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Voting Third Party? You need to hear this

I am all for getting someone third party elected, but THIS IS NOT THE ELECTION FOR IT. We have the most egocentric, racist, misogynistic, and unqualified candidate in history running. Now is not the time to split the votes. Remember Bush? He won because people like you voted for Nader. And if you thought he was bad, how do you think someone with LITERALLY NO POLITICAL EXPERIENCE is going to do?

If you want someone third party to win you need to support them from the very beginning and get their name heard, make people aware. You can’t just get angry when your favorite candidate loses then decide to support someone no one knows because you’re angry (I’m looking at you Bernie or Bust people). That is literally never going to work, it never has.

Every few elections people get this “great new idea” to vote third party last minute to “change things.” Except it’s not a new concept. People have been doing exactly this for years, and every single time they fail. This is not new and you are not revolutionary or special for voting third party. You are disorganized, childish, and in the case of this election you are selfish.

You want to make a real change? 88% of congress is up for reelection. Get good people in the house and senate, push for voting reforms, and start the campaign for a third party candidate early in the 2020 election. Do things differently and they might change. Stop doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a new result. That’s called insanity, not “revolution.”

This is the face of the person who’s cared for and fought for us for nearly all of his life

This is the person who was going to be our peaceful, kind, and loving president

My heart is in pieces

Why didn’t we try harder for him?