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otp: you can’t leave (don’t) || kidge fanmix

“You can’t leave.” 

“You can’t tell me what to do.” 



catch me | demi lovato • moonlight | ariana grande • YOUR UNIVERSE | rico blanco • mess we’ve made | aj rafael feat. tori kelly • latch (acoustic) | sam smith • first heartbreak | tori kelly • wait for you | elliot yamin  • lost stars | adam levine • heart like yours | willamette stone • shelter | ray lamontagne  

album art originally by @k-lionheart-art. this will also update randomly. 

hope ya’ll enjoy!   

ALL Shipstas of  the LaLahood (devoted, ex, wishful, beached)  are cordially invited to attend the Post-Golden Globes Party fete...

Aboard the USSSC, Port of Los Angeles…by invitation of Ms. Caitriona Balfe. Please join her for champagne and hors d'ouvres, 1AM this evening, January 9, in the Laird’s Room, Captain’s Deck. In honor of Ms. Balfe’s career accomplishments,  she welcomes you to join and delight her in an evening of stress-busting revelry, song, and karaoke*, 2AM, in the Stardust Room.                         No RSVP Required. Business, Formal, or Highland Dress.                                    If you have any questions, please call 1-888-LUVCAIT.                             *Sheet music will be provided for the following:   L'Amour, Santa Baby, Senorita, The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond,  My Wild Irish Rose, The Lemon Song, The Texas Song by Sandy the Squirrel, Honolulu Baby, One Love…              

I’ve decided there needs to be a musical episode this season. Just have Jervis hypnotize everyone to bust into song whenever drama happens. Jim can croon about his angst ridden existence while Bruce raps about his relationship with Selina. Oswald and Ed can do one of those classic pining Broadway duets where Os is singing about Ed while Ed is singing about Isabella.

So I just came home a couple hours ago and heard the news about the leaks. I guess the song list from Friday is official. But why were the songs leaked all of a sudden? I’m sure it was a mistake. I only heard the song Busted and Blue and that was it. (It was really good too!)  But as for the others, I haven’t heard them. Not even Satrurnz Barz. (Which I’ve been seeing a lot of people talking about) I’ve heard that it was on Vimeo for a while and it was taken down. I’m glad I haven’t listened to it. I don’t know what other songs were leaked out or what they were titled, but I won’t listen to the other leaks. I would feel really bad if I did. I’m not sure if Damon and Jamie were aware about what happened today and I’m sure they’re pretty upset about it if they knew. I feel bad for Dylan Bryne though. That was a huge mistake he did there. All in all, I hope the leaks didn’t affect the band too much. Because this was totally unexpected. But hey, at least we know that the album will turn out great. :)

Seeing Dreams Through The Windows of Stars (Goodbye, Geno)
Yoko Shimomura
Seeing Dreams Through The Windows of Stars (Goodbye, Geno)

Super Mario RPG | Seeing Dreams Through The Windows of Stars (Goodbye, Geno)

 I didn’t think everything could be coming to an end after 2,043 songs, especially with so many great soundtracks coming out, but this is a reality we’re all facing. As much as this hurts, it would be even worse without being able to say farewell. I want to thank everyone for sharing your love of music with me, this experience has been amazing, and I sincerely wish it didn’t have to end.


sup this is a fic based on the song 3am by Busted <3

PART TWOmasterlist

I don’t care about him. I don’t, I don’t, I don’t.

Yesterday you were so adamant that you were happy to be alone, without Ashton. You would let him walk away. So how did you end up driving to his house at 3am? Were you weak to go crawling back to him?


You needed answers. Your heart couldn’t take much more of him running off with his band for months on end, without so much as a goodbye, only for him to come back for a few days and for you to somehow wake up in his bed in the morning.

You let out a shuddery breath as you pulled up outside his house. You dialled his number, looking up at his window and seeing the light come on as you heard a weak “Hello?”

“I’m outside.”

“What? Why?”

“We need to talk.”

“About wha-?”

“Face to face.” You interrupted him.

His words won’t mean anything unless you know he is telling the truth.

“Give me a minute.”

You walked to his front door, nervously twisting your phone in your hand. You heard scuffling sounds from inside the house and eventually the door swung open, revealing a half awake Ashton, bed hair and all.


“You’re back again.”

“Yeah.” His smirk and the way his eyes scanned your body let you know he was thinking of one thing.

You couldn’t stop yourself, you slapped him. Not hard, but the sound still echoed around his hallway.

“Ow?!” He held his cheek.

“I’m happier without you.” You stated, trying to ignore your heart desperately protesting in your chest.

