buster round


Big Hartley is a Brave sim.  xD  I don’t really feel like changing this…. he’s kinda cute as a Brave sim.  xD

That sexy fuck is visiting.  xDDD

Turns out Buster Round was in the park…. singed as can be, jamming on his guitar…. soooo…… naturally…

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Whatever. xD

Much to my chagrin, Bridgeport townies have aged………..

Andrei really hasn’t done anything noteworthy in this town save for have an altered apartment, aaaaaaaand it’s just an apartment, not the Vandenburg mansion, so I might, when he goes back home, reset Bridgeport.  xD  Buster Round looking like….. that… is unacceptable.  And it’s MANY townies.  Apparently somewhere along the line, perhaps while Andrei was in another town entirely, they aged unchecked.  :|  I hate that.

STOP.  …. when I took this I didn’t realize what a….. wrong face that was.  I HATE YOU SO MUCH.  xD

Why concerned face?  I TOOK OFF YOUR MOODLET, ASS.  What are you concerned about?

That.  THOSE TWO THINGS.  Be concerned about that.  :|

Btw.  Not DEAR BUSTER ROUND.  Who for some reason is wearing like…… hipster 80s clothing.  No.  No what I implied in that last post is more subtle than that.  You don’t want that.


I just realized in WA locations I can’t really cheat in a mess of sims to a location………………. there’s not really that many citizens, IIRC.  And… what the fuck would you do?  You can’t really throw down in a cafe.  And why would you?  >_>;



Andrei: Lightweight.

Andrei: I need to get out.  Home, if possible.  Not home home, the other home.


Andrei: …….. heard a lot of Phillipe’s Kenspa but no subsequent explosions.

Andrei: Hey, are we gonna fly over another Nectary?  …… super!

Andrei: Fill the “lever compartment” with caltrops too.  Nice, pointy, rusty, awesome ones.

Buster: ….

Andrei: STINKY!  Stahp.

And there he goes again.  RIP Mr. Round, we barely knew ye.

Buster Round: Hehe…. rockin’ this out.


… the FACK.  You’re not a werewolf anymore.

… and according to your moodlets you’re no longer singed.

BUT…. you’re wearing a werewolf skin.  And… because you’re wearing a werewolf skin, I can’t… edit you in CAS/tweak you in Stylist.  Because you still say you’re singed when you’re not, I can’t change your outfit and punt you into being fixed… There’s no occult status to remove because you’re not a werewolf…



NOW you’re a werewolf.


Now you’re on fire.  SUCK IT.


Stand still fucker…

Buster: Sweet corn!~


Buster: C’mon dude, help a bro out!  Aah!

Andrei: …. *sniffs*  First butterflies.  And now… I’m putting OUT a fire.  >:|


Andrei: Oh ffs… you smell like burning dog hair!

Hey!  He fixed himself!

Andrei: God that’s unpleasant… >_>

Buster: Eh?

Buster: Hey dude you got any tinfoil… >_>

Andrei: Uhm… not on me?

Buster: Gah!  I’ve seen some things and some stuff… >_>;

And we just remove the werewolf status and…

Buster: Ooh.  Lost mah fuzz.  >_>;

Andrei: ….

Can now… change his outfit…

Buster: Woo!  Milk and honey, bitches!

Andrei: ….Can I leave stinky to his own devices now?

Yes.  Yes you can.