thatonecrypticcommenter  asked:

Hey TitleKnown! First off, I think your blog is most excellent! Your art style is totally awesome, and I'm impressed by your wide variety of OCs, in how you draw them/write them... in particular I've have had a question for LOVE BUSTAAA and co. for some time now: what, if anything, is the name of the "city" she operates out of? I.e. Batman = Gotham City, Flash = Center City, Superman = Metropolis, etc... anyway, does this 80's-synthwave-city that LOVE BUSTAAA and co. are in have a set name? :)

Why ya wanna know, What are ya a cop or somethin?!

…Nah, just kiddin, no cop’d ever ask such a lame-brained question like that. Me n most o’ my compatrios are creatures of the road, we don’t have one home city. We just wander around. I’m a loner DottieAsker, a rebel…