“What?” Ashton’s face fell, he moved towards you, ignoring the cold despite only being dressed in grey sweatpants.

“I just can’t do this anymore.”

“Is this about those rumours magazines start about me dating other girls?”

“I don’t care who you date, okay? It’s better for both of us if we don’t do the whole sex thing again.” You were trying to convince yourself just as much as the boy in front of you.

Ashton was leaning against the doorframe, his arms crossed and his lips curling slightly.

“Why are you here at 3 in the morning?”

“What?” That hardly seemed a relevant question considering what you just told him.

“You’re here because you can’t sleep, aren’t you? Because of me.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Of course he did. He was Ashton. Your best friend since you were 7 years old. The only person who knew what was on your mind all the time. The boy you were in love with.

“Yes I do. I’m going to tell you what’s gonna happen now. I’m going to kiss you and that’s how this night is going to end.”

He moved so his arm was stroking yours, his hazel eyes lulling you into that soft comfort you couldn’t help but feel when you looked into them.

You shook your head and flinched away from his touch, “I need to go.” You practically ran down Ashton’s drive.

“You won’t get far in that car of yours, you know it’ll break down like it always does!”

You ignored him and revved the engine, desperately trying to start it and sighing in relief as it jerked to life. As your car pulled away from the curb you were forced to deal with your swirling thoughts.

Don’t break. Don’t cry. Hold it together.

You were thrown back into reality as your car started shuddering dramatically.

“No! No, come on!” You hit the steering wheel angrily as you rolled to a slow stop in a dimly lit road, “Shit.”

If this day couldn’t get worse, of course your crap car had to give out. You squinted at the harsh light of your phone, dialling all of your friends frantically before giving up and calling Ashton.

“Hello again.”

“Shut up I’ve broken down come get me.”

“That’s no way to ask for a favour.”

You sighed loudly, he was deliberately being difficult.


“Fine, fine. Send me your location I’ll be there soon.”

10 minutes later you were in his car, deciding that yours was helpless. You looked over at Ashton, confused as to why he wasn’t driving you home yet.

“Are we gonna go or…?”

“We need to talk about this. About us.”

“There’s nothing to talk about, Ash.” You ran your fingers through your hair.

“Yes there is!” He turned his body so he was looking right at you, “I really like you Y/N, I want us to be together, but you have to understand that my job is going to get in the way.”

“I really like you too, I just don’t think I can handle only seeing you once every six months.”

“But that’s my life now.”

“I know,” A tear ran down your cheek, prompting Ashton’s thumb to rest on your jaw, wiping it away, “I think, Ashton… you are the right person, but it’s the wrong time for us.”

“I wish that wasn’t true.”

“So do I.” Your voice cracked.

Before you could protest, Ashton was kissing you. But not like any other kiss you had ever had with him; this was slow and meaningful, his lips massaging yours in a way that made your whole body tingle.

Your head was ringing with alarm bells but your body just wanted more. You drew back, your chest heaving and eyeing up Ashton, waiting for him to make the next move.

“Wanna fuck in the backseat?” He gave you a cheeky grin.

“Always the romantic.” You said sarcastically, moving to the back regardless.

“I can be romantic!” He protested, his smile glued to his face, crawling over your body which was now sprawled along the 4x4’s large faux leather seats.

“Show me.” You whispered, his face so close to yours you couldn’t help but tangle your fingers in his hair and press your lips to his.

He held himself up with one hand, the other running down your body and unbuttoning your jeans smoothly. He pulled away from you to take his hoodie off, now revealing his bare torso to you. You took the hint to copy his actions and you pulled your own shirt off, only to see Ashton to be staring at your chest.

“What are those?”

“Huh?” You looked down and immediately folded your arms over your breasts, which you had forgotten were dotted with hickeys.

“Who gave you those?”

You saw Ashton’s jaw clench and his eyes were alight with an emotion you hadn’t seen in him before… Jealousy.

“Um… I don’t know?” You lied badly.

You had been out drinking a few days ago, and had ended up going home with an attractive stranger. You knew that night that you couldn’t pursue a relationship with anyone before confronting Ashton.

“You forget I can tell when you’re lying,” There was nothing you could do except avert your eyes from Ashton’s glaring stare, “Do you love them?”

“What? No!” That seemed a ridiculous assumption to make, especially when Ashton would hook up with girls left and right when away on tour.

“Do you love me?” Ashton’s voice was much softer now, his hand running up and down your arm, his fingers leaving goosebumps in their wake.

“Ashton…” You didn’t answer his question. Not because you didn’t know the answer, but because you did.

His small grin told you he knew though. He always had.

“Kiss me.” He said, his lips looking unbelievably inviting as he pulled his bottom one between his teeth.

