bust improver


big new commission menu!! I wanted to add icons and banners + new and improved bust commissions! Reblogs are super appreciated

some guidelines:

  • I take paypal only!
  • I can draw OCs/portaits/couples/fanart/pets
  • I won’t draw nsfw
  • turnaround time is usually 1-4 weeks

please email me at alexiadraws@gmail.com if you have any questions/inquires! Thanks °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

have you ever come across a goblin and was like “Damn! if only those things were like 80% sexier!” well buddy, you arnt alone. 

these are just some busts of my new, improved, more fuckable goblins. Ok thats a lie, these are actually designs from this race i created awhile ago called Trenches, but i realized thats a fucking dumb name, so they’re goblins now. 

The male is a Gem goblin, you can tell because he has gems. The female is an Ore goblin, you can tell because she has ore. They live in caves, and boy howdy do they eat bugs. 

ok but honestly, i would love to hear leigh and jade and jesy do their own solo covers too because like being in a group doesn’t always allow you to show off your vocals and how much unseen potential you have and what your vocal strengths are. the girls have done that a lot on gw though, but i would still love to hear what jade and leigh and jesy can do on their own. they all have their own uniqueness and individuality, like i wanna hear leigh do some more belts/power vocals, for jade to do some more whistle notes, for jesy to sing some more ballads and belts/falsettos…. like i wanna know i wanna see what else they can do that they haven’t showed us yet.