Buster 4 Life (Moment 4 Life)


don’t worry bout him or who he fires

he gets what he desires its his empire

and yes he gets home runs he is the catcher

he sprinkles holy water upon the GIANTS.

and this very moment he’s king. in this very moment he slayed the dodgers with a swing.

this very moment he brings

he puts it in on everything and he has the world series ring. and he will retire with the ROY, yes.

no he’s not lucky, he’s the best, yes. clap for the world series champ him.

but he couldn’t do it all alone. GIANTS.

Demp POSEY raised him. grew up out in Leesburg, southwest Georgia. kings and its crazy. cus he’s still good one loss couldn’t change him.

shout out to his haters, sorry that you couldn’t faze him

he ain’t being cocky, he just vindicated 

best believe that when they won this moment they be syndicated

we don’t know

BUSTER just remind me of everything he’s deprive them of

p-p-p-p-put your rings up. its a celebration every time we link up

GIANTS done did everything San Francisco dreamed of

greatness is what they’re on the brink of