You obliged enthusiastically, one hand holding the back of his neck and pulling him into you, rocking your hips up against his to let him know that you wanted more. He smiled into the kiss, his lips abandoning yours and paying attention to your jaw and neck. You moaned loudly as he sucked on your sweet spot, surprised to not feel his hand clamp over your mouth the muffle you. Ashton must have noticed you tense, and looked up at you.

“You can make us much noise as you like babygirl, no-one’s around.”

With an evil smirk he slipped his long fingers into your underwear, your back arching off the cool seat as he rubbed you over the material.

“A-Ashton…” You whimpered, not needing to open your eyes to see he was smiling; he loved having control over you like this.

He responded by slipping a slender finger into you, pumping achingly slowly, refusing to give you what you wanted without a little begging.

“Tell me what you want.” He said, watching your mouth fall open as he pushed another finger into you.

“I want you… I just want you!” You breathed, bucking your hips slightly in the hope of generating more friction between you two.

“So eager…” He pulled out his fingers from you, “Watch me,” He prompted you to open your eyes, and without another word he stuck his fingers in his mouth, lapping your juices from them whilst you watched with wide eyes.

“Ash!” You blushed.

“What?” He crawled over your body again, this time leaning his crotch on yours with intent, his face close to yours, “You taste so - fucking - good.” He took pauses between words to gently kiss your lips.

You felt a rush of wetness to your underwear and you couldn’t control yourself any longer, Ashton had this way with words that made you go crazy with longing.

“I wanna ride you, now.” You commanded, somewhat nervously, unsure of what his reaction would be to taking your orders for once.

To your surprise he obeyed instantly, prying his body from yours and wiggling his loose sweatpants off his body, fully exposing himself to you for the first time in a long time. You had almost forgotten how big he was, almost. You had to fight to keep your mouth from hitting the floor at the sight before you. Ashton’s legs were spread, his perfect hands resting on his equally perfect muscular thighs. His bronzed skin glowed in the fluorescent light of the streetlamps littering the street.

You followed suit and yanked your jeans and underwear off as well. Ashton couldn’t keep his hands to himself at the sight of you and grabbed your hips, guiding you to straddle his legs. His hands stroked up and down the cold flesh of your thighs and he looked up at you, a look you had only seen a few times before, and one that sent a bolt of lightning through your body.

“Ashton, if anyone else looked at me like that I would say they were in love.” You boldly said, ready to play it off as a joke.

“You always were observant.” He said nonchalantly, his gaze focusing on your covered chest but then drifting back up to your shocked face.

You kissed him hard, his hands abandoning your legs to cradle your face, pulling you in deeper and deeper until you couldn’t control the moans escaping you.

“Ashton…” You panted, drawing for breath and feeling his lips trail down to their favourite place on your collarbones, “I want you now.”

“Little Miss Demanding today, aren’t we?” He teased you, but leaned back against the car seat.

You tenderly took his length in your hand, lining your entrance up and sinking slowly down on him, both of you letting out guttural moans as you slotted together as perfectly as you did the first time way back when. You wrapped your arms around Ashton’s neck and let your head fall into the crook of his shoulder, kissing what skin you could reach as you dropped your hips to meet his thrusts.

“Fuck…” Ashton groaned, his hands sliding over your hips, wanting to have control of the pace.

You kissed him, deliberately acting to distract him and set the speed yourself. You moved your hips faster and faster, forcing a moan past Ashton’s lips, spurring one from your own.

“Show off.” Ashton half-whispered in your ear.

“You want me to stop?” You grinned; seeing him a panting, sweaty mess was very fulfilling.

“Don’t you dare.” He growled.

You giggled a little, using his shoulders to keep you balanced as you grinded your hips faster, slowly working yourself up more and more to the point where whimpers were leaking from your mouth with every bounce.

“So close.” You choked out between your whines.

With that, Ashton’s fingers strayed from your hair and began rubbing small circles on your clit, pushing you closer and closer to the edge. Your hair was sticking to your forehead with sweat and your eyes were scrunched tightly closed, your mouth permanently hanging open as you hit your high. You threw your head back, still making an effort to move your hips for Ashton and to milk your orgasm.

You were slowing down but Ashton grabbed your hips and started slamming up roughly into you, the overstimulation on your side making you call out in ecstasy, both of your moans ringing out into the silence of the night as Ashton came.

You whimpered softly as Ashton pulled out of you slowly, aware of your sensitivity, and you fell into his arms, your head leaning on his shoulder and his breath fanning over your cheek.

“Y/N, I-”

You shushed him, “Please don’t say anything.”

