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stop what you’re doing, yes you stop scrolling, and watch the official video for up all night. DAVID IS DANCING. LIKE CHOREOGRAPHY TYPE DANCING. 

se. ri. ous. ly.

this is what we all need in our lives. this is what the universe needs.

David. Dancing.

i cannot stop smiling. you guys. YOU GUYS.

// hhey AU where Jesse DID get sent to prison instead of joining Blackwatch

except a few months or maybe a year after being in there, Jesse pulls a heist with his other old gang members and bust out of the prison

Jesse pulls back the remnants of the Deadlock Gang and pulls the reigns, targeting Overwatch for the next years to come for revenge for what they did to their gang during the sting operation ovo

anyhueY casual reminder that erwin has admitted and is openly willing to do illegal shit such as threaten officials / harm them and probably a whole bunch of worse, terrible shit in order to get what he needs.

Grumpy Australian and Drunk Scotsman Fuse. What Happens Next Will Blow Your Tits Clean Off

Wrote this bs for Demoman Appreciation Week! I’m kinda late for days four and five, when I intended this to be done, but Shit Happens. so here it is, better late than never. blease like and reblog if u dig it… 

Fandom: Team Fortress 2

Pairing: Demoman/Sniper (Swordvan)

AU: That au where fusion’s a thing that’s possible

[AO3 link]

The BLU Engineer’s sentry beeped placidly from its perch in the courtyard. Demoman was just below it; he had one shot at taking the damned thing out before they caught onto him, and that was if no one snuck up on him. He threw a glance over his shoulder and down the narrow corridor that led out to the courtyard, then lifted his grenade launcher. One, two, three grenades left the barrel and bounced off the wall opposite him, up toward the ledge above. With a bit of luck he’d at least kill their Engineer. Maybe then he’d have enough time to take out the sentry, and RED could finally push back. Demoman clenched his jaw, then grinned wickedly as he heard the explosion and resulting telltale clatter of metal.
“Dispenser down!”
Or not.
Demo quickly began to reload, finally feeling a bit of vigor. BLU had been beating them at every turn today, starting out with a lightning offense and then putting up a tight defense while their Spy tried for the final point. This one sentry was the cornerstone, and no one had managed to even get close. Heavy could hardly get into the BLU base without drawing almost all enemy fire, and the BLU Pyro was sticking too close to the Engineer for RED’s Spy to-
The BLU Pyro.
Demoman heard their breath through their mask first, and turned just in time to see them raise their flamethrower. But no fire came. Instead, he was sent sprawling backward by a powerful blast of air. Demoman opened his mouth to curse at them, himself, and all of the BLU team, but the sentry cut him off. With a few beeps and several rockets, he was headed back to respawn- again.

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Dauntless: I Love You

Eric x OC
Warnings: Language, feels

Stupid head.

I sat sulkily on the bench, my feet propped on the one across from me as I watched Eric talk to the new female initiates. One of them was getting on my nerves, and although Eric didn’t seem to notice, she was outright flirting with him.

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Hi folks! I’m doing a handful of 3d character commissions!


● A choice of two styles of 3d commissions: either a handpainted 3d character bust-up model, semi-realistic in the style featured above; 


● A handpainted small chibi character in the style as featured above

● A turnaround animation gif with an included blink animation, and an assortment of high quality renders renders

● The working 3d file for 3ds Max, and an .obj. I may also put these on Sketchfab for you to enjoy if I can figure out how transparency actually works there lol

████  PRICE SHIT YO  ████

● Bust-up semirealistic models start at a price of $100 USD

● Chibi models also start at a price of $100 USD

● *This price is an ESTIMATE and due to the nature of 3d and time I spend on my models, will increase depending on the complexity of your characters. An incredibly complex character (for example, very complex specific hairstyle, furry, very detailed and complex chibi clothes) will cost some extra! On the flip side, an incredibly simple character may cost slightly less

● Before I begin on your commission, I request that you send me 50% of the total payment upfront. (if you feel like it you can also send the full payment upfront but that’s up to you)

● Payment to be sent through Paypal


I prefer to do OCs but will do fanart!

● I’m happy to do furry, monster or mecha characters, but depending on the amount of additional complex modeling (especially non-human modeling), price may increase, particularly for the bust commissions

● I cannot guarantee that your commission will be delivered before Christmas, as this will depend on how many commissions I have taken, who is in front of you, and my personal life. If you desperately want it completed, you gotta tell me in advance, and I’ll try to get it done in time. If it is not completed before Christmas you will not receive a refund and I will finish the commission after Christmas, thems the breaks

● Commissions are limited and I’ll only be choosing a small amount to do for now!

████  CONTACT  ████

Send me an email at: shatterstag@gmail.com (preferred)

Or shoot me a chat message!

So….. everyone else saw Shades Alvarez as a sub, right? But only if people *deserve* him. He thought Diamondback was worth it, but he proved he wasn’t with his obsession with Luke. Cornell never even came close.

But Mariah?

