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Arthur Recap Season 8 Episode 1 Bitzi’s Break Up

This is a recap that should have been done on Friday but I got back from Canada and I was very tired and just wanted to eat food and lay down. So this means that there will hopefully be a recap this Friday as well!

Bitzi, Harry, and Buster are walking home from the circus. Buster is animatedly chatting about the clowns and elephants as Harry and Bitzi look uncomfortable. What, hey feel guilty about supporting the corrupt circus industry? Harry tries to make an excuse to leave but Buster insists on dragging them inside The Sugar Bowl to order Harry’s signature sub.

As they sit in the booth, Bitzi attempts to start a serious conversation but Buster reads in the newspaper that a showing of the latest kid movie is playing and insists that they all go. He is already out the door before either Bitzi or Harry can protest.

“I guess I’ll have to talk to him tonight,” sighs Bitzi. She and Harry prepare follow the cheerful Buster out the door but as Buster watches them from outside the window, you can tell that he does know that Something Serious is about to go down and is just trying to put it off.

But here’s the important question: did the Baxters just order a sandwich and then walk out before eating or paying for that? That must have been really annoying for the workers.

In the morning, Buster and Bitzi have breakfast together and Bitzi can finally have her serious talk with Buster without him running off and trying to convince her to buy lunch or go see a movie. Buster sighs that he already knows what’s happening: Harry is moving away to be a pilot or do some other job that he can’t do in Elwood City and Buster won’t get to see him anymore.

Bitzi assures Buster that Harry isn’t moving away but…she is breaking up with him.

Buster is so devastated that you’d think he broke up with Harry.

Buster talks over the break up with Arthur. He admits that he doesn’t know why Bitzi and Harry broke up and doesn’t want to ask. Still, he’s sad that he won’t get to go to the Greebs games with Harry anymore and his mom will probably date some boring insurance salesman named Martin Spivak.

“I hate Martin Spivak!” says Buster emphatically. 

“Who?” asks Arthur. He wasn’t treated to the fantasy sequence.

Buster decides that he has to get Bitzi and Harry back together!

Buster consults with the only love expert he knows: Muffy. It goes as well as you’d think taking advice from a vain, materialistic eight year old girl would go: Muffy lets him borrow her teen magazine, suggests he get a romantic dinner catered by an expensive French restaurant, and believes Buster has a crush on one of their classmates.

I mean, Muffy was the one who figured out Buster’s mom was dating in the first place!

Anyway, Buster goes around town and gets the stuff ready for the make up date. He types a letter and douses it–and I mean douses it–in Bitzi’s perfume and then sneaks into Harry’s office to place it there. He then steals flowers from the community garden and when the expensive French restaurant is too expensive for him, he buys a cheap pizza.

At the Baxter house, he turns down the lights and plays a romantic record and waits for Bitzi and Harry to arrive.

Bitzi and Harry get to the house but are confused as to what’s going on and start arguing over whether or not Bitzi left him a note. Buster reveals himself and tells Bitzi that Harry won’t take her back if she just yells at him,

“But I don’t want Harry to take me back. I broke up with him,” says Bitzi.

Buster is crushed.

Harry quickly excuses himself so Bitzi and Buster can have a talk. Bitzi explains to Buster that she broke up with Harry because they both have demanding schedules and don’t have time for a relationship. Buster accepts these reasons but is still sad that he won’t get to hang out with Harry.

He asks his mom to leave the pie Harry brought over. Buster needs to smoke a bowl and think about life.

Bitzi hates to see her son so depressed and doesn’t want him moving into hard drugs so she arranges a special surprise for Buster: she takes him to The Sugar Bowl where he will have a sandwich named after him and Harry will be there to take him to a Greebs game.

It’s may have been Bitzi’s break up but it’s not Buster’s.

Grade: A- (I like the way the show handles single parent issues and the problem of a parent breaking up with a partner that the child liked is bound to come up. Although, I bet in real life that most parents wouldn’t let their kid hang around their ex. Still, it’s sweet how Bitzi realized that Buster didn’t want to lose another father figure.)

Rating: 65% intense. Break ups are intense.



This game is wrecking me. It’s so beautiful. A glittering, art nouveau Matrix, filled with danger and a strange, eerie wistfulness. 

There’s a dedicated “singing” button, where the character, Red, simply stands in the drifting echo of a spotlight and hums a tune whose words have been taken from her. 

The bigass buster sword she drags around behind her leaves a trail of burning sparks and a circuit-tracery of light through a night-lit city of canals and skyscrapers and fountains and killer robots.

I look forward to sifting through the rest of this very film-noir tale of mystery and corruption and loss and resistance. And chopping up killer robots with my giant frikkin’ daiklaive buster sword, whose smooth, gravelly, heartbreaking voice keeps me moving forward.

Vacation Time

Buster dragged his large suitcase to the living room, dropping the duffle bad beside it. “Red, are you ready yet?” They were going on a cruise to get away from everything for a while. He wore a pair of slacks and a short sleeves button up, his hair slicked back.