buster posey home run

Everlark Drabble Challenge: Root for the Home Team!

I was nominated by the awesome drivebyanon with the following prompt: Everlark jealousy wrecks havoc at the Prom or Sporting Event.

I know I’m supposed to challenge someone, but it’s about 2:00am here, and I’m blanking out on people. If you haven’t been nominated or just feel like writing a drabble–message my inbox and I’ll post the prompt for you tomorrow!

Just FYI–I’m not an Oakland A’s hater or anything, I just happen to enjoy the Bay Rivalry. It always makes for an interesting game. I got nothing but love for Oakland!

Though my heart remains in San Francisco.

Summary: A game between the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland A’s brings out the worse in Katniss, especially when she sees Peeta, her almost love, has brought a date with him.

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