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rosellaascamarcio - newest catfish

So about 5 days ago we got a message bringing our attention to a girl who goes by rosella camarcio. We never got exact information on her age but we did find out she’s from London. We did a quick search of her tag and from there already saw posts about her being fake. That is when we began our investigation and may I just say, this was the most boring catfish to find only because she was so easy to catch. Below we have over 20 items of proof against her. You’ll be scrolling quite a lot but we wanted to provide enough proof so no one was left confused on any part. Read on to continue.

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James Bourne and Tom Fletcher

English below:

Bom, que James e Tom trabalham juntos a anos em composições  todo mundo ja sabe. Mas agora eles se juntaram e formaram uma superbanda chamada “McBusted” , não se engane… não é nenhum lanche do McDonald’s e James esta muito animado com a vinda da banda ao Brasil.


 Good that James and Tom work together the years in compositions whole world already knows. But now they have joined forces and formed a Superband call “McBusted” , do not be fooled … this is not food of McDonald’s. And James is very excited with the arrival of group to Brazil.

by Thiago Villas Boas