“Y/N, just listen to me,” You didn’t move, but didn’t talk either, letting him continue, “When you turned up at my house today, and then left, I thought I wouldn’t see you ever again. You deserve better than me,” You sat up, about to protest but he carried on, “I don’t want you to go through all the stress and hate from fans when I don’t treat you right.”

“I just want it to be like it was before, just us, two normal teenagers falling in love.” You barely got the words out you were so choked up.

Ashton shook his head, “That’s what you want to remember. This is the last time we can be together, I’m sorry. I’m just not good for you.”


“That’s the end of the discussion.” He said coldly, grabbing his pants and sliding them on, advising you to do the same.

“This is how you want to leave it?” You shouted as Ashton turned his back to you, “You wanna fuck me then go? Is that all you think I’m good for now? After everything…” you swallowed down tears, “Take me home.” 

How to Be a Woman

In the 1800’s
Press whalebones to your ribs
and carry a parasol. Don’t let the sun
kiss your ivory skin—death
is the perfect complexion.
Balance a book on your head,
climb the Eiffel Tower with a straight
back and high bust.
Pluck songs from the piano, paint sunshine
and weave daisies into a tapestry.
In the presence of men, be flirty, comely,
and dumb—no man claims a bride
for her intelligence.
Give birth to monarchs since you can’t
become one yourself.

In the 1930’s
Freud says all you want is a penis
so your opinion will matter,
so your role will be bigger
than the baby clamped to your breast.
Hold your tongue when your boss
gives your butt a good morning pat—
he pays the meager wages your husband
makes in an hour.
Take pride in the silly little movements
sprouting up around you: it’s cute
your friends think you can handle the right
to vote.
When your man returns from war,
be his pearl-clad June Cleaver:
your trim figure forever adorned
in apron, roast in the oven and children at play.
Dote on him, slippers and pipe, a fire
to warm his feet.

In the 1960’s
In an era of free love, your pockets stuffed
with birth control, head bumping the glass ceiling,
it’s advised you don’t question the status quo.
America is in turmoil because your kind
is dissatisfied with the pittance you’ve been given.
The echoes of your war cries can be heard
by suits in D.C., and they fear you.
While you’re at it, show a little skin!
Raise the hemline of your skirt to match
the plunging neckline of your blouse.
You mother may be appalled, but at least
you’re not a pin-up girl.

In the 2000’s
The definition of “woman”
is a crooked fence around a storied past.
In one breath society tells you “thin is in,”
and in another, “big is beautiful.”
There is no singular meaning to the word,
no cookie-cutter pattern to follow.
Some of the most gorgeous girls are born
with a bat and balls. Some lose their breasts
to cancer, and some simply bind them
for a night.
Maybe she was born that way,
or maybe it’s Maybelline. Maybe she’s keeping
Victoria’s little secret.

A woman is not a slut for the men who’ve
made her bed their burrow, nor a prude
for the brilliance of her untouched chastity.
She can wear her hem as high or low as she chooses,
can loosen or tighten her stays at will.
She is not a toy to be played with, but she
can play the game as well as any man.

A woman has the right to speak
her mind, and the ability to decide
when, or if she’ll speak.
Her place is not the home—it’s wherever
she feels most at home.

Because a woman is the apple and the tree
that bears the fruit. She is as useful
as she is lovely, as hardened as she is soft.
A woman has skin all the colors of the rainbow,
but never assume you are entitled to her
pot of gold.

Ask any female how to be a woman
and she will tell you: a woman is whatever
she designs herself to be.

everybodylovesbooty  asked:

They played nuc fam tonight???? Nice nice I would've busted a nut that song and album is so nice. The trilogy is widely underrated

seriously though me too!!! i can’t believe it took them this long to play something from the trilogy i would 100% be down with them incorporating more of those albums into their set list :(

Been searching high and low
So many ans wers I don’t know
I wonder who I’m gonna be
When it’s time to go
Does it matter?

Trading my coat for a cheap guitar
To play a show in a s*****y bar
Ended up in a hospital
With no-one at all

I’m coming home

Went past the Taj Mahal
It’s so f****n’ beautiful
But I miss my family
There’s nothing else to see

I’m coming home
I’m coming home
I’m coming home
I’m coming home

I wanna be in your loving arms
I wanna be in your loving arms
I wanna be in your loving arms
I wanna be in your loving arms

I’m coming home
I miss my family
I’m coming home
There’s nothing else to see
I’m coming home
I’ve been searching high and low
I’m coming home
Now I’m coming home

Coming Home - the first new Busted song in 12 years!
Produced by John Fields
Written by James Bourne, Charlie Simpson & Matt Willis

Video directed by David Spearing