He would crawl over broken glass with a smile if Mariah asked him to.

God, I need all the fic of her ordering him to do things, so she can keep her hands clean, and him loving every SECOND of it. Mariah orders him to take out a rival, to torture someone, to bust someone’s shit up, and when he does, he comes to her with blood on his hands and she lets him put those bloody hands all over her.

Basically, I want a million words of her riding him hard and putting him away wet.

Is this how the future will work?
You run into each other somewhere
(a place you showed him)
and you see him walk in and sit down with someone but you don’t say a thing because you’re holding your breath.
You know it’s him because her laugh is too loud and no one has hair like his.
You’ll say hi on your way out, he didn’t even see you
(too caught up in her)

You’re wearing his hat that makes your forehead itch but smells like him.
It’s awkward.

But she can name them everywhere else and all the places they aren’t.

This IS how the future will work.

He will look through you after three seconds because you’re both out of context. He will ask how you are but you’ll lie when you answer.
Not tell him all the panicky thoughts going through your brain or that you saw him the second he sat down right behind you
(you heard her voice first)

I’m being dramatic but I want to be able to run into you at whatever point in my life and have your kids know my name, and know when you look at me we still know each other like we do now.

—  you are my best friend and I love you.

What happened in Ferguson was despicable, it showed that the racism thought to have died out long ago is alive and well in THE UNITED STATES POLICE DEPARTMENTS. Those that commit the murder of innocent people NEED TO BE PUNISHED however the justice system in America is biased in most if not all cases where it is a white against a black but we need to stop for a moment and look at it in the perspective that is A POLICE OFFICER SHOT A TEENAGER 6 FUCKING TIMES LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN 6 MOTHER FUCKING TIMES AND WAS NOT CHARGED. Mike did not deserve to have four bullets in his chest, nor one in the arm, and least the one in his head and those that support Officer Willson are either racist themselves as NeoNazis, and KKK organizations do, have not seen all of the facts, or have a thick skull. We as a people are meant to have power in a Democracy through our ability to control the government, however when hundreds of thousands of peaceful protesters are fired upon with tear gas and rubber bullets then you know that the Government is attempting to suppress the power that we have, WE MUST NOT ALLOW OUR VOICES TO BE DROWNED OUT, we can not be silenced, we will not be stopped, we demand Justice, what was promised by those who came before us and those that came before them, Justice was a priority, but only for those of privilege and not for all. In America we are taught from the age of five the pledge of allegiance, which claims that their is liberty and justice for all, BUT WHEN WE EXERCISE THE PROMISED FREEDOMS GIVEN TO US BY THE CONSTITUTION SUCH AS THE RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE AND THE RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH THIS DOES NOT REPRESENT A DEMOCRACY THIS REPRESENTS A FUCKING DICTATORSHIP WHERE EACH OFFICER CAN CONTROL WHOMEVER THEY CHOOSE. Mike Browns death was the spark to this flame, it inspired us to realize what was happening and has become our symbol of freedom and equality we will place our hands over our head and when they look at us through their scopes and sights they will know that they are firing upon innocence and in return destroy the innocence of human life for all those around. Hands up don’t shoot has spread as the symbol of needing equality, in places of struggle we find this symbol encouraging those wishing for equality, Hong Kong, where those wish to rule themselves and are refused that right, in Gaza, where people have been begging for hundreds of years to halt the death in the Middle East. Our world is reaching a tipping point which is chaotic and hellish but after we over come this final obstacle we will be truly equal.

Remember the last time when there was a centuries long conflict happening in the Holy Land and in the middle of it the Mongols show up out of no where and bust up everybodys shit?


In the midst of the conflict between Israel and Hamas, Mongol hoardes unexpectedly invade Israel and Palestine.  Currently the Mongols are busy demolishing the Israel West Bank Wall…

You open your eyes. Where are you…? It’s dark…and foggy, and it sort of reminds you of an old mansion. Where furniture would be, there are piles of broken wood and nails, and there are holes in the walls. It looks like someone tore through here, busting shit up. You rub your head. You’re beginning to get a migraine.

took you long enough!!! says a voice from behind you. Biting your lip, you turn around. There is someone else here, a girl exactly your height…with the same hair, the same face…the only difference is that she’s not wearing glasses, and she’s wearing a long black dress and a veil, like a widow. Her eyes are puffy like she’s been crying, but she’s smiling in a really worrying way. Speaking of eyes, hers are glowing bright yellow.

who…the hell are you???

well thats easy dumbass DX

im you!!!


Is this not the guy that red threatens to rain fire upon in the first episode of season 2?

Remember, Red was going to give him all that money but then (in a very badass fashion) he set it all on fire.

And I’d remember that ear anywhere.

It’s gross dude.

But here’s my theory, I think he actually buys Red at action- that’s where we see them bring Red into that room and put the gun to his head.
But before he can pull the trigger, Lizzie busts in and fucks shit up.

Fuck yeah.

And then the tag team the whole damn place and save the day. TOGETHER.