Over my twitter spotted that @somesharpteeth was dealing with really bad computer/technical problems causing anxiety and pain which due of my own PC problems can relate so much. 

I just felt that pain so wanted to show my support the way it can replace a bit the bad with some smiles and joy and sketched their main up in 20 mins Photoshop test run with the new set up and settings. 

Also, my PC finally set up, everything arrived, was put together, tested and the most important softwares back on their place. It took a lot more time then I originally excepted, and the last bit of parts the RAM came only this Monday. I now have a working machine to continue working with commissions and arts. My tablet not lagging out as it did before, opening and closing programs or just to save not takes 10 minutes long and I can increase my resolution and working canvas size for better printing at last. So from 5k I can move now up to 8-10k size for my arts. I was really waiting for that. 

Thanks for putting up with me and the patience!

Bust of Olganus - Museum of Veroia, Greece.

Extended ruins in the area between today’s Naoussa and the neighbouring villages of the plain reinforce the version that contemporary Naoussa has evolved at the site of a significant city of antiquity, which was found between Veroia and Edessa. The name of this city, according to archaeologists’ most recent views, was Mieza. According to local myth, the three children of the mythical king of the area, Veretos, passed their names on as follows: the daughters to the two important cities of Emathia, Veroia and Mieza, while the son, Olganus, metamorphosed into a river god and gave his name to the river known today as the Arapitsa. A bust of Olganus, which was discovered in the Copanos area and dates back to the 2nd century A.D., is now preserved at the Museum of Veroia.