buster's bbq


The old Orlando Pac-Man Cafe

With a 10-foot-tall Pac-Man statue out front, Namco opened the cafe themselves in Orlando, Florida’s now-defunct XS building. They went in business in 2004 (a year in advance of the 25th anniversary of the dot-eating hungryman) and stayed up for roughly a year before closing down.

It was pretty rad: It had a large 10x10 foot (roughly 3x3 meters) screen where players could enjoy a game of Pac-Man. Up on the second story was a game room with over 100 titles; there was even a Tekken Lounge, a Galaxian Bar (fully stocked) and a Soul Caliber area all overlooking International Drive! Also included: a Pac-Man Museum!

Food was typical and somewhat-pricy, but delicious and with a wide selection. Here’s some items: Ms. Pac-Man’s Pumpkin Pie (topped with maple whipped cream!), Blinky’s BBQ Bacon Buster, Inky’s Mushroom-N-Swiss, Clyde’s Low-Carb Cheeseburger, Pinky’s Pulled Pork Sandwich, and a pizza with a slice missing to look like Pac-Man (that seems a little.. unfair!)