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My family likes to bring up the whole 'pipelines are safer than trains' and 'its going to go to market no matter what' excuses when talking about Trans-Mountain, and I imagine they'd talk similarly about Keystone. Do you know of articles I could use to get more information on those topics?

Here’s a good one:

How the Spectre of Oil Trains is Deceptively Used to Push Pipelines

And this one counters the rhetoric of trains are super dangerous with oil:

Trains complement pipelines, and are just as safe at transporting oil (I don’t agree with all of this article but essentially it busts the myth that oil by train is inherently more dangerous than pipelines)

This article by Elizabeth May, also busts the ‘oil by rail is super dangerous myth’:

Interview: Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May explains her opposition to the Kinder Morgan pipeline

Here’s one that points out that market conditions will make oil pipelines economically unviable in the near future:

Low Oil Prices, Climate Commitments Make Pipelines Economic Losers: Expert

These two articles also busts a lot of oil pipeline myths that are pushed by the oil industry and main stream media:

Four Harsh Truths for Canada’s Lovestruck Pipeline Politicians

Kinder Morgan Approval Insults Democracy, Science and Economic Logic

I hope this helps!


Maybe it’s their unusual appearance, or maybe it’s their ogreish-sounding name, but bunions aren’t a common topic of conversation, despite the fact that they affect an estimated 23% of adults between 18 and 65. Many mistakenly think they’re blisters or open sores. To bust all those bunion myths out there, Mic enlisted the expertise of Dr. Irene Loi, a podiatrist at NYU Langone Medical Center.

First up: How do I know if I’m getting a bunion?

Remember this when people try to disparage Kobe for having a bad record when scoring a lot of points.

What these simpletons don’t understand is that when Jordan/Kobe/any leading player scores a ton of points it either means they were on fire, OR it means that nobody else stepped up and they had to take matters into their own hands, while getting no help from their teammates. It’s a recipe for losing.


BUT…here is the real kicker, it isn’t even true in Kobe’s case!

When scoring 40+ points over his career, the Lakers are: 81-40 (.669)

When scoring up to 39 points over his career, the Lakers are: 742-417 (.640)

Call me Penn Jillette cause I call bullshit on this conventional wisdom.


EDIT: The numbers for Michael.

When scoring 40+ points over his career, Bulls/Wizards were: 121-52 (.699)

When scoring up to 39 points, the Bulls/Wizards were: 585-314 (.651)

It’s not even true for MJ, I’m myth-busting all around.


Shoutout to the autistic people who lack affective empathy. Shoutout to the autistic people who are being invalidated and excluded by fellow autistic people who are so eager to bust the myth that all autistic people lack affective empathy that they are excluding people in an attempt to be accurate. We’re valid and we deserve to be actively included in autistic communities. 


Top 5 Food Myths Busted

“I’m sure you have all heard food myths like carbs are evil or you have to eat a raw diet to be healthy. Well food myths are running rampant these days and we are here to put a stop to it. Today we are busting our top 5 food myths so you guys can continue to enjoy some of your favorite foods again without the guilt.”

Via Food Heaven Made Easy

A lot of Steven Universe fans out there are speculating whether the image we see in this Interview with Rebecca Sugar (0:27-0:28) is how Homeworld looks like. It got a lot of tumblr reblogs too, but this is not Homeworld.

You can find this image on the Steven Crewniverse blog as background art. The colors are different but it is obviously the same environment. In Episode 35 “Lion 3: Straight to Video” Connie shows Steven a trailer of “Dogcopter 3”. This is where you see this city briefly.

It is a human city and is not related to the gems or Homeworld at all.