When you talk about a revolution, people get mad uncomfortable.

Like they can handle more BLACK people being murdered by the police but can’t stomach the thought of PHYSICALLY fighting the system and fighting back. Okay.


“Bussin’” ft. Casey Veggies &IAMSU! - Sir Michael Rocks

The Cool Kid/Jet dropped his newest solo project yesterday. Go pick it up on itunes after you watch the visuals for the banger off of it. 

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1. How many times did the cameraman poop his pants during this?

2. On this video shoot, is there a “safety consultant?”  I’m wild guessing no.  There’s not like someone at 8 am the day of the shoot who’s triple checking all of the guns (which are all pre-cleaned and glistening and laid out across multiple fold-out tables, next to beautiful catering spread) making sure they’re not loaded, etc.  That doesn’t happen on this shoot.  Think about that.  Dudes are literally strapped pointing guns everywhere.  Think of the energy of this shoot. 

3. Anyone have Al Qaeda’s email?  Want to fwd them this.  Subject line all: “Swing on by yallz.  We wait-in.”

4. Bussin’

5. WhatWhat


Sir Michael Rocks “Bussin”(Official Music Video) Ft. Casey Veggies & IamSU!

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Trouble ft. Yo Gotti, Waka Flocka, & Trae the Truth - Bussin’ (Remix)

anonymous asked:

Hey, can you tell me about any rival business men BL? I know that I've seen a few but I can't remember annnny of them ><

Umm, I think I know more about two coworkers than bussines man xD But try looking at those:

Doushitemo Furetakunai

Binetsu Shuukan

Aibou no Jouken

Kaeru no Prince-sama

Doushiyoumo Nai Keredo (but not really much rivality between them?)

Ameiro Paradox

27-ji ni Koi o Sasayaite

Koi wa Ichiya ni Shite Narazu

Daiikkyuu Junaizai  

Bitter - Kare no Hisoyaka na Seppun  

Dame BL

Bed no Ue no Tengoku

Marude Hajimete no Koi Mitai ni

Lotus Eater (not sure about this rival thing…but great manga!)

Motto Shigekiteki na Kankei (the same as abouve xD)

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi (not really bussines man haha)

I don’t know if it’s what you’re looking for, though…I don’t remember titles of most manga I read, really :D