#Egyptian bust #resembles #MichaelJackson on display Inside the “#AncientEgypt” exhibit which opened in 1988 at the #FieldMuseum in #Chicago. This bust of an #Egyptian woman is nearly 3,000 years old, yet the #resemblance to the late #KingOfPop is uncanny. The #bust has been a part of the #Museum’s collection since 1899 and was collected by #EdwardAyer, who spearheaded the founding of the Museum. bust was made during the New Kingdom Period (1550 BCE to 1050 BCE) which is the same time period as #KingTut and #Ramses. According to the curator, 95% of Egyptian statues and busts were defiled by earlier #CopticChristians because the statues were looked at as idolatry. Taking the #nose off made them ’non human’ and less offensive… It appears that Michael Jackson knew of this bust and tried to use #plasticsurgery to match every detail right down to the defiled nose. And no, it’s not a fake picture or fabrication because I visited the museum and seen it with my own eyes. I took the picture myself. #HappyBirthday Mike #4biddenknowledge

Hey, i’m opening commissions! and cheap! and in COLOR.

I’ll draw fandoms and ocs, (I do furries as well!)

If you’re interested, email me at emily.legore@gmail.com! sometimes tumblr messages don’t get through so i don’t want your message to be lost. Thank you!!

Another render of the Flight Rising Imperial Dragon bust! I had promised to post a better quality one months ago, but rendering this model was a huge pain in the ass due to an unusually high poly count that caused my computer to crash frequently. Decided then to try it using the new Zbrush to Keyshot bridge, and this is the result I got. Went for a classy polished marble texture instead of bronze this time!


Heisei Godzilla studies! :D My favourite incarnation of him. Took my 1995 rebirth and burning godzilla figures, topped with 1991 Yuji Sakkai X-Plus and decided to play with them a little.
I’m thinking of making small series of those. Started with 2014, moved into 90ties and who knows which one could be next? :D ‘64? Zilla? Millenium? Original '54? Fun!
Painting process also on youtube, click!