgery. You had come barging into the emergency veterinary clinic with Buster in hand and your words were simply all over the place so Jungkook had to do most of the talking. As the vet assessed Buster, you were still close to tears, grasping onto Jungkook’s hand for comfort and he would leave soft kisses on the top of your head to calm you down. In any other situation, you would question his actions but you were far too occupied with the situation at hand to worry about that.

“Oh sweetie, I’m sure his symptoms scared you but Buster here is only suffering from urinary stones in his bladder.”

“Urinary stones?”

“Yeah, you’re going to have to change his diet but first we need to get him into surgery to remove the stones.”


“Not to worry it’ll be a small keyhole surgery, so there isn’t much risk involved.”

You could only nod your head while petting Buster one more time before the vet puts him under anesthesia for the surgery.

You know the vet said that Buster would probably be alright and that the surgery would probably go smoothly but you can’t help but feel anxious as you wait for the surgery to come to an end. You wanted to tell Jungkook that he could leave and that you’ll be alright but the truth is that you wouldn’t be so you let him stay beside you with his fingers still interlaced with yours. He would look down from time to time at your tiny hand clasped between his and he would smile. He didn’t know how long he’d been waiting to hold your hand like this but all he knows is that he’s glad that you seem to find comfort in his presence.

“Y/N, did I ever tell you about how I got this tiny scar on my left cheek?” Jungkook says as he points to it.

You shake your head no and he smiles before he begins his story.

“Well there was this one time where..”

He’s been doing this all throughout the wait. Telling you stories of his past so he could take Buster’s surgery off of your mind and you can’t help but feel grateful when you look at him. For your family to think that he’s using you was simply absurd to you because like many times before you feel a sense of genuineness in his company. He didn’t have to wait with you, didn’t have to hold your hand, didn’t have to tell you stories and yet he did all of those things and you can’t help but think about how precious he is as you watch him intently tell you the story behind his scar.

You know you were traveling down a dangerous path as you felt your feelings grow for him. Forget that your families are sworn enemies but the difference between your numbers were so great that it would possibly be a world record if the two of you got together. As much as you tell yourself that your number doesn’t define you, you can’t change the way society thinks so, you try your best to push away the feelings you think you have for him.

“So, I mean the scar’s barely noticeable bu—“

“Ms. Y/N, Y/L/N?” A nurse calls out, interrupting Jungkook’s story.

You stand up almost immediately, “Yes, that’s me.”

She signals for you to enter the room and you quickly drag Jungkook with you.

“The surgery went well as you can see but we would like to keep him here to monitor his condition in case of any complications.”

“S-sure, of course.”

“Well, you should go get some sleep then. I’m sure you’ve had a long day.” The vet says with a smile.

At that, you only bow at her while thanking her for all that she’s done.

Sitting in his car you let out a deep breath, finally being able to relax at the thought that you’ll have Buster right by your side again by tomorrow.

“Y/N, how about we just stay in the city tonight? It’s a little too late to drive back now.”

“Sure… but where? I don’t think your family will be very happy at the idea of me being inside your family home because you know we’re rivals and all that,” You say with a small laugh.

“Are we? I didn’t know that,” Jungkook replies sarcastically and you playfully punch his arm.

“Whatever, asshole.”

“I have a small studio apartment in town so yeah but I mean if you want to meet my family again that’s fine, we can go there too. I didn’t know you were so eager to meet your future in-laws,” He says as he wiggles his eyebrows at you.

You blush at the implications of his sentence and you try to think of a good response but you’re so flustered that your brain can’t seem to form a witty comeback.

“W-What I don’t… Just, shut up and drive ok.”

“Sure thing, babe,” Jungkook says in between laughs.

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