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if anyone wants to improve their academic writing dramatically, pick up a copy of They Say, I Say by Berkenstein and Graff

it’s simple, direct, and game-changing; it’ll make you think about the mechanics of academic debate in a far more systematic way without once being dull or wordy or confusing. 10/10, would build a time machine and give this to my 18-year-old self if I could

Listen. Daniel busted his ass to improve ranking, helped others along the way, is versatile and capable of being every position, was never center, or greedy to be, yet STILL shone every group battle, helped choreograph Get Ugly, led his team to victory for Open Up, admitted to his faults and need of improvement while being leader, took the position spot he didn’t necessarily want because the ones in the position he wanted wouldn’t have been good at it and he didn’t want them to fail, CHOREOGRAPHED “HANDS ON ME”, AND YALL UGLIES OUT HERE STILL SAYING HE DOESN’T DESERVE THE CENTER POSITION FOR WANNA ONE. 

Bust Commissions to help Sam-Sepiol!

So one of my favorite people on this planet is in need of money and I wanted to help how I can, so…

I’m happy to do bust shots, @sam-sepiol will add details about payment when they reblog this. I’d prefer to work with a reference but if you don’t have one talk to me and we can work something out

(I do humanoids, tho the further they stray from pure human, the less I can promise quality results.)

Message me for further details!

Jade Winglet Band AU

-Moon first started testing out music in the rainforest
-She noticed how if she blew into hollowed logs, they wade weird sounds
-The animals around her liked it, so she tried to perfect this
-When she went to Jade Mountain, she instantly took up the clarinet
-Her music’s a way of distancing herself from her issues, drowning out the world
-Winter was getting classical piano lessons in the Ice Kingdom
-But it just didn’t click with him
-He didn’t like the classical stuff the nobles listened to, but the ‘rock’ stuff the rebellious people in the lower circles had didn’t please him either
-He started sneakily ‘borrowing’ instruments from the music room to test
-The first one that really appealed to him was the ukelele
-It was the only thing that made him feel free
-He’s broken it so many times that by now it’s had so many repairs it’s not even the same instrument
-He brings it to Jade Mountain
-He only ever plays it when he’s alone outside, or when he thinks Qibli is asleep
-Qibli isn’t asleep, and he loves Winter’s music
-But then one day Winter sings and hOLY COW
-Qibli falls out of his bed
-He pretends he’s asleep still
-Peril’s never really thought about music 
-She’s never thought she would be able to really play anything
-Kinkajou felt she should fix this
-They went on a montage of Peril accidentally destroying instruments
-Never say ‘triangle’ around those two
-Brings back bad memories
-Finally, after the closest they got was a kazoo, they discovered Peril could sing
-People love it when she raps because she puts so much emotion into it
-Turtle’s a percussionist
-This aided to his being used to not being noticed, as he was always in the back during SeaWing concerts
-He loves percussion, though
-He feels like he’s finally in control with the rhythm
-Qibli crushes the saxophone
-Jazz legend
-His improv skills are known far and wide through the Scorpion Den
-He enjoys it because it cheers people up
-Back home he’d often bust out a sick improv during the drumming
-Kinkajou can play tons of brass instruments
-Her favorite’s the trumpet, though
-Mostly because it’s the smallest
-She actually plays really somber music
-She can totally do upbeat, but what she instinctively reaches to is blues
-Which surprises EVERYONE
-Moon’s woodwind actually compliments her blues nicely
-Umber’s only musical talent used to be the kazoo
-But Kinkajou was NOT HAVING THAT
-She basically taught him how to cello
-Though he still likes traditional singing
-They were reluctant to join together as a band due to their musical differences
-But they agreed to give it a shot
-And oh boy
-They played it for Starflight, since they felt he’d be least biased to the music
-He was radiant after it
-Their styles really complimented each other well
-Turtle’s neat rhythms
-Peril, Kinkajou, and Qibli building up to the climax
-Then Winter, Umber, and Moon going down to soft
-And when Winter, Peril, and Umber’s voices harmonize
-Long story short Starry arranged for a concert and basically became their manager
-The whole of Jade Mountain LOVED THEM
-Suddenly Winter grew a fan club because ‘hE ACTS SO TOUGH BUT HE’S SO HURT AND SOFT AND TROUBLED’
-Like half of Jade Mountain has a crush on him
-The DoD find the whole band thing amusing
-Now the JW play at every party
-Every. Party.
-Turtle composes all their music
-Marsh, Sora, and Anemone are their biggest friends because their siblings are going up there and being brave and they’re so proud
-Listen man I just want the kids to express themselves


one of the first times drawing Kiri (I think the second time??) verses the last time I drew him with his hair up a little over a year later. It’s crazy how much I still struggle trying to draw his hair up haha


big new commission menu!! I wanted to add icons and banners + new and improved bust commissions! Reblogs are super appreciated

some guidelines:

  • I take paypal only!
  • I can draw OCs/portaits/couples/fanart/pets
  • I won’t draw nsfw
  • turnaround time is usually 1-4 weeks

please email me at alexiadraws@gmail.com if you have any questions/inquires! Thanks °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

cunning-and-cool  asked:

*gives you 10 cents and a shoelace* tell me about corsets and widows wear

sure thing! those things all vary quite a bit depending on exact timeframe, but i’ll do my best to cover as much as i can. big disclaimer that i am not a historian! hopefully other people will jump on this post to help me out a bit.

corsets! corsets changed a lot over the course of the 19th century since the ideal figure and cut of dresses changed so frequently. in the regency era, the ideal figure was pretty columnar; they didn’t want too many curves. the natural waist was deemphasized, as the waistline was just below the bust. this led to regency corsets, in their more popular form, being soft, with minimal boning. many stopped soon below the bust, like the dresses:

a very comfortable era in fashion, which did not last very long. already by the late 1810s, waistlines were beginning to move downwards, and corsets followed suit:

here’s some from 1819. as you can see, there was still some diversity in shape and style, but they did extend at least to the natural waist. they served a few different purposes, and each one unique in which they would emphasize. in general, they would gently narrow and lengthen the waist, push up the bust, and improve posture. gussets did a fair bit of the work, showing off the parts you want shown off.

the big board you see up the middle of the one on the right is called a busk. these were generally made of either wood, baleen, bone, or sometimes even ivory. they were meant to separate the breasts and keep the posture set.

boning was usually made from baleen; reed was an older convention and slowly phasing out. steel boning wasn’t much of a thing until until the 1850s as the industrial revolution took its course. boning was pretty light for a while; gradually corsets came to have more boning.

the fabrics used for corsets at this time was almost always cotton, though i have seen at least one example where linen was used as a lining! multiple layers of the fabric would be sewn together to make the corset strong.

the lovely pattern you see is the cording! strong cords made of cotton or similar fabrics were sewn into the fabric to stiffen it a bit. here’s a really great image of someone’s modern recreation:


while early regency corsets laced in the front, as time passed, they came to be laced in the back. the eyelets could either be holes in the garment itself, as so:

or separate rings:

conveniently, both those past two examples are from the 1820s, so you can how slowly the ideal silhouette became more of an hourglass figure. the 1830s kept this pattern going, as corsets continued to narrow around the waist:

the waists weren’t nearly tight enough to suffocate you or anything like that, but they did show off your curves! note the shoulder straps, too – some were attached directly to the body of the corset, as in that white one, and some laced on, as in the brown one!

moving on to mourning clothing! widow’s weeds is the general term for widows’ clothing specifically. not weeds like plants; the term comes from “waed”, the old english word for garment.

this is a subject i know much much much much much less about, so this took a fair bit of research. customs tended to vary a lot between cultures, too, so ??? people who know more than i do please lend me a hand here

the main point is, there were specific rules you’d have to follow, depending upon the period and region. the essence of these was modesty: simple fabrics, less flashy color and ornamentation. to cheat on any of these specifications would send a very distinct message – possibly that the widow was promiscuous, vain, or didn’t really love her husband. the rules began pretty simply in the regency era, and grew more and more complex until the mid-victorian era, with the influence of queen victoria taking hold over england and spreading to france in the way popular fashions tend to do.

mourning was broken down into stages, the length of which varied.

the first period, called full morning, lasted a year and a day for widows (i’ve seen this figure mentioned for both regency and mid-victorian customs, so it appears fairly constant, though both of those sources were focused on england). the only color to be worn was black. fanciful ornamentation was to be minimized as much as possible, if not cut out entirely, and it should only be black. shiny fabric wasn’t allowed; all fabrics should be matte. crêpe was the fabric of choice, though matte silks like bombazine were also solid options. here are some examples:

^ evening dress from 1817

^ morning dress from 1818

^ another from 1819

^ 1820


^ 1830

^ these two from 1837 – a few years past out era, but you get the point.

the two stages past this varied, and honestly confuse me quite a bit. i’m not clear on the duration of these stages in the regency era, but by the mid-victorian era, it seems pretty clear that the second stage lasted one additional year, and the final lasted 6 months. even the textiles – one website that focused mostly on the mid-victorian said that shiny fabrics became okay in the second stage, but a blurb for one dress in the victoria & albert museum says the lord chamberlain decreed velvets & shiny silks only okay for the third stage sometime around the death of princess charlotte in 1817. regardless of period, subdued colors other than black, such as white, gray, or lavender were allowed in first as small adornments, then as the color of a full garment. so uh ???????? here are some pictures, anyway.

^ evening dress from 1819 – this is one of the few ones i’m sure is from the final stage

^ the victoria & albert museum confirms this as a final stage mourning dress from 1823-1825

^both from 1827

^ late 20s/early 30s


the range of jewelry in the later stages also expanded to include lockets, pins, or brooches with the hair of the deceased inside, like so:

all of these rules were incredibly unfortunate for anyone without a ton of money, since new clothes were expensive. most people chose to try and rework some of their old clothes into appropriate mourning attire, dyeing dresses black, sewing in black linings to outerwear, or draping bonnets in black crêpe. if you were too poor even for that, you’d have to resort to finding any small black accessory, or even scrap of fabric to add somehow to your outfit. that or follow marius’ route of just only leaving your house at night so your clothes all look black.

that’s the best i’ve got to say, so the floor is 100% open to others!

A tree-lady i made a while ago and forgot to post. I was just messing around with copics and seeing what kind of textures i could make

anonymous asked:

So why are you only shown from the chest or stomach up? Like, do you even have legs?

Yes, I have legs. It took a lot of work to get this costume working.


So, the reason I don’t draw Noma with legs is simply because I am shit at anatomy. Also, no, those circles at the bottom are not her feet, Those are where her knees would be. And yes, she is supposed to have one hand on her hip also.  Please be patient, I will eventually get to drawing more and more of her body instead of just having busts. Once I improve more with my anatomy, you will start seeing more of full body Noma.

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Any chance of absorbtion stuff? Like a girl fuses into another lady to drastically improve her bust?

I’ve done something like that, but not exactly the situation you’ve described.