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Do you ever send nudes to your mutuals? Specifically whole ass nudes. Like spread your ass cheek nudes. Expose your bussy hole nudes. Because I need to see them or I will die. :///

I only send bussy pics in life threatening emergencies. Nobody will die that way on my watch.


spro10. 5. 2017.

Hey Everyone!

I’m a new studyblr, lol. here’s a quick introduction

y’all can call me ami

I’m Mexican American (first gen all that stuff lol)     

 Full time student at the University of Washington    


Work part time as a Student ambassador, & at front desk at an advising office 

Like kpop, anime, movies, music…. If you guys know any good shows/artists please lmk·      

Aiming to double in Business (focus in International Business/Marketing) and International Studies

I know my notes aren’t as pretty or aesthetically pleasing as others but I really wanted to post something.. hopefully they get nicer as time goes on :) Currently I am taking accounting, I’m not math inclined at all so I am hoping making a studyblr will get me more motivated to study everyday. On top of that I really trying to meal prep workout stay healthy inside and out. 

Here are a few blogs I have started to follower pls reblog if you’re a studyblr too I wanna make more friends and hopefully be part of this community:)

@staestudy @procaffeinates @messystudiess @slytherinandstudying @studying-you @junostudies @stuhde @sincerelyessie @studylustre @aescademic @soymilkstudies @studyquill

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I'm facing another... crisis of faith again. You see, I was reading about some stuff related to SJ and shipping; like the whole "they don't have romantic interactions in canon so why do you ship it", and Zelink came up in it. I wanted to jump right in and talk about ALL OF THE HINTS IN THE CANON AND BY THE CREATORS of their relationship, but then I found myself doubting them too, and I got scared I couldn't ship it (even though I really fucking do). Now I just feel... scared.

I see. But aren’t those just mere opinions?  Why should someone’s opinion have some type of effect in your enjoyment to the point of making you feel scared? My friend, please don’t give them that power over you. 

After all, you said so yourself, Link & Zelda as a pairing have tons of hints in different games and mangas. Not to mention, official merchandise. 

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You see, I ship lots of parings and they all have something in common whether they’re canon or not. That something is: People who disagree with my pairing and question why I like them.  

And you can easily tell when someone is genuinely curious or, when they just want to attack you for it.

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I’m honestly so tired of all this Sprousehart drama.
Lili and Cole are individuals. They are both grown people and they can decide what they want to do or whay they don’t want to. People really need to stop digging EVERY SINGLE WORD they have said. Just leave them. If they are together (which I personally would want it and support it) that’s good. But if they are not then it’s their choices. I’m not going to start harassing them about it. Just gonna keep supporting them.

If Cole blocked the words “Lili and Sprousehart” on his instagram then this is HIS CHOICE. He uses instagram for his photography and bussiness not his personal life gossip. Clearly he doesn’t want his personal life and acting job to include his photography and I understand that. There’s nothing wrong about it.

If Cole said that he used to love Barchie when he was a kid this doesn’t prove anything. This doesn’t mean that Bughead are gonna break up or they are not dating or they were dating and now they broke up. I can’t even find the connection between Barchie and Sprousehart?? Barchie is a fictional ship. It’s not real. So is Bughead. But Cole and Lili are real people.

If Cole didn’t celebrate Lili’s birthday online this doesn’t prove anything either. If I had a boyfriend I wouldn’t celebrate his birthday online. Life is not just pictures you post or tweets you send. You don’t know what they do behind the cameras or their social media accounts. You don’t know their personal lifes and honestly you don’t have the right to judge their movements.

And I’m not saying that I don’t want to see them as a couple. To me they have a beautiful chemistry. But just because I want them to be together doesn’t mean they HAVE TO. Just because I stan them and support them doesn’t mean I can control their lifes. So all I’m saying is just give them some space. Stop acting like fucking FBI. They both deserve to be happy and they don’t deserve this kind of a treatment.

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The heck happened september 23rd bro???

OKay, lemme tell ya.

For all you new souls coming to the Gorillaz Hell- er, I mean, fandom, that do not know anything about September 23rd, lemme recap and explain:

September 20, you are a normal fan of the Gorillaz, just minding your own bussiness, living your own life and BAM! SUDDENLY, these guys start posting a shit ton of stuff on their social media AND official page (Which was as dead as Russel’s libido). But it wasn’t just random crap, it was all stuff from Phase 1.

And that also happened with the 21rd of September, and with the 22nd… with Phase 2 and Phase 3.

See al images here

So yeah, everyone hyped, just waiting for the 23rd to come cause, you know, your common sense is screaming out loud ‘TOMORROW SOME KIND OF PHASE 4 UPDATE IS COMING!FINALLY!’

So yeah, everyone hyped, everyone excited…. and then, when the 23rd came…

Damon Albarn’s Instagram and Youtube account got hacked.

Nothing else.

No Gorillaz, No Damon.

We still DON’T KNOW if it was a real hack or some funny joke from Damon, but i sure as heck didn’t like it. (It was funny at first, but then it was just too corny)

So yeah. 

(Thankfully, his account is back to normal…or is it?)

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Pretty Woman AU, but Hyde is the prostitute. Pretty Burnout. Walking down the street.

Dude, this was supposed to be funny and ended up super deep, long and I will probably write it at some point. I lovehate you.

PS: No bullshit of falling in love in one week and no also bullshit of “I WILL LEAVE EVERYTHING BEHIND FOR YOU AND LET YOU SAVE ME WITH YOUR MONEEEEY!”, that… just doesn’t happen in real life, okay? So the core of this AU is still the movie ‘Pretty Woman’, but goes beyond that. And yes, Hyde is the sex-worker.

He’s 25 and she’s 23, she would love to focuss on her career on TV but knows her grandfather wants her to follow on his steps and can’t find her voice to say no.

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Happiest girl in Charming

Imagine you’re a successful lawyer and you’re married to Opie. No one knows until he shows up in the middle of the day because the club needs your help 

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Since you were a teenager all you wanted in life was to study and succeed to be lawyer just like Mommy. You worked your ass off and saw your parents do the same to pay for your college. They were the best parents you could ask for and you had a great relationship with them; They even understood when you moved to California and were more than happy to know that you and settled down in a small but lovely town: Charming. 

You hanged around town doing the same old,same old. Visiting the gym once in a while, the firm from 9 to 5 and then home, to catch on work, play with your cat or call your parents; What you loved the most was taking care of your little garden. It was a pretty normal life, and you liked it. 

One particular Sunday you were on the Gardening store, looking around for some missing pieces of a hoe you ordered online when a grown woman walked in. She was wearing too many leather for her age but damn, she owned it. She had a strong presence and suddenly, you felt afraid but interested. She walked inside asking for some fertilizer for her tulips that were  irredeemably dying. The saleswoman said she would check in the back and you were both there, standing in an awkward silence that you decided to break.

“Hi. I’m (Y/N).” She turned around and removed the glasses from her face, looking at you. Up closed you noticed a chest tattoo and a long scare in the middle of her breast. 

“Gemma.” She said and turned around to you. 

“Let me know how that fertilizer is doing, Gemma.” You said, confidence in your voice. You had it in you, being a lawyer and all. “I have some roses at home with the same problem.” She looked at you and put her hands on her hips. You were way younger than her but that didn’t intimidated. 

“Nice hoe.” You smirked at her comment. 

“Thank you, i’m a nice person, yeah.” She smirked at you and just like that, you became friends with Gemma and days later, friends with Luann. Having such a bussy life at Charming didn’t left a lot of times for friends, so whenever Gemma invited you to hang around the clubhouse, meeting with time everyone. That’s when you met Opie Winston, while he was cooking some hot dogs, with whom you would marry a year later. 

It was a surprise when you called home to invite your parents to your wedding. They knew you were dating a biker member of a club, an outlaw and they were a bit uneasy, as everyone, but after they flied to meet Harry, they loved him. 

Sadly, the firm you were working with was not being enough and not doing much for your career, so you started to work in a bigger one. It was your fourth week and your bosses loved you. It was the best feeling ever, how everything fell into place. 

“(Y/N).” Your co-worker Meredith called walking into your office. “You left your notes in the meetings room.” You smiled, walking over to hear and grabbing them coffee pot on the other hand. 

“Thank you.” You said sipping from your hot mug. 

“Did you hear about the Sons of Anarchy?” Meredith asked you pacing around your office, wanting to befriend you. You head snapped up and you lifted an eyebrow. It was still weird when someone mentioned your husband’s club. You looked down at the peak of the crow in your wrist, covered with your long sleeve office shirt. 

“What about them?” You tried to sound calmed as you went back to your laptop. She sat on your desk and started to talk about how the guys made a mess downtown due to some kind of shooting. You nodded, paying attention trying to add careless comments as you smirked. They had no idea who you were. Opie’s Winston old Lady. 

“You want to catch lunch?” she asked after a few minutes of talking. You nodded, grabbing your purse and walking out of the firm, chatting with Meredith, when you saw a way too familiar van. 

“Oh fuck.” You muttered smirking when you saw Jax on the passenger seat, waving at both of you. Opie walked off the van, smoking a cigarette and throwing it away when it was out, stepping on it. You turned around watching Meredith, seeing her go as white as a paper. You tried your hardest not to laugh. Opie walked the stairs to you and smiled, grabbing your hand and kissing it.

“Hey.” He waved at Meredith and then turned at you. “I tried to call, i’m sorry. We kind of need you.” His deep voice said while looking into your eyes. Behind him you could see Jax.

“It’s Otto. We need you (Y/N).” The president said. Meredith gasped and covered her mouth making the three of you grin. She was so innocent. You nodded, caressing Opie’s beard.

“I’ll take the day off. I can finish my work tomorrow” He looked at you and smiled.

“You sure?” You nodded, pecking his lips slightly. You turned around to see Meredith, looking like she wanted to run.

“We’ll catch up, alright? Maybe tomorrow. On me” You winked and started to walk down the stairs. “Your ride?” You asked as Opie pulled out the helmets from the back of the van, Jax jumping on the wheel. 

“A few streets down.” You nodded and started to walk into the direction he pointed. Jax drove over to the clubhouse, screaming out the window that he will meet you guys there. 

“The look on that blonde woman was priceless, let me tell you.” He said smiling at you, his voice serious but his mood light. 

“Well, you look like a homeless man and i’m probably going to be the next president, so…” you joked smirking at Opie as you walked in front of him. 

“Well, Mrs. President, i want to go all Lewinsky here.” He laughed, pinching your ass and laughing when you slapped his hand away. 

They knew Opie Winston, big bad biker, beard guy, kutte 6′5 beast. They didn’t knew Harry. And you were alright with it.You were the happiest girl in Charming.