Rory trying to tell Mrs Brown he's gay
  • Rory:-knocks on the toilet door- Are you in there?
  • -Buster vomits-
  • Rory:Mammy, I wanted to tell you. I'm gay and I love Dino and I want the world to know. -knocks on the door a few times- Are you upset?
  • -Buster vomits really loud-
  • Rory:Oh Mammy, I knew you'd take a heart! How can I be happy? Please try to think of me!
  • Mrs Brown:Well, you can get of the feckin' floor for starters.
  • -Rory and Mrs Brown scream-
  • Mrs Brown:What is wrong with you?!
  • Rory:Mammy, I need to come out of the closet.
  • Mrs Brown:You have to wait for Buster Brady to come out to go in first!
Jokes on Dermot
  • Buster:What do you want me for?
  • Dermot:I need to find a place, it's getting closer and closer to the baby coming. We can't stay at me ma's.
  • Buster:I know a place, 2 bedroom.
  • Dermot:That's all we need!
  • Buster:It's $50 a week, nice botanical garden at the back. But the only problem is you'll have Chinese living on each side of you's.
  • Dermot:I don't care, where is it?
  • Buster:Beijing!
  • Dermot:Shut up, Buster!