bust shirts

Star trek AOS bridge crew: pride edition

Jim: Naked, except for a pair of shiny gold panties, covered in purple glitter with the pansexual flag painted on his body, excited like a newborn puppy. Shakes his butt at every camera he sees.

Spock: plain black pants, simple white t-shirt with “Hate is illogical” written on it, a single, small rainbow pin on his chest. Makes sure jim doesn’t somehow put himself in mortal danger

Bones: Marches with the doctors, “Keep calm and get tested” shirt, hands out flyers about STD prevention

Scotty, Jaylah and Keenser: have been drunk since 8 AM, managed to find pink tutus and are now blasting rock music and somehow coreographing it perfectly. The video goes viral.

Sulu: Proudly marches with his family. Has corny “if lost return to Ben” t-shirt (his husband has the “I’m ben” one), has dressed Demora in an adorable rainbow outfit and bought her lots of multicolored balloons.

Uhura: “intersectionality or bust” t shirt, has megaphone with which she incites the crowd. Holds hands with Christine and Janice.

Chekov: Has the best flower crown in town and looks like an angel; timidly trails behind the others, everyone wants to pinch his cheeks

I adoooore the colors for this pic <3 so warm, fluffy and pink!!

A line-less styled piece I’ve been working on an off for awhile now :), but I am very pleased with this! MY DEMON BABUS SNEED <333

Also a nice design you can get on a shirt on my redbubble page http://www.redbubble.com/people/lunafox01/works/22006549-harmonious

It’s funny, people make fun of vegans for “announcing” their veganism, but isn’t that what carnists do all the time? “I just love bacon” “cheese is so good I could eat it all day”. I mean they plaster billboards, walls, bus stops, t-shirts, literally everything with “got milk?” and double cheeseburgers. The cover of all the magazines are pot roast or ribs. I mean have you ever given a middle aged man a vegetarian meal? It’s like they’re lost without it they always say in a pitiful voice, “where’s the meat??”

angel-of-malahide  asked:

Saw your tags on the post of Edge and Bono, and as long as we're going to be making requests for this 30th anniversary retread, I'm gonna need Bono to grow his hair out again and bust out the shirt he wore in the WTSHNN video. Cause that's my favorite Bono thing ever. *wistful sigh*

Yes! Ugh, long-haired Bono is my kryptonite. I understand if he doesn’t want to attempt that sort of thing at this point, but a little shagginess couldn’t hurt. There are a few pictures out there from the daytime hours on the i+e tour where he wasn’t “styled,” and his hair was flopping into his face and it just looked amazingly soft. 


I got tagged by the amazing @emmanotfromcanada which was a lovely surprise!

1.Nickname: Riley

2. Star Sign: Aries

3. Height: 5′2″

4. Time Right Now: 4.22pm

5. Favorite Music Artist: At the moment, Lady Gaga

6. Song Stuck in my Head: All Time Low by Jon Bellion

7. Last Movie Watched: Wet and Reckless (Lucas Till’s character kept making me snort-laugh)

8. Last TV show/anime Watched: The Only Way is Essex

9. What am I wearing right now: black leggings, black and dark grey t-shirt, and busted slippers

10. When did you create your blog: not sure, but I want to say 2014 or 2015

11. What kind of stuff do you post: shit ton of reblogs, personal stuff sometimes, and posts about my Steeb adventures

12. Do you have any other blogs: nah

13. Do you get asks regularly: nope, but I wish I did. I love answering questions people have for me or knowing what they think of me in general (whether it’s good or bad)

14. Why did you choose your URL: World History Class Game required us to break into teams, and my team was supposed to be able to answer questions about Buddhism and the picture of Buddha in the textbook was SUPER flirty. We made that our team name, and I loved the name so much I made it my URL.

15. Gender: Female

16. Hogwarts house: Slytherin

17. Pokemon Team: I’m not sure. It’s not really my jam

18. Favorite Color: Purple, pink, and deep blue

19. Average Hours of Sleep: 3-7 hours

20. Lucky Number: 23

21. Favourite Characters: Alex Summers,Hank McCoy,Toad, Warren Worthington III, Kurt Wagner, Steve Rogers, Gabriel Summers, Sam Wilson, Miles Morales, Nux, and Slit

22. How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: 3-4. I like to nest when I sleep

23. Dream Job: Ichthyologist

24. Following: 548, I’m pretty sure most of them are marvel related blogs

The only people I can think of who might actually do this are @rorycantsleep and @imactuallycrying which is nowhere close to 20, but oh well, I